Thursday, July 16, 2009

Breaking Down the Anal ring muscle

Breaking Down the ring:

One of the best ways to make my asshole huge and non-closing, is the anal ring popping technique with old big head (shown). Ring popping produces great rectum sounds, and will quickly break down the anal ring for more extreme anal workouts. The idea is to concentrate a large triangular (or sharp) dildo hear right on the anal ring muscle popping it over the muscle continously until the ring losses all control. Do this a quickly as possible for some great rectal sounds. Here is a typical ring popping session.


"Ready for some ring poppin' action today boy?" AssDaddy Said

"Oh yea, ruin my anal-ring, lets make make some noises" I said

"Ok, hop up there, Doggy style, Face down ass high, Hike up that asshole and take this giant ring popper dong into your rectum" he said

I did as i was told, face down as high, holding my ass cheeks open the large ring popping dong aimed at my loose asshole. The big head dented in my ring, but the ring did not open to accept the 4 inch wide head on a 3 inch shaft. He pushed and pushed with no luck, I hit the poppers as he pushed and the head made progress, to the widest part and stopped, My ring was stretched to the max but not accepting the shaft. I used my free hand to help guide it in. Pushing the head split the ring and the entire shaft plowed right in.

"Waaaaaaaaaaaa" I screamed from the sudden invasion of my rectum being filled to the max. The 9 inch shaft sunk to the hilt.

He began to pull it out until the head was right on the ring again, almost pulling my asshole inside out, the plowing right up my rectum again.

"Oh gawd, thats taking my chute" I moaned

I pulled out again, right at the ring, then completly out, almost immediatly forcing it back in, not allowing the ring to respond.

"Yes, there it goes, Again" he announced

In, up the rectum, then out--- it repeated

"yes, bust that assring Daddy, its starting to loosen" I said.

With each thrust in a column of air was compressed in the rectum, not only causing the rectal noises to start, but also expanding the rectal walls out even further.

"Listen to that rectum complain, now lets concentrate the head right on your ring" He growled

he started doing short stabs, just enough for the head to get past the ring and out, short thrust in and out, forcing the ring to take it.

Splooosh, sploosh, sploosh

"Ohh gawd, thats working the ring...ooops there it goes, the ring just gave out" I said hiking up my asshole high to take it

"Ohh yea, Im gonna cum from it, ruin me" I cried, my rock hard bald cock swinging.

He went ape shit, nailing my asshole with full force, working my banded off nuts "Cum you slut, cum from anal!" he screamed

My cock shot off with out touching sending my asshole ring muscle into wild spasms, trying to clamp down on the 3 inch shaft powerfucking my asshole, sending pain (but goodpain)shooting thru the assmuscle.

"oohhh gawd pull it out" I screamed.

He eased the big head over the spasming ring, for one last punishing strecth, I collapsed on the bed my asshole gaping the size of an orange.

The end

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cross Dressing then Fisted hard!

