Monday, January 10, 2011

Working the rectum!

Face down asshole high doggy style, the assmaster was stroking a huge beer can thick dildo up my loose asshole. For 10 minutes now, he was in a good rythem stroking my entire rectum chute with long swift strokes, the 11 inch dong going going from tip to base with every stroke.

"oh yea, now thats working your rectum boy" he said slamming it right to the rubber balls.

"Fuck yea, you almost went into the colon bend on that last thrust, stroke that meat chute" I groaned.

Shaved pubes oiled down, nuts isolated off tight, big rubber shaft stroking the rectum looked hot in the mirror as I wacth the assmaster make my asshole so loose and hanging.

"Time to go even larger and deeper, ready for some colon work with big red" Assmaster said, stroking the big dong even faster now.

"Fuck yea~!, work that colon, makes me cum so hard from anal work" I said.

"Big reds gonna wreck your asshole 3-1/2 diameter to obliterate your anal ring, and 13 inches to work your colon bend straight, here it comes" He said, as the smaller dong exited my loose hole with a plop.

The big red was at my open asshole, Assmaster standing now to get full leaverage, easing the monster in wider and wider my analring spread to accept the large shaft.

"Take it into your rectum boy" he said pushing...."Its gonnna go!!!"

"Waaaaaaaaa!!, Unnnn...kkk...., oooo fuck my rectum, its sunk in all the way"

I screamed as he pushed it furhetr into me, then out, then back in and out, my asshole getting used to the size.

"ohh the head is almost going in my colon bend, your almost there" I said, as he slowed, buried the monster all the way, the colon bend opened up for a complete 13 inch insertion .

"You all the way up my colon, its gonna make me cum" I said, Assmster plwoing the colon bend working my banded off nuts in unison. "Cum slut, cum from me demolishing your asshole, addicted to your asshole boy"

"Immmm cumminggg ooooohhh.aahhhhh" I squirted off a huge load, Big Red ejected leaving a huge cavern that used to be my asshole...