Monday, March 29, 2010

Devastate my rectum!

The new asshole workers, was raring to go, and I new when I got there, I'd be immediately stripped and a huge dong would be reamed up my asshole. Before arriving i shaved my pubes, balls and asshole real bald, and cleaned out good.
I arrived at 3pm, and the two of them were waiting. They invited me in and gave me a beer only after 10 minutes, they stripped me bare. I snapped a large rubber band around my nuts isolating them of nicely for nut work, while Fillipo and Jerry, prepped some large toys. he had a large variety, but all at least beer can thick...all the way up to an ass destroying 4 inch diameter dongs. Fillipo was the head assworker with Jerry assisting.

"Lets drape you over the Sofa arm, so I can start working the loose asshole" Fillipo said

Soon I found myself over the sofa cushion asshole high and totally exposed.
Jerry held my asshole sheeks apread as Fillipo greased a beer can thick dildo

"Time to get your asshole destroyed slut" Fillipo said, he loved getting verbal and really getting into the asshole. The large dong head split my loose asshole ring, and he powered it all the up my asshole in one long push.

"Ohh my asshole" I moaned, as he begun long smooth strokes

"You like that slut?, Your nice and loose and shaved, Im going to take advantage and really wreck your asshole today, and maybe everyday or at least a lot more., Hold those ass cheeks wide, yea, stroking your meat chute boy." Fillipo said as he started punching and twisting the dong in.

"I cant get good leverage, lets put you on the floor doggy" Fillipo said.
I got into position on the floor.

"now hike that asshole up high and beg for this next sized dong" he said greasing up the monster big black one, the next one up in his arsenal of ass wreckers.

"Oh brutalize my asshole sir, non closing open hole for you" I said, and hit the poppers.

"He cums my ring wrecker dong" he said, as the huge head dented in my assring as he began to push. I hit the poppers and the asshole ring let loose, and he powered the huge dong in.

"Ohhh my asshole.........!!!!!" I screamed as the 3 inch monster filled my rectum cavity, expanding it into a huge tunnel.

"Oh yea, fuck up your asshole muscle boy, Jerry get the video running, I want to capture the destruction of this anal whores rectum, and he can watch the ring get ruined on the TV" he said. Filip now in a nice rut, stroking the entire chute with the huge dong, my rectum complaining loudly, squisy slurping sounds, and the sounds of my open cavity moving from the big dong filling the room.

Then my asshole ring muscle gave out "There goes the ring..oh gawd ruin me" I squelled. Fillipo started ramming full force into my rectum "You got it, your asshole will never tighten again" he said, I could see him pulling asslips in and out ramming the massive dong full force.

"Im going to jack off and cum in your wrecked asshole, with my fist in your rectum jacking" he said. The huge dong left my devastated asshole with a plop and was replaced immediately by his closed fist. He ease the closed fist in until the asslips hugged his wrist. He got into position. I could feel his closed fist open, and he ease his cock right into his hand, closing around the cock. he started jacking like mad pulling again my assring, volcanoeing the ring out, then slamming the sides of my huge rectum chute.

"ooooooh gawd my asshole, ooohhh shit, ruin that ring" I said hitting the poppers to absorb the rectum punishment.

"Fuck yea whore, gonna shoot a big load right into that colon" he said, jacking harder, "Im Gonna cum from the fisting, nail it!, Im cummming!" I said

At the same instant Fillipo blasted a load right in my colon. Videoing stopped, and he pulled out. My asshole as big as an orange and non-closing, totally trashed out.

Then end