Cross dressing then fisted!
It was a Friday, and I had the day off from work, and was feeling both very feminine as well as horny. So I dressed I took a shower, soaping myself up gently working my cock hard, a reached down for the lube and put a dab on my finger then worked it into my hot little hole. It felt so good. I grabbed my favorite butt plug and slid it in to the hilt with one push until it passed the widest point then quickly my hole collapsed around the small end. The butt plug was planted. I then continued my shower, washing my hair, then preparing for a shave. I grabbed the cream and a razor, feeling the plug inside me, imagining a hot stud using my bottom. With one leg with on the rail, I spread my ass cheeks with cream all around the plug. I shaved my ass good were I could reach. Then set the razor down, I grabbed the plug and pulled, my ass resisting expanding back to the widest part, my ass hole was being pulled out, until it expanded wide and quickly exited, causing me to yelp. Then I spread my ass cheeks once more and shaved the rest of my hole, my thighs and then my lower legs. I shaved my crotch area very close but not bald. I stepped out of the shower, and dried myself.
I dressed in a small red mini skirt, with a summer top, red panties and high heels. Makeup lipstick and my brunette wig, I looked passable. Deciding to hit the local area gay bar, mid afternoon, I proceeding in my car until I arrived at the parking lot, Some lesbians were outside as I stepped out of the car and made my way for the door. I could feel there eyes upon me, As I shut the door behind me. The bar was dark, my eyes had to adjust as I took a seat at the bar and ordered some white wine, which I quickly drank down. Looking around I saw a few cute black men, some drunk white guys and a few woman. It was not long before one of the black men approached me. "Can I buy you a drink , honey?" he said. "Sure, Ill have a beer and a shot this time". The drinks arrived as he was explaining that I looked great in drag and the he just loved CD's, especially anal bottom types. "Thats all me" I explained. "Oh, if you had me, you would be filled to the brim, cause I'm big!" I took a glimpse down , and sure enough a big bulge was in his pants. "10 thick inches and rock hard honey, lets go to my place?" He said.
It was a short walk to his apartment, as he patted my ass up the stairs "Your gonna get a good ass fuck, nice and deep", I cooed at this expression as he opened the door. It was not two minutes before he was taking of my clothes. Naked I stood in front of him. "On the bed, on your hands and knees, bitch and hang that pretty ass of the side of the bed so I can get it ready" I got into position, he spread my ass cheeks and applied something cold and wet. Then I felt a jab a s a finger entered followed by another. "ooohh" yes. Two fingers swirled in my ass, as I heard him jerking his cock, I turned to look, astonished when I saw the giant black monster, yes it was 10" and real thick too. "head forward you slut, dont look" the he plunged a third finger in, "ohhhh my ass". "hey bitch loosen up", as he pulled his fingers out and aimed his cock and my looser hole, quickly he pushed the hard head, to my surprise causing me to yelp from the sudden stretching in my ass. "ooo god your wide" I said, "Hey bitch just wait, just wait", then he slammed the entire length in me all at one time "ohhhh go, ohh god, oh god," I screamed as his dick tore into my widely expanded asshole. He started pumping me like a mad man, big long thrusts from head to base as quick as he could pummel my ass. The wide head expanding my asshole loosened it up quickly and as he drove to the hilt as I was screaming like a banshee. Quick ass busting strokes rocked my body, the he would slow down. I watched as he would completely pull his dick out, then slowly slide it back in the entire length, feeling the cock go way up in me. He grabbed and pulled my hips grinding his dick into me, soon I felt his head swell, then explode into my ass "Ahhh, you hot anal slut, I'm gonna fist fuck your cum filled ass!" His dick slide out with a pop. "turn over and lay on you back" he said. He left the room, and returned with some duct tape, two white socks and a big 'ol black dildo. "Put the socks on your hands and grab your ankles and lay back like your gonna get fucked missionary style. I did as I was told, my gaping asshole wide open and well exposed, he duct taped my forearms to my ankles, the greased up the 9" dong. "Now I got you, and feel this honey" he pushed the dildo in my poor ass hole, it entered quickly, "ohhhhh shit, my ass, oh yes yes" I said. He worked the dildo in and out for a while, continually lubing me more and more. "I dont need anymore lube" as it ran down my ass "You will for my FIST!" he said.
"NO!, no dont use your fist, its gonna hurt. Your gonna ruin my asshole, please, No!" He paid no attention to my pleas, as he brutally sunk 4 fingers to the knuckles "Unnnnnnhghhhhhh, oh oh" I grunted. "yes, bitch loosen up for my big fist" He folded his thumb in and pushed as my asshole expanded farther than it ever did before. "Oh god, my ass hurts take it out" Just then his hand slipped in. "There you go, lets leave it there until you get used to it you slut, I'm gonna wreck that asshole tonight, your not gonna shit right after I'm done with you!" He left it there for what seemed like a long, time, then the pain, started to go away, as my ass loosened even more. Then he started swirling his fingers around in my which sent me over the edge, moaning and groaning, babbling incoherently. "shut up you slut!", then he slide his hand deeper into me, "oooooooooOOOOO, WOW!" As I watched it disappear to the wrist. "now for the ultimate ass stretching!, I'm gonna make a fist and then pull out of your ass pussy"
I could feel every movement as he made a fist, that felt like a baseball in my ass. I shut my eyes and threw my head back, as he began to pull out of me. "Look at your asshole as in pull out of you, wow!" he said, I propped my head up to see my hole being pulled away from my body as he reached the widest part of his fist, my inside asshole lips let loose as his hand came out, a big moan and sigh as I felt empty. My ass gaping open and my cock still dripping hard. I was bound but felt a lot better, the without warning he slipped the black dong head in my ass and pushed hard, sinking it to the handle, I screamed in ecstacy, as he began to jack my rock cock in one hand, holding the dong in the other, rolling it in circles causing me to explode in orgasm "Ohhhh shiittttt I'm cumming"…….
Afterwards, he cut me loose from the tape. From that day on, we have weekly fucking sessions at his place, but I never let him fist me again….

