Monday, January 31, 2011

Blown out and hanging

After an hour of constant dildo punching, its left my asshole hanging, the anal ring muscle is shot.

Power it up my rectum

Bill Is powering that monster right up my rectum, Long swift strokes cored the chute out all night.
Stroke that chute!

Take it up your asshole boy!

Tag Team Fisting my rectum out

Recent request below, Sessions Start 2/2, Start taking my rectum to new limits.

Will report results here when they happen.


Two fist fuck tops visiting Cleveland 2/1 to 2/8. Have place and portable sling, large toys. Trained in Berlin Germany, We wanna tag team punch fist the shit out of your huge asshole daily, while we are here. Dont speak much english, but want to hear you scream as we mutilate your asshole and rectum with closed fist punches and big dildo work. All session climax when we cum in your non-working asshole. Email us back, Klaus & Bill.

Friday, January 28, 2011

The O-Ring Method of nut and cock isolation

Here is how I keep my shaved bald cock rock hard and swinging as I get my asshole destroyed and keeping the nuts isoalted off and out of the way for rectal plowings.

Get a large rubber o-ring about the diameter of my bald cock when soft or barley hard, Tie the big rubber band around it (I use #64 bands), Make a circle and loop it thru (see picture below). Tighten and adjust so the rubberband is not twisted. Secure the o-ring my cock head and all the way to the base of my bald cock, sometimes this requires lube, so its tight but not restricting, double the rubber and snap around my nuts. Now take another #64 band double it and snap it around my nuts for really good isolation. Looks nice and keeps my bald cock rigid and swinging they guys are getting ruff with my rectum, oiled down bald pubes. Then jack it at same time or work my nuts to milk load after load out from anal.

Keep the bald cock rock hard and cant cum from anal real quick for extended rectal mutilation.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1/24/2011-Photo Shoot Sample

Nailing the rectum with the 13 inch john Holmes dong.

1/24/2011-Photo Shoot Sample

Working the Armadillo Dong way up into the colon bend.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Nice open asshole-PhotoShoot

PhotoShoot Tonight, Drilling the rectum with huge beer can thick dildos, destroying the asshole all documented with Pics, Estimate 12 pic set to be posted tomarrow.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The two week rectum schedule

Snapshot of this and next weeks rectum workout schedule. This is a google calendar. If you would like to have direct access to the Analboy Rectum Wrecking Calender to see upcoming and past sessions, Email me at and i will give you access and the link to the calendar directly.  Cclick on the picture to enlarge.

Next Week

Double Asshole Attack

Hot email that I got the other day, wanted to post.
Thanks guys, Sounds perfect for my large loose asshole and tunneled out rectum, too bad i can get down there, take my rectum to new limits in depth and width-Analboy


Totally Hot Asshole slut you are. To bad your in northern Ohio. 2 Hot Top Florida guys that would really like to get into your rectum, totally trash it out with daily fistings. We could tag team your rectum all night long with huge dongs and fists, your asshole would never close up tight again. Right up into your colon boy, punish your asshole deep and wide, Total rectal destruction, Fuck yea! ---Tom and Buddy

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Ringed Delight

Took on Darrell and his ringed delight dong (see below). Today he wanted to se my rectum take the the whole 14 inches right to the base straigtening out my colon bend for the 15th time in the last month.

My asshole still huge from ruff session a couple hours before. Can take incredible depth, Doggy style face down, asshole hiked up high. He ased the monster easily in, and my analring slipped over the first, then second ring all the way to the base off the rectum, then the reaming begins driving deeper and deeper with each thrust as my asshole ring muscle passes over the the thrid ring, the head enters the colon bend, then he can slid it home to the base, for a full 14 inch insertion. Now pull out until the head leaves the colon bend, then right to the base immedietly again, over and over, faster and faster until he milks a load out.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Request for session

Another request for a hot anal session from Blog Viewer

I want you to come to visit me ;)

Looking for some Rectum to WRECK!...I've been told by some eXXXperienced Asshole sluts that I'm a Natural at Holewreckin'...Looking to PLOW into your rectum as often as possible! FFUCKING LOVE TO PUNCH YOUR ASSHOLE LIKE A FFUCKING MACHINE!!! Destroy your asshole. Love to make you rut and groan, moan and scream,make those gutteral animal sounds when you are in FFULL-ON SLUT MODE, and watch you tremble and shudder as the waves crash through your body! WOOOFF!!! Your asshole will never be the same. Give me a try, By the looks of your asshole and rectum you can open up wide and deep for this AssMonster.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Occassional Session Request

