Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bondage Anal Friday

Bondage Anal Friday

A true story of Analboys antics

The assmaster picked me up in his van. It was a cold rainy day, as I watched the windshield wipers scrape the windshield. Bobby asked me " How's it goin' boy, ready for some fun". "yes" I replied, "I'm hot, and its been a long day". "Good as I'm gonna really work that asshole tonight slave" Booby sneered. The van moved down the hill and closer to Bobby place. "what's all that stuff in the back" I said. I looked in the back of the van, it was stuffed with all kinds of electronic equipment, lumber carefully cut and nailed together, various rubber hoses and antifreeze bottles. "stuff made especially for you and tonight's ass intrusion session. Bobbies hand was now patting my knee as we entered the driveway, "It's been a while, babe, since Ive seen your gaping asshole, I'm gonna eat it up tonight. Help me get the stuff out of the back of the van, we will take everything to the basement. Bobby opened the back of the van as we unloaded things in the wet rain. "Here take this video equipment first, we don't want to damage it". I carried the tripod and video camera downstairs as Bobby struggled with the antifreeze bottles. Down the stairs I set the camera and tripod down, and proceeded upstairs. "Wait!", he said, "I want you to stay down here, Ill get the rest. I want you to strip naked" He threw me a crumpled up shower curtain "The once naked, set up the video camera, spread out that shower curtain. In those antifreeze bottles is baby oil, coat you naked body with it, paying particular attention to your cock, balls and asshole". "OK". I proceeded to set up the camera on the tripod and plugged it in. The shower curtain was spread flat as I removed my work clothes and soon was naked.

Bobby returned carrying the rubber hose, looking closely, it really was not hose, it was more like a solid piece of rubber maybe 10 feet long and 2 1/2 to 3" wide. He had several of these all about the same length, but various widths, I had an Idea these were going in my ass, but was not sure what the really fat one were for, certainly not my asshole. Although I can open up wide, could never go 3 1/2 inches wide, he threw them on the shower curtain "Come one boy, oil up your body, you might as well do these black rubber things too" Bobby was ordering me now. I proceeded to lube my entire naked well shaven body, and was bent over doing my lower legs when Bobby was back carrying the wood structure "Nice ass" he commented. I was then lubing up these strange rubber objects as bobby was putting together what looked like a tree fort in the basement. I sat naked sliding on the shower curtain "This, my analslave, is you ass dungeon. You will be placed in there, your asshole eye level, and I will violate your asshole all night with the ball gag in your mouth to muffle your moans. The next trip down bobby bought all the restraints and the dildo collection. "OK, slut go clean your self out and shove the butt plug in your asshole". I proceed to the bathroom, after two large enemas, I greased my asshole again and began to slide a big butt plug in my ass. Slowly I slid it in wider and wider until it got to the widest point and "ohhhhh" it sank in, my sphincter closing around the 1" wide base.
When I returned Bobby was naked with a raging hard on, "Come her slut and suck you assmasters cock" he said. On my knees I could feel the massive plug stretching my inner anal ring. I licked and sucked his rock hard 7" cock, the without warning deep throated him, I could here his moans of delight as he grabbed my head and started facefucking me. I could taste the precum, he stopped "No not yet slut, I want this to last" Bobby said. "Now on you knees, face down ass high for you master. More baby oil was rubbed on my ass. "Lets pull out that plug and start hammering that asshole" he grabbed the plug and pulled, the plug expanded my asshole "unnnggggh" I groaned as he stopped at the widest part "Before I put you in the dungeon, some powerfucking with a dong is in order" My hands and feet were bound, Bobby greased a 10" x 2" thick dong and slid the entire thing in to my ass, "Ohhhhh gawd, your going deep into my ass, shit!" I was spreading my ass cheeks as he began to pick up the pace on the thrusts "Oh Oh Fuck Fuck, yea, work my asshole" I screamed. Bobby picked up the next widest dildo and slammed into mercillesy into my ass "Oooooouuuuu, oh gawd, oh my asshole", "Take it slut!" as he worked my ass, my moans got louder and louder. "Im gonna ball gag you bitch". Bobby got up and the red rubber ball was placed in my mouth and secured. Now Im gonna RUIN your asshole with my new rubber probes, get in the dungeon slave" The video was turned on, as I was made to pose for it, by shamlessly showing the camera by raw open asshole. Bobby walked up dipping his cock into my open asshole, me muffling into the gag as he pumped it. "Up into the dungeon, slut and face your asshole to the camera. Good, now spread your ass cheeks and stick that asshole between the bars" I did as told, the smooth wooden bars holding my ass checks open, fully exposing my loose asshole. Bobby picked up the rubber cylinders and criscoed it up. It was amazingly flexible and would not stick straight out on its own and on the side was printed 2.5" Gates. It must indicate its width, as it seemed that big across, it was about 4 feet long. With two hands he pushed into my wanting hungry hole. Its slid in far "Mmmmmppphhh" I gagged through the ball. "oh yea babe, 10" already!". He began to stroke the soft rubber in and out of my ass hole each time a little deeper " Thats it 11", 12", shit its bottom out slut!" He said. "Ohhh my asshole" I screamed silently. Watching the video of this thing violating my asshole. I watched Bobby work it. He spun it in circles and swirled around, it still bottomed out, around and around until, he suddenly stopped "Ok there's the bend" he said. With that he pushed and the thing snaked way up my colon. "Mummmmpphhh, MMmmm" I cried. "yes bitch 20" way up in you!, what??? your muffling I cant hear you???, Ok let me take the gag out".. He undid it, leaving the tube buried. "Ohhh bobby my asshole its too deep, it feels so weird" "that's The idea slave, wait Ive got a 3" and 3 1/4" diameters to snake in you next!". Please, Bobby my asshole, you'll ruin my asshole, its all red now". "ok, ok, lets take a break, Ill get the speculum" he said unwillingly.
The large speculum was warmed with Bobby hands and lube was applied. The large blade a full 4" long were inserted into my rectum. He twisted the screw as I felt my asshole being pried open. Wider and wider my asshole was spread, as Bobby compared the size of my ass to the objects that was just inserted. "oooh shit my asshole its loosening!" I moaned in ecstasy as the magic 2.5" width was met, and passed. The 3" width was approaching . "Ohhh Bobby thats wide enough, you'll ruin me!", "ok, ok, now just lay there, Im going to get a beer, be right back". Bobby left as I squirmed to get comfortable in the wooden dungeon, my anal ring fully stretched tight. 15 minutes had passed, with each minute, feeling my ass expand and loosen to accommodate the large speculum. Bobby returned with a beer in hand, and began to remove the speculum, "My god!, look at those ass lips you have now! I think your ready for the 3" diameter black rubber anal tube. I watched in the video as Bobby greased up the 4 foot monster, I could see my asshole in the video, it was wrecked!. Huge red asslips parted as the 3" hose started sliding in my asshole. "Ohhhhhhh, gaaawwddd!" I screamed as 8" slid in my ass, Bobby did not stop there, he was counting "9, 10...11 inches, fuck yea deep in your fucked up asshole!" he stopped. He stepped back to look at the scene, a 4 foot hose, 3" diameter buried 11 inches and a ruined asshole, with my contorted face of pain and ecstasy. "ok slave. Lets go back to the speculum, stretch you out a little more for the largest 'rubber snake', 3 1/4" babe, let really stretch that limit!" , I hesitated. "Ok master I will try". "Good, if you can do this wide, Ill fist out your asshole alot!" He grinned as the blades of the speculum entered my ass, Bobby adjusted the screws "ok your at 1, now 2 almost three!" "Oh I feel my hole expanding master, ohhhhhh" "ok almost 3", there 3, how does that feel?" "my anal ring feels stretched tight" "hold on a little more" "Ohhh gawd stop, its getting to wide". "ok let its stand there and let your ruined asshole expand even more. I sat the doggy style with my asshole stretched wider than ever. I was sure it would never get small again. 10 minutes passed, Bobby greasing up the largest snake. "ok lets doit, make mincemeat of your anus!" The speculum was removed and the big tube was pushed at my ass "Its not going master, its too wide!" I said. Bobby pushed harder, my asshole expand and the tube slide in. "Unnnnghhhhh, oh shit, you ruining my asshole, ohhh fuck!, ohhhhhh" is all I could say as I watched inch after inch sliding into my ass. "ok Im going to hold it I want you to turn around, lay on your back legs over your head. As I did the rubber snake slid deeper into my asshole, "good, its going deeper!" On my back, Bobbie swirled the thing in my ass, thrusting it in and out, determined to go deeper in my asshole. "thats it your taking it like a real analslut, look at that ass!, Now jack off, and cum I want to see that asshole spasm!, but tell me right before you come, so I can pull out" I started jacking my hard 6" cock, Bobby was playing with his own too. I was not long "Im gonna squirt!" I cried. Bobby yanked out the tube, and spread my asscheeks "Oh Im cumming!" With that my asshole spasms started. Open then shut, open and shut. Bobby seized the opportunity and sank his cock in my asshole as long continuous anal orgasm milked his cock. "Ohhhh fuck yea, that feels great!, Im gonna shot my load into your ass!" It took only three thrusts as Bobby blasted a huge load on the downstroke. It was the end of a long ass opening session.......

