Friday, February 19, 2010

Drilling up into the sluts rectum


The assmaster had mounted a toilet seat on a high open frame, such that he could stand underneath it. He invited his asshole slut to climb up onto the seat. He was instructed to spread his ass cheeks before he sat down to fully expose his loose asshole for a solid drill job.
Assmaster was already underneath inspecting.

"Nice large open asshole slut, we are making big progress in fisting asshole development, look hwo loose" he said, drilling the beer can thick starter dong up into his rectum with ease.

"oh shit right up my rectum, great depth" the slut said as Assmaster was piking up the pace, Soon He was on the drilling up into his rectum at full speed, punishing his asshole ring muscle repeatedly. His tied of nuts swinging from the power punching of huge dongs. The slut hit the poppers, and raised his legs on the chair to get incredible depth into his colon bend.

"yea, open me up" the slut said, as his asshole ring went slack from the poppers.

"Were going all the way to the monster 4 inch wide Big black dong, wreck that asshole good for my fists" Assmaster said, while the drilling continued. Afther the asshole got so sloppy he could punch. He greased up Big black for the big stretch.

The starter dong left his ass hole with a plop, and the big black was aimed at the non closing asshole. The asshole slut saw it coming and hit the poppers just as the massive head dented in the anal ring. More pressure and the 4 inch head started to split his analring open.

"Its almost there, just a little more" Assmaster grunted, pushing harder. The all of a sudden

"ooooooooohhhhh my rectum" he screamed as the 4 inch wide monster plowed all the way up his rectum chute.

"Yeaaaa, take it slut, ruin your asshole ring, your stretched so wide, you wont be closing anytime soon, No hold on, im going to poerfuck your rectum out" he said, getting a frim grip on the dong end, pull almost out, the slammed it back in, driving it in and out as fast as he could.

"oh gawd my rectum, oh its ruining me" the slut screamed jacking his cock so he could take the punishment. Hitting the poppers, he raised his feet off the platform floor so Assdaddy could drill way up into the very depths of his rectum. The slut was getting off from it, And the assmaster drove even deeper and harder.

"Oh your hitting the colon bend, Fuck yea, ruin me" he told the assmaster. The big head started popping into the colon bend for incredible depth.

"oh thats gonna make me cum" the slut announced, still jacking.

"No jacking, you cum from asshole wrecking only" assmaster said, as he continued to drill up into his rectum, as the slut stopped kacking his rock hard cock sticking straight jumping up and down, with each thrust into his colon bend.

the assmaster started working the sluts tied off nuts at the same time.

"cum you slut, cum like a whore from anal" he demanded. He could the the whores asshole was mutilated, as a thick cum shot squirted from his bald cock.

"Good session, I like the toilet seat plunging, really wrecks your asshole. lets do it everyday!" he said.

The end