Friday, August 7, 2009

Dennis Destroy's my asshole part 1

Dennis destroys my asshole part 1

I agreed to met top man Dennis at a Days Inn at noon. He wanted to take two full days and work my asshole until it no longer worked right, and the ass muscle no longer closed. We would start at 12 noon on Wednesday, get me drunk and blast the asshole ring all day until 4:30, take a break, repeat the procedure from 6 to 10pm. The Thursday repeat the same procedure again. he kept saying my asshole will never be the same again. I arrived at the hotel right on time with my tool kit which included: 3 very large dongs (3+ inches wide and at least 12 inches long each),Poppers, urethral sounds, KY jelly, Digital camera, crisco, vaseline, large rubberbands for the nuts, clothespins, liter water bottle for asshole stuffing and a penis pump. Dennis list included: the bulldozer butt plug, cupping set (to enlarge my nips thru vacuum pumping), rubber gloves, poppers, lube, beer, ropes and gags. My pubes, balls and asshole was to be shaved real smooth before arriving which I did. As I knocked on the door, he let me in and stripped me naked immediately, a dog collar placed around my neck and a beer put in my hand

"Drink this all down right now." he said.

The beer glass was full, i gulped down the beer, it tasted rather funny, but he gave me another and I drank that too. He sucked my sissy cock hard, as i could feel the beer begin to work, but something else to..he must have added something to my beer, My head got dizzy as he helped me to the bed. I layed on my back. He grabbed my ankles and pushed them up over my head. He tied each ankle to rope restraints mounted to the corner of the bed. With my cock rock hard, he pushed my cock straight out and snapped a large rubber band around the nutsack, then 2 other rubberbands isolated off each nut individually, at the same time greasing up my asshole with KY jelly, 2 fingers entered my loose hole as he creamed the walls of my rectum with jelly, a 3rd finger entered with ease.

"Nice loose asshole, your gonna be able to take a football in your rectal cavity after the 16 hours of rectal conditioning you will be taking today and tomorrow"

"Oh yes, destroy my asshole, break down that anal ring"

Dennis greased up one of the dongs, and eased it in my exposed asshole, its slid right in, i was numb, could barely feel it.

"Nice, all the way to the base, easily, You are a loose asshole slut" He said.

he started plungering out my asshole a a good solid pace. He prepped the next sized dong for entry. He stuck the bottle of poppers under my nose, in a couple seconds my asshole let loose and was making all kinds of noises. He plowed the bigger dong tight up my chute.

"Oh fuck yea, ruin me assdaddy" I cried

"You got it" He replied, he started to ream the dong at high speed, long hard thrusts pounded my rectum, as my bound body shook, he kept driving the 12 incher deeper and deeper into my asshole, working my banded off nuts in unison.

"No cumming you slut, Not until tomorrow, lots of asshole destruction left and need you horny, willing to get your asshole ruined" He said, slamming the dong to the back of my rectum

"Ohh gawd yes, work my asshole!" I moaned

"Ok a few more thrusts and you'll be wide open, yea, that's it, let Daddy deep into your hole, we work your nips next whore" He said,
yanking the dong out at high speed. He went for the bulldozer plug. Not your conventional butt plug, it was the size and shape of a beer can with a wide base, it only necked down a little so th ass ring would remain at maximum width.

"Im gonna plug you then work the nips" he said, slowly forcing my asshole to spread over the plug, then down the shaft.

"Ohh gawd, that's some width into my ass!" I moaned

"Nice hot asshole" he said, getting the cupping set and vacuum system ready. The cupping set is small ping pong ball sized vacuum cups that fit over the nips, for enlarging the nipples.

