Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Ringed Delight

Took on Darrell and his ringed delight dong (see below). Today he wanted to se my rectum take the the whole 14 inches right to the base straigtening out my colon bend for the 15th time in the last month.

My asshole still huge from ruff session a couple hours before. Can take incredible depth, Doggy style face down, asshole hiked up high. He ased the monster easily in, and my analring slipped over the first, then second ring all the way to the base off the rectum, then the reaming begins driving deeper and deeper with each thrust as my asshole ring muscle passes over the the thrid ring, the head enters the colon bend, then he can slid it home to the base, for a full 14 inch insertion. Now pull out until the head leaves the colon bend, then right to the base immedietly again, over and over, faster and faster until he milks a load out.