The end

Thursday, March 26, 2009

16 inches of horse cock into the colon

16 inches of horse cock into the colon

After being punch fisted by two top men for the last 3 days, my rectum was ready to take on a Horse named Cheyenne. Cheyenne was owned by a perverted farmer into beastality. His 16 inch long x 3 inch wide horse cock was big and powerfull enought to destroy your rectum and get really deep into the colon. The 3 inch shaft widened to nearly 4 inches at the base, to big for any normal asshole. Repeated punch fistings to the elbow, had strightened out my colon bend and broken down the ring muscle. They guys thought i could take ole Cheyenne now, as all three of us and the farmer entered the barn. They had it all set up, blankets over some well arranged hay bails, made a nifty fuck bench to take on the massive cock. These guys helped me into position, face down, ass high doggy. Once into position, lots of KY jelly and J lubes creamed my assring and rectal area.
David and Frank went to get the horse
"Jim start punch fisting Johnny's asshole again, get the rectum ready to receive the worst punishment it will ever get" Frank said "You got it" Jim said.
Jim slid his hand right into my asshole with no resistance, I moaned "Fuck yea!, love anal!" I moaned again
"Your asshole with never be the same after today, you will probably prolapse on demand, and hopefully it will stay outside your body so we can fuck the prolapse slit" he said, "That sound great to me!", I said in lust
The men came back with Cheyenne, the began to grease down his huge prick it began to get rock hard, growing longer and fatter by the minute. Soon the full 16 inches was rock hard the the horse cock head swelled well over 3 inches in width. "It's time to wreck the colon bend," he said. he inched Johnny's body back along the bail, into position to take the ginat horse cock up into his colon . Cheyenne's lube soaked prick brushed across his flesh. He spasmed "Fuck up my asshole". It felt like a hot poker against his skin. Cheyenne, his prick throbbing, neighed. He jerked, his balls aching as he tried to jam his prick into the boys open asshole. It was impossible at 3 inches wide and he snorted in frustration. "Easy," Jim soothed, a tremor in his voice. "Easy." he held his cock and rubbed it over the boys open asshole. Another twisting move and his steel-beamed dick over through the silky shaved smooth assring. "Ohhh, God!" Shaking like a leaf, he pushed his prick between his asscheeks. The bloated head gouged through the entrance to his huge assring. "It's up to you now," he moaned, his voice filled with panic. He steadied his shaking body. "I can take it. I took and elbow deep assfisting, prolapsing repeatedly." His own words did nothing to alleviate the fear that now gripped him. Cheyenne, his cock throbbing like a bad tooth, jerked forward. J-Lube coated the fat spongy head of his prick as he jammed it into his ass chute. He neighed, the steamy heat reaching into his balls. He jerked forward, the head of his cock now pressing menacingly against back of the rectum, about to pop into the colon bend. Johnny, his body stiff, felt the pressure. He reached up and stroked his flanks. "Now, Cheyenne," He gasped. "Fuck me! Fuck me!, Drive it home in my slutty rectum"
Cheyenne neighed, then lurched forward. The powerful jerk drove his cock into his rectum and way up into the colon bend. Immediately, the colon bend muscles grabbed at his cock. He jabbed again, 14 inches up into the sluts colon. Oh yes, oh GOD, my colon!" Johnny cried out as Cheyenne destroyed his rectum "Its going deeprr!" The boy thrashed bucking his hips up, his hips jerking frantically as the juices squirted from the sides of Johnny's wrecked asshole. Cheyenne, oblivious to the painful pleasure he was causing, rammed hard, driving his cock deep into the young boys's twisting body. The fit was tight, but he was accepting the tremendous width and depth. He snorted, lunged again, then kicked at the ground as Johnny's shrieking voice filled the barn. He bucked his hips, Accepting massive thrusts into his rectum, his bald cock swinging with every thrust only helped Cheyenne to drive his cock deeper. "yes," he screamed. "yes!, Ruin me!"
Cheyenne whinnied and jabbed. The loose sloppy rectum enveloping his prick agitated him. The slickness was making his balls ache. He stepped forward, driving his prick to the root, all 16 inches into the colon. Johnny thrashed like a stuck pig on the horse's giant cock. one of the guys worked his cock and tied off nut sack. His head snapped up. He clawed his flanks, then his arms went limp. He moaned, then fainted as the incredible with and depth was too much. Cheyenne wasn't interested in his boys condition. He pounded his limp body with savage jabs. His nuts whacked against his flesh and the bloated head of his cock cut deep into his colon bend. Johnny's body twitched with each jab. Limp, the muscles in his rectum began to react instinctively to the pounding thrusts of the enraged stallion. Juices began seeping from the spongy walls of his asshole. The slick creamy juice coated Cheyenne's jabbing prick. With juice coating his throbbing cock, Cheyenne whinnied. He jabbed hard, his head bobbing as foam appeared on his lips. The muscles in his flanks heaved as his rigid cock began slicing through his accepting asshole. Johnny moaned, his hips began to respond to the pounding thrusts of the quarter-horse. Exquisite pleasure brought him out of his faint.
"Cheyenne," he gasped dreamily. "Oooo, Cheyenne!" He brought his hands back to his heaving flanks and clawed. He humped up, meeting his jabs as he devastated his rectum. "Ooooo, Cheyenne!" The pleasure overwhelmed him. "I can feel you throbbing." Johnny swooned, the depth of his jabbing cock deep in his colon. "So deep! So fucking deep!" He arched his back, ass high, then gasped as a hard jab seemed to drive into him stomach. Cheyenne, his cock greased with the clear juice of J-Lube, battered his Ass-hole with his enormous prick. Nostrils flared, he snorted. He tossed his head, his thick mane slapped across his strained neck. His muscles rippled with power and he lunged forward, driving his prick to his balls as Johnny's howling cries of joy made his ears flicker. Dylan, the other horse, locked in his stall, neighed shrilly. The lust that filled the air agitated him. He kicked back, snorting and foaming at the mouth as Johnny's wails of pleasure and Cheyenne's shrill neighing filled his head. Johnny gripped Cheyenne's flanks. "Fuck me, you guys work my nuts at the same time," he moaned deliriously. "Fuck me, Cheyenne." He humped up and down, his ass slapping against the rough hay as Cheyenne slammed methodically in and out of his loose pulsing rectum. Jim was kneading the banded off balls like marbles in his hand. Cheyenne whinnied. His rump twitched. The spongy muscles of Johnny's rectum made his cock swell with blood. He jabbed forward, pushing the twisting boy a few inches along the bench. Johnny, out of his mind, caught the quarter-horse's pace. He humped, his body arched for deep penetration. "Yes," he cried out happily. "Yesssss!, oh my asshole!"
He felt the muscles of his colon stretch. Each jab of his prick sent tremors sizzling through his body and rectum. His asshole ring muscle began to spasm. Each throb of his cock made his asshole spasm. "Fuck me!" he wailed. "Fuck me!" All the guys watched in amazement as the horse devastated the boy's chute, his bald cock rock hard. With the horse pounding his asshole and neighing, Jim still working the nuts, noticed the boys piss slit gaped open naturally, like it has been stuffed many times. Wishing he had a sound handy, stuck his hand the the Jlube jar, and coated his little finger. Still working his nuts, he eased the lubed finger tip in the open piss slit. Johnny lurched up, pushing his cockhead into his greasy finger, it split the slit and went in. His eyes widened. The pleasure swept through him like a bolt of lightning. "Harder, fucker," he gasped. "Destroy my asshole, Fuck my piss slit!" His ass came off the bail as one hard maniacal thrust seemed to straighten out his entire colon for good. "Yeah, fucker... like that!" Cheyenne tore into his hot steamy rectum. Lube squished out over his swinging nuts with each thrust. He neighed, dropped his head and jabbed. The power of the thrust pushed the screaming slut another few inches along the bail. "Ooooo, Cheyenne!" he wailed. "You're fucking my brains out!, My asshole will never be the same" He bucked like a demon beneath the pounding stallion. Each jab brought him closer to blowing his mind. "Heaven! Ooo, Cheyenne... your cock is ..." He couldn't finish his sentence as a wave of intense pleasure whipped through his cock-stuffed asshole.
The blood engorging Cheyenne's rock-hard cock boiled. His balls rumbled, the cum ready to explode. He jabbed, neighing and snorting as he cut brutally through the spongy heat of the sluts rectal cavity. Johnny felt the horse's cock swell inside his stretched colon. He shuddered. The horse was turning his asshole and rectum into one huge straight tunnel, knowing after that it would be only good for fistings. "Cream me, Cheyenne. Squirt your fucking cum in me!" Knowing the raging beast was getting ready to blast his load turned Johnny into a hysterical mass of quivering, twisting flesh. He clawed his coat and humped his asshole at his spearing fuckrod. His cock slit, stuffed with Jims finger, was being fucked like mad as well. "Me too!" He cried out. "I'm getting ready! Gonna cum!"
With Cheyenne pounding him relentlessly, Johnny raced to the peak. His cock jiggled and his body quaked as each powerful thrust brought him closer to blowing his mind. He lunged up and screamed as his jabs pushed him further along the bail. "Fuck me!" he screamed as he reached the peak. "Fuck me!" He hovered, his body convulsing as he waited for the jab that would take him into his orgasm. Cheyenne gave it to him. He punched his prick deep. His balls slapped against the jiggling flesh of his ass. He punched again, the power and quickness of his jabs did the trick. "I'm cumming!" he screamed hysterically. "I'm cumming!" The inside of johnny's climaxing asshole tried to clamped around Cheyenne's cock like a vise, but the anal ring was so abused it could not clamp down at all anymore. "I'm cumming!" he shrieked as his asshole began spasming around his stabbing prick. "I'm cumming!" Clear lube juice washed over Cheyenne's stabbing cock. Muscles contracted violently around his throbbing fuck shaft, trying to grip it but could not. He whinnied, his balls ready to bust as Johnny's screaming voice and climaxing asshole turned him into a raging beast. "Cum in me! Cum inside my womb, you huge fucker!" Johnny screeched hysterically. "Cum inside me!" . He lunged at the pounding stallion, fucking himself blind as the horse's balls burst. Cheyenne neighed, his head rearing. His nuts exploded and a thick river of cum shot through his cock and squirted from his cockhead. The first stringy load spurted deep as he pushed him toward the end of the bail with his powerful jabs.
"You're cumming," he wailed blissfully. "I feel it!" Each squirt of horse-cum sent Johnny into orgasm. "I feel your cum! It's wonderful!" He thrashed wildly on the bail as the horse flooded his destroyed rectum with his thin slippery cum. "Fuck me! Cum inside me!" Out of his mind, he hiked his ass up, taking on the 3 inch wide cock base all the way in. His head dropped over the end of the bail and his eyes went wide. "Fuck me, Cheyenne. Fuck me like a little whore!" Cheyenne, his balls blasting, drilled his cock in and out of the the sluts hole. He neighed, pushing him an inch at a time off the bail. His balls, splattered with cum and juice, whacked against his juicy flesh. "Ooooo, Cheyenne," Johnny screamed again from the enormous girth of his penis. He was half off the bail, his hips rotating wildly as each drilling jab of his massive prick stretched his asshole and filled it with cum. "Fuck me! I'm cumming again!" With Johnny thrashing, the bail toppled over. He shouted, clutching the horse with his arms. "Cheyenne!" His head dropped back. Everything started spinning. "Cheyenne!" Cheyenne neighed. Tail swishing, he reared up on his hind legs and pranced. His front hooves kicked at the air as his head snapped back and forth. Johnny screamed, and the powerful cock quickly exiting his rectum, with such speed that it prolapsed his rectum out a good 3 inches or so. His devatasted anal ring pulsed and spasmed around the rectal rosebud. It plopped back in after Jim gave it a good rubbing with his hand
Cheyenne stepped forward. His rump jerked and his sweaty coat glistened. His flanks heaved and snorting grunts came from his flared nostrils. He jerked, his cock head found the worn out assring again and plunged into the hole with no mercy. Horse-cum gushed from his rectal chute and soaked his erupting balls. Johnny was weakening. He crashed to the hay-strewn floor, his asshole still impaled on the horse's jabbing cock.
"Cheyenne!" he shrieked as he pushed his twisting body around. "Cheyenne!" He clawed the ground, his hips rotating as he milked his stabbing prick. "Cheyenne, Jim, I can't stop cumming!, Another cum shot squirted from his now round peehole"
Cheyenne pushed the screaming slut into a pile of hay. He stabbed hard, his prick ripping deep. The squirting cum lost its power as his nuts drained. He neighed, his head bobbing. Johnny stiffened, then went limp. His legs melted from his rump. Still impaled, he hung on his cock, his young body at the complete mercy of the raging horse. Cheyenne reared up again and took Johnny with him. He dropped to all fours, then jerked back, his spent prick popping from his fucked-out asshole, his whole rectum came out in the largest rosebud the men had ever witnessed. John's ass crashed to the hay. He lay twitching and whimpering as Cheyenne dropped his head and began licking the cum oozing from devastated asshole. "Yessss!" he sighed dreamily, "Yessss!"
Cheyenne finished licking the cum oozing from his large hole. He stepped back, whinnying softly as Johnny sat up.
"You were fantastic," he panted, still trying to catch his breath. "Fantastic." The men marveled massive asshole and rosebud "Well there you go, your asshole will only be good for fisting now" Johhny then staggered to his feet. "You rest," Jim said, leading the horse back to his stall. "Tomorrow's another day, lets try deep fisting you for 4-5 hours straight to see if we can keep the prolapse out."