Alot of guys want ass wrecking sessions....... a local reuest

I cant wait to get a hold of you Im going to open that RECTUM so wide while I open up your Piss Slit And dont expect it to last only 1/2 hour expect it to last a long time im going to punish and pound your hole until you beg me to stop so be READY. I wnat to milk loads out with that slit fully sounded and your asshole poerfucked with huge dongs.

email requests for real or cyber to

Friday, January 14, 2011

Prolapsing from Brutal Dildo Work

It happened again, After a brutal tag team fisting from the two old men, it climaxed with some hot big dildo punching, My rectum was taking a massive 3 wide sharp triangular headed dong, they would concentrate the head right on the anal ring, then occasionaly punch deep to the base of my rectum with violent pull outs, prolapsing with each deep thrust and pull out. It was hot. Here is the Dildo that rosebudded my rectum out.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

1 hour rectum conditioning technique

1 hour rectum conditioning technique

Working my asshole solo to keep it in proper condition on a barstool stomach down, cock pushed down over the edge, asshole hanging of the end, feet on the foot stool rungs, perfect position for getting up into the rectum in a good rut. Start large right away, water drinking bottle thick dongs get greased up, Then the monster 3 inch wide x 10 inch long dildo is greased and set on a foot stool for the climax anal cum shot, Where I just ruin my asshole, Impaling over and over on the monster working my banded off nuts for a huge cum shot.

I was ready, I grabbed the large starter dong, wrapped in a towel for extra leverage, aim it at the gaping hole, and powered it up my rectum on one fast thrust. I screamed as it violently expanded my asshole ring to the 2-1/2" inch diameter shaft, and filled my rectum all the way to the bend. My anal ring ached as i began sawing it in and out. Doesnt take long and my asshole ring muscle looses all control, then i can start punch fucking the dong, but not for long, I count off 50 punches, rip it out and attempt to impale on the 3 inch wide monster on the stool. I sink down on it, its splits my analring in two, and sinks deep in my rectum. Grab the base and pump up and down on it as fast and deep as possible, no jacking...milk the load out from ass wrecking, Cleanup..and Go

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bound & Analized

With the bald pubes fully oiled, and the nuts banded off, and the metal cock ring in place. AssDaddy placed the slut on the bed doggy style face down asshole high. Today he was gonna work his asshole over like never before. Until the asshole ring muscle hung open gaping and non closing.

Next a large pillow was placed under his stomach, with his cock pulled down infront to keep him from jacking and for nut work, and hiked his asshole up high, fully exposed for an extreme poundings.

Next AssDaddy and his assistant secured his ankle and wrists in cuffs, then spread him wide and secured to the eye hooks on the bed. Now totally exposed and helpless to the dildo punches and constant fistings. The slut was ready for a hard long session. He always wants to stop the big dildo work when he cums, cause the asshole spasms hard when he cums clamping down on the huge rubber shaft, shooting pains thru his asshole ring muscle, breaking it down even further. Today he would take the punishment and keep on going after the cum shot, destroying the hole in a double session. The assistant woul help feed him poppers, work his nuts and spread his ass cheeks during the dildo punches. Everything was set.

The starter dong was aimed at his open bald asshole and slide up his chute with absolutley no resistance as the whore let out a groan

"oh yea right up that rectum" he said, taking a hit of poppers from the assistant. His asshole quickly let loose and became a sloppy fuck hole for the starter dong, he could puch right to the base of his rectum and a quick pull out to pop the anal-ring like a wine cork. The starter dong quickly became useles to the sluts large open asshole, and quickly the assistant handed him the chocolate pounder to ruin his rectum. The assistant spread his asscheeks wide, and the Assdaddy aimed the dong at the gaper, and powered it right up his rectum all the way until he bumped into the colon bend. The slut hit the poppers again.

"Ruin me, Ruin my asshole Daddy for Big Black" he groaned, hiking his asshole up as the CP was almost popping into the bend for some extreme depth, Assdaddy picking up the pace, his assistant now working his banded off nuts. He could tell the slut was getting ready to come from anal.

"quick hand me Big Black, he is ready" Assdaddy told the assistant. The assistant stoped the nut work, handing him a greasy big black dildo. The CP left his rectum with a plop, and BB was aimed at the huge gaper. BB split the asshole ring and sunk in, sending him screaming into the pillows as the extreme width stretched his asshole wider than every before. Immediatly long swift strokes worked his chute loose as the slut started getting into the new width in his rectum.

