Monday, May 17, 2010

Bottle Work

The Assmaster wanted to fit a huge 1 liter plastic water bottle into the boys rectum. He wanted his sluts rectum to be a huge cavernous tunnel all the way into the colon bend, and a non closing asshole easily fisted. He had finally found an asshole slut that would stay home and devote all of his time to his rectum. He would pay for his room and board, provided that he would wreck his asshole everyday, Show the internet his mutilated asshole and make money from it. He would also whore out the slut to eager top fisters for money and further his rectal destruction. Everday, Johnny the anal slut would have to shave his pubes smooth, and have the asshole loose and ready when he would come home from work. The assmaster would strip naked, grease up his hand, The whore would be doggy style face, down ass high eager for Anal, and he would plow his closed fist right up his rectum with ease, Then powerfist his rectum out, until the slut screams and prolapse out, then jack off in his destroyed rectum for the end of a perfect workday.

He had been working his asshole slut for a solid month now every, Bound and determined to break down is analring to begin his after work dream fisting. The sluts asshole was wide open and hanging, but still not loose enough to punch fist on demand. The anal ring needed further work to break down even more, but he was making great progress on the sluts asshole with daily 3 inch wide dildo punchings. He had noticed that halfway thru the sessions, once the dildos have been punching 15 minutes or so, His asshole ring muscle would give out, then he could goto town and pound the fuck out his his rectum. We would lose all control of the analring during it, prolapsing out occasionally, then pounding the meat back into him. He loved when his muscle loses control like that. The slut liked it too. But, we needed to goto the next level, so it loses control more often an quicker, permenant ring stretching and hanging would be the ultimate for both of them. A large bottle, wide enough to almost split his ring, holding it open for a long period of time would surley trash out his anal ring for good. The next day he came home with a 1 liter water drinking bottle that was 4 inches wide and ribbed. He mixed up some plaster of paris and filled the bottle with it and placed the cap back on. The next day the plastic bottle was rock hard. Perfect, Un-yielding for his anal ring, should split that ring right in two.

"Ok asshole slut, ready for a hot hot dildo punching session?, get ready" he said. Greasing up the huge bottle, setting it aside, to get his favorite punching dildo, with the 3" inch wide sharp triangular head.

The slut was face down doggy style, Asshole high and Cheeks spread with each hand.

"Wreck my loose asshole Daddy" he pleaded.

The large head sunk into his asshole with ease, as his anlring approached the widest part of the triangular head, the ring stretched tight like a drum, and he let out a huge moan, and the whole head eased into his rectum

"Ohh my anal ring" he said, hitting the poppers.

"Im driving this things all the way up your rectum" he said and continuued pushing as the large monster stretched out his whole cavity. It bottomed out at 10 inches, he got a good grip and started jackhammering his asshole.

"Ohhh ohhh ohhh my asshole, your ruining me, waaaaaaa " he screamed as the assmaster punched the huge dong in and out of his asshole. The slut hit the poppers hard and started getting into it.

"yea daddy wreck that asshole, destroy it" he said hiking up his asshole to get it as deep in his rectum as he could for his assmaster.

The assmaster went into high gear, Pummeling the sluts asshole with the huge toy, nailing it as hard and fast as possible.

Soon his asshole ring muscle was hanging and non closing, allowing him to get a little rougher with the rectum. The dildo left with a plop and he eased a close fist right over his ring, into his now huge cavity, The whore yelped at the fist sunk home. He grabbed the sluts hard bald cock and inserted a big sound down his piss slit to induce a cum shot. Once the sound was bured all the way down his shaft, a thumb on the end secured it in place. Holding the cock and sound in, he turned back to fisting his rectum..faster and faster, soon he was almost punching when the slut announced his cum shot.

"Here i cum,,,,ohhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck" he said, cum squirting from the sides of the sound. "thats it slut, your done" he said, ripping his fist out real fast producing huge red meat.

The end