The End

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sex Toy for Black men

Sex toy for black men

Hours past and Analboy became limp, unable to do anything more than lie there, and be their fuck toy. It was a hopeless situation. He couldn't even resist when the black man with largest hands and arms was ready to fist out his blown out asshole. He had a greased his arm all the way to the elbow. Analboy had no idea how he could possibly take the whole thing in his asshole.
Analboy took a deep breath. A couple of the black guys picked him up and sat him down on the open hand. Once they positioned him over the giant black hand and got the hand to the wrist in his asshole, they let the full weight of his body drive it deep up into his rectum until he was seated on his elbow. It hurt so much penetrating his anal bend so quickly. His rectum felt so full as it kept going deeper and deeper pushing farther inside his bowels, stretching and deforming the soft delicate tissues on the inside of his rectum until it was fully buried up in his body. It was like a telephone pole traveling up inside him pushing up into his belly. And when they started picking him up and down ramming it in his asshole harder and harder making him feel all 15 inches of his arm fucking his asshole, Analboy thought He would pass out from the hot fisting action.
"God damn, your a good fisting slut baby," he commended. "I'll bet after today you'll only want a large fist punching your rectum from now on. I fact, after we are done, you will be ruined for any type of regular fuckings, your asshole will be only good for fistings, you'll be so loose and open. Permanently !"
Analboy knelt there on the locker room floor resting with his head on the hard floor cradled in his arms and his rear end sticking up in the air. It felt as though a hand were still in it. Thick gooey sperm ran down his asscrack as it slowly seeped from his well fucked bunghole. He was tired and He felt degraded. Then, while resting there with his ass up in the air, one of black men began caressing his butt, running his fingers through her crack smearing the lube that leaked from her anal hole. "Looks like we really ruined your asshole, baby." "Sure is lots leaking out." He poked a finger into his hole. Then a second finger as he started to finger fuck his asshole. In Analboy's tired state it actually felt good and aroused him somewhat. He moaned out loud, "Oh God," and the black man sunk a third finger burying them deep in Analboy's fuckhole. He fucked him hard and fast jamming his fingers inside Analboy while He moaned louder. "Oh God I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum." Then while Analboy was on the verge of cumming, he wiggled his other two fingers in the entrance of his rectum and began twisting, pushing, trying to fuck him with his whole hand.
"Hold him down," he called out to one of his teammates. One of the men knelt in front of Analboy grabbing him by the shoulders holding him tight.
He pushed harder turning Analboy's moment of pleasure into accepting a large hand into his rectum . "Ohhhhhh!!!!! Yess!!!!!!! Please Yesssss!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"What's the matter, honey?" "Don't want my black fist up your pretty monstrous asshole, I'm gonna punch your rectum out."
Again he twisted and pushed and his hand slowly began spreading open his asshole. "Ohhhhh!!!......fuck yea, ruin me!!!!.... Analboy gasped out in as He felt his hand prying open and penetrating his open asshole. He stopped momentarily and fucked in and out trying to stretch open his large open asshole more. Then once again he twisted and pushed and his big black hand disappeared inside Analboy's rectum, his assring wrapping tightly around his black wrist. Analboy screamed and twisted his hips, but He was held firmly in place while his body was being brutally invaded.
"Oh, honey, what a lubed up rectum." "Feels good, don't it?" While he enjoyed the sight of seeing himself impale the boys large hole with his fist, Analboy was breathing heavy and getting ready for deeper fistings. He never felt anything like it. He could feel his hand inside his body and wondered when he would be going deep past the colon bend. What was he going to do to him?
At first he fucked his asshole slowly pushing his fist deep into him, letting him feel his wrist grip his assring slide back and work his nuts and feel his fist bottom out inside his ass. He made sure Analboy felt his fingers probing deep inside him and made sure He felt totally humiliated.
"Like it up your asshole, you little white whore?" he whispered to him. "You sure have got a large fuckhole, baby." "Except, we gotta make it even larger , so I can give that rectum a good fistfuckin'."
With that he extracted his fist stretching his assring wide open and then plunged his hand back in. "Uhhhhhhhh!!!!!!" Analboy made a deep grunting sound as He tried to take it all. He let out a whimper as He knew the constant stretching of his asshole would ruin it for good. Then as he sunk his fist in again He felt him hit hard deep inside the rectum.
"Ahh yes," he sighed. "Fuck that white cunts asshole."
Again, he pulled from his ass spreading him open and jammed his fist back in. One of the others encouraged his buddy on. "That's it." "Shove it up his asshole, ruin his rectum." The moaning began from Analboy as again and again he pounded him with his fist like it was cock. Each time, Analboy's ass lips spread wide allowing his big black hand to pull out and re-penetrate his massive asshole.
"Like it in there, bitch?" "You sure gotta deep, open asshole hole for a skinny boy." He kept talking to him, describing what he was doing as he violated him, which only made him feel that much worse. "Feel me way up inside you?" He wiggled his fingers and pushed hard into the depths of his asshole. "Ahh, yes." "Your asshole is going to be mincemeat soon." Analboy just moaned hysterically.
Analboy lost track of how many times he fisted his asshole. Was it ten times, twenty times or thirty. There was nothing He could do. Now his asshole ring started to break down, and red rectum meat started coming out the open hole on pull-out. He was at his mercy to do with him as he pleased. In the backround He could hear all the others enjoying the show. "Yeah, man." "Fuck the whore." "Shove it all the way up bitch's asshole." He felt drops of hot fluid hit his back. They obviously were jerking off to his asshole destruction and cumming on her. He could hear the sloshing in and out of her asshole, even over his owning grunts and moans, as he pounded his asshole over and over and over.
Then finally the fisting stopped, but his hand was left buried deep in his rectum
"Come on guys, lets gang fist the whore. Ill start punching out his asshole, Joey you work on his tied off nuts, and Jim can fuck his piss slit with those shiny metal rods.
"Okay, sweetheart, Hold on. time to destroy your holes" The guys gathered around, as he started piston fisting Analboys asshole. Left hand in, then out. Right hand in, then out. Left, right,left, right, faster and faster, he was alternate hand fisting the shit out the boys asshole, Joey's hand around Analboys tied off nut sack, kneading the nuts like a handfull of marbles. Analboy looked down to see Jim, with a large urethral sound, well lubed about to enter his piss slit
"Ready, bitch." "Here it goes, all at once." "Ready guys?..GO!."
The pencil thick metal rod slid all the way down Analboys shaved cock, and was fucking in and out, at the same time the fister went ape shit, literally punching into Analboys rectum, pulling out viciously, with a twist then punching the asslips back in, Joey trying to work the nuts all at the same time. Analboy was a spasming mess, his whole body trembled and shook as they destroyed his holes in unison. "Wait guys, slow down, he is gonna cum to quick and I cant get at his nuts good, to many guys working him" Joey said
They guys all stopped but maintained the hand in the asshole and the sound fully inserted in his slit. Joey took a string and tied it around the large rubberband that was isolating off analboys nuts, the string was looped thru an eye hook in the ceiling then down. Joey pulled on the string, bringing the nuts up and out of the way for some brutal assfisting. "Nail it!" Joey cried
They guys started back working his holes, slowly, then picking up the pace, until Analboy started shaking and convulsing all over the place.
"Yessssss, destroy my asshole and slit, Im going to cum real hard!" Analboy yelled
This announcement sent the guys into overdrive, the fister punching the rectum out, pulling red meat out with every pullout, Jim fucking his piss slit like it was another hole. Joey yanking on the string, keeping his balls out of they way of punching fists. Analboy's body went rigid then...
"Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Im cumming!" he screamed as cum shot from the sides of the rod in his slit and his poor battered asshole went into a series of spasms, trying to clamp down on the fist. The fister only punched that spasming asshole harder determined to destroy his anal ring muscle. Analboy wailed like a sissy as his asshole and piss slit were mutilated, with Joey pulling hard on his nuts still. Analboy passed out then fell asleep.
"Ok boys slow down on him, we really ruined him bad, take a small break, I'm going to try to arouse him for a second round" He said
They removed the string from his nuts, leaving the rubberband secure around the sack tho, The pencil sized sound was slowly removed as Analboy slept, leaving his piss slit round and open, no longer a slit at all, just a hole. The black fister (Rick was his name) withdrew his hand from Analboys asshole leaving a massive caverned rectum, with huge asslips. The asshole trashed beyond repair it seems. His asshole ring was still spasming, trying to clamp shut, but could not. Jim slid a dildo as thick as your forearm up his rectal cavern.
"That should keep him open for round two, lets trash it out again, that was HOT" he said
Jims greasy hand lightly touched Analboys cock, stroking it well lubed, the bald sissy cock began to show signs of life. Analboy stirred. The men began stroking his cock more and gently sliding the large dong back and forth. Analboy awoke
"Oh shit, another asshole session?" he said sleepily
"Yep and piss slit too, now hold still" Jim said
Jim began pistoning the large dildo out faster now, with his other hand on analboys hardening cock, jacking it back to life. Analboy now at full hardness, all the guys could tell what the metal rod did to his now round piss slit.
"Oh yea, ruin my asshole again, Im hot for it"
he was bucking his hips to meet the dongs thrust, trying to get it in as deep and hard as possible. "Horny Asshole slut!, Nail it, nail his asshole and piss slit" he said, holding analboys cock straight out for a good sounding. Jim split his piss slit and slid the entire pencil thick shaft down his cock shaft, at the same time Rick was working his rectum
"Ohhhh now thats gonna make me cum again!, oh yea work my nuts too!" he moaned
"The Sluts gonna cum again, nail him!" he screamed
The guys went into high gear, destroying both holes in unison, working his tied off nuts at the same time. Only 10 minutes into the second session, Analboys body went rigid, then went into convulsions as cum squirted from the sides of the large sound buried in his piss slit. His ruined asshole spasming around the 3 inch dong in his ass, attempting to clamp down on the intruder, but his asshole muscle has lost all elasticity, and mearly gripped it loosely
"Sooo hot!" Jim replied as he facialed Analboy with his cum shot, then the rest took there turn cumming all over him.
The end

