Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Drilled in the rectum

Drilled in the rectum repeatedly

Sadist and AssMaster Dennis's loyal friend had agreed to meet Analboy, and convince him to come with him for a little fun. Analboy unaware that Dennis had a new
device awaiting his next victim. Analboy was gagged and was brought to his
underground dungeon, leaving him locked there to await his fate- A totally blown out, destroyed asshole.

The masked man walked slowly around him, quietly appraising his body as
he quivered with fear. "I'm Dennis," he introduced himself, his voice
barely a whisper behind the mask. "In my old life, my slave left me, and the
next bimbo I dated had the audacity to bite my cock off just because I'd forced
it into his throat. I assure you, my men fixed him, but good. And my surgeon
fixed me, made me even better than I was." Dennis threw aside his cape with
great flair, and she saw that he was naked underneath. "Now my manhood
measures 16' long; bigger around than your arm, and remains always hard. And
my new purpose in life is to make men suffer! and destroy assholes with this cock and my weapons and tools here" His voice, tenser now, had
still not raised above a loud whisper. "Men, especially sissy men such
as you, have ALWAYS made gaymen suffer. But now the tables are turned, aren't
they, BITCH!, Im gonna mutilate your asshole, until it looks like hamburger meat!

Suddenly, he was brutally ripping off his clothes; Dennis took not on how large Analboys nipples were, and that he was completely shaved pubes balls and asshole made him look like a total slut
He threw him down on top of a large wooden table, her naked buttocks
quivering from the damp, chilly air of the dungeon. He made him sit down, legs straight out, with just his ass hanging off the wooden table. He clasped his hands in
chains, so that they were pulled tight to the wall in front of her. Next he
tied her ankles down in front of him as well , so that he was sitting upright
wrists close to ankles; all four appendages securely fastened. A wooden bar was attached to the end of the table with C clamps. It supported the his ass that was hanging off the side, but was also designed to naturally spread his ass cheeks, totally exposing Analboy open shaved asshole.
A large table was wheeled in . It contained power tools and many cock shaped objects and dildos. A power-drill, a reciprocating saw (saw-z-all) and scroll saw, and suddenly Analboy realized they were going to drill out his rectum, right there on the table!

Dennis instructed his two helpers.
"Attach the mounting brackets to the table, the saw-z-all will be first, Time to destroy another rectum!, HOT! Dennis cheered

Dennis picked up a beer can thick dildo from the cart as his assistants began to attach the brackets. He coated it with KY and came up to Analboy.

"Nice open loose asshole boy, you've been using it, I can tell. Lets fill that cavity right now, take this in your asshole boy!" Dennis slammed the dong right up analboys exposed chute. Analboy jerked and screamed

"Ohhh my asshole"

as the dong sunk to the bottom of his cavity, Dennis gave it a spin and said
"Get used to it bitch, the next larger one will be hooked to the saw-z-all and the turned on high, to destroy what's left of you well used asshole, are we ready boys?" he said


"The saw-z-all has been modified for a 10 inch stroke, and can do 10 strokes per second if set on high. Your rectum will never be the same again" Dennis said
"Oh yea, fuck up my asshole muscle, I'm ready" Analboy moaned as Dennis plungered the dong

Dennis and assistants mounted a 3 inch wide dong with 12 inch long shaft in the saw contraption. The device was wheeled closer to analboys exposed asshole, the saw was stroked so it was all the way out.

"Ok boys, with the saw fully extended, slid the dong up the sluts rectum. There that's it, now secure
the cart to the table, cause this thing is powerful" Dennis said
Dennis made sure the dong was fully inserted into analboys asshole, the large cocked bumped into the colon bend. He stroked the machine back and forth by hand to make sure the 10 inch stoke almost came out of his ass, then back in the full 10 inches, its bottomed out at 9 inches.

"Looks like the final inch will be popping into your colon bend boy!, Ready" he said

"Ohh just mutilate my rectum, I want it bad" Analboy said

"You heard him, hit the switch" He said

The machine lurched to life, in a matter of seconds the dong was a moving so fast it was a blur, Dennis hit the switch to full power

"Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyy assshhhhooooooolllllllllleeeeeeeeee" he screamed

Analboys asshole muscle was mutilated in a matter of second at this speed, he hung on for dear life, his whole body shaken from the machine effects, red rectum meat started coming out if his asshole

"Stop the machine, his rectum is prolapsing" dennis said

The machine did down, the dong plopped from his destroyed asshole, followed by red rectum squirting out 3 inches.

"Nice rectal prolapse!, Hurry get a rubberband" Dennis said

One of the helpers grabbed one of the rubberbands used for his nutsack, Dennis took it and snapped around the red rectum sticking out.
"This should keep in prolapsed out for a long time"

He started fingering the red meat hanging from his hole, ordering Analboy to push out, like he was taking a shit. He did and more of the rectum came out. Dennis adjusted the rubberband to hold the new emerged rectal meat.
"Push out again, get a complete prolapse going"

Analboy pushed again, another inch of rectum came out his battered asshole.