"Your nipples will be like a woman's, when we are done. I'm also going to vacuum pump your asshole so it turns inside out" he said, attaching the cups to my nips. He started squeezing the vacuum handle, my nips pulled tight in the cups, as more and more vacuum was applied, my nipples started to get larger and larger, soon the looked like large rubber erasers in the clear tube. "There we go, in about an hour, you'll have nipples like a lady, bitch., So what do we do now?, Fisting fucking your rectum?, ramming a baseball bat up your hole repeatedly?, maybe fuck your piss slit for a while?, we need to make that huge to, nice round hole. Maybe Ill vacuum your rectum out into a big huge prolapse, then play with it?, Hmm so much abuse for today!, I think we will work your piss slit, now..get it huge, then back to the asshole for more abuse" With that he selected a large urethral sound, about as thick as a pencil.

He pulled my cock straight out "Look at this sissy bald cock, pre-cumming for a rod in the slit!, Well here it comes slut!" he said

He split my piss slit with his fingers and I watch the greased meat rod slide down my hard cock, past the base of cock and into the bladder. "Good slut, deep into your slit" he stroked the metal rod in and out.

"Fucking both holes now, how does that feel?"

"Ohhhhhhh shit my holes!"

"ok in going all the way up the slit now....ahhh there you go, deep in you. Now I will use another rubberband tightly around your cockhead so the sound stays put"

The band snapped around my cock head, and the sound was fixed deeply in me for what will be the next 1/2 hour, I new a hard ass fisting was next on the agenda, as he put on a set of blue rubber gloves, he greased his covered hands smearing lube all the way up to his elbow. "Now, say bye bye rectum!, cause your really gonna get it!", he eyed the large baseball bat, sitting in the corner, the barrel a fat 2-3/4" inches of solid aluminum. He criscoed up the fat end.

"Lets insert this into your anus boy" Get your ass hanging off end off bed, he untied me. me and flipped me into position.

"hold on this is going right up your rectum!" He pushed the fat end of the bat at my open asshole, at the same time, I took big wiff of poppers...

"oooohhhhhhhh right in the ass!"

I moaned as the bat sunk in my rectum. he spun it around in circles, it cored out my asschute, starting the tunnel to form. He started thrusting the back, all the way into the base of the rectum, swirling in large circles he cored out my ass chute real good. "ohh thats destroying my ass muscle" I moaned into the pillow.
Pulling completely out the punching the bat back into his asshole repeatedly, he got into a good groove and counted off a 100 punches before he pulled out.

"Man o man, your asshole is devastated, perfect for a good hard fisting session, get ready slut" he said,
rubbing his hands together. He hand easily slid into my asshole, he made a fist and yanked it out hard.
"ohhhh gawd my asshole!" I screamed as red rectal meat came out the open asshole.

His hand went back in, then out, in, then out, faster and faster is piston fisted my asshole, breaking down the ass muscle even more. My sissy cock swinging from the weight of the sounds still planted in my piss slit. "Looks hot whore, your doing good, a little more wrecking and your asshole will be mutilated" he said

He kept up the fast piston fisting of my asshole for a long time, until he was out of breath, and needed a break. As his hand plopped from my hamburger hole, the bulldozer plug was prepped. This plug was not a conventional tapered plug, but look more like a soda pop can in shape, but much thicker at 4 inches (100 mm) across. He pushed this at my hole. The asshole yawned open and the bulldozer sunk in with a yelp from me. It completely filled my rectal cavity. He stroked the sound in and out of my piss slit a few times

"Oh gawd my asshole and piss slit!, Your ruining my holes." I groaned

"Fuck yea!, slutty asshole and cock, time to make you come you whore" he said, popping the plug out, he hand eased right back into my rectum. He baled his wrist and began to fist in and out right on the ass ring with his knuckles, fucking the slit in unision.

"oh now thats gonna make me cum hard" I screamed

He picked up the pace on both holes now, I looked down to watch him work me over

"cum you slut, cum hard, shoot that sperm fully sounded" he said

"here is cum!, Ohhhhhhh Ohhhh Ohhhhh" I cum hard and fast as he pummeled the holes, cum squirting from the sides of the metal rod in my slit. He pulled out of the slit and asshole

"Good boy, Ill let you rest for a while" He said

The End of Part1