"ohh that feels great in my chute, ruin me" the whore cried out and bucked back against the pounding trying to the most depth out of his chute.

"Thats it, thats gonna make me cum hard" he announced, causing Assdaddy to go into high speed reaming mode.

He screamed as the cum shot hit, shaking his whole body as his asshole ring muscle spasmed around the thick shaft of BB, causing pain to shoot thru his ring muscle.

"oooohh eeeee ouch, take it out, take it out" he cried. He kept up the asshole attack not listening

"Take it slut, destroy your asshole" Ass daddy said, reaming away, the assistant now holding the whores asscheeks spread. After 30 seconds of complaining, the sut gave up, went limp and allowed the monster to devestate his asshole as the guys tattcked his asshole with vengenance. In a little while, the slut started getting his second wind and started hiking up his asshole to meet the thrusts again.

"Its working, double bnack to back asshole sessions, Finally" the slut announced hiking up his asshole giving all of his rectum to the guys, his asshole offering no resistance now, as assdady went crazy plowing his hole harder than ever before.

"work his nuts, lets milk him off again" Assdaddy said. The slut announced his 2nd cum shot as assdaddy pulled the massive dong out, jacking and shooting his load into the sluts open asshole.

Rod that slit boy

John rods out my piss slit all the time, deep sounding to the base of my bald cock, then stroking it in and out its full length, while my asshole gets reamed out

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sounded and Asshole abuse in unision

Both holes fucked

Bob walked round behind her and pulled his wrists together behind his back. "I warn you Bob Johnny is an unusual men with special needs so don't be alarmed with what is about to happen. I'll like give you a demo' and then you take over as I want some pictures for Johnny and I to enjoy in the long winter evenings do you mind.?" Andy would have agreed to anything at that moment in time, and so nodded his agreement. " Good!" said Bob as he walked round in front of Johnny and grabbed a nipple in between the thumb and fore finger of each hand twisting them cruelly as if trying to get a reaction out of Johnny who just sighed then smiled at Andy as if to say your turn soon. Bob pulled the nipples out as far as possible shaking them really hard Johnny gasped but did not complain a masochist thought Andy never met one before seemed a bit odd to him but Johnny was getting into this abuse. encouraging Bob to get rougher accusing him of being soft. " Fuck his piss slit with this large sound" Bob prepared the pencil thick sound for a solid rodding. He stood there smiling at Andy his legs slightly apart showing his shaven pubes & balls. I wonder if we can nail his asshole and slit simultaneously? thought Andy.

Bob returned with 2 large sounds which he waved in front of Johnny, who looked at Andy to check his reaction which was one of shock. Surely he's not going slide those massive rods into the boys bald sissy cock is he?, he wondered feeling more aroused at the thought of it. "Your not a softie are you Andy" asked Johnny "No" said Andy unconvincingly. "Andy come round and stand behind me and hold is little rock hard cock straight out" Andy moved into position grabbed the bald cock offering out to Bob. The large sound slid right into the boys lsit with ease, it was awesome "Ready when you are Bob" said Johnny. Bob looked at Andy and grinned as he rodded the slit in and out, fucking it with the huge rod "ARRHHH!!!" cried Johnny "That's wild YESSSS!!!!!" Bob quickly slid the second even fatter rod into the piss slit. "Right shouted Bob, Andy you take one sound and I'll take this one he said as he fucked the slit in and out and worked his rubberbanded off nuts like he was kneading dough.. Andy proceeded to do the same amazed at the piss slit fucking he was taking, he fucked the slit all the was down to the base of his 4 inch cock and right past the prostrate area and not one word of complaint came from Johnny, only the sounds of pleasure as he neared a cum shot.

