Monday, June 22, 2009

A Typical Session

His hand slid up my rectum with ease, making my limp bald cock jump. He balled his fist inside and pulled his hand out. As the hand reached the widest part, my analring was pulled away forming a volcano shape until, my assring ease over the widest part, causing me to scream out
"Oh my ring, your ruining it" I said"Yes, gonna wreck it good today, you gonna be hanging" AssDaddy said"HOT!, you know I cum so hard from anal" I said"Yes, I got you hooked on it, look how easy my hand slides into your rectum" he said as hand slide in and out a few times."Now thats how I like your asshole to be at all times" as he alternated his fisting to his left hand.He started picking up the pace, my cock rock hard now. My pubes, balls and asshole are always shaved completly smooth, and a large rubberband isolating off the nuts, AssDaddy always baby oils down the entire area. The combination always looks so slutty as my large asshole gets fisted out almost daily now.

I hit the poppers, and a few seconds later, my asshole totally let loose. AssDaddy took advantage and balled his fisting, pistoning and and out of my rectum at a high rate of speed. I felt my rectum drop down, as I started to prolapse out from the pistoning.

"Im prolpasing" I screamed

"Yep, I see the rosebud starting for form" he said as he continued the rectal destruction, looking for more red meat to come out

"Ohhhhhh your gonna make me cum allready" I said

"No cumming already, your not done, we still have dildo work to do" as he ripped his fist out and stopped the fisting.

"A nice large sound inserted in the slutty bald cock might reduce your pre-mature cum shot" AssDaddy got up, and went to the closet and chose the pen sized sound, he lubed it up, walking over to me.

"Hold the cock straight out slut" he said, eyeing the rosebud still hanging from my destroyed asshole. His thumb and forefinger spllit my piss slit and the sound slid in.

"Ohhhh shit!" I moaned, as I watched inch after inch of metal shaft go down my cock shaft, when it it bottom he stopped.
"Now hold this in, while I nail your chute with the large dongs, now flip over doggy style, and keep the sound in" he said, while greasing a huge rectum wrecking dong with a sharp triangular head. (seen in the picture Attached)

By now, the rosebud was gone, as I got into position.

"Ok Im ready, ruin it AssDaddy" I said

He powered it right into my rectum without warning

"Waaaaaaaaaa" I screamed aloud as the 3 inch wide monster plowed 12 inches into my rectum chute. Almost as quick as it plowed in it, was ripped out and repeated, he quickly worked up to a real fast pace, using long swift strokes to nail the asshole, repeated punching filled my rectum with air and loud rectal noises filled the room.

The sound fell out of my piss slit."Dont worry about that, I like the way your tied off nuts swing as I pound you asshole" He said

"Yea, thats it daddy, nail that hole, drive it home" I said,

hiking up my ass, driving it deeper into my chute, I hit the poppers again and really got into it.

"Yea, destroy my asshole, I love it" I said bucking my hips to meet his punching thrusts. The big triangular head pounding the colon bend opening.

"Gawd Im going to cum from anal" I announced

"Do it, make the dildo shoot your load, dont jack that cock" He ordered

I did not jack, I just put my head down and let him pound the shit out of my asshole for about 5 more minutes, as he milked a huge load out of my cock, before he stopped. The dildo removed, my asshole had lost all elasticity and was hanging again.

Now thats the way it supposed to be!