Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cross Dressing then Fisted hard!

Cross dressing then fisted!
It was a Friday, and I had the day off from work, and was feeling both very feminine as well as horny. So I dressed I took a shower, soaping myself up gently working my cock hard, a reached down for the lube and put a dab on my finger then worked it into my hot little hole. It felt so good. I grabbed my favorite butt plug and slid it in to the hilt with one push until it passed the widest point then quickly my hole collapsed around the small end. The butt plug was planted. I then continued my shower, washing my hair, then preparing for a shave. I grabbed the cream and a razor, feeling the plug inside me, imagining a hot stud using my bottom. With one leg with on the rail, I spread my ass cheeks with cream all around the plug. I shaved my ass good were I could reach. Then set the razor down, I grabbed the plug and pulled, my ass resisting expanding back to the widest part, my ass hole was being pulled out, until it expanded wide and quickly exited, causing me to yelp. Then I spread my ass cheeks once more and shaved the rest of my hole, my thighs and then my lower legs. I shaved my crotch area very close but not bald. I stepped out of the shower, and dried myself.
I dressed in a small red mini skirt, with a summer top, red panties and high heels. Makeup lipstick and my brunette wig, I looked passable. Deciding to hit the local area gay bar, mid afternoon, I proceeding in my car until I arrived at the parking lot, Some lesbians were outside as I stepped out of the car and made my way for the door. I could feel there eyes upon me, As I shut the door behind me. The bar was dark, my eyes had to adjust as I took a seat at the bar and ordered some white wine, which I quickly drank down. Looking around I saw a few cute black men, some drunk white guys and a few woman. It was not long before one of the black men approached me. "Can I buy you a drink , honey?" he said. "Sure, Ill have a beer and a shot this time". The drinks arrived as he was explaining that I looked great in drag and the he just loved CD's, especially anal bottom types. "Thats all me" I explained. "Oh, if you had me, you would be filled to the brim, cause I'm big!" I took a glimpse down , and sure enough a big bulge was in his pants. "10 thick inches and rock hard honey, lets go to my place?" He said.
It was a short walk to his apartment, as he patted my ass up the stairs "Your gonna get a good ass fuck, nice and deep", I cooed at this expression as he opened the door. It was not two minutes before he was taking of my clothes. Naked I stood in front of him. "On the bed, on your hands and knees, bitch and hang that pretty ass of the side of the bed so I can get it ready" I got into position, he spread my ass cheeks and applied something cold and wet. Then I felt a jab a s a finger entered followed by another. "ooohh" yes. Two fingers swirled in my ass, as I heard him jerking his cock, I turned to look, astonished when I saw the giant black monster, yes it was 10" and real thick too. "head forward you slut, dont look" the he plunged a third finger in, "ohhhh my ass". "hey bitch loosen up", as he pulled his fingers out and aimed his cock and my looser hole, quickly he pushed the hard head, to my surprise causing me to yelp from the sudden stretching in my ass. "ooo god your wide" I said, "Hey bitch just wait, just wait", then he slammed the entire length in me all at one time "ohhhh go, ohh god, oh god," I screamed as his dick tore into my widely expanded asshole. He started pumping me like a mad man, big long thrusts from head to base as quick as he could pummel my ass. The wide head expanding my asshole loosened it up quickly and as he drove to the hilt as I was screaming like a banshee. Quick ass busting strokes rocked my body, the he would slow down. I watched as he would completely pull his dick out, then slowly slide it back in the entire length, feeling the cock go way up in me. He grabbed and pulled my hips grinding his dick into me, soon I felt his head swell, then explode into my ass "Ahhh, you hot anal slut, I'm gonna fist fuck your cum filled ass!" His dick slide out with a pop. "turn over and lay on you back" he said. He left the room, and returned with some duct tape, two white socks and a big 'ol black dildo. "Put the socks on your hands and grab your ankles and lay back like your gonna get fucked missionary style. I did as I was told, my gaping asshole wide open and well exposed, he duct taped my forearms to my ankles, the greased up the 9" dong. "Now I got you, and feel this honey" he pushed the dildo in my poor ass hole, it entered quickly, "ohhhhh shit, my ass, oh yes yes" I said. He worked the dildo in and out for a while, continually lubing me more and more. "I dont need anymore lube" as it ran down my ass "You will for my FIST!" he said.
"NO!, no dont use your fist, its gonna hurt. Your gonna ruin my asshole, please, No!" He paid no attention to my pleas, as he brutally sunk 4 fingers to the knuckles "Unnnnnnhghhhhhh, oh oh" I grunted. "yes, bitch loosen up for my big fist" He folded his thumb in and pushed as my asshole expanded farther than it ever did before. "Oh god, my ass hurts take it out" Just then his hand slipped in. "There you go, lets leave it there until you get used to it you slut, I'm gonna wreck that asshole tonight, your not gonna shit right after I'm done with you!" He left it there for what seemed like a long, time, then the pain, started to go away, as my ass loosened even more. Then he started swirling his fingers around in my which sent me over the edge, moaning and groaning, babbling incoherently. "shut up you slut!", then he slide his hand deeper into me, "oooooooooOOOOO, WOW!" As I watched it disappear to the wrist. "now for the ultimate ass stretching!, I'm gonna make a fist and then pull out of your ass pussy"
I could feel every movement as he made a fist, that felt like a baseball in my ass. I shut my eyes and threw my head back, as he began to pull out of me. "Look at your asshole as in pull out of you, wow!" he said, I propped my head up to see my hole being pulled away from my body as he reached the widest part of his fist, my inside asshole lips let loose as his hand came out, a big moan and sigh as I felt empty. My ass gaping open and my cock still dripping hard. I was bound but felt a lot better, the without warning he slipped the black dong head in my ass and pushed hard, sinking it to the handle, I screamed in ecstacy, as he began to jack my rock cock in one hand, holding the dong in the other, rolling it in circles causing me to explode in orgasm "Ohhhh shiittttt I'm cumming"…….
Afterwards, he cut me loose from the tape. From that day on, we have weekly fucking sessions at his place, but I never let him fist me again….