Monday, January 3, 2011

Meat Hole


After a small break, The AssDaddy inspected the results of his work on the whore's rectum.

"Nice non closing ring, Look at it hang. Looks like the muscle has lost all elasticity, Perfect blown out rectum, Ready for a deep fisting?, straighten out that colon bend, so you have one huge tunnel" he said.

"Oh yea, ruin my ring more. So horny for anal, look my little bald cock got rock hard, from the thought of colon bend work" the whore said

"Hot, lets do it Boy, lets devastate that ring!, for proper colon bend work, we will use this Armadillo dong, its 2-1/2 wide and a full 14 inch insertable, to go way up into you, after that i will deep fist you, until your destroyed assring is around my elbow. AssDaddy said

"HOT, oh so hot, look, my bald cock is dripping, ready" I said

He looked down at my cock, the piss slit was round and open from many soundings he had done to my cock

"Hold that bald cock straight out for your AssDaddy, looks like the round open slit needs filled again" he said

I moaned as he slid a cigarette thick sound slid down my piss slit, expanding the slit wide, as the sound slid to the base of the cock, he began fucking the slit in and out like it was another hole

"I have an even larger sound, almost cigar thick, would love to see your slit take the big one, your slit needs to be all stretched out just like your asshole is. Maybe someday, but now, lets straighten out that colon bend boy!" He said

"Oh yea, Id love it, love my holes huge"I said

"I do to, now to get into the colon easy, we will need you on your side, lay on the bed on you side and lift you leg up, so I can get at the open asshole" He said

I always do as Assdaddy tells me. With the sound firmly planted, I layed on my side and brought my leg up, Assdaddy greased the Armadillo dong, an slide in into my rectum. Deeper and deeper it went up the chute, each bump on the Arm dong, expanding the ring, then sucking it up, about 9 inches in the dong head bumped into the end of the rectum.

"Ok, 9 inches in and 5 inches to go" He said

With one hand working my rubber-banded off nuts and the other on the base of the dong, he poked and proded looking for the colon bend opening, after a few attempts, he found the right spot and

"Ooooooooooooooooooooohhh my colon" I moaned

As the Armadillo dildo popped into the colon bend then out, he got a firmer grip on the dildo, and popped in back into the colon bend, then out. Over and over he popped the colon bend, muscle determined to get it like the outer anal ring

OK, Im going to drive it deep into you know, way up into you, work you over good. Then when you can take it real easy nice and deep. I will set you on the toilet seat and fist up into you that way" He said, while repeatedly popping in and out of the colon bend

"Oh wreck my hole Daddy, Ruin my rings" I moaned

At that same time, he popped into the colon bend again, then way up into, 10, 11 12 then 13 inches..Finally the dong sank to the hilt at 14 inches

"Ohh gawd my rectum" I screamed as he proceeded to stroke the 14 inch dong all the way out, then back in, the entire 14 inches. He got into a good rythym with the Armadillo, repeatdly straightening out my colon bend with every stroke, still working my ties off nuts. I began fucking my slit with the sound as he paid attention to the other hole.

"Dont you come yet you whore, I want you on the toilet seat, to deep fist you, totally trash out your chute" he said , oh look at that red meat is coming out of your hole!, On the toilet seat now"

With that he pulled the fully planted dong out as fast as he could, creating a vacuum, that cause my rectum to come out the open asshole in a huge flower, then suck back in. I got up and went to the toilet seat. The toilet seat stood on a open frame about 30 inches off the floor, just enough, such my feet barely touched the ground. Assdaddy loved it, as my asshole really lets loose on the seat. I spread my asscheeks and then gently sat on the seat. I rested my thighs on the arms of the open frame, my my feet did not touch the floor. I saw assdaddy greasing up the red rectum destroyer dong, and new he was gonna drill up into my chute with that, just the thought of it sent my assring into spasms, opening and closing at will. as he got into position. I held my breath and pushed, a huge rosebud flower blossomed out for him, then sucked back in.

"Oh yea, destroyed asshole, huge rosebud, Looking good boy, Now take this" He said

He drove the large red dong right up my rectum in one swift motion.

"Ohhhhhhh my rectum" I screamed as the dong split the ass ring and sunk home, almost lifting me off the chair. He went ape shit, as fast as he could he power fucked my assring, pumping the rectum full of air, it was making all kinds of noises. I hit the poppers hard. The asshole totally let go as the red dong was pulling the ring out, and surrounding skin on the out-thrusts, then sinking them in on the in-thrust, with the ass cheeks spread, it was a great site to see the muscle break down. This was to much for me, and sent me over the edge

"Im gonna cum real hard" I announced, then a big squirting cum shot as my body convulsed from the huge orgasm, AssDaddy still nailing the ring. I was spent, he cleaned me up, we picked up the toys, and I went home, my asshole never was the same again. Just like we love it.