Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Hanging asshole lost all elasticity in the anal ring Part 2

4 hours later, I find myself, Doggy style face down, asshole high, ready to get my rectum ruined again. My nuts banded off tightly, My rectum still throbbing from the abuse just a little bit ago, In fact i was still greasy, and the sloppy asshole still glistening with lube from the last session. Tim was back, and the idea was to use punching fists now rather than dildos like the last time.Poised in position, his open hand entered my rectum with no resistance and drove halfway up his forearm. He closed his fist and punch fisted the hell out my rectum for a solid 1/2 hour, devastating the rectal chute again. Working my nuts, he milked another load out.