Monday, June 22, 2009

A Typical Session

His hand slid up my rectum with ease, making my limp bald cock jump. He balled his fist inside and pulled his hand out. As the hand reached the widest part, my analring was pulled away forming a volcano shape until, my assring ease over the widest part, causing me to scream out
"Oh my ring, your ruining it" I said"Yes, gonna wreck it good today, you gonna be hanging" AssDaddy said"HOT!, you know I cum so hard from anal" I said"Yes, I got you hooked on it, look how easy my hand slides into your rectum" he said as hand slide in and out a few times."Now thats how I like your asshole to be at all times" as he alternated his fisting to his left hand.He started picking up the pace, my cock rock hard now. My pubes, balls and asshole are always shaved completly smooth, and a large rubberband isolating off the nuts, AssDaddy always baby oils down the entire area. The combination always looks so slutty as my large asshole gets fisted out almost daily now.

I hit the poppers, and a few seconds later, my asshole totally let loose. AssDaddy took advantage and balled his fisting, pistoning and and out of my rectum at a high rate of speed. I felt my rectum drop down, as I started to prolapse out from the pistoning.

"Im prolpasing" I screamed

"Yep, I see the rosebud starting for form" he said as he continued the rectal destruction, looking for more red meat to come out

"Ohhhhhh your gonna make me cum allready" I said

"No cumming already, your not done, we still have dildo work to do" as he ripped his fist out and stopped the fisting.

"A nice large sound inserted in the slutty bald cock might reduce your pre-mature cum shot" AssDaddy got up, and went to the closet and chose the pen sized sound, he lubed it up, walking over to me.

"Hold the cock straight out slut" he said, eyeing the rosebud still hanging from my destroyed asshole. His thumb and forefinger spllit my piss slit and the sound slid in.

"Ohhhh shit!" I moaned, as I watched inch after inch of metal shaft go down my cock shaft, when it it bottom he stopped.
"Now hold this in, while I nail your chute with the large dongs, now flip over doggy style, and keep the sound in" he said, while greasing a huge rectum wrecking dong with a sharp triangular head. (seen in the picture Attached)

By now, the rosebud was gone, as I got into position.

"Ok Im ready, ruin it AssDaddy" I said

He powered it right into my rectum without warning

"Waaaaaaaaaa" I screamed aloud as the 3 inch wide monster plowed 12 inches into my rectum chute. Almost as quick as it plowed in it, was ripped out and repeated, he quickly worked up to a real fast pace, using long swift strokes to nail the asshole, repeated punching filled my rectum with air and loud rectal noises filled the room.

The sound fell out of my piss slit."Dont worry about that, I like the way your tied off nuts swing as I pound you asshole" He said

"Yea, thats it daddy, nail that hole, drive it home" I said,

hiking up my ass, driving it deeper into my chute, I hit the poppers again and really got into it.

"Yea, destroy my asshole, I love it" I said bucking my hips to meet his punching thrusts. The big triangular head pounding the colon bend opening.

"Gawd Im going to cum from anal" I announced

"Do it, make the dildo shoot your load, dont jack that cock" He ordered

I did not jack, I just put my head down and let him pound the shit out of my asshole for about 5 more minutes, as he milked a huge load out of my cock, before he stopped. The dildo removed, my asshole had lost all elasticity and was hanging again.

Now thats the way it supposed to be!