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Bathtub technique

My asshole ring muscle is staying in proper condition, through solo ass openings when the assmaster is away on vacation. The problem in solo work, is that my asshole is so large, Huge toys are required that are very heavy, and hard to work solo. The only thing that can be done is to impale down on the monster dongs to wreck the asshole ring. In order to keep things easy to clean up is to use the bathtub.

First, wet the bathub down with hot water, but let all the water drain out. Grease up all the toys that will be drilled up my rectum and place them in the bathtub ready to go. Prep my rectum to get drilled.

To start out, I can sit on the edge of the tub and hang my asshole over the edge on the tub side, and drill up into the rectum with the starter dong. Usually I push my bald cock down, so its inside the tub, So I can't jack it.So i can force the anal work to make my cock cum from it. Usually that results in a extra ruff core job for the asshole to make me cum.

For the starter dong, I usually count of 50 punches into the rectum beofre moving to the 3 inch wide chocolate dong. However, my asshole usually lets loose after only 5 to 10 punches, but i still do 50, just to see how rough it can take it.

The chocolate dong has a nice suction cup to do some anal rutting in the bathtub. The faucet wide of the tub has straight walls and provide a good grip for the monster dong rutting. Usually, I place the dong on the edge of the tub, and impale down hard on it, keep it deep in the chute, move it to the straight wall, attach and rut away. The other end of the tub has tapered side (the laying side) the provide just the right angle for great depth work. send the large cock head pounding the colon bend opening when worked right.

After working the rectum with the chocolate one, I either come from anal or prep for the Black Chute Destroyer (or BCD), The BCD has a massive almost 4 inch across head, that devastates the anal ring when being forced in. The nice thing about the tub, is that everything is pre-greased and can be picked up at anytime and drilled up my chute, when done, throw it back in and go to another one.

For the BCD, I also set on the tub edge. This one is hard to inserted. I go slow and ease it over the analring, once the fattest part of the massive head eases past the ring, the whole thing slide up the rectum, expanding out the rectum to the fullest. Then I can sit on the edge, cock down, just like when starting out and drill it up into the rectum continously. I want to please my assdaddy by having one of the largest fisting rectums, so he can fist on demand. The BCD is making it that way.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Cowboy