Johnny was panting in anticipation of his body rocking with floods of orgasms. "Go on fist fuck him Andy, trash out that asshole muscle" shouted Bob he needs it, stretch his big ass hole out, that is what he wants, don't worry he can take it and more believe me go on don't mind me enjoy your self, I wrecked his asshole ring so many times, it probably doesnt work quit right anymore" Andy didn't need telling twice he untied his wrists and as he did he wrapped his arms around him. "Come on Andy you have such big hands give it to me now! tickle my belly button from the inside, ruin my assring again" he chuckled. Johnny lay on the floor his large open asshole yawned open naturally, amazing sight thought Andy. He knelt down beside him and opened his legs peering at the huge anal ring, that's been stretched out so many times, even the skin around the asshole was all stretched out from huge object insertions, Andy thought. "Look at this Andy" he commanded as he looked at his asshole he reached around with both hands pulling his asshole part slightly. Then unbelievably he flexed her internal muscles and a great hole gaped open and Andy thought he could see all the way inside the large rectum, what mysterious depths. "Lick me out please" he begged. Andy moved closer he could see it was very clean and very bald, this gave him the urge to bury his face in his great asshole licking what he could. "Andy I want your fist now, drive it into my colon" said Johnny. He threw off his clothes , rubbed his greasy hand around the outside of his asshole making it greasy a couple of times and then slid it easily up inside him. As he started moving his fist easily up and down and all around rocking his wrist lower then higher inside him stretching his rectum and causing a great cave to develop inside his chute, he worked the banded off nuts with his free hand, continuing with what was quite a brutal fist fuck with the other. Andy withdrew his fist while still clenched as he erupted into a huge anal spasm. Convulsing and shuddering asshole muscle that has lost all of its elasticity. Andy moved over to his face, he opened her mouth and he pushed his cock in further and further down his throat until his nose was resting in his pubic hair and he withdrew slightly so he could jack off finally emptying his by now considerable load into his mouth "IMMM!!" he cooed "thats nice Andy I love!!! that taste." "Got some great shots this time Baby, he devastated your ass-ring muscle" said Bob grinning all over his face. "Quite a asshole slut ain't he Andy" Andy had almost forgotten about Bob. "Bet you will be wanting to stop by here again won't you?" Andy agreed smiling as he looked down at the lusty sight of this enormous blown out asshole as he rolled onto his knees, "I'm ready to go again if you are Andy," he said.

"Hey Bob, I want him to stretch me all the way out tonight, totally trash out his asshole. I want you to film me getting stretched beyond anything that we have done before. " " Let's start with getting both hands in and then see where that leads us" Bob replied. Andy knelt down and put his hands together at Johnny's gaping hole.

It looked like he was "praying" to his asshole muscle, and then he "dove" in. With his hands together like that they easily slid wrist deep, and then Andy started having fun. Twisting and turning as he went in and out. Gradually getting rougher as Johnny got into the asshole destruction "That's it Andy, the wilder you get, the more he likes it. Go ahead And really work him over, his asshole will never be the same again, I want it all on tape." Bob yelled. By this time Andy was able to "wash his hands" in some J-lube, Then he started punch fucking Johnny's huge slick hole. Alternating fists, Each time trying to go a little deeper, then he pulled completely out. "No, don't pull them out, please don't leave me empty!, ruin my ring" cried Johnny. Grasping both hands together in a double fist Andy leaned into Johnny's Enormous, gasping, hanging rectum. After it swallowed Andy's doubled up Hands, it looked loose for a second around his wrists. Then he quickly pulled All the way out again, then before the hole could close back up he went "Dont worry that asshole will not close up, I thoroughly trained his rectum, took me a soild month everyday, i would wreck that ring, no look at it" Back in a little deeper he went. Each time he got all the way in he spread his elbows As for apart as he could. By this time Johnny was experiencing a soild piss slit sounding in unision with the punch fuckin , was too much and finally passed out.