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

An Exciting morning

An Exciting Morning

It had been a very long, very hot week! Of course, August always was one of the hottest months in the south. I had been spending a lot of time out by the pool - sunning myself, swimming, and in general trying to stay cool. I had hired two men to paint the outside of our house and they have been here since Monday. Today was Thursday morning and they were supposed to finish up by tomorrow afternoon. Both were black and young - one appearing to be in his early 20s and the other looked to be around 18 or 19. I have to admit that I had been sneaking looks at them all week long!!! They are truly magnificent to look at!!!!!! Both are very well muscled and work without shirts and wearing nothing but very short cutoffs. I love to watch them as they work - to see the ripple of their muscles and how the sweat glistens on their ebony skin!!
I had been getting them ice and cold water all week long and just generally trying to help them in that way. I guess I didn't think a lot about how I looked or that they were watching me as well.
Around 10 AM, the sun had risen higher and it was already very hot. In fact, it promised to be one of the hottest days yet!!! The two men had been working since 7 and had got a lot done. I was lying on the chaise lounge on my stomach. All at once, one of them cleared his throat and the sound startled me!! Without thinking, I jumped up!!!! But, as I glanced at them, I could not help but notice that they both had growing bulges in their very short cutoffs!!!!!
Both were covered in sweat and looked tired but I did notice a gleam in their eyes!!! One told me he was sorry they had scared me but all they wanted was some ice and some water!!! I went up to the house to get it. While there, I put on a short robe that I had hanging on a hook in the kitchen. I filled a bowel with ice and a pitcher with water and put them and two glasses on a tray and carried them back to the pool where they were still sitting.
As I sat the tray down on the picnic table, I could feel their eyes as they watched every move I made!! This was the first time I had felt them staring at me like this and I was a little afraid!!! Of course, I reasoned, they would not dare to try anything with me as we were surrounded by neighbors!!! As I filled their glasses and turned to hand them to them, I glanced down at their crotches. Both had bulges that looked huge!!!!! It was very exciting and I could not help but get a little thrill!!!! After all, I am 36 years old yet here were two young men getting excited looking at me!!! It was at that point that I made a very serious mistake. I guess I felt too secure in my middle class setting and in broad daylight with people all over the neighborhood!!
I was excited, though, at seeing them get excited at watching me and I threw caution to the wind. The tie to my robe had loosened a little already as I was coming back down from the kitchen so I gave a little wiggle and it fell away completely!!! My robe drooped open as I bent over to set their glasses down and I could feel both of their eyes glued to my ass I slowly straightened up and pulled the robe closed and simply said "Oooops!!" and gave a little giggle!!! Sitting down on the foot of the chaise in front of them I reached for my glass of tea. Sipping it, I remarked that it was already so hot!!! As we chatted about the weather, I moved around a little so that I was sitting with my legs spread!!! I could see their eyes on my crotch which was covered by little more than a thin strip of cloth!!!!! Their bulges had grown even larger and in glancing down toward their shorts, I could see the head of one them's cock as it poked up just above the waist of his shorts. God, what a sight that was!!!! Just the little bit I could see was huge!!!!!!!!! Slowly, I let my thighs spread a little more and I dropped my hand which had been holding robe together. As kept talking, I sort of leaned forward a little, letting my robe swing open as I did. I made no move to cover myself and pretended not to even notice it as we kept talking about the weather and how much longer they would need to finish the job!!!! As we talked, I learned that their names were James and Ken - Ken was the one with the huge mushroom showing!!!! As we talked, my robe had opened completely and my breasts were totally bare., I could feel my nipples growing hard and my ass throbbing to be filled!!!! God, this was so exciting sitting here almost totally naked talking to these two magnificent looking men in broad daylight!!! I noticed that James, the 18 year old, glanced at Ken and Ken barely nodded his head. All at once, they jumped to their feet and James grabbed my arms and jerked me to my feet and spun me around, pulling me to him!!!! Ken moved up behind me and pressed himself to me from behind so that I was sandwiched between them!!!! I started to scream but James lowered his face to mine and his lips crushed mine, stifling my scream!!!!! I tried to struggle but they both held me tight between them!!! James' kissed me harder and I felt his tongue force itself between my lips, going deep in my mouth!!!! Ken then begin kissing my neck and around my ear, his tongue leaving a trail of wetness as he licked me. His hands went around my chest and his hands grabbed my nipples, squeezing them and mashing them to my chest!!! I could feel their hips grinding into me front and back, those hard cocks - one rubbing against my ass and the other against my cock!!! I could feel the sweat from their chests soaking my robe and I inhaled the scent of them - hot, sweaty, black, male muskiness...all driving my senses crazy!!!! I soon quit struggling and a moan rose in my throat as James' thick tongue continued to probe my mouth and Ken's hands now pinching my nipples between his fingers!!!! My tongue begin to move against James', chasing his tongue around my mouth and then back into his mouth, my tongue licking all inside his mouth!!
Ken pulled back from me and grabbed my robe and yanked it off of me and then hooked his hands in my undies and ripped it from me!!!! I was totally nude, and began squirming against James harder and harder, pressing my cock against his cock, my tongue still in his mouth as he sucked on it as hard as he could!!! I felt something hard poking against my ass and realized that Ken had taken off his shorts and was pressing against me. His hands massaged my cheeks, squeezing them and molding them. Harder and harder he squeezed as he rubbed his cock all over my ass. Driving my tongue deeper into James' mouth, I wrapped one arm around James' neck and with my other hand I reached behind me, trying to grab Ken's cock!!!! I felt it brush my hand and all at once in was in my palm!!! I gripped him, closing my fingers!!!! I almost fainted when I felt I could not get my fingers all the way around him!!!! God, he felt huge!!!!!!! I slid my fingers up and down him, his head felt like it was gigantic!!!! James broke from me and stepped back and pushed his cutoffs down his legs!!!! I watched, my eyes growing wide as his cock sprang into view!!!! It too was huge and very hard, slapping up against his stomach!!!
James grabbed my shoulders and pushed me roughly down so that I was on my knees, the hard concrete scraping my knees. He grabbed my head and pulled it toward him, his cock brushing my lips. I tried to resist but he pushed against my lips with his cock while pulling my head forward. As his cock pushed into my mouth, my lips automatically surrounded him as they were forced wide to accommodate his massive 9" cock!!! Without thinking, and becoming more and more aroused, I begin to suck him, my lips going up and down his cock, my tongue licking the head of it. It wasn't long before I could feel a wetness on my tongue as his pre-cum begin leaking from him!! I pulled my head back a little and begin lapping at his cock with my tongue, licking up and down, tasting the muskiness of him, the sweat pouring off him causing him to taste salty!! I started to take his cock back in my mouth when he pushed me away from him and grabbed my arms, yanking me to my feet!! He picked me up and carried me to the picnic table, dumping me down on the top of it roughly. He and Ken moved to each side of me, their hands going all over my body.... pinching and pulling on my nipples, caressing my stomach, my thighs. My legs spread wide as if they had a will of their own. I felt a hand thrust roughly between my thighs and as it gripped my ass cheeks, my hips jerked upwards!!!! A finger was thrust inside of me and begin pumping in and out of my now drenched ass. Without thinking I reached out with both hands and grabbed each of their cocks, stroking them, my hands moving up and down them, feeling their massiveness!!! Never had I felt such huge cocks!!! I later learned that James was 9" and Ken was 11"!!!!!! I pulled them both close and turned my head to one side and begin to lick on the head of Ken's huge, massive cock!!! I forced my lips as wide as I could and took that massive head in my mouth!!! God, I felt so full!!!!! Sucking and licking him, loving the sweaty taste of him, his precum oozing out of him driving me insane with desire. The finger in my asshole continued to move in and out and then I felt another finger enter me!!! I was in heaven!!! Both men now had a finger in me, pumping in and out of me, faster and faster!! I released Ken's cock and turned my head to the other side and pulled James' cock toward my lips just in time to catch a drop of precum as it hung from his piss slit!!! Sucking him into my mouth, I begin to lave his cock with my tongue!!! My body was jerking from the assault of the fingers in my asshole and the hands roughly squeezing my nipples. They both roughly pinched my nipples, pulling them straight up from my body, stretching them until they hurt something awful but the pain, far from being uncomfortable. I could feel lube flowing all over my hole and from me and puddling on the hard surface of the table under my ass. My body was now covered in sweat, both mine and the men's as it dripped off of them and fell on me as they stood bent over me. I was now turning my head from side to side, licking and sucking first one cock and then the other!!!! They continued mauling my tits, my nipples feeling like they were on fire!!! Their fingers in and out of my asshole were driving me wild!!! James laughed out loud and roughly kept shoving his finger in and out of my asshole!!! I was squirming, trying to get away!!!! They kept on playing with my body, pinching and pulling my nipples, fucking my asshole with their fingers!!!! As he kept reaming my asshole with that thick finger, all at once I begin to notice the pain was turning to pleasure and I begin to move my hips to meet the thrusts of the fingers! All I could think of was how hot I was becoming!! Nothing else mattered anymore except my overwhelming need to cum!!!! The cocks I was playing with were both dripping steadily and my mouth was drooling both saliva and their precum as I sucked first one and then the other. My asshole was juicing steadily and the table was soaked. The sensations in me were building higher and higher!!All at once, the fingers were removed from me and the hands stopped playing with my breasts!!! "NO!!!!!", I screamed!!!!! "PLEASE, DON'T STOP!!! OH GOD, I'M SO HOT!!!!!" And, I was!!!! I was on fire!!! Both from the sun beating down on my naked body and from the excitement and the lust which had built in me!!!! I only knew that I had to cum!!! I was incapable of any other thought at that point!!!! All I knew was that I had to have those cocks!!!! I reached down with my hands and begin to jacking myself. Ken grabbed my hands and jerked them up over my head, holding me tight!!!! "NO" I moaned, "PLEASE!!!!!!" They just laughed at me as I lay there panting and moaning!!! My hips moving of their own accord!!!"He looks awfully hot to me, Ken", said James. "Yeah, don't he?", grinned Ken. James went over and got the bowl of ice cubes and brought them back!! He took an ice cube and begin to rub it over my breasts!!! Holding my hands with one hand, Ken took an ice cube in his other hand and rubbed it over my other breast!!! God, the sensations were fabulous!!!! The sun shining on me had made my skin hot and the feel of that freezing ice cube was out of this world!!!! James took two more ice cubes and placed them on my stomach!!! My muscles rippled as they begin to melt and the ice cold water trickled down my sides!!! James then reached in, got another ice cube and begin rubbing it up and down my asshole!!!! Oh God, I couldn't believe how incredible that felt!!! The iciness of it mixing with my hot asshole was too much!!! He then took another ice cube when that one had melted and shoved it inside of me!!!! Again, it was the most incredible feeling!!! I was moaning and jerking and going out of my mind!!! At last, I could stand it no longer!!! "PLEASE" I begged, "PLEASE, SOMEONE FUCK ME NOW!!!! I NEED A COCK IN ME SO BAD!! PLEASE!!! FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!" Ken then let go my hands and moved down to the end of the table. He grabbed my hips and pulled them to the edge of the table so that my ass was half off the table. James moved up near my head and grabbed my hands and pulled them up over my head. Ken got between my legs, grabbing one in each hand, he raised them to his shoulders as he moved his hips forward! The head of his cock begin to rub up and down my asshole!!!! I raised my head and looked down and saw that mammoth 11" black cock rubbing against my asshole!!! All at once, I became scared!!! I did not know how I could ever take it all inside of me but I was willing to try!! He pushed his hips forward and I watched as the head of his cock begin to spread my ass lips apart as it disappeared inside of me!!! He slowly pushed forward and inch by inch his cock slid inside of me!!!!! "Oh God", I moaned! "Yes, fuck me!!!!" He had about half his cock in me when all at once he pulled it out!!! "NO" I screamed, my hips rising up frantically trying to force him back in me!!!! Again he rubbed the head up and down my ass lips!!!! He then took hold of my thighs in his hands and pushed my legs up toward my shoulders, opening me wide for him, and then all at once he thrust his hips forward and rammed all 11" inside of me in one lunge!!! "AAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" I screamed as I felt that thick cock split me wide open and the head hit hard the bend in my colon!!!!!!! "OH GOD!! YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!" He begin then to fuck me, driving that huge cock in and out of me hard and fast!!! Just then, James grabbed my head in his hand and yanked it toward his cock!!!! My mouth flew open and I gobbled him inside my mouth as quickly as I could, taking as much of him in my mouth as I could get. I begin to suck him and lick him with my tongue as he fucked in and out of my mouth. Ken kept fucking me harder and harder and all at once, without warning, I came!!! "AAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" I screamed around James' cock as my orgasm hit me!!!!! Ken kept on fucking me, driving that 11" monster in and out of my little white asshole harder and harder and faster and faster. James begin fucking my mouth faster and faster and I could feel him getting harder and his cock seemed to swell a little!! Ken fucked me faster and faster and I knew he was close. All at once, James shoved his cock in my mouth and it started twitching and jerking as spurt after spurt of hot cum flew from the head of his cock into my mouth!!! Somehow, he lost rhythm as he was cumming and his cock pulled out of my mouth, cum shooting from it all over my face and tits before he got it back inside of me!!! Ken let out a yell and rammed his cock all the way inside of me and I could feel it jerk each time a blast of his cum shot from the end deep inside my ass!!!! As he did, I almost passed out as I came again, harder than I had ever cum!!!! God, the sensations were incredible!!!! It seemed to go on forever and all of my senses were focused in my asshole as wave after wave of pleasure washed through me!!!!! Ken and James continued to fuck me slowly as their cocks deflated. Finally, they both withdrew from me. My legs fell from Ken's shoulders and just flopped over the edge of the table as I lay, cum seeping from my asshole and hot male cum all over my face. I just lay there, totally satisfied and relaxed.