" I think his whole rectum is about out" As he adjusted the rubberband again. His prolapse looked like the size of a toilet paper roll, with a small slit in the end. The rubberband holding the prolapse good " Come here, Ken, you've got a small pencil thick cock, think you can fuck the red meat tube?

"Sure, HOT!" Ken said, jacking his small cock hard.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sounding Board

With the new sounding board in place, we can drill up into the rectum and sound out that slit in unison

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Prolapse my rectum

Prolapse my rectum

After my asshole was really stretched out about 3 hours before. I woke up, naked, my hole sloshing from the lube and Crisco. My asshole was tingling, indicating it was brought to the limit again and was still gaping, but slowly getting smaller I jacked my cock slightly, then John Walked in "ready for round 2?" He smiled holding a well greased 3" wide Bam dildo. "come over here and sink down on this" he sat the dildo on the floor. I walked over and bent over as he slapped some KY on my huge ass lipped asshole. I squatted over the 13" incher, Then down I went, the dildo impaled my asshole and sunk deep " OOOH gawd that's wide" I groaned as 8" filled my rectum cavity "Deeper!" John demanded, pushing on my shoulders, the massive dildo snaked past the bend and sank the full 13" into my bowels. " Ohhh my asshole" I moaned. "Fuck yea, take it whore!, Time to ruin that rectum!" He snorted. "I want to stretch to the full 4" over the inflatable for Peter my new rectum trainer"

I screamed as he pushed hard on my shoulders "Great, Ill get the inflatable, your at 3" now, lets split that rectum in two!" I worked my asshole on the bam as John pumped the 10' long inflatable to the thickness of the BAM. "ok lets work it, Face down ass high doggy style boy" The BAm left my open hole with a plop as I went doggy the inflatable was pushed deep inside me. Oh fuck yea!, ruin me!". Pfft, Pfft, Pfft. John began pumping, the dildo swelled to an incredible 3-1/2" wide in no time. "Ohhh my ass, your gonna split me in two!, Hold it there, so I can get used to it!" I moaned. I thought my ass-ring was gonna split, after a few minutes my hole started accommodating the new width. John grabbed the base and spun the dildo in my asshole "Ohhh my ring!, gawd your working it!" I gurgled and whimpered as the 3-1/2" wide shaft spun in my asshole, tearing up my anal ring muscle. Pft Pft Pft, the dildo expanded more "Ohhh SHIT!, SHIT!, STooop!" my asshole expanded to the maximum dildo width at 4" and my anal ring ached as it was stretched so tight, I could feel the skin begin to almost tear. "There you are boy, 4" wide" He started sawing in slowly in and out of my asshole. The dildo dragging my stretched ass lips into my rectum when it was pushed in and the outer walls of my rectum coming out as the dildo was dragged out. Each vein of the dildo scarping my rectum walls.

Deeper and deeper he pushed, soon my asshole gave out, and he started pumping me hard. "Peter will be proud on what we did to your asshole muscle, he should have no problem prolasping your colon when you arrive in New York City. " ohhhh shhhiiiiitt" I screamed as the dildo began spinning as it gripped my ass ring "relax that asshole, let it go! he said, hammering my hole with long deep thrusts. I concentrated on jacking my cock, rather than my ruined asshole. It worked!, my asshole let loose, as I heard a comment of approval from John, who instantly took advantage and buried the monster to the hilt in my bowels. 'Ok Im going to twist and pull it out real quick, hold your ass cheeks and push, when I see your rectum come out I will try to assist it so more can come", John said. "I'm ready to prolapse, lets do it!, EEEEOOOWWWwwwwww!" I screamed as John violently twisted and pulled out the dildo, he must have dragged the rectum cavity with it, I could feel my rectum move inside. I grabbed my asscheeks and pushed real hard like I was shitting. " Here comes your rectum, your starting to prolapse!, keep pushing!" In the mirror I could see bright red meat hanging out about 1 inch. John used his thumb and index finger to form a "O" and grabbed my distended rectum. "Push again and Ill try to pull some more out". I big push and I felt my meat move, 2 inches now prolapsed. He grabbed my rectum like he was grabbing a cock to Jack-off. "Look at that rectum!" he rubbed and played with it, finally jacking his cock he shot on my distended anus. A final thrust of his cock into my asshole pushed the prolapsed rectum back into place.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Turn up your speakers and watch and listen as Analboy destroys his asshole with huge dildos. He screams as large dildos tear up his anal ring muscle.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Drilling Analboys Rectum Out

Turn up your speakers and listen to the screams as the big black Assmaster Drills anlyboys rectum with a 3 inch wide (75mm) dildo. In the end punching the rectum until his asshole cums.