Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bound & Analized

With the bald pubes fully oiled, and the nuts banded off, and the metal cock ring in place. AssDaddy placed the slut on the bed doggy style face down asshole high. Today he was gonna work his asshole over like never before. Until the asshole ring muscle hung open gaping and non closing.

Next a large pillow was placed under his stomach, with his cock pulled down infront to keep him from jacking and for nut work, and hiked his asshole up high, fully exposed for an extreme poundings.

Next AssDaddy and his assistant secured his ankle and wrists in cuffs, then spread him wide and secured to the eye hooks on the bed. Now totally exposed and helpless to the dildo punches and constant fistings. The slut was ready for a hard long session. He always wants to stop the big dildo work when he cums, cause the asshole spasms hard when he cums clamping down on the huge rubber shaft, shooting pains thru his asshole ring muscle, breaking it down even further. Today he would take the punishment and keep on going after the cum shot, destroying the hole in a double session. The assistant woul help feed him poppers, work his nuts and spread his ass cheeks during the dildo punches. Everything was set.

The starter dong was aimed at his open bald asshole and slide up his chute with absolutley no resistance as the whore let out a groan

"oh yea right up that rectum" he said, taking a hit of poppers from the assistant. His asshole quickly let loose and became a sloppy fuck hole for the starter dong, he could puch right to the base of his rectum and a quick pull out to pop the anal-ring like a wine cork. The starter dong quickly became useles to the sluts large open asshole, and quickly the assistant handed him the chocolate pounder to ruin his rectum. The assistant spread his asscheeks wide, and the Assdaddy aimed the dong at the gaper, and powered it right up his rectum all the way until he bumped into the colon bend. The slut hit the poppers again.

"Ruin me, Ruin my asshole Daddy for Big Black" he groaned, hiking his asshole up as the CP was almost popping into the bend for some extreme depth, Assdaddy picking up the pace, his assistant now working his banded off nuts. He could tell the slut was getting ready to come from anal.

"quick hand me Big Black, he is ready" Assdaddy told the assistant. The assistant stoped the nut work, handing him a greasy big black dildo. The CP left his rectum with a plop, and BB was aimed at the huge gaper. BB split the asshole ring and sunk in, sending him screaming into the pillows as the extreme width stretched his asshole wider than every before. Immediatly long swift strokes worked his chute loose as the slut started getting into the new width in his rectum.

"ohh that feels great in my chute, ruin me" the whore cried out and bucked back against the pounding trying to the most depth out of his chute.

"Thats it, thats gonna make me cum hard" he announced, causing Assdaddy to go into high speed reaming mode.

He screamed as the cum shot hit, shaking his whole body as his asshole ring muscle spasmed around the thick shaft of BB, causing pain to shoot thru his ring muscle.

"oooohh eeeee ouch, take it out, take it out" he cried. He kept up the asshole attack not listening

"Take it slut, destroy your asshole" Ass daddy said, reaming away, the assistant now holding the whores asscheeks spread. After 30 seconds of complaining, the sut gave up, went limp and allowed the monster to devestate his asshole as the guys tattcked his asshole with vengenance. In a little while, the slut started getting his second wind and started hiking up his asshole to meet the thrusts again.

"Its working, double bnack to back asshole sessions, Finally" the slut announced hiking up his asshole giving all of his rectum to the guys, his asshole offering no resistance now, as assdady went crazy plowing his hole harder than ever before.

"work his nuts, lets milk him off again" Assdaddy said. The slut announced his 2nd cum shot as assdaddy pulled the massive dong out, jacking and shooting his load into the sluts open asshole.