Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rectum Wrecking Marathon Today

Today is the day the guys take my rectum to the abosulte limit in width and depth for 6 continious hours. The event start at 10 am EST to 3pm EST. Pubes shaved real smooth and nuts rubberbanded off tight, as I watch in the mirror to see three guys taking turns plowing hard into my rectum. No cumming allowed until 2:45pm, so I stay HOT for the long continiuos rectum attack.  We will start off working the asshole loose with big toys, concentrating on width first, once my anal ring gets expanded to a 3 inch width and held. The anal ring quickly looses all rectal control, and the guys can really start destroying it, farther into the session they will problably begine some punch fisting to see if we can get a large prolapse to form. Depth work to work the colon bend as needed.  We have the camera to set up for pics. I will post when the session is over and the conditioning of my asshole resulting from this marathon.



  1. Results:

    About 1 hour into the 6 hour extreme anal session, my analring muscle had lost all muscle tone and control, and the guys started
    swithing between dildo punching and closed fist fistings, faster and faster the fisting progressed, and into the 2nd hour it was pure punch fisting and my asshole was getting mutilated. They started driving deep punches halfway up the forearm and started getting into the colon bend. Swift pull outs and my rectum started to come out of my uncontrolable asshole. The third Hour, my rectum started to get all sore, asslips huge and puffy, prolapsings out alot, but they would fist it back inside, only for it to come out even further the next time. I screamed as a punch fists drove all the way up to the elbow. I still had not cum yet, but this type of hot action, my bald cock could not help, and I shot off on the second elbow deep punch. At this point we had to stop, my rectum completly useless, mutilated it looked like hamburger hanging out my hole..24 hours has passed and its still hanging open.

  2. This is hot, don't give up.
    What does it look like now?


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