Monday, December 28, 2009

Assmaster Works the Anal ring

After 30 days straight of double sessions (one at 12noon, other 4pm), we had finally wore out my asshole ring muscle large enough to start easing big red (4 inch wide x 12 inch long red dildo) in for the ultimate asshole pounding. About to start the 3 straight day of big red workouts, I got into position face down, doggy, asshole high. A huge cavern now, we threw the starter dong away (beer can thick dildo), and the assmaster was easing the 3 inch wide BAM dildo in to prep the rectum. It fell right into the tunnel with no resistence, the assmaster reamed it for a couple of minutes but the hole was too sloppy, even for the BAM, so you greased up big red, and I hit the poppers. Big Red split the asshole ring muscle and went right up the rectum. I let out a huge moan "ohh my asshole" as the assmaster got a good gip on Big red and started powerfucking the rectum. I held on for dear life, hiking up my asshole, rutting back on the in-thrust, to get as deep as possible in the rectum. This turned the assmster on, and he went into high gear and slipped on the lube, Big red falling to the floor, revelaing an asshole as big as a softball. His hand natually slide right into my rectum after seeing the condition it was in. I relaxed and accepted it, inviting the assmaster for more depth, your hand sliding deeper, stopped, pulled completly out, and repeat over and over. the assmaster wanted my anal-ring to get used to taking his hand. In, Out, In, out, pulling on the anal-ring. Finally he balled his fist and went for the cum shot. he eased the balled fist back over the ring and got into a good punching rythem. I hit the poppers and took a good handballing.

"Cum on slut, I wanna feel that ring spasm around my forearm, Cum" You went for the nuts, punch fisting in unison and milking the load right out of the bald cock. my asshole spasming violently around your arm, Dmaahging the ring muscle, I screamed to pull out but he just kept on fisting away, slowing his pace, but an even handballing, getting me ready for another round.

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Friday, December 11, 2009