Wednesday, July 21, 2010

3-1/2 inch plug gapes the ring

Taking on the 3-1/2 in x 6 inch long cylindrical plug. Easing blunt fat end past the anal ring muscle, really wrecks the asshole. Once past the rectum the whole rectum chute is expanded to the max and held for a long period of time. Then using a rubber mallet to smack the end every minute to really nail the analring muscle and rectum, after 1/2 hour of punishment my asshole ring muscle hangs non-closing on pull out.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Work that colon bend!

The two guys are nailing my loose asshole on a daily basis now, getting into a good anal rut, opening up my asshole, really letting loose. Every tuesday and thurday was depth day, taking on the 16 inch rambone dong right into the colon bend repeatadly. Today we would try to see if my rectum could take the rambone all the way to the balls, for a complete 16 inch insertion. I was ready.

Face down asshole high doggy style in the middle of the carpeted floor (the guys would always work my asshole on a wooden floor rather than a bed so my rectum could all the hard driving thrusts, rather than the bed absorbing the jackhammering fists and dildos).

Bill had a good rythem going with the 3 inch wide Big black dildo, plowing long steady strokes, each thrust trying to pound me into the floor, my asshole was taking it, Bob was holding me in position, as Bill continued the onslaught on my rectum

"Time to work that colon, boy" Bill said "Bob, spread his ass cheeks wide, as I polish off his rectum with big black"

"Fuck yea, thats working my asshole, Im so open for you guys today" I moaned working my rubberbanded off nuts.

Bill rammed the big black home on more time and pulled out "Perfect, your asshole is hanging, Bob hand me the rambone" he said.

Bill eased the monster into my rectum, deeper and deeper it sank, 11 inches and it hit bottom.

"Ohhh gawd my whole rectum is full, stroke that meat Assdaddy" I pleaded. Bill started thrustiing almost immedaitly. Long full strokes worked my chute, I started getting inot the deep plunges.

"fuck yea work that whole chute, oh gawd the heads popping into my colon bend...Fuck DEPTH!" I screamed, and started rocking my hips to meet his thrusts, to get as deep as possible for them.

"Fuck yea, thats it in the bend" I shouted, "make me cum from anal" as I rotated my hips on the in thrust, plowing deeper into the colon bend

"Wow, another 2 inches, keep doing that slut, Hike that asshole up higher, buck those hips, fuck yea, I feel it working your colon bend boy, right thru this rubber shaft.

I hit the poppers hard, my ass lost all control, and the 16 inch dildo was completly buried up to the balls.

"Incredible depth, stroke my meat chute guys, make me cum from it" I moaned as long swift 16 inch strokes straightenied out my colon over and over. Bob Started working my nuts.

"Here it comes, ohhhhhh im cumming" I screamed blasted the load. Bill ease out of the colon, but kept working the rectum swiftly. "Good asshole slut, Your done for the day" they said.