When Johnny woke up he was up on the bed with his ankles tied up behind his Head. Bob had been pulling out massive fuck-toys while Andy had been fisting Johnny. Now there was quite an assortment laying on the floor, all having the same quality, in that all of them were way beyond fitting into a normal asshole. A asshole like Johnny's was the only thing that could ever hold any of these toys. The smallest one was 16" long and had to be 3" across. Then they got bigger. At the far end was something that looked like a traffic cone. Hell, it was a traffic cone. That gave him an idea. Andy quite fisting and his hand left the Johnnys rectum with a plop. With out warning the fist was replaced with one of the monster, Bob powered it up his asshole chute with one big thrust, send Johnny screaming, WAAAAAAAAAA, oh my asshole!!!!". "Well, that probably damaged his asshole ring muscle Andy, keep hammering that rectum". Andy got up beside him on the bed. He had to try something he had heard about on the web, knee-fucking. He figured with the current condition of his rectum, it just might go. "Get some good footage of this, Bob. Your gonna love it" Andy said. Then he brought his heel up next to his but-cheek. This brought his shin parallel to his thigh, with his knee stick up in the air. "Johnny, get up and straddle my knee. Pretend its just a big dildo, and try to take as much as you can." "Oh Andy, your nastier than I thought. I do love it!" Exclaimed Bob. Johnny, doing what he was told, got up and straddled Andy's knee. Not sitting down on it, just rubbing the top with his exposed asshole, quickly Andy coated the top of his leg with KY Jelly. As Andy got comfortable he was able to raise an arm and slapped Johnny's cock and nuts. Hard. He loved it and lowered himself down onto Andy's knee with all his weight. Andy was skinny, so the knee was not much wider then the biggest of the dildo's. He hovered at the top momentarily while his rectal muscles loosened up. Then he slowly sank down onto his leg. "Look his rectum is accpeting it!" He finally stopped about a third of the way down "Oh yea, lets split my assring in two". he said, Then raised himself back up, and jacked his little bald cock then dropped back down with all his weight, this time going half way before stopping "Ohh ruin me, wreck that ass". As he did this, Andy still slapped his balls back and forth with solid blows. They both got into a rhythm. Johnny was determined to take it all and said so. "Work my nuts Bob, I know I can get more. I need it all!" he screamed. Bob and Andy exchanged looks of disbelief, and excitement. Bob put the camera on the tripod, and went to help his asshole slut fuck the salesman's knee. Finally, spent, Johnny stopped. His rectum was never the same after that session. The End

Monday, January 10, 2011

Working the rectum!

Face down asshole high doggy style, the assmaster was stroking a huge beer can thick dildo up my loose asshole. For 10 minutes now, he was in a good rythem stroking my entire rectum chute with long swift strokes, the 11 inch dong going going from tip to base with every stroke.

"oh yea, now thats working your rectum boy" he said slamming it right to the rubber balls.

"Fuck yea, you almost went into the colon bend on that last thrust, stroke that meat chute" I groaned.

Shaved pubes oiled down, nuts isolated off tight, big rubber shaft stroking the rectum looked hot in the mirror as I wacth the assmaster make my asshole so loose and hanging.

"Time to go even larger and deeper, ready for some colon work with big red" Assmaster said, stroking the big dong even faster now.

"Fuck yea~!, work that colon, makes me cum so hard from anal work" I said.

"Big reds gonna wreck your asshole 3-1/2 diameter to obliterate your anal ring, and 13 inches to work your colon bend straight, here it comes" He said, as the smaller dong exited my loose hole with a plop.

The big red was at my open asshole, Assmaster standing now to get full leaverage, easing the monster in wider and wider my analring spread to accept the large shaft.

"Take it into your rectum boy" he said pushing...."Its gonnna go!!!"

"Waaaaaaaaa!!, Unnnn...kkk...., oooo fuck my rectum, its sunk in all the way"

I screamed as he pushed it furhetr into me, then out, then back in and out, my asshole getting used to the size.

"ohh the head is almost going in my colon bend, your almost there" I said, as he slowed, buried the monster all the way, the colon bend opened up for a complete 13 inch insertion .

"You all the way up my colon, its gonna make me cum" I said, Assmster plwoing the colon bend working my banded off nuts in unison. "Cum slut, cum from me demolishing your asshole, addicted to your asshole boy"

"Immmm cumminggg ooooohhh.aahhhhh" I squirted off a huge load, Big Red ejected leaving a huge cavern that used to be my asshole...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Daily Rectal Workout

Im on my back at edge of the bed, legs high over my head. Nuts banded off tight, Big steel rod inserted in my piss slit, holding my bald cock straight out, as you punch fist the huge beer can thick dongs devestating my asshole ring muscle for a solid hour, then you go for depth.  The armaidiloo dong especialy designed for depth work (shown), sinks to the base of my rectum, you find the colon bend opening, then way up my colon for a solid 14 inch insertion, sinking that baby to the hilt.  Slowly sawing the Aramadillio in and out you work my colon bend. Then you would milk loads out of my bald cock by working my nuts when you needed a cum shot.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

3 inches on the Cone

Splitting the ring to a 3 inch width on the cone.  
Done once a day to maintain the open caverned chute.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Meat Hole


After a small break, The AssDaddy inspected the results of his work on the whore's rectum.

"Nice non closing ring, Look at it hang. Looks like the muscle has lost all elasticity, Perfect blown out rectum, Ready for a deep fisting?, straighten out that colon bend, so you have one huge tunnel" he said.

