Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bat Strokin that rectum

Bat Strokin' that rectum.

Nice bat stroking the rectum. They found and even larger plastic wiffle ball bat. I had a 3 inch fat end, and a standard size handle and length. The fat blunt end was hard on the anal ring, so they eased it in slowely. Once past the ring muscle the fat end filled my rectum to the limit. They would stroke the full length of my rectum continously back and forth pulling ass lips out then back in over and over, forming an open cavern. As they pick up the pace of te sroking I could rock my hips, take the bat deeper into the colon bend. The some swift stroking the rectum and working the tied off nuts at the same time, they milk another load out.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bedpost in my rectum

It was time to take the bedpost in the rectum, They had worked his asshole for the past month everyday and made good progress in breaking down his anal ring muscle. They had also succesfully milked loads out of him from punch fisting and dildo work as well. Tom and Bill had been searching woodworking shops and antique stores for large bedposts for weeks, and finally found a large single wooden post. A large 4 inch ball on the end of a 18 inch post of equal width with plenty of sharp curves and bumps to work his rectal ring muscle as they plow home.

Hours were spent sanding and smoothing the bedpost, layers and layers of crisco was working into the shaft and ball until is was saturated.

Tom was in the play room hammering the sluts asshole as Bill prepared the final touches on the post. Face down asshole high doggy style, the slut was getting into the asshole work.

"Fuck yea, work my asshole loose" he groaned as Tom slammed a huge one up his rectum chute.

"Look Bill, Great depth with the assmaster dong this session" Tom said as his arm was stroking in along swift strokes, the 3 inch wide dong nailing his colon bend filling it with air making all kinds sounds.

"fuck yea, stroke his chute out, keep it up, the post is almost ready for his rectum, ruin it more" Bill said, slapping a thick gooey film of vaseline on the 4 inch wooden ball end.

The asshole sluts tied off nuts swinging with each inthrust, and the anal-ring popping like a wine cork on the pull out, his face red and grimacing, as he was taking the rectal punishment good.

"Yea, thats it core my chute out, Im so loose and open today" the slut said as he hit the poppers, Tom got a little ruffer with the monster dildo punching into his chute at a faster rate.

"Oh wow, there goes my asshole, the asshole just gave out" The slut said, jacking his bald cock

"Get the bedpost the sluts asshole muscle just lost all control" Bill said, butt slamming the dildo home, ripping it out quick trying to prolapse the rectum

"Oh yea, ruin my rectum on the post, Im going to blast soon, please wreck it good, I cum so hard from it" The slut said, as Tom approached from behind, the greased 4 inch wood ball aimed ay the open hanging asshole. Bill was holding the asshole sluts butt cheeks spread open as the ball started to split open his asshole. Pushing the ball took his analring to the absolute limit in width.

The slut screamed

"Waaaaaaaa oooh shit, your gonna tear my ring" he cried

"Just a little more, your almost there, relax" Tom Said, the slut hit the poppers agian, face down he went limp allowing full access to his rectum, the ball slipped up his rectum as he let out a huge moan "Ohhh my rectum" he moaned.

"Good asswhore you took it, Now hold on for the pounding of your life, Ruin that asshole" Bill got a good hold of the post and started pushing it farther and farther up his rectum, at 10 inches he hit bottom.

"Bottomed out in his rectum sir" Tom said, "Ok stroke his meat chute, the full length, slowley at first" he said as Tom begain withdrawing the post, Ohhh my asshole, shit those ribs tearing the ring up!" the slut said, hitting the poppers one more time.

That was the intention pulling on the analring until your asshole turn in side out, HOT!" Bill said sawing the bed post back and forth in the sluts hole.

"yea thats it, my asshole is getting used to it, faster faster, drill it" the slut said, head spinning from the poppers, he started getting into it watching in the mirror as a 4 inch bedpost nailed his rectum. He started bucking his hips to meet the in-thrusts, with Bill picking up the pace

"Yes thats it work that meat chute, pound that colon bend, You gonna make me squirt and minute, Ohhhhhhh my asshole" He screamed, cum spurted from his cock as Bill worked the tied off nuts.

"Ok stop, the slut came from anal abuse again, I didn't even touch his cock" Bill said "He loves the bedpost idea, and is getting addicted to the anal sessions, Perfect, He will be coming back day after day"

The end.