Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mister Fister Powers into my rectum hard

AssDaddy had his leather arm banded doubled over and wrapped around his wrist, determined to deep fist with the band attached to further stretch out my anal ring muscle, Mr Fister was right by his side ready to assist and deep sound my piss slit at the same time.

On my back on a weifting bend, ankles tied to the bar arms, asshole fully exposed for abuse

First the left hand without the band, eased right into my asshole with little resistance up to the wrist, then out. In the meantime,Mr fister was oiling up my pubes, then snapped a large rubberband around the nuts, isolating them off nicely. We chose a cigarette thick sound, held my hard bald cock straight out and signeled AssDaddy to pull out of the rectum for a moment, as the sound split the piss slit and down the cock shaft, deeper and deeper until I was fully sounded. A rubber o-ring the size of my hard cock shaft, was slide into place right over the cock head locking the sound in place, signaling AssDaddy to continue the fisting. The left hand slid right up my chute with ease, as he closed his fist and slowely punched my hole out, as mr fister worked the nuts.

I was going to come fast and hard with this scene, all holes worked like a good asshole slut should be worked over. I announced that i was about to come, Mr fister slid the sound out, as my pee hole gaped open. Assdady drove hard and fast into my rectum, as cum dribbled out of the now round open piss slit, sending my asshole spasming trying to grip the punching fists, but the guys had worked my chute over so many times, the ring had lost ability to grip, when properly stretched. I wanted the guys out of my rectum, now, but they paid no attention and just kept nailing my asshole, picking up large dildos and slamming them home. I tried to hold on, working my banded off nuts again, trying to get hot for the second round.

Below, prepping my rectum shoot for alternate hand fistings

Deep sounding: Stretching the piss slit to the max