Monday, April 18, 2011

Rectum Chute Stroking

Chute Stroking.

Good 3 inch wide by 12 inch depth insertions Sunday in preparation for Monday 4/18 Assmaster 1 Rectal destruction sessions. I wanted to be really loose and open for some great depth work that monday, So sunday night Tim came over for a little rectal conditioning with the 3 X 14 inch SuperBallsy dong. Face down ass high doggy I took the monster in my rectum easily. After some smooth thrusts, Tim suggested trying the kitchen table for better leverage to hammer the chute hard. With a blanket on the table On my back ankles high over my head, asshole right at the edge, Tim was able to get into a good forceful rythem, hammering my asshole with superballsy. I started rocking my hips in rhythem to the thrust to get deeper into my rectum, The dong sank another two inches in.

"Fuck yea, nail that colon bend, its entering now" I moaned as the big cock head was poping in and out of my colon bend repeatadly.

Soon he was completly in the colon starting the full 12 inch length in and out very quickly.

It was gonna make cum hard. "Oh Tim, thats gonna make me cum hard, oh please work my tied off nuts, milk a load out from anal" I pleaded.

"Your such an asshole slut" he said, going for my nuts "Cum you whore, cum from anal, let me see that little bald cock shoot from wrecking your hole" he demanded.

"Immmmmm cumming" I blasted off for a perfect session.

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