Monday, November 23, 2009

Both Holes Fucked

Both holes fucked

Bob walked round behind her and pulled her wrists together behind his back. "I warn you Bob Johnny is an unusual men with special needs so don't be alarmed with what is about to happen. I'll like give you a demo' and then you take over as I want some pictures for Johnny and I to enjoy in the long winter evenings do you mind.?" Andy would have agreed to anything at that moment in time, and so nodded his agreement. " Good!" said Bob as he walked round in front of Johnny and grabbed a nipple in between the thumb and fore finger of each hand twisting them cruelly as if trying to get a reaction out of Johnny who just sighed then smiled at Andy as if to say your turn soon. Bob pulled the nipples out as far as possible shaking them really hard Johnny gasped but did not complain a masochist thought Andy never met one before seemed a bit odd to him but Johnny was getting into this abuse. encouraging Bob to get rougher accusing him of being soft. " Fuck his piss slit with this large sound" Bob prepared the pencil thick sound for rodding. He stood there smiling at Andy his legs slightly apart showing his shaven pubes & balls. I wonder if we can nail his asshole and slit simultaneously? thought Andy.

Bob returned with 2 large sounds which he waved in front of Johnny, who looked at Andy to check his reaction which was one of shock. Surely he's not going slide those massive rods into the boys bald sissy cock is he?, he wondered feeling more aroused at the thought of it. "Your not a softie are you Andy" asked Johnny "No" said Andy unconvincingly. "Andy come round and stand behind me and hold is little rock hard cock straight out" Andy moved into position grabbed the bald cock offering out to Bob. The large sound slid right into the boys lsit with ease, it was awesome "Ready when you are Bob" said Johnny. Bob looked at Andy and grinned as he rodded the slit in and out, fucking it with the huge rod "ARRHHH!!!" cried Johnny "That's wild YESSSS!!!!!" Bob quickly slid the second even fatter rod into the piss slit. "Right shouted Bob, Andy you take one sound and I'll take this one he said as he fucked the slit in and out and worked his rubberbanded off nuts like he was kneading dough.. Andy proceeded to do the same amazed at the piss slit fucking he was taking, he fucked the slit all the was down to the base of his 4 inch cock and right past the prostrate area and not one word of complaint came from Johnny, only the sounds of pleasure as he neared a cum shot.

Johnny was panting in anticipation of his body rocking with floods of orgasms. "Go on fist fuck him Andy, trash out that asshole muscle" shouted Bob he needs it, stretch his big ass hole out, that is what he wants, don't worry he can take it and more believe me go on don't mind me enjoy your self, I wrecked his asshole ring so many times, it probably doesnt work quit right anymore" Andy didn't need telling twice he untied his wrists and as he did he wrapped his arms around him. "Come on Andy you have such big hands give it to me now! tickle my belly button from the inside, ruin my assring again" he chuckled. Johnny lay on the floor his large open asshole yawned open naturally, amazing sight thought Andy. He knelt down beside him and opened his legs peering at the huge anal ring, that's been stretched out so many times, even the skin around the asshole was all stretched out from huge object insertions, Andy thought. "Look at this Andy" he commanded as he looked at his asshole he reached around with both hands pulling his asshole part slightly. Then unbelievably he flexed her internal muscles and a great hole gaped open and Andy thought he could see all the way inside the large rectum, what mysterious depths. "Lick me out please" he begged. Andy moved closer he could see it was very clean and very bald, this gave him the urge to bury his face in his great asshole licking what he could. "Andy I want your fist now, drive it into my colon" said Johnny. He threw off his clothes , rubbed his greasy hand around the outside of his asshole making it greasy a couple of times and then slid it easily up inside him. As he started moving his fist easily up and down and all around rocking his wrist lower then higher inside him stretching his rectum and causing a great cave to develop inside his chute, he worked the banded off nuts with his free hand, continuing with what was quite a brutal fist fuck with the other. Andy withdrew his fist while still clenched as he erupted into a huge anal spasm. Convulsing and shuddering asshole muscle that has lost all of its elasticity. Andy moved over to his face, he opened her mouth and he pushed his cock in further and further down his throat until his nose was resting in his pubic hair and he withdrew slightly so he could jack off finally emptying his by now considerable load into his mouth "IMMM!!" he cooed "thats nice Andy I love!!! that taste." "Got some great shots this time Baby, he devastated your ass-ring muscle" said Bob grinning all over his face. "Quite a asshole slut ain't he Andy" Andy had almost forgotten about Bob. "Bet you will be wanting to stop by here again won't you?" Andy agreed smiling as he looked down at the lusty sight of this enormous blown out asshole as he rolled onto his knees, "I'm ready to go again if you are Andy," he said.

"Hey Bob, I want him to stretch me all the way out tonight, totally trash out his asshole. I want you to film me getting stretched beyond anything that we have done before. " " Let's start with getting both hands in and then see where that leads us" Bob replied. Andy knelt down and put his hands together at Johnny's gaping hole.

