Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rectum Wrecking Marathon Today

Today is the day the guys take my rectum to the abosulte limit in width and depth for 6 continious hours. The event start at 10 am EST to 3pm EST. Pubes shaved real smooth and nuts rubberbanded off tight, as I watch in the mirror to see three guys taking turns plowing hard into my rectum. No cumming allowed until 2:45pm, so I stay HOT for the long continiuos rectum attack.  We will start off working the asshole loose with big toys, concentrating on width first, once my anal ring gets expanded to a 3 inch width and held. The anal ring quickly looses all rectal control, and the guys can really start destroying it, farther into the session they will problably begine some punch fisting to see if we can get a large prolapse to form. Depth work to work the colon bend as needed.  We have the camera to set up for pics. I will post when the session is over and the conditioning of my asshole resulting from this marathon.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Visiting Kansas City

Ill be visting the area last week of March, Sunday 3/27 to Friday 4/1, email me at for details. I will be staying in a Hotel in the northern part of KC.

Asshole slut

Solid Week of Rectal

Should be another solid week of rectal destruction and piss slit soundings.  Everyday sessions are scheduled for 3-4 pm with the usual team of asshole workers. The two old men, are really getting into tag teaming my asshole with huge dongs, while the other fuck my slit in and out with a pencil thick sound.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Shafting my rectum

Ohh, Shafted to a 10 inch depth, nuts isolated off
Right into my colon bend!