Monday, November 8, 2010

Rectal Conditioning

Some of you know, that I have been out of commision anally because I broke my heel bone making almost doing anything impossible. 60 days has past, and now Im ready to start working my rectum again, getting it into proper condition: Loose open and hanging. No elasticity. Slated Activities include:

1) Daily JackHammerings with beer can thick dildos making the asshole large for fistings.

2) Daily Shaveings for the clean bald pubes, balls and asshole. Looks slutty withe the nuts rubberbanded off. Perfect for power fucking the loose asshole.

3) Sounding the piss slit on regular basis, make the slit huge.

4) Cumming from anal, No jacking required, Just work my nuts and watch cum squirt from the sides of the hug sound in my piss slit.

5) Back into proper rectal condition by Decemeber 1st.