Monday, July 13, 2009

The Bathtub technique

My asshole ring muscle is staying in proper condition, through solo ass openings when the assmaster is away on vacation. The problem in solo work, is that my asshole is so large, Huge toys are required that are very heavy, and hard to work solo. The only thing that can be done is to impale down on the monster dongs to wreck the asshole ring. In order to keep things easy to clean up is to use the bathtub.

First, wet the bathub down with hot water, but let all the water drain out. Grease up all the toys that will be drilled up my rectum and place them in the bathtub ready to go. Prep my rectum to get drilled.

To start out, I can sit on the edge of the tub and hang my asshole over the edge on the tub side, and drill up into the rectum with the starter dong. Usually I push my bald cock down, so its inside the tub, So I can't jack it.So i can force the anal work to make my cock cum from it. Usually that results in a extra ruff core job for the asshole to make me cum.

For the starter dong, I usually count of 50 punches into the rectum beofre moving to the 3 inch wide chocolate dong. However, my asshole usually lets loose after only 5 to 10 punches, but i still do 50, just to see how rough it can take it.

The chocolate dong has a nice suction cup to do some anal rutting in the bathtub. The faucet wide of the tub has straight walls and provide a good grip for the monster dong rutting. Usually, I place the dong on the edge of the tub, and impale down hard on it, keep it deep in the chute, move it to the straight wall, attach and rut away. The other end of the tub has tapered side (the laying side) the provide just the right angle for great depth work. send the large cock head pounding the colon bend opening when worked right.

After working the rectum with the chocolate one, I either come from anal or prep for the Black Chute Destroyer (or BCD), The BCD has a massive almost 4 inch across head, that devastates the anal ring when being forced in. The nice thing about the tub, is that everything is pre-greased and can be picked up at anytime and drilled up my chute, when done, throw it back in and go to another one.

For the BCD, I also set on the tub edge. This one is hard to inserted. I go slow and ease it over the analring, once the fattest part of the massive head eases past the ring, the whole thing slide up the rectum, expanding out the rectum to the fullest. Then I can sit on the edge, cock down, just like when starting out and drill it up into the rectum continously. I want to please my assdaddy by having one of the largest fisting rectums, so he can fist on demand. The BCD is making it that way.