"Oh yea, ruin my ring more. So horny for anal, look my little bald cock got rock hard, from the thought of colon bend work" the whore said

"Hot, lets do it Boy, lets devastate that ring!, for proper colon bend work, we will use this Armadillo dong, its 2-1/2 wide and a full 14 inch insertable, to go way up into you, after that i will deep fist you, until your destroyed assring is around my elbow. AssDaddy said

"HOT, oh so hot, look, my bald cock is dripping, ready" I said

He looked down at my cock, the piss slit was round and open from many soundings he had done to my cock

"Hold that bald cock straight out for your AssDaddy, looks like the round open slit needs filled again" he said

I moaned as he slid a cigarette thick sound slid down my piss slit, expanding the slit wide, as the sound slid to the base of the cock, he began fucking the slit in and out like it was another hole

"I have an even larger sound, almost cigar thick, would love to see your slit take the big one, your slit needs to be all stretched out just like your asshole is. Maybe someday, but now, lets straighten out that colon bend boy!" He said

"Oh yea, Id love it, love my holes huge"I said

"I do to, now to get into the colon easy, we will need you on your side, lay on the bed on you side and lift you leg up, so I can get at the open asshole" He said

I always do as Assdaddy tells me. With the sound firmly planted, I layed on my side and brought my leg up, Assdaddy greased the Armadillo dong, an slide in into my rectum. Deeper and deeper it went up the chute, each bump on the Arm dong, expanding the ring, then sucking it up, about 9 inches in the dong head bumped into the end of the rectum.

"Ok, 9 inches in and 5 inches to go" He said

With one hand working my rubber-banded off nuts and the other on the base of the dong, he poked and proded looking for the colon bend opening, after a few attempts, he found the right spot and

"Ooooooooooooooooooooohhh my colon" I moaned

As the Armadillo dildo popped into the colon bend then out, he got a firmer grip on the dildo, and popped in back into the colon bend, then out. Over and over he popped the colon bend, muscle determined to get it like the outer anal ring

OK, Im going to drive it deep into you know, way up into you, work you over good. Then when you can take it real easy nice and deep. I will set you on the toilet seat and fist up into you that way" He said, while repeatedly popping in and out of the colon bend

"Oh wreck my hole Daddy, Ruin my rings" I moaned

At that same time, he popped into the colon bend again, then way up into, 10, 11 12 then 13 inches..Finally the dong sank to the hilt at 14 inches

"Ohh gawd my rectum" I screamed as he proceeded to stroke the 14 inch dong all the way out, then back in, the entire 14 inches. He got into a good rythym with the Armadillo, repeatdly straightening out my colon bend with every stroke, still working my ties off nuts. I began fucking my slit with the sound as he paid attention to the other hole.

"Dont you come yet you whore, I want you on the toilet seat, to deep fist you, totally trash out your chute" he said , oh look at that red meat is coming out of your hole!, On the toilet seat now"

With that he pulled the fully planted dong out as fast as he could, creating a vacuum, that cause my rectum to come out the open asshole in a huge flower, then suck back in. I got up and went to the toilet seat. The toilet seat stood on a open frame about 30 inches off the floor, just enough, such my feet barely touched the ground. Assdaddy loved it, as my asshole really lets loose on the seat. I spread my asscheeks and then gently sat on the seat. I rested my thighs on the arms of the open frame, my my feet did not touch the floor. I saw assdaddy greasing up the red rectum destroyer dong, and new he was gonna drill up into my chute with that, just the thought of it sent my assring into spasms, opening and closing at will. as he got into position. I held my breath and pushed, a huge rosebud flower blossomed out for him, then sucked back in.

"Oh yea, destroyed asshole, huge rosebud, Looking good boy, Now take this" He said

He drove the large red dong right up my rectum in one swift motion.

"Ohhhhhhh my rectum" I screamed as the dong split the ass ring and sunk home, almost lifting me off the chair. He went ape shit, as fast as he could he power fucked my assring, pumping the rectum full of air, it was making all kinds of noises. I hit the poppers hard. The asshole totally let go as the red dong was pulling the ring out, and surrounding skin on the out-thrusts, then sinking them in on the in-thrust, with the ass cheeks spread, it was a great site to see the muscle break down. This was to much for me, and sent me over the edge

"Im gonna cum real hard" I announced, then a big squirting cum shot as my body convulsed from the huge orgasm, AssDaddy still nailing the ring. I was spent, he cleaned me up, we picked up the toys, and I went home, my asshole never was the same again. Just like we love it.