Saturday, April 23, 2011

A HOT email

A nice email from a fan, I thought alll might like: Thanks!


Follow your blog and just had to write. Looks like youve almost achieved a somewhat permanent lose of rectal control, which is so hot. Ive jacked to your blog many times, thinking of your open rectum with my hand and cock in jacking, destroying your analring as I cum into you.

Now that you have totally strected out your anus, its time to start taking it to the next level in width and depth, and keep posting the results on this blog. Its so hot.

Love the fact that guys can snake way up into your colon for extreme depth. Do this on a regular basis so you can take depth on demand with no resistance of the colon bend.

Finally, Shaved pubes, O-ringed Cock and rubberbanded off nuts is so slutty as you get your asshole devestated.

Keep up the good work, take your rectum to the next level and show us all, more pics and movies please. A Fan.

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