Thursday, July 16, 2009

Breaking Down the Anal ring muscle

Breaking Down the ring:

One of the best ways to make my asshole huge and non-closing, is the anal ring popping technique with old big head (shown). Ring popping produces great rectum sounds, and will quickly break down the anal ring for more extreme anal workouts. The idea is to concentrate a large triangular (or sharp) dildo hear right on the anal ring muscle popping it over the muscle continously until the ring losses all control. Do this a quickly as possible for some great rectal sounds. Here is a typical ring popping session.


"Ready for some ring poppin' action today boy?" AssDaddy Said

"Oh yea, ruin my anal-ring, lets make make some noises" I said

"Ok, hop up there, Doggy style, Face down ass high, Hike up that asshole and take this giant ring popper dong into your rectum" he said

I did as i was told, face down as high, holding my ass cheeks open the large ring popping dong aimed at my loose asshole. The big head dented in my ring, but the ring did not open to accept the 4 inch wide head on a 3 inch shaft. He pushed and pushed with no luck, I hit the poppers as he pushed and the head made progress, to the widest part and stopped, My ring was stretched to the max but not accepting the shaft. I used my free hand to help guide it in. Pushing the head split the ring and the entire shaft plowed right in.

"Waaaaaaaaaaaa" I screamed from the sudden invasion of my rectum being filled to the max. The 9 inch shaft sunk to the hilt.

He began to pull it out until the head was right on the ring again, almost pulling my asshole inside out, the plowing right up my rectum again.

"Oh gawd, thats taking my chute" I moaned

I pulled out again, right at the ring, then completly out, almost immediatly forcing it back in, not allowing the ring to respond.

"Yes, there it goes, Again" he announced

In, up the rectum, then out--- it repeated

"yes, bust that assring Daddy, its starting to loosen" I said.

With each thrust in a column of air was compressed in the rectum, not only causing the rectal noises to start, but also expanding the rectal walls out even further.

"Listen to that rectum complain, now lets concentrate the head right on your ring" He growled

he started doing short stabs, just enough for the head to get past the ring and out, short thrust in and out, forcing the ring to take it.

Splooosh, sploosh, sploosh

"Ohh gawd, thats working the ring...ooops there it goes, the ring just gave out" I said hiking up my asshole high to take it

"Ohh yea, Im gonna cum from it, ruin me" I cried, my rock hard bald cock swinging.

He went ape shit, nailing my asshole with full force, working my banded off nuts "Cum you slut, cum from anal!" he screamed

My cock shot off with out touching sending my asshole ring muscle into wild spasms, trying to clamp down on the 3 inch shaft powerfucking my asshole, sending pain (but goodpain)shooting thru the assmuscle.

"oohhh gawd pull it out" I screamed.

He eased the big head over the spasming ring, for one last punishing strecth, I collapsed on the bed my asshole gaping the size of an orange.

The end