Thursday, August 27, 2009

Both holes at once

Both Holes at Once- Piss slit fucking, Anal and Beastility

Hank was always a little rough with Analboy, both sexually and also very verbal with him. Hank did not really like Analboy, In fact he hated the slut, but he liked his asshole cause he could abuse it and Analboy would do nothing about it. He would beg Hank to fuck him with his might 10 inch cock, but to Frank the pleasure was for him and not for Analboy. Hank wanted to fuck up analboys rectum so he would loose all control of his asshole ring, then make fun of the boy as he could no longer hold it in. This was Hanks goals, as he headed to the sluts house. Hank had brought with him his large great dane dog, some urethral sounds of various sizes and a wild imagination that day After a few drinks, Analboy asked

"Yes Hank, please fuck me Hank, I need your cock badly" the aroused young man said.

"Patience faggot" Hank said, "I'll get my cock up your love channel soon enough."

As he was speaking he placed the thin tip of the metal rod against the piss slit in Analboys cock. Then he pushed the rod down the young man's piss tube as Johnny started to scream. The tiny pimples on the shaft of the rod had not appeared to be much. In the tight confines of the slut's tube they took on a whole new meaning. 'Oh gawd, its going right down my piss slit!" Analboy said Hank began to pull the rod back up the young man's urethra as Johnny moaned. When the rod was almost out Hank shoved it straight back down again. Johnny was watching as the rod was pulled up his urethra once again and then shoved back down again. Hank's cock was rock hard as he watched the young man's piss slit getting damaged. God this sort of thing really turned him on. He was ready to start fucking the whore.

He shoved the rod as far down Johnnys cock as it would go. All 10 inches was inside the slut's urethra, reaching down into his bslutder. Johnny yelped as the rod went past the cock base and up into him. Hank pushed his hard throbbing cock against Johns asshole. Analboys Asshole is extremely loose and worn, as Hanks dick literally fell in the asshole With one hard thrust the entire ten-inch long cock was thrust up Analboy's love channel. The five-inch thick weapon stretched Johnss colon to breaking point. At the same time Hank pulled the metal rod up John's urethra but this time the youth did not scream. He gasped with pain and also with pleasure. His cock with the metal rod still in it began to throb as Hank started to pull his cock out of John's body. When his cock head was just about the leave the slut's ass hole he shoved it back in as hard as he could at the same time ramming the rod down John's piss slit.

The demented sex crazed youth shrieked "Yes, yes, fucking give me it ram that rod down my piss slit, fuck me Hank, please fuck my ass hole and my cock."

Hank held both his cock and the metal rod deep in the youth's body as he whispered in the slut's ear "you love it faggot, you love being double fucked like a whore. Beg me to fucking hurt your asshole, beg me to use a thicker longer rod in your cock."

As Hank finished speaking he pulled his cock back up the slut's tight love channel. He pulled the metal rod back up John's cock at the same time. Once again, just before both had cleared the slut's body he shoved his cock back up the ass chute and the rod straight down John's piss slit.

Screaming with pain and pleasure John begged for more. "Yes, yes Hank that's it fuck me. Use a bigger rod on my cock. Please Hank fuck me, hurt me as much as you want but fuck me as hard as you can."

Hank smiled to himself, he had found the perfect partner. He would soon have John begging to be hurt without wanting to be fucked at the same time. That's when he could begin to slowly and methodically destroy the whores rectum and piss slit He pulled the metal rod out of the slut's cock as he pulled his own cock out of John's ass hole

He went to the wallet of metal rods and selected the largest. It was fifteen-inches long and half-an-inch thick at its widest point. The whole of the shaft was covered in metal pimples, larger and more pronounced that on the smaller rod that he had been using. He showed the rod to John and said, "how about this one faggot, will this be big enough for you."

All John wanted was to have Hank's deformed monster of a cock inside him. He would have agreed to anything to achieve that. "Yes that's fine Hank" he panted, "please start fucking me again, mutilate my rectum, I love it."
"All in good time fucker, I call the tune here" Hank replied. He took hold of John's rock hard cock and placed the thin end of the metal rod against his piss slit. Before pressing it down the urethra Hank spoke in John's ear, "if you want me to fuck your ass you must first beg me to fuck your cock with this rod. If you beg me to do that I will fuck your cock hard. Whilst I'm doing it you must ask me to do it harder. If you pass this test then I will start fucking your ass hole as well. Make it good my little faggot and you will have one of the best fucks you've ever received, then you'll get knotted by my dog."

John shivered partly from fear and partly from anticipation. He badly wanted Hank back inside him. The thin rod began to enter his piss slit and on down the piss tube. This was truly thick, his cock was stretched inside as it had never been stretched before. The metal pimples on the shaft of the rod were deforming his piss slit. Hank shoved the full fifteen inches of the rod down the urethra and into the bladder. He pulled it back up as John bit his lips to stifle his cries of pain. Then Hank shoved it back down again saying "I don't hear anything fucker, don't you want my cock?" and pulled the metal road back up John's piss slit.

"Please Hank fuck my cock harder" the sweating youth screamed. "Ram that rod in and out, make me feel it, fuck my cock with the rod as hard as you can. Please Hank give my cock a good fucking, but no dog, he will ruin my assring."

Hank smiled as he pulled the rod just about all the way out and then rammed it back again. Out it came and back in, out and in, out and in, as John was shrieking "harder Hank, harder, fuck my cock harder."
Hank now whispered to the slut "you want me to fuck your ass hole now or just keep on with the rod up your cock?"