Monday, March 23, 2009

8 Hour rectal Marathon

The 8 hour rectal marathon

The plan was to pound my assring all day, until the whole ring muscle gives up, to turn my rectum into a fisting hole. AssDaddy has big hands, large forearms and huge biceps, and he wanted his hole arm, at least to the elbow up my slutty asshole by the end of the day. For the past month he has been working on the assring and chute breaking down the ring almost everyday. It was beginning to work. For the past week, large objects just sink in the hole with ease. Deeper and deeper he is able to shove large things into my rectum, bumping into the colon bend, sometimes popping in and out of the bend muscle on occasion. He also loves to see my piss slit deeply sounding, then watching it squirt out, when he punished the assring with dildos. After 60 rectum training sessions, it was time to totally blow out the ring and fist it until it rosebudded over and over.
I shaved my pubes real smooth in the morning and I arrived at 7:30 am that Friday morning to start the marathon, i was stripped immediately upon entering, and was handed a beer. AssDaddy new if i was tipsy, he could take advantage and really work over the hole hard and long, and avoid a premature cum-shot. I slugged down the beer. We sat down and watch some hardcore fisting porn, as I cracked another beer and chugged it down. I started to feel tipsy already as i watched some guys whole rectum prolapse from a hard fisting on TV. I know mine would be in that condition one day, that was our goal. The DVD was getting both of us hot, so we decided to get started, I chugged down the rest of my beer and headed for the bathroom, grabbing a beer on the way. It took me only 10 minutes to clean out, sipping on the beer. Assdaddy was getting the chute missles ready to destroy the ring, he was so neat meticulous, getting everything setup in the bedroom. Once cleaned out, I was my asshole off good and all around, snapped a rubberband around each nut individually, then one around the entire sack it self, then the metal cock ring. I put clothespins on the nips and headed for the bedroom. Going into my usual position doggy style, Assdaddy attacked my asshole with his tongue, burying right into my loose asshole. He ate like a mad-man, working my nuts and cock with hands. he baby-oiled up my pubes, balls and asshole. (it looks so slutty, bald, oil shiny with tied off nuts), and started finger fucking my asshole, easing 3 fingers in for a start, asshole offering little resistance. 4 fingers to the knuckles, now moving them in in and out alternating hands. It was big dildo time. He did not start small, immediately going for the red rectum destroyer dong, a massive 3 inch wide x 12 inch long asshole punisher. He greased it up and told me
"Get ready to get your ring wrecked slut"
He pushed the mighty dong at my loose open asshole, he pushed harder, the ring started to yield, a big push and
"Ohhh my asshole, oh shit my ring!!" I screamed
as the mighty red rectum destroyer sank home, he pushed deeper until it bottomed out in my rectum. He got a firm grip on the end and I hit the poppers hard, and hung on. He started thrusting it in and out of my asshole slowly, my asshole was taking it, and slowley expanding larger. He noticed and started picking up the pace, faster and faster. I hit the poppers again, and went face down, hiking up my ass...
"Oh yea Daddy wreck my asshole, destroy that ring" I yelled in lust
"Fuck slut, your hole will never close when Im Done!" He said
He went ape shit with the dong, hammering it like a jackhammer in my chute, you could here the rectum complaining loudly, but taking it good. I hiked my asshole up even higher, so he could drill straight down into the rectum hard, getting even greater depth, the dong started popping into the colon bend with almost every thrust. Over and over he popped it into the colon bend, trying to wear out the inner ring too. Finally the whole dong, all 12 inches slid in, only the handle remained. He was well into the colon bend.
"Now for some depth work, let me get the squash" he said
The butternut squash's head had about the same width as the red dildo that just destroyed my asshole, but had a massive 15 inch neck that curved slightly. He greased it up. "The squash is hard and unforgiving on the ring, it maybe harder to insert. Here goes" He said
He pushed, my assring having no elasticity at this point it sunk in, then all the was to the back of the chute
"Ohhh my chute, gawd thats deep" I moaned, hitting the poppers again
"Hold tight, I'm going to move it around and search for your colon bend opening" he said
He gently spun the curved veggie and prodded slightly, over and over. he found the opening and popped into the colon bend, slightly, my eyes got large as he straightened out my bend.
"Found it, Im going deep into you now, hit the poppers again" He said,
holding the squash buried 12 inches into me, I hit the poppers again, he worked my nuts and inch by inch drove the veggie into my lower colon, deeper and deeper, 12, 13 14 then 16 inches way up into me, he had the whole colon bend straightened out.
"Good boy, buried to the hilt in your slutty asshole, we need to work on depth every day so your entire chute can easily take 16 inches" he said
he started stroking the veggie, deep the entire length in and out of the bend, nailing both the asshole ring muscle and the colon bend muscle over and over. My bald cock was going to cum from the depth work, i told him so.
"Dont you dare cum you asshole slut, I want you to cum fully sounded for the first cum shot of the marathon" he said
We stopped working my banded off nuts, but it was too late
"Im cumming from anal, oooooooooooooo" I announced
My whole body shook as the massive cum shot, send me into convulsions
"You slut, I told you not to come, now your rings are gonna get punished more, Im gonna punch fist you so hard, your asshole will be mincemeat, now go rest, and get ready for a 2nd session he said
End of Act 1
Act 2
The rest consisted of 15 minutes of watching the punch fucking DVD and swilling beer, while Assdaddy prepared the living room for the next session. Pillow and towels draped over a large foot stool, and the toys were brought into the room, the large toys only, along with the collection of fat sounds. I finished off the beer, and snapped the large rubberband around my nut-sack, and grabbed the poppers.
"You ready to take the asshole again?" I said, while taking a sniff
"Oh yea, let's trash out your ass hole, I wanna work on width and punch your hole out over and over, since you already came, I can work that ring a long long time. Come here and hold that little bald cock straight out for Daddy" He said, while smothering lube over a cigarette thick sound.
He held my cock cock head and split the slit open with two fingers, the end of the large sound slid into my cock head, once in place a steady even push drove that baby all the way to the base of my 5 inch cock.
"Ohhh my slit, so wide and deep" I moaned
"Ohh so hot, now snap this small rubber-band around your cockhead, Ahh very good, now get into position on the stool, make sure you cock is hanging off the end, and your asshole is fully exposed for a good punishment" He said
I got into position, ass hanging off the end, deeply sounded cock straight down, my loose assring totally exposed for a solid core job, slathering J-lube all over the open ring and coating the cock and balls, the sound still sicking out slightly, as he grabbed it fucking my slit in and out occasionally.
"oh yea, Daddy fuck that slit, my peehole needs to be rodded all the time, makes me hot to get my ring destroyed, oh gawd yes, do it...im sooo Hot now. I said
"Your such a slut for double fucking, you just love it. The red rectum destroyer dong is going in, then Im going to punch it for a count of 100 punchings to see what the condition of the ring is, if its totally devastated, Id like to vacuum your hole a little, start your rosebud training" He said, will continuing to fuck the slit
"Anything the holes are yours, ruin me" I screamed
The red dildo was pushed at the hole, with a hand around my nuts and his thumb over my cock head pushing the sound all the way down, Big red sunk to the hilt.
"Ohhhh my rectum, feels like a tree trunk up my chute, Drive it home, Im ready" I moaned
Slowly he sawed the dong in and out of my chute, I hit the hardware poppers hard and hung on to the sides. In about 10 seconds the whole ring muscle gave out, AssDaddy noticed and took advantage hammering the chute at high speed. The dong left the chute with a loud "Plop", but was immediately powered right up the chute until it bumped into the colon bend. A quick pull out and my asshole hung open, then a punch back in deep, almost into the colon bend, the inner ring opened some.
OK thats two punches..Ill start the counting, when i get to 100 punches I will inspect the punished hole" He said "1, 2 3....."
Over and over he punished the ring with big red, after 90 straight punches with vicious pull outs, my rectum started to come out the abused ring
"Here it comes, here comes the rosebud, Your rectum is prolapsing..push, 91, 92 93" He yelled
I pushed hard, when he ripped out big red, the rectum came out forming a flower for a brief second, before being pushed back in from the big red thrust in.
"Ohh my rectum came out", "yes hot, try again, Push hard"
I pushed hard again, right on the out thrust, red meat came out even further this time
"HOT HOT, More!, I want the whole thing out, so we can band it off" he said
And other hard out thrust and even more red meat, this time it stayed out. AssDaddy grabbed the vacuum pump and eased the end over the red flower. "Here we go fill this tube with your beautiful slutty flower" He said, and began to draw a vacuum on the rose bud, sucking some of the exposed meat into the tube. The sound buried in my slit was beginning to work its was out from the rectal pummeling. He pushed the sound back down deep, pumping some more. More and more the tube filled with the flower, then a felt something and
"Ohhh my whole rectum came out" I said nearly fainting from the session
4 inches of rectum got sucked into the tube, Assdady wide eyed and amazed at the site, as he slowely removed the vacuum and tube to see the results of his work
"Ohh shit look at that, not only a flower, but a flower shaped like the tube, with a slit in the middle, looks like your whole rectum almost came out slut, dont you dare let it back in, Im getting the metal cock ring" he said
I waited looking a my rectum hanging outside, it was gonna slide back in any second now. I was hoping he'd hurry, if i let it slip back in, he would suck it out even more violently next time. He managed to place the metal small cock ring around the rosebud, not too loose, but not too tight. I was keeping it out... "HOT HOT, let me sound the rosebud slit, good your balls are still banded and your cock is still well sounded as well, This should take you over the edge..cum hard for your assdaddy, cum so hard you shake for me" he said
The extra large sound was slide into the prolapse slit while he worked my nuts in unison. He was fucking my prolapse slit, I was fully sounded, my banded off nuts worked..everything all at once....I could not hold back any longer.
Im gonna cum, Im gonna cum real hard....here it comes!!!!....Ohhhhhhhh ohhhhh" I screamed aloud, my body racked with a convulsing orgasm again, cum squirting from the side of the sound in my cock, sending my rectum in large spasms, the cock ring around the prolapse fell out, and the rosebud pulsated in and out, then quietly slipped back in. I was spent.
"Good job slut-take a break, have a beer. But we are not done yet, I still want my whole arm up that devastated chute. Man, look at your asshole....your assring no longer is closing..perfect"
End of Act 2
Act 3
After a small break, The AssDaddy inspected the results of his work on the whore's rectum.
"Nice non closing ring, Look at it hang. Looks like the muscle has lost all elasticity, Perfect blown out rectum, Ready for a deep fisting?, straighten out that colon bend, so you have one huge tunnel" he said.
"Oh yea, ruin my ring more. So horny for anal, look my little bald cock got rock hard, from the thought of colon bend work" the whore said
"Hot, lets do it Boy, lets devastate that ring!, for proper colon bend work, we will use this Armadillo dong, its 2-1/2 wide and a full 14 inch insertable, to go way up into you, after that i will deep fist you, until your destroyed assring is around my elbow. AssDaddy said
"HOT, oh so hot, look, my bald cock is dripping, ready" I said
He looked down at my cock, the piss slit was round and open from many soundings he had done to my cock
"Hold that bald cock straight out for your AssDaddy, looks like the round open slit needs filled again" he said
I moaned as he slid a cigarette thick sound slid down my piss slit, expanding the slit wide, as the sound slid to the base of the cock, he began fucking the slit in and out like it was another hole
"I have an even larger sound, almost cigar thick, would love to see your slit take the big one, your slit needs to be all stretched out just like your asshole is. Maybe someday, but now, lets straighten out that colon bend boy!" He said
"Oh yea, Id love it, love my holes huge"I said
"I do to, now to get into the colon easy, we will need you on your side, lay on the bed on you side and lift you leg up, so I can get at the open asshole" He said
I always do as Assdaddy tells me. With the sound firmly planted, I layed on my side and brought my leg up, Assdaddy greased the Armadillo dong, an slide in into my rectum. Deeper and deeper it went up the chute, each bump on the Arm dong, expanding the ring, then sucking it up, about 9 inches in the dong head bumped into the end of the rectum.
"Ok, 9 inches in and 5 inches to go" He said
With one hand working my rubber-banded off nuts and the other on the base of the dong, he poked and proded looking for the colon bend opening, after a few attempts, he found the right spot and
"Ooooooooooooooooooooohhh my colon" I moaned
As the Armadillo dildo popped into the colon bend then out, he got a firmer grip on the dildo, and popped in back into the colon bend, then out. Over and over he popped the colon bend, muscle determined to get it like the outer anal ring
OK, Im going to drive it deep into you know, way up into you, work you over good. Then when you can take it real easy nice and deep. I will set you on the toilet seat and fist up into you that way" He said, while repeatedly popping in and out of the colon bend
"Oh wreck my hole Daddy, Ruin my rings" I moaned
At that same time, he popped into the colon bend again, then way up into, 10, 11 12 then 13 inches..Finally the dong sank to the hilt at 14 inches
"Ohh gawd my rectum" I screamed as he proceeded to stroke the 14 inch dong all the way out, then back in, the entire 14 inches. He got into a good rythym with the Armadillo, repeatdly straightening out my colon bend with every stroke, still working my ties off nuts. I began fucking my slit with the sound as he paid attention to the other hole.
"Dont you come yet you whore, I want you on the toilet seat, to deep fist you, totally trash out your chute" he said , oh look at that red meat is coming out of your hole!, On the toilet seat now"
With that he pulled the fully planted dong out as fast as he could, creating a vacuum, that cause my rectum to come out the open asshole in a huge flower, then suck back in. I got up and went to the toilet seat. The toilet seat stood on a open frame about 30 inches off the floor, just enough, such my feet barely touched the ground. Assdaddy loved it, as my asshole really lets loose on the seat. I spread my asscheeks and then gently sat on the seat. I rested my thighs on the arms of the open frame, my my feet did not touch the floor. I saw assdaddy greasing up the red rectum destroyer dong, and new he was gonna drill up into my chute with that, just the thought of it sent my assring into spasms, opening and closing at will. as he got into position. I held my breath and pushed, a huge rosebud flower blossomed out for him, then sucked back in.
"Oh yea, destroyed asshole, huge rosebud, Looking good boy, Now take this" He said
He drove the large red dong right up my rectum in one swift motion.
"Ohhhhhhh my rectum" I screamed as the dong split the ass ring and sunk home, almost lifting me off the chair. He went ape shit, as fast as he could he power fucked my assring, pumping the rectum full of air, it was making all kinds of noises. I hit the poppers hard. The asshole totally let go as the red dong was pulling the ring out, and surrounding skin on the out-thrusts, then sinking them in on the in-thrust, with the ass cheeks spread, it was a great site to see the muscle break down. This was to much for me, and sent me over the edge
"Im gonna cum real hard" I announced, then a big squirting cum shot as my body convulsed from the huge orgasm, AssDaddy still nailing the ring. I was spent, he cleaned me up, we picked up the toys, and I went home, my asshole never was the same again. Just like we love it.
The End

