Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rectal pumping technique

Rectal Pumping
Assmaster 2 showed up at my place with a huge cock vacuum tube.

"Got this just for your loose hanging rectum" he said "Heavy duty hand pump to for extreme vacuum. I always wanted to see red meat hanging between your ass cheeks as you walk around naked during the sessions. Big Puffy Swolen asslips, rectum hanging out, Prolapsed from a severe pumping." He said.

"Hot, pump my hanging rectum inside out, Im game" I said.

"Ok heres how, We will use the pump in combinations with the 3 inch wide ass-wrecking dong. Alternating beween 20 dildos punches, then ttache the vacuum for 10 minutes, then back to dildo punching until your rectum gives out and gets sucked into the tube. Once we get alot of rectum in the tube, I will take the pump off and have you walk around with your meat hanging between your asscheeks" Hows that?..."Hot Anal" I said "Lets get started."

It took no time to get the monster dong stroking my loose rectum chute, long swift stroke quickly made my ashole give out.

"fuck yea, stroke that chute, its wide open assmaster" I said, hitting the poppers, 'Your wide open, im going to start punching now" he said puling the domng out and slamming it in back again.

"Fuck yea, destroy my asshole" I said as he now got into a steady punching rythem..." "Here we come 18, 19 and 20 punches, pull out, hanging hole, here comes the pump" He said attaching it to my gaping asshole. "Pffft, pfft, pfft" he pumped the handle. I could feel my asshole pull out and hold. Within 5 minutes of pulling on my asshole large puffy lips started forming.

"Here they come, time to punch those asslips" Assmaster said removinf the vacuum tube, big thick lips as thick as your fingers surroundded my gaping asshole.

SLAM- He powered the monster dong up my rectum without warning "Ohhhh shit your getting ruff with my rectum" I squeled. "Shut up and open your asshole" he said "1,2,3" starting to count off again "look at those asslips move in and out of you..18,19, 20..Vacuum!!" Out went the dildo, pfft, pfft, pffft, My asshole got sucked into the tube and held "Pfft, pfft, a little more to start prolapsing you out" he said.

"Ohhh gawd i feel my rectum start to drop down, Im going to prolapse out!" Right then my rectum squirted out into the tube. "ooh shit my rectum" i moaned.

"perfect one more punch session and one more vacuum, then you can walk around and show off your new meat tube" he said removing the vacuum tube, my red recum meat a red ball outside. he egntly slid it back in with the dildos head and slid the rubber shaft right up my rectum. "One more time" he said as swift long strokes caverned out my asshole..18,19,20" He said, vaccum!, Pfft pfft pfft, more vacuum pfft pfft pfft," it started coming out even further.

"thats it devestate my ashole, its gonna make me cum" "perfect meat tube, no get up and walk around" he said, I did as told. The hamburger hole squishing around keeping my ass cheeks spread.

"Your asshole will never be the same, once we do this daily" he said jacking his cock.

The end.

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  1. Update--------
    But Assmaster 2 was not done with my pumped out rectum. For the next 5 days, he would come over and prolapse my rectum using the same techniques, and then jack off and cream the prolapse real good. Near the end, the red meat tube was large enough he could fit his cock head in the slitted opening at the end, and slowely slide his cock shaft all the way in. He would have to use his thumb and forefinger to wrap around the red meat to hold it out as he fucked.


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