It looked like he was "praying" to his asshole muscle, and then he "dove" in. With his hands together like that they easily slid wrist deep, and then Andy started having fun. Twisting and turning as he went in and out. Gradually getting rougher as Johnny got into the asshole destruction "That's it Andy, the wilder you get, the more he likes it. Go ahead And really work him over, his asshole will never be the same again, I want it all on tape." Bob yelled. By this time Andy was able to "wash his hands" in some J-lube, Then he started punch fucking Johnny's huge slick hole. Alternating fists, Each time trying to go a little deeper, then he pulled completely out. "No, don't pull them out, please don't leave me empty!, ruin my ring" cried Johnny. Grasping both hands together in a double fist Andy leaned into Johnny's Enormous, gasping, hanging rectum. After it swallowed Andy's doubled up Hands, it looked loose for a second around his wrists. Then he quickly pulled All the way out again, then before the hole could close back up he went "Dont worry that asshole will not close up, I thoroughly trained his rectum, took me a soild month everyday, i would wreck that ring, no look at it" Back in a little deeper he went. Each time he got all the way in he spread his elbows As for apart as he could. By this time Johnny was experiencing a soild piss slit sounding in unision with the punch fuckin , was too much and finally passed out.

When Johnny woke up he was up on the bed with his ankles tied up behind his Head. Bob had been pulling out massive fuck-toys while Andy had been fisting Johnny. Now there was quite an assortment laying on the floor, all having the same quality, in that all of them were way beyond fitting into a normal asshole. A asshole like Johnny's was the only thing that could ever hold any of these toys. The smallest one was 16" long and had to be 3" across. Then they got bigger. At the far end was something that looked like a traffic cone. Hell, it was a traffic cone. That gave him an idea. Andy quite fisting and his hand left the Johnnys rectum with a plop. With out warning the fist was replaced with one of the monster, Bob powered it up his asshole chute with one big thrust, send Johnny screaming, WAAAAAAAAAA, oh my asshole!!!!". "Well, that probably damaged his asshole ring muscle Andy, keep hammering that rectum". Andy got up beside him on the bed. He had to try something he had heard about on the web, knee-fucking. He figured with the current condition of his rectum, it just might go. "Get some good footage of this, Bob. Your gonna love it" Andy said. Then he brought his heel up next to his but-cheek. This brought his shin parallel to his thigh, with his knee stick up in the air. "Johnny, get up and straddle my knee. Pretend its just a big dildo, and try to take as much as you can." "Oh Andy, your nastier than I thought. I do love it!" Exclaimed Bob. Johnny, doing what he was told, got up and straddled Andy's knee. Not sitting down on it, just rubbing the top with his exposed asshole, quickly Andy coated the top of his leg with KY Jelly. As Andy got comfortable he was able to raise an arm and slapped Johnny's cock and nuts. Hard. He loved it and lowered himself down onto Andy's knee with all his weight. Andy was skinny, so the knee was not much wider then the biggest of the dildo's. He hovered at the top momentarily while his rectal muscles loosened up. Then he slowly sank down onto his leg. "Look his rectum is accpeting it!" He finally stopped about a third of the way down "Oh yea, lets split my assring in two". he said, Then raised himself back up, and jacked his little bald cock then dropped back down with all his weight, this time going half way before stopping "Ohh ruin me, wreck that ass". As he did this, Andy still slapped his balls back and forth with solid blows. They both got into a rhythm. Johnny was determined to take it all and said so. "Work my nuts Bob, I know I can get more. I need it all!" he screamed. Bob and Andy exchanged looks of disbelief, and excitement. Bob put the camera on the tripod, and went to help his asshole slut fuck the salesman's knee. Finally, spent, Johnny stopped. His rectum was never the same after that session.

The End

Monday, November 9, 2009

Extended periods chute expanded

House to myself, and a large Cucumber available. It was a monster: A full 3 inch (beer can thick or closed fist) wide at one end tapering down slightly on the other, drastically curved. It was time to stuff the chute to the max and hold for a long period. My idea was to expand that rectum cavity and anal-ring and hold, to allow the ring to breakdown and the chute to get used to being filled to the max. This exercise may allow the ring to easily start taking the big black dong in daily sessions.

The scene was set, Just shaved the pubes, balls and asshole bald, and snapped a larger rubber-band around the nuts, isolating them off nicely. Fat end first. The monster was greased. The 3 inch end split the ring and the chute accepted it with ease (still in great rectal shape). Once the widest part made it past, the taper on the cucumber, cause the whole thing to slide right up the chute until it hit the bend.

My plan was to lay down for 1/2 hour and allow the chute to relax and accept the stretching, 20 minutes and I started jacking my hard cock. I stopped and caught myself, had another 10 minutes of training, so I got another thick rubber band, doubled it over and around the balls and cock this time. I held my bald hard cock straight out and started to work my banded of nuts and not jacking. Got into a good rhythm working the nuts and hold the cock straight out. In combination with my rectum chute stuffed to the max, I was getting ready to squirt off hard.

I eased the large cucumber out so that the Ring was at maximum stretch when the powerful cumshot hit, so the asshole ring could spasm fully dilated causing even more anal-ring break down. A big one hit, sending the ring into powerful spasms as the ring tried to clamp down, losing all control of the ring for those 10 seconds. Great solo ring breakdown!