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Black Topped

Black Topped
The local bar was dying as I finished my 5th drink, I was drunks and all cross dressed for action, but know one wanted to play, I was about out the door, when I heard "hey baby where 'ya going???. I turned around to see a well built black man smiling at me. "how about one more drink with me and my friend??, pointing over to the corner another black man sat drinking wine.
Sure, my names John and yours ???, Jim, he said, as we were seated, "and this is Roger", Hello I smiled.
What will you have??. Jim said. Have what your having as he ordered white wine for all three of us. "Jim Said, "we are looking for a Bottom CD that loves to fuck and big black cock, are you interested?. Sure I said, I put out anally for hours! I exclaimed. Roger spoke up. "Listen, we are two very horny tops, so we want to take you too our place and double team you, long hard and fast." My body was shaken in excitement as I said, "sounds good, I need it bad!", Good Roger said, we are big, think you can handle two 11" cocks that get rock hard??"

I trembled, 11" goes deep in my ass, I did it once. "That's ok, we can try and if it does not fit, Ill suck you guys off. "oh don’t worry, well loosen you up good enough to take us first".
Good lets head out, I left with the two men and everybody watched them follow me, patting my bottom as we left.

We hoped in the car and Roger made me sit in the back seat with him as Jim drove. He placed his arm around me and he said, "Ive been waiting for this a long time, here honey get over my knee and lift that little skirt up and let me see your little ass pussy"
He gently pushed me over his knee and my dick got hard in anticipation. He flipped my skirt up and pulled down my woman's panties. "oh nice balls and cock honey, He spread my ass cheeks exposing my pink love tunnel
Oh shit Jim, you gotta see this his ass is shaved just like a little whore, Oh baby this is hot".. I cant wait, throw back the lube Roger told Jim" He lubed up three fingers and pushed one in my bottom, ahh shit nice and warm, m" "mmmm, oh yea" I murmured. He swirled his one large index finger all over in my ass, then slipped his middle finger in, I yelped as is slowly stretched my hole. "oh fuck yea, he's gonna loosen up right here and now aren't you bitch??" Oh yea baby just for both of you" He pushed a third greasy finger in stretching my ass, as I concentrated on relaxing my ass to loosened up, as he began swirling all three fingers in my ass, "oh yea this whore has been fucked look at that ass loosen, swirling three fingers all in my ass. In and out rolling them around, my ass became looser then some sucking sounds started to come from may ass from all the ass play " Oh fuck that sounds hot Roger" "hey, Jim where gonna have fun with him tonight. Roger held my ass cheeks open with one hand and quickly started forcing the entire length of all three fingers quickly in and out of my ass "oooh shit yea, loosen my ass,". "Roger where almost here, plug him up and lets get on with it". Roger reacted by pulling a butt plug out a paper bag on the seat, and showed it to me, its small but 2 1/2" inches wide at the base. He pulled his fingers out and slid the plug quickly on my ass, its slipped past the widest part as I moaned and quickly slipped in ass my ass closed around the small base, firmly planted in my ass. Oh god I'm filled!. "ok honey, panties up and skirt down, we are here, get out"
They lead me to the closest house, as we stepped across the front door, we proceeded directly to the bedroom. Take your clothes off baby and lie on the bed, I took of all of my cross dressing clothes keep my wig on and one threw me a woman's teddy. I struggled to put it one, when I finally did and turned around the men were both naked, playing with each others soft cocks. On your hands and knees on the bed, lets get that plug out, and Jim get the rest of the toys"
Roger approached me from behind He grabbed the plug firmly planted in my ass, I could hear him jacking his cock as he pulled, "One hot ass, god look at that ass hole widen out!", The plug reached it widest portion cause me to moan and groan, "Oh yes, honey, you like that don’t you?" oh yes, fuck me". Jim was back in the room now, as I turned my head I almost fainted, two huge black cocks stood straight out at 11" solid inches, big purple heads, the size of small apples and shafts that where a little small but a thick 2 1/2 inches. It reminded me of the BAM dildos I used to try to get up my ass when I was real horny. Each man stroking there own meat. You like our cocks bitch?, I told you we were big, as Jim grabbed his cock with both hands like a golf club, with about 2 inches of the shaft and the entire head, still exposed.
You guys are huge, you will ruin my ass hole. There big heads were swollen, and precum leaking, with piss slits huge they must shot a wad of cum.

Jim opened the bag, "Here warm him up with this, 9" black dong." He threw it to roger, then applied plenty of lube, aimed it at my ass and pushed. The rubber head opened my ass, "ooohh god, here we go, I screamed" With one big push he buried it to the hilt in me. Ohhhhh yes, oh my ass its soooo deeeep" I said. "yes it its now, feel this". Jim came over to help Roger, I was face down on my hands and knees ass high I positioned my head so I can see what these guys had in mind, Jim approached from the back, Spread my ass cheeks as roger kept the dong buried deep by placing his hand on the flanged end.. Roger positioned himself so that it seems like he could stab me with the dong, slowly pulled the thing all the way out and quickly pushed it all the way, in. Ohhh" yes", Then he started jack hammering the dong in and out of my ass. As fast as he could pull it out and push it in. It was stroking so fast in me it started to vibrate my whole body, "ohhhh ohhh ohhh, oh my gawd, my asshole!" I screamed out loud, as he continued pummeling my ass for a good 5 minutes.

Jim could not wait" I need in that ass NOW, pull it out, im gonna fill him up!" Jim stood up on the bed, his massive 11" cock rock hard as he stood over me in the doggy position. He straddled me standing, and pushed his cock straight down so it was almost vertical, then moved a little closer so that the cock head was directly above my loosened hole.

He then bent his legs like a squat thrust as the apple sized cockhead penetrated me "Oh my gawd, oh yes, yes yes" I screamed then moaned as he quickly entered me, 6"inches slid up my ass as I screamed from its width, he buried it to his balls "Ummggghhhh, ung, ung, ooh my ass, your deep in me, moan".

"ahhh bitch this is nice, I can feel its getting ready" I couple of ass busting strokes and I felt a flood of cum shoot deep in me, squirt after squirt filled my ass, the he pulled out as my ass oozed come,. "My turn bitch,, I want you on your back to watch your face as I enter you. " I was flipped on my back, legs placed on his shoulder, and mercilessly he plunged 11" all the way in my boy pussy, I screamed and moaned , whimpered and groaned as he pumped my small body, "here I Come bitch!!" He started massive pumping me that was throwing of the bed. Jim quickly grabbed my shoulder and pinned me down from movement.. "Dont cum yet Roger, let me get him ready to deeper penetration. Roger stopped pumping, leaving the entire shaft buried in me. Jim now held me at my waist, Roger held my arms pinned down as Jim positioned himself to hold my ass cheeks open and my hips held to the bed.. "now Rog' fuck him hard, I want to see his ass getting fucked". Roger was ready to cum right a way ' Oh fuck you bitch, as merciless thrusts deep into my ass hole, another huge load filled my bowels, as he pulled off, leaving tired and worn out.