"Please Hank don't stop" John begged, "keep fucking my cock with the rod". Hank obliged because he was a caring person beneath that hard exterior. For thirty minutes he rammed the rod down John's urethra, pulled it back up and then rammed it down again. His movements got faster and faster.

At the end of thirty minutes Hanks arm was aching. His cock was jerking and throbbing. He rammed the rod up John's urethra one final time and left it buried deep in the youth's bladdder. Then he rammed his cock up John's ass hole and began to fuck the life out of the slut. He shoved his monster deep into the slut's guts, pulled it down and rammed it back up again. As he rammed his cock in and out of John's body the slut was gasping and shouting, "oooh yes Hank more, give me more of your cock. Fuck me harder Hank, fuck my ass hole and fuck my cock. Use that rod on me Hank, please fuck my cock and my ass hole."

Hank was too involved in fucking the young man with his cock to bother about the metal rod. His thick love stick rammed into John's guts, pulled out and rammed back in again. Sweat was pouring odd both their bodies as Hank was giving it all he had got.

His cock was now being pulled completely out of John's wide open hole and then being shoved back in, all the way up in one swift hard movement. As his cock was buried with force to the hilt his big balls were crushed into John's buttocks. Then the cock was out again before, in a twinkling of an eye, being shoved back in again. Hank was now saying as he fucking this wonderful ass hole, "ooh this is great, ooh I love your loose hole faggot. Squeeze my cock man, use your ass muscles and squeeze it hard. That's NOT the way man, squeeze me hard. Shit Slut, your asshole muscles are in bad shape"

John on his part was still screaming, "fuck me Hank, fuck me, fuck me." Hank could feel his balls filling, his cock was starting to throb and his legs began to shake. He knew that it would not be long before he started to cum. He took hold of John's hard cock in one had and grasped the metal rod that was still stuck up the urethra with the other. As, once more, he pulled his cock out of the young man's guts he pulled the rod most of the way out of the slut's cock. Then thrusting his cock straight back up the slut's intestines he also shoved the rod back down the piss tube and into John's bladder. Again he pulled both his cock and the rod out of their respective holders and then shoved them back in again. John was now screaming at the top of his voice, "ooooh yes Hank, oooh yes Hank that's the way to do it. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, oooh yes Hank keep fucking me hard." Hank's body was pouring sweat as he thrust his cock and the rod in and out of John's body. Then, whilst both tools were buried to their respective hilts, Hank let out a huge shout. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming yes faggot I'm shooting my hot cum into your rectum." With that he shot a load of his hot love juice deep into John's bowels. Hank pulled his cock slightly down the ass channel and then shoved back up again. As his cock plunged back in he shot another load of his precious cream into the willing slut's rectum. At the same time he continued to force the metal rod up and down John's hard cock. As Hank shot a third load of cum into the young man's body John began to shout, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming" Hank pulled the metal rod right out of John's cock, the piss slit gaped wide, the cock head was a very angry red color. Hank Pulled his cock out of the slut's ass hole but quickly shoved it back in again as he let off a fourth ejaculation. As he shot this further load of love juice into his darling man's rectum John shot a huge load of cum across the room. Hank was spent and pulled out of the whore, he heard his dog bark.

Digger was a big dog and a right horny one too; he would hump a leg in a heartbeat. Hank stopped at the door to watch and laugh as John tried to shoo the dog away. But old Digger could not resist this opportunity, he continued to sniff and bury his nose in John's ass. Hank watched as Digger became more excited as his dick began to emerge. He went inside to get the camcorder to record this. Digger was hung too; his dick was at least eight inches long and two inches thick. Hank walked out of the house quietly as not to disturb anything, he doubted if he could stop him now by his-self. Stop! Stop! John shouted as Digger placed his front paws on John's back. The tip of his dick was poking between John's ass cheeks looking for a asshole. Hank zoomed the camcorder in at the tip of his dick poking at John's ass crack. John was going crazy wiggling trying to get away from hot wet thing that was poking him in the ass. But he made the mistake of lifting his ass up a little and the tip of old Digger's cock found his asshole. Because of ass cheeks being spread open his anus was easily penetrated about a half inch by the slimy cock.

Digger started humping trying to stick more of his dick into the hole he had found. It did not matter to him what his dick was in dog pussy or human asshole it was warm and tight. John was pleading, "Get him off! He's in my ass!" John tried to resist, but old Digger kept pushing. Finally John's sphincter gave in and the thick shaft of his cock began filling his ass. He let out a howl as Digger stuffed his rectum with his dick with no concern for his comfort. Soon Digger had his cock buried up to the hilt in John's ass and started humping furiously. John had quit struggling and now only grunted as Digger pumped his cock in and out of his ass. For the next ten minutes John received a hard buttfuck by Hank's dog. His thick red cock was almost a blur as it plunged in and out of his ass. Then John started screaming again, as the tennis ball sized knot on Diggers cock started pushing into his stretched asshole. Despite John's screaming Digger pushed his huge knot into his ass. John was pounding his fists on the ground as Digger worked his knot deeper in his rectum and then after a few minutes Digger stopped humping and held him tight while his dick was still buried deep in John's ass. John was quiet but his face had a weird expression on it as Digger's cock pumped cum deep in his bowels giving him a good enema. After a about a minute Digger was finished and hopped off John, but his dick was still in John's ass because his knot was still swollen. But after a few minutes Digger became restless and began walking forward. John howled as Digger pulled his dick, knot and all out of his ass. Hank zoomed in the camera to capture the sight of John's now gaping open asshole with dog cum pouring out of it. Hank panned the camera back out and than to John's face.

"Your such an asshole slut, next time its my horse gets your loose destroyed asshole" Hank said