Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bottle In the rectum

Took a huge plastic drinking water bottle into my rectum yesterday. Not a 16 oz, normal size, but the next size up, the one liter size. Solid 3 inches in width, 9 inches long (see below). Filled with warm water and capped tightly. The bottle become rigid, hard and warm. Coated with Vaseline, I eased that baby into my rectum. The blunt flat end dented in the anal ring. It expanded to the 3 inch width Then eccpeted the greasy bottle filling my whole rectum as the entire 9 inches filed the chute in one push, The anal ring closed around the bottle neck for a complete insertion. I kept it in expanding and conditioning the rectal chute for power fistings, running the ridged bottle over the asslips continously for a real sloppy fisting hole after 1/2 hour of bottle work.