They took me back to the bar, when they were done, I got in my car and left, only to meet them one more time, but that’s another story.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The asshole ring ruiner


His strong hands worked every muscle, strong from years of weight training, yet skilled for he was also a guitarist. He kneaded the scented baby oil into my flesh, pressing and pulling the individual muscles as he found them. First my trapezius, relaxing my neck. The triceps at the back of my arms sent a tingle down my spine. The latismus dorsi of my back until finally he made his way down to my small, sweet ass. This was the special pleasure a bottom boy of this size held for him, for he was a lover of skinny behinds, in all their varied shapes and sizes. But this one was truly magnificent in it's way, and he rejoiced at the size of it. He worked the oil deep into my ass, drizzling it now from the bottle between the cheeks, massaging the mass of pink flesh. "On your knees now, baby," he softly whispered, helping me gain this new position. In a momentary loss of control. he reached his greasy hands underneath me and grabbed my nipples, squeezing with his oiled hands, enjoying the feeling of my flesh. I purred at his ministrations as the music pulsed around us, the English guitarist blasted out hardcore rock and roll.He stood, removing his robe and throwing it across the room. Now clad only in black leather briefs, his bulge obscenely displayed, he reached into his bag and produced a large double bardex nozzle. He again snapped on a pair of latex gloves. He affixed the nozzle to the white tubing and tested it, first inflating the outer balloon, then the inner. Satisfied he knelt behind me and my small, quivering ass. "Darling, it is very important that I make you clean, do you understand?" he whispered. "Yes, my Master, please clean me of my sins, I'm such a dirty boy, please," I pleaded. He slimed a ton of KY jelly into my ass crack and placed his gloved hand there until his fingers found my asshole. He slowly caressed the outer muscle of my sphincter until he began to feel it yield. He eased his slimy middle finger into the opening, slowly, very slowly, all the time whispering his encouragement......."easy, baby, relax, c'mon lover, that's it, that's my boy, let me in........" and his finger finally worked it's way in, filling my rectum with pleasure. He reached his other hand over top until he spreading my ass cheeks, two fingers darted into my ass. A third entered stretching my hole even wider. I moaned softly now, rocking to his motions on my knees, softly rocking, whimpering now as he worked 3 fingers swiftly in and out of my hole. He withdrew his middle finger from my ass just enough until he could give it a companion, then he eased all 4 fingers back into my bowels and slowly turned them, deep in my ass. I was moaning now, shaking with lust, his pressure on my anal ring unyielding, and he knew that it was now time to stretch out that asshole wider than it has ever gone. The beer can thick dildo, had no problem splitting my asshole ring and driving deep. He left it in me. He stood to survey his handiwork as the dildo slowly slid form my asshole. I laid on the rubber sheet, my stockinged legs bent, my toes pointed up. nipples hard The black satin choker like a blood black slash across my alabaster throat. My shaved pubes The huge dildo protruded from my sphincter and rose at an angle away from me. Magnificent! He stripped off his leather briefs, now freeing his engorged member. My eyes went right to it and I playfully licked her lips and they smiled at each other. My Master took a Large set of vibrating anal beads (baseball sized) from the dresser top and turned it on. He knelt beside me and began to rub one of my nips with his left hand while he popped in the humming beads into my well lubed asshole with his right. I groaned with pleasure. He started to pop the beads in and out, slowly at first, then with quicker, piston like strokes. On occasion he would take it out punch fuck the my asshole with the equally large dildo, rejoicing at the spasms that produced, the shaking of my flesh. Nice. I was well on my way to total submission, and total asshole destruction.
The other two guys arrived right in the middle of a huge dildo about to enter my ass. He was pushing and pushing the 3.5" wide dildo, trying desperately to get it in when the knock came. "get this in your ass slut, Ill go answer the door" he said. It was Tom and Ronny. They came in and noticed me just as the big dildo sunk in my asshole. 'Ohh gawd thats HUGE" I moaned. "hey, we wnat to help you wreck your asshole" One said. They stripped naked and sought out only the biggest dildo's.
The 3.5" inch dildo head split my asshole and the thing sank deep in my ass. The guys began to slowly work my asshole. Long slow thrust loosened my asshole even more, I could feel my inner anal ring popping every time the big head slide by it, the inner ring popping began to subside when the ring loosened up, this is when they picked up the pace "Yea Ronny, work his asshole!, ruin that ring" Tom cried, Ronny responded with a series of quick deep jabs, "Ohhh gawd my asshole!, oh yeaaaaa, Hoo Hoo" I gurgled, watching my asshole being ripped to shreds in the video camera. Ok, take to the machine. I was escorted to the desk with them holding the dong in my ass. "Stand up on the desk, and pull out that dildo" he directed. I did and Tom mounted it to the motor shaft. "Now quickly, sit back down on its so your asshole does not close". I spread my asscheeks and squatted on it. "Its going in, Ahhhhh, yea, nice and deep "I slobbered. "Ok Ronny, put it in manual mode and stroke it in and out for a while. At the end of the complicated linkage was a wheel. Ronnie turned the wheel, and the dong started sliding out, then more turns and it went back in "Ronnie, bury it deep, the let 'er rip, full speed rotation" the director said, with the camera rolling. "Ok, now", the switch was on, "Eieeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!" I screamed as the huge dong spun around in my ass at an enormous speed, the initial start up twisted my asshole. All I could feel was this giant dong tearing up my bowels, ass lips huge and spitting lube as the dong spun at 200 rpm, vibrating my whole hips and lower half "Oh my gaaaaaawd, ohhhhh, waaaaa" Is all I could say. Holding on for dear life, not letting the dong drive any deeper into my ass, my hole was heating up due to friction. "Your hurting me!, go slower" , they dropped the speed in half, it was a little better, but you can only imaging how this was wrecking my asshole. "Ok Ronnie, now turn on the thruster to a 6" thrust depth and let it fly" The director said. "Oh gawd no....." I screamed and the dong pulled out 6" and thrust, back in. It was set at one thrust a second. "oh my asss, oh oh oh, its going to make me cum!" The dong hammered my asshole spinning and spitting, each thrust hammering my inner and outer anal ring, each spin twisting my asshole to destruction. After 1 minute, I let go, gave up my body to the machine. Slumped over, the machine continued to hammer my asshole, and the filming continued.

They turned off the machine and helped me off, "Wow, look at that asshole, totally useless!, Fist it out for the final abuse, Tommie, I'm sure you'll have no problem" The placed me doggy style, holding me, Tommy crisco'd up hand drove right into my asshole "Eeeee ooouuuiii" I screamed, I was sore and raw form the machine, but Tommy did not care, balling his fist in my ass then pulling out, forming huge ass lips and a rose bud, he punched his way, back in, no mercy fisting, as the guys jacked off around me. "Ohhh gawd, my asshole!" after and elbow deep punch. "Ok I'm going to start some power fisting then When I pull my fist out , Ill spread his hole and you guys cum in it. Tommy got into position, then like a piston ram he power fisted my asshole hard, plop, "waaaa", plop "waaaaa", plop, "waaaa" is all you could here. My face was down and my ruined asshole, high as tommy pulled out and the sperm started to fly. Big dollops creamed my raw asshole, as I came too.

