Sunday, January 31, 2010

Split that anal-ring

Solo the large dong split my asshole ring and slide up my rectal cavity with ease. The weekend went by with no anal workout, so I was bound and determined to wreck the rectum bad. I got out the barstool (with no back), set it in the middle of the floor. A large rubberband snapped around the nuts isolated them off nicely as I mounted the bar stool, My pubic bone, and stomach on the padded stool, my asshole hung off the end, cock pushed straight down off the edge. I set my feet on the rungs. This position spread my asshole out nicely.
I grabbed my largest dong, massive 3 incher wide, greased it up, and powered it up my rectum in one huge massive thrust. The dong split my ring and sank all the way up my rectum, bottom out at the colon bend.
The anal-ring ached as it stretched to the 3 inch limit, I held it there as the ring muscle began to break down and the asshole let loose. I atsretd hammering the rectum, long swift strokes, nailed the hole good. Complete pull outs, then powered the dong back in, no mercy on the asshole. Got into a good rut, slamming the shut hard, my bald cock rock hard, working the nuts milking a good load out of my bald cock, cleaned up and left. A quick 1/2 hour hole wrecking.