The Cowboy

The pants slipped off easily and Johnny stirred as the hot breeze of the Ohio summer blew across his now naked manhood. Cowboy’s dick grew harder at the sight of Johnny's soft cock and balls which were nicely tied of with a thick shoestring. Cowboy could tell that Johnny's asshole had been abused so mant times, it never really closes off tight anymore, Cowboy reached down to Johnny's destroyed asshole and pulled the assring apart with fingers from both hands. Johnny cringed at Cowboy’s first touch, but realized the danger of struggling and relaxed and let his ass-ring be handled by his abuser’s hand. Johnny was horny and Cowboy’s hand was starting to feel good down there and his asshole started to relax even more. He began to think that if he didn’t resist, Cowboy would get his jollies and leave him alone. Cowboy admired his work as Johnny's nut’s strained against the scotum and began to turn blue with the blood that struggled to escape but couldn’t past the tight string knot. Cowboy got down on his belly between Johnny's legs and placed his scruffy face in his handiwork on Johnny's crotch. He nuzzled the tight swollen orbs that were red. Johnny's cock was flaccid and laying against his tight abdomen, but Cowboy was pleased when his hot breath on the buldging nuts made it stir. An expert on dick manipulation, Cowboy slipped his hand under Johnny and found his shaved bald ass crack. Johnny's brain was in overload and didn’t notice Cowboy’s fingers working there way in-between his ass cheeks until Cowboy’s thick hard thumb rammed un-lubbed into his wrecked hole. Sudden awareness at the insertion made Johnny struggle, but Cowboy’s weight kept him from pulling off the 3 fingers now inserted. Cowboy worked at flexing his thumb back and forth in it’s new- found warm home and was pleased to see Johnny's cock begin to respond with a mind separate its owner’s. By the time his cock was at half-mast, Johnny was thrashing his head with every twitch of Cowboy’s 3 fingers up his ass. Johnny kept his eyes squeezed shut so they wouldn’t betray the exstacy he was feeling at having his asshole strecthed. The feeling was so over-whelming, that he nearly jumped when Cowboy pulled Johnny's trussed up nuts into his warm mouth. None of the whores he’d ever fucked had ever done anything like this, and he moaned as Cowboy’s hot mouth bathed his nuts in man spit and gentle suction. Deep in his mind he also knew that all this was for Cowboy’s enjoyment, and had nothing to do with pleasing him. Cowboy knew when Johnny was starting to enjoy the situation too much, and slowly withdrew his thumb to the ass ring and brutally shoved in the other four fingers with his thumb when Johnny's ass squeezed to try to keep it’s new found friend buried in it. Cowboy had a full set of urethral sounds ready to probe analboys piss slit. Johnny screamed as his asshole split open to allow Cowboy’s 4 fingers in. With his first struggle, After a minute, Cowboy’s other hand went for a pencil thick sound. He split the boy piss slit with his thumb and fore finger, and slid the metal shaft down the boys piss slit. Cowboy kept flexing his fingers and thumb until he felt Johnny's ruined sphincter surrender against the assault of his left hand. As he rodded out the boys piss slit, he twisted his hand back and forth and felt his hand edging its way further into Johnny's ass. Johnny's brain didn’t even register what Cowboy was doing until Cowboy’s knuckles were planted against his split asshole and by then it was too late to try to expel the invading hand. Every time Johnny's sphincter would relax after contracting, Cowboy’s hand would advance another fraction of an inch. When Cowboy felt his first knuckle slip past Johnny's ring, he slid the rod in his piss slit as deep as it would go, he used his incredible fore-arm muscles to shove his entire fist into Johnny's hot hole. Johnny almost bucked Cowboy off, but when Cowboy’s slide a metal rod the thickness of a cigarette right up Analboys piss slit, he quickly relaxed, as cowboys urethral sound went deeper his cock shaft and into the prostrate area, Cowboy used the opportunity to wedge his hand even further into his ass up to and past his wrist. Cowboy could now relax his hand and move his fingers around freely without worrying about pulling out. His fingers probed around and felt the insides of Johnny's asshole. When his fingers found the colon bend he slowly entered the bend. Cowboy wanted to take ALL of Johnny's ass, and he now knew the way. Cowboy used both hands, one inside, and one outside, to forced Johnny up into a squatting position. Johnny didn't have much of a choice, if he didn't sit up, the fist up his would go in even further, or course he didn't know that is what Cowboy intended anyway. Cowboy quickly leveraged his elbow against the hard packed ground, parallel with Johnny's hole. Cowboy knew that he was almost home free and all he had to do was get Johnny to release his calf and thigh muscles and slide back to the ground on his bulging arm. With an cold look in his eyes, he fucked Johnny's piss slit in and out quickly. Johnny's cock started to respond again, but Cowboy could tell that it would take more than that to get him to relax his leg muscles. Cowboy sighed as he felt Johnny's legs quiver and collapse. Down and down Johnny went, deep into his rectum. Cowboy rested his head on his shoulder and watched Johnny's asshole eat up his arm inches at a time. By the time Johnny realized what was happening, it was too late to regain his balance and he screamed as the incredible feeling of a man’s huge arm working it’s way up his asshole. Cowboy used his right hand to keep Johnny in an upright sitting position and listened intently at the sound of his asshole being split in half as Johnny's ass ate up the last four inches of his arm and came to a rest on his elbow. Cowboy reached down with his other hand and began to stroke his rock- hard pecker as he shifted the hand and arm buried up Johnny's ass. He could tell that his hand had pushed its way into Johnny's colon When he flexed his hand, he could see the outline of his fist against Johnny's belly skin. Unable to control himself any longer, Cowboy stroked his cock as it shot out long streams of white cum onto his belly and thigh. A completely satisfied man now (for the moment), Cowboy quickly fell asleep with his arm still buried up the whore.

The End