Big and Wide in the Rectum


It was a dark rainy, lonely night, my bedroom, dimly lit, as I lay on be bed, propped up by my pillow. My only friends, the dildos on my night stand, The backhoe dong, was 11" long and 2.5" wide, and has deep in my open asshole. "Haaahhh..Haa, Yes!, Haaa" I was moaning, nailing my asshole with, determined to go wider and deeper than ever before. "Haaaa, mmmm, mm" I was lost in anal splendor, when I heard a knock on the door. It was cliff and John shouting they wanted in. I asked them to let themselves in, I was still naked and hammering away, these guys were good friends and love to watch me in action. The next thing, I found a large cock plopped in my mouth, with surprise. "Oh its you guys, you kinda caught me off guard!, I was just analizing myself thinking of two hot cocks. Cliff and John responded by placing there cocks near my mouth "Hmmmm" I grabbed them both licking the shafts of the duel 8" inchers. "Of course I was dreaming of bigger cocks than these...but well" I position myself doggy style, sucked John, the smaller of offering my hole to the larger "Ok, you have the biggest one, so you get to fuck my asshole" I said presenting my hole to him, spreading my asscheeks
Cliff mounted me and drove in, in between oral licks of John at the other end I said "..and aside from butt fucking me, what do you want?", Cliff drove deep, on hand on my ass cheek, he pumped away and commented "we found you a huge stud, one just the way you like it" "Mmfff, how big?, Slurp" I said, deep throating John at the same time. Cliff was spreading my asshole with 2 fingers from each hand, sawing his cock in and out of me, he said "AHHH, more than 13" long and at least 8 inches around!" My lips left the cock, my eyes got big "13 inches, Ouahh" I repositioned as the thrusting cliff, kept up his ass attack. I said "..Ive got to have it..., wait cliff, I cant feel your cock, My hand on John's stomach combating the thrusts. Cliff layed down, I sat one his cock, it slide to the hilt, with Johns cock in my other hand "Ahh ther, like that is better anal penetration, I looked down, could only see Cliffs ball's. His entire 8" shaft was buried. "yaa, do it like that cliff", he thrusted up into me, I muttered, "Mmmmmhh 13" I cant wait".
Cliff held my legs high, I was impaled on his big meat, it bent and was way up in my asshole while he thrusted up into me "Mmmmhhh, Mmmhhh" Cliff groaned, John just then pulled out of my mouth with a "yeaaa!" shooting a thick stream of cum on my face...Thicks strings of cum attached Johns cock head to my face as a looked down to Cliff "You See Cliff.. this is a better position isn't it?" "Haaa, you said it" he replied. I placed my hand on my head, as he continued to thrust way up into me "Ouaaff!, Eh that felt good" Cliff screamed as he blew his load into me. "You'll always be welcome guys" I replied. Now I sat at the edge of my bed, naked and legs spread oozing cum. The guys were talking to each other putting on there clothes. All the dildo's still on the night stand next to me "So.. Im counting on you guys. OK, send him to me at 2 pm tomorrow. 13" inches, my asshole is already spasming.". "You got it, Done, see you soon," John replied, "Bye and thanks" Cliff added.
When they left, I was still naked. "Let me see what 13" inches is like". I took out the measure tape "Mmmm its long, I licked the 10" mark, then made a ring with the tape to 8" around "..and fat!, Mmhh" My three fingers entered my greasy hole, playing with my nips "MMmmm, Ohhh Yum" I crooned. The next day, its was noon, I was getting ready for the 13", In the shower, I cleaned my body, outside, shaved my pubes and asshole bald again. The handheld shower nozzle was replaced with a enema nozzle shaped like a thick cock, Water pressure had the thing spraying water all over the place. "Now o clean inside" I squatted on the floor and slide it up into my asshole "Ohh fuck that's violent water spray", It filled me into two seconds. I relieved the water and repeated until I was completely clean. Next I prettied my self up, and slipped on some thigh high stocking and a teddy for him. Then I found a dog collar and put it on in the mirror. "Perfect for that whore look" I commented to myself.. I examined myself in the mirror. "ohh looks good, Ooops I almost forgot". I grabbed a thick leather shoelace. "Tie of my balls real tight, so he has better access to my pussy" The srting wnet tight around my sack and then around my waist,. "great I'm ready" I said. Ding Dong the doorbell went "Ha, here he is!" I opened the door as is, "Come on in I want !!?" It was a delivery man, Brad, a mid aged man, that would nail my asshole, middays for fun. I was shocked, he saw me dressed as a sissy "Ee, Er Hello Miss/Mister I have this package for you Miss" he stammered, sweating "Ok give it to me, and bring out your cock, I unzipped his pants. "Ill just jack you quickly, I'm waiting for someone" I was on my knees, eye level, rubbing his cock. "It'll do, that will do fine" The delivery man said.
I commented "Oh its big and so full of cum" as he blasted his load. I escorted him to the door, all jizzed up."there now leave me, thank you" I said patting him on the back. "Thanks Analboy" He replied smiling. I picked up the package "lets see what we have here" as I walked to the bed, package in hand. I noticed his com shot on my chest, I fingered its sticky consistency, licking it 'Slhh, Humm, this cum is delicious!" I opened the package "great!, A new dildo for my collection. This baby was a huge 2" across and 13" insertable, Big mushroom head, thick veined shaft. There was a card inside it read "To keep you filled until we meet again. An Admirer of Analboy" I spittled on the new dong's massive head "Oh I will try it right away" I leaned over the bathroom sink pointing my hole at the mirror, Ky's up the big massive dong "this will prepare my asshole for my guest" The shaft sunk to the base "Mmmhhh its sooo big". Ding Dong the doorbell went off again "Ha, this time its him!" I raced to the door dildo firmly planted as I walked, loosening my hole with every stride
I held the monster cock in my asshole, and answered the door "Come?!, You again?" It was the delivery man "Yes, excuse me boy, but Im going need a signature for that package" Holding out his pencil and paper "AAA-H I have other things to do", I reached behind sliding the dong back in to the hilt. "OK, but could you hold this thing I have in my ass?" I asked "In your ass?, yes" he said, He handed me the book, and moved around to concentrate on the new dildo "Their move it around a little please..yes ... like that Ohhh", the delivery man swiled the dong in my ass, I drooled and scribbled out my name.
I looked up in the hallway was standing another man, Finger up, inquiring "Hi Im supposed to be here at 2pm" He said "Oh you must be Mr. 13 inches" I said, as the delivery man delivered a tremendous thrust deep in my asshole. "Actually I'm 13 1/3" to be exact" he said. I accused the delivery guy "thank you Mr. Postman", "No problem ,Analboy" And with a tip of the hat he left. I felt the new mans hair and grabeed his cock, "lets see this big cock of yours" I said. "Sure, but maybe we can have a drink first?" he said. The dong still in my ass, he pushed me to the floor, "No I cant wait any longer, I need your huge cock up my asshole!" I lunged on him.
I was on top of him, straddling his waist, pouring him some Vodka into a glass "Ill serve you a drink, but at least let me play with that prick of yours" "Ok" he replied., I pulled open his jeans while he drank, I could not see anything "But, where is it?" I said "its down my thigh, otherwise I cant close my pants, analboy" He said. "Whats thats it?" His enormous schlong came out of his pants. I was as thick as my wrist, and all of 13 inches long, massive thick veins, uncut, I sucked the head "O-Ouaah, its beautiful" I creamed
As I licked the head the cock grew rigid and as it did, it curved forming a massive fuck tool, sure to ruin any boys cunt. I held the cock with both hands near the base "MMhh - I cant take your cock in my mouth its to big" I told him "Ohh yes you can" he replied "Mmfgll Blssgl" I muffled, stretching my mouth over the shaft "Ha you see when you want to.." I held the massive meat in my hand licking down the entire shaft with my tongue, right along the base "What a glorious cock, I think I love it" I licked and talked "Lets go", I slid the cock between my asscheeks like we has getting a titty fuck
He was ready to mount me doggy style, huge and leaking precum. "Ohh I need you in my hole" I look back at him. I went doggy face down ass high, "Enough talking, ass fuck me, grease up that pole and nail me" I cried "Thats a good idea, Sounds good" He greased my open asshole "mmmmm" I sighed. "Here we go" he said as he greased his rod. He held my ass cheeks I looked back to watch his rod enter my asshole. "YESS!, Oh go in, Oh go in" I begged my asshole to open up for his cock. "GO AHEAD PUSH, PUSH" My eyes closed trying to open up for Him "Gnnnhhhh" he murmured pushing and grunting. "Push HARDER Aaahhhhhh" I moaned. "Ahhh the tip is in" I cried as he spread my asscheeks further, I was squatting over me, my face on the pillow, he was about to pile drive in.
I repositioned myself and he sank in deep and lifted my head high, arching my back "OHHHHHH I feels so good, put it in all the way" I screamed he held my hips hard "But I'm in all the way, with 6 inches of shaft still not in your ass, I'm bottom out, I cant go any further. Tears where forming in my eyes 'Yes, you can I insist" I raised one leg and grab the rod outside my ass, trying to drive it deeper "Now GO! Yesss! Ohh!, More, Yes!, Deeper, Mmmmm..." I cried. With him even deeper I return to face down ass high doggy, "Hoooo mannnnn" I groaned as he started thrusting, I could feel him way up inside me past the bend,
"Now pull out and shove it back in all at once, I need it" I told him. Plop, the cock left my anal ring, the "Haaaaaaa" I screamed as he speared my asshole, holding me from moving "AGAIN" I screamed, PLOP, "HAAAA, Again", PLOP, "HAAAA!," even louder.. He kept spearing my asshole to ruin
"Now lets change positions, sit down, I'm gonna sit on the cock" I told him, He repositions himself, I straddled him, and slid down the shaft until it bottomed out in his ass. I palced my feet on his thighs as he started thrusting up into me "Hoooo, Hoooo, Hoooo, yea, Im going to come!" I groaned, "Oh yes I am squirting!" I could of the cock "Hooo, that was great Now Ill take care of you" I said. I laid on my back brought my legs way high up over my head. "let me pump that jism out your cock with my asshole" He nailed my asshole hard, deep long thrusts "Come one, baby, come now, Im getting sore" I told him "AHHHHNNGGG" he blasted my asshole with a thick stream of cum. "Oh that was hot, look at it oozing from my slut hole"
I was now sucking his gooey softening cock, in a 69 position. "oh my dear, you have the nicest cock I have ever seen in my like", and wen back down to suck more. He was dazed from the fucking huge load he blasted. He lit a cigarette "Oh so you like big cocks, eh?" he said. "Cant you tell" I said, the Gloup!, I deep throated him. The kissing the cock passionately I said " I never had such a big one, gulp!" He blew some smoke into the room "I know an even bigger one"
"Bigger than yours?, Impossible" I said "Yes and you probably wont be even able to swallow it", he snuffed the smoke out "Wanna bet, How big is it" I howled. "It's monsterous..OH YES" he replied. I stood up and brought his cock to full length showing him it as I spoke "compared to yours, how big is it?" I licked the cock head. "About twice that size" he grunted "OH amazing, will you introduce me?" I said, jacking him "My God I will..but..but" I interrupted "thank you now rub your cock on my asshole "Ahh yes just like that! Look your rock hard" "I might come again" He said. He was leaking precum as he lifted my legs, I was on my back. Aiming the curved monster at my hole, he slid in and the shaft went balls deep "Oh fuck you went way up in me" I squealed. "Oh yes fuck my asshole, cum again" Three swift dep stroke and he yelled out "Oh Aaagh...Im coming again!" He lay back. "I must have come a quart" he began to dress. "Anytime you wnat your asshole stretched out, just give me a call" he said. "Such language!, Id love to" I said
The next day, I anxiously awaited a call for the monster butt fucking session, So I stood in the bathroom and put my asshole in training by fucking it with bigger and bigger dildos. Three monster dildos sat next to me, naked sitting on the floor. "Huhh" I licked the 2 1/2" x 8" long dildo, lift my leg and slid it in to the base "Haaah" I groaned, 10 hard thrusts and the 3" x 9 in dildo sunk in my asshole "Shnnh" I screamed, sliding it deep into my asshole
A knock on the door, it was Mr 13 inches again "ah there you are" I said, "Are you ready?, lets go" he said. We walked down the stairs, I would assuming going to the new guys house "Hey by the way, would you like to act in a porno?, you get that big cock slammed in your ass for sure", "what are you talking about?" I said. We sped of in his car "We are going to film you with this stud wrecking your asshole", "GREAT!" I exclaimed
"You'll get paid well, you know" " great I said, Money and a hard butt fuck, what else could a anal whore ask for" I said to him. " I think I need to practice on your cock," I whipped out the 13" and began sucking the head, "Watch out!, the wheel" he screamed. The car went out of control and slide sideways
He arrived at a small studio that looked like a renovated house. "There, we've arrived, Oh I see henry the caretaker of the place" He said. He introduced us. "this is Henry, the caretaker and director of extreme gay films inc.", "nice to meet you boy" We was eyeing me over, I was wearing really tight jeans and a T shirt. "Let go" I Said. He was staring at my ass "Nice ass, I heard you can stretch your hole real wide and deep" Henry commented, "yea, I love my asshole totally fucked up and ruined" I replied. Yea what we got in there is a 20" incher that's a full 4" wide, that is 12 inches around, real ass wrecker. Last two twinks, had to goto the Doc after they were done, Ripped sphincters, you know" Henry said cautiously. "Wait!, No guy can have a penis THAT big" I told him. "Er... sorry boy its not a guy" Henry lead me thru the double door. Its blackie over there in the corner, a full grown horse! My jaw dropped. Blackies a horse, the had him thoroughly secured to the corner, and a guy had this horse's cock rock hard rubbing it with baby oil and keeping it rock hard. "We have been prepping Blackie waiting for you, Is Dick is hard a s a rock, I think if he doesnt get off soon, he will go mad". Others were preparing the ground with blankets and stools and benches. "Prep blackie for the scene, Ok Analboy show us your stuff, strip naked" Henry said.
I stripped naked and walked near Blackie " Action" Henry screamed as the video tapes started, The one twink began greasing the 24" horse cock with gobs of crisco, two hands wrapped around the monster. The cock has thicker than my forarm. I stood doggy style under the horse on the bench, the horse cock was guided to my greased hole. "Hey I feel the tip at my anal tunnel" I groaned and the pushed back "Haaaaa Haaaa HmmmFF, its going in!, Ahh deeper, I love this". The horse cocks head was in, but nearly tearing my anal ring in two, also to the point of damage."Oh shit, I can get any more in me, its this position" "You, boy, go help Analboy shift into the right position for more depth. The boy raised my bench so my hole was more inline with the horse cock "Look at that!, He's gonna do it!, ready to film?", "yes, get the Doc here just in case tho" henry said "Yes, slide the horse cock in my ass!" I screamed "Haaa is soo big, feels great!" AAAAHHH yesss OHHH"I was screaming my tongue hanging out and Eyes shut tight, as the horse lunged forwarding driving 10" inches into my asshole "ooooh gawd my asshole!" I grunted. The horse pulled back and thrusted in again, driving even deeper. Tears cam to my eyes on that deep thrust "What, NO! , Aiee, AIEEE!" The horse slammed in even deeper " EIEEEEE No He going to deep stop!" Before the guy could stop, the horse lunged forward again "EIIEEEEEEE!!!!!" 18 inches went into my ass and blood came dripping down. The pulled the horse off, I fell to the floor on the blankets, My fingers found my asshole, there was a little blood but not much, My asshole was a perfect open circle 3" across as the Doc inspected "You ok sweetie, just a minor tear in you rectum, we will have to stop for today though. "Cut" said henry, and the scene was done. Ok lets break for the day, and pick up tomorrow, Analboy, Go home get some sleep, but make sure you cleans and slide that big butt plug in cause you taking on Blackie again tomorrow.