The Cottage

The Cottage:
The air between us was as it always is--comfortably charged with an intense sexual energy. I love being with him like we were this afternoon. I feel so alive, so full of the world. It is almost as though there I have a greater understanding of life, the workings of the earth and everything around me. Above all, he has taught me to revel in these things, to appreciate myself and where I am in my life. These silences are more significant sometimes than any words that might pass between us. Ten minutes from the corner where he collected me, I found us in front of a bank. He held the door and I walked in before him, marveling at the exquisite architecture. It was an old bank, centered downtown in the midst of newer, tall skyscrapers. I have walked by that building on many occasions but never had a reason to go inside that particular bank. I was awed by the high domed ceiling which was decorated in a light-colored fresco pattern. I followed him blindly to the back of the bank; I was too distracted by the magnificence of that turn-of-the-century treasure. Four grand chandeliers hung from lower sections of the dome. Large dark cherry wood desks with busy bank employees were nestled amongst several tall marble support columns. Along the far wall were the teller desks. I was amazed to see that there was no bullet-proof glass separating the tellers from the customers. He was presenting his identification to the handsome man behind a desk to the side of the teller windows. The plaque on the desk read, "Safety Deposit Boxes." That piqued my curiosity and I went to stand next to him. I watched him sign the necessary paperwork and then followed as the man led us into the bank vault. I was already in such an excited state and she was very attractive. I wondered briefly if she had looked at me and found me attractive. She led us through one vault and into another--this time a room lined in safety deposit boxes. I watched as he produced a key and handed it to the woman. He inserted both keys into a box close to the door. She slid the box from its place, handed the box to him and turned to lead us out of the vault. I didn't stare at the man so intently that time. I was too concerned about what was in that ominous box. I couldn't figure out why he had brought me there. I kept wondering what was so important that he would keep it secured at the bank. Was it a gift for me? Papers for me to sign? The carpet beneath our feet was a high pile plush in a deep plum color. I love carpets like that; they have always reminded me of the house where I grew up. When my father built the house, he had plush lime green carpet installed in the room I shared with my sister. During the first week we lived there, my little sister and I used to walk around in our bare feet, feeling the squish of the new carpet, breathing in the slightly plastic aroma and hearing the slight squeak as it was crushed by our tiny feet. The carpet at the bank, although it had no smell or squeak, gave me a sense of recognition and the comfort that went with that feeling. The man stopped at a tall door. He led us into the room, pausing briefly to light a floor lamp in the corner of the room. The table and two matching chairs that dominated the center of the room were constructed in the same dark cherry wood as other furniture I had seen as I walked through the bank. The man laid the box on the table, told us to take our time, then left, flipping a small switch next to the door. I felt the door shut behind me with a slight whoosh of air against my ankles. The look on my face gave me away. I stood near the door, unsure of what was expected of me. He gave me a slow smile and said, "No one will disturb us. I see you are wondering about the switch near the door. It turns on the occupied light. We have an indefinite period of time to conduct our business. adornments on your nipples, Clamps were attached. Do it. Now. Against the wall!" I struggled to comply, pressing myself against the cool dark wood paneling. My nipples screamed in protest and I could feel the instant reaction between my legs. The wall was cold against my cheek, my palms and my thighs. I had a deep fear that someone, probably that beautiful man, would knock, or worse, open the door, finding me in this unlikely position. The room was silent for a short while. I thought that he must be admiring me.
"This key, is the bank presidents personal cottage. He is really into anal, and has built his own place especially for opening up slutty boys asses. You'll be amazed at the things he's got in there. I have agreed to take you there. You will meet him, and you will also submit to his anal desires. I will also be present, assisting him, and gratifying myself as well, now lets get going" I was escorted out of the bank, into John's Van. I was instructed to sit in the back bench seat, and remove my pants and panties. "Grease up your asshole boy and finger fuck your asshole loose, then slide in this plug, I want you ready when you meet this guy, Joe. He will probably want to enema you first so be prepared" I did as instructed and two finger fucked my asshole loose. I was not 10 minutes and the Van stopped at a small cottage in the woods. I slide my pants on without the undies this time clamping my asshole tight around the plug and zipped them up. The cottage was beautiful, German looking green and white. Strange the windows were completely sealed. John knocked on the door, he must used a special knock, because he hesitated and did it twice. A muffled voice inquired from with, "Its me, John with the boy". The door opened and a elderly gentleman greeted us with a smile, inviting us in. I was shocked guys he was naked, and was perfectly comfortable with me, a total stranger. "John, this is Joe, the guy I mentioned, and this is his anal sex shack" The elderly gentlemen must have been 65 maybe even 70. "your cute!, John has told me all about you, and I saw your analboy ass openers site on the web" He shook my and nad squeezed my ass "So you love it in the ass huh?, well your gonna get it good!. First the are to many Johns, lets either Call you Johnny or Analboy, what do you think john??, yea, lets use analboy. Ok analboy, strip naked and Ill give you the tour of the place. When I took of my pants the plug popped out, Joe looked at John, then at me. "We better do a deep cleansing enema right now" he lead me to the bathroom, where the shower had a built in enema station, bend over boy, show Joe that pussy." I did as instructed "Jesus, that is on of the most beautiful asshole I have every saw, just a little loose and of so round. The long enema probed slide deep into my ass and the water began to flow "Take as much as you can, expel, and do it one more time. Sometimes I go really deep into ass, 14-16 inches, so you need to be real clean" " Oh my god that's deep" I shrieked, expelling the water violently. He filled me again and I blasted another hard stream into the toilet as he watched. "good boy!, now the tour" he said.
The cottage was only 1 floor. Every decoration was phallic shaped and porn was everywhere, mostly female and male anal insertion shots. This is the entertainment area, large TV and VCR with plenty of movies. The TV was on showing some naked guy getting sucked. Over here we have a small bondage area, basic stuff ropes, ball stretchers, etc. This area here with the bed and chair is where I do most of my work, Like the nice chair with stirrups????, I wanna be eye level as I enter your asshole. This Video recorder on the tripod will not only record us mutilating your asshole, but it is also hooked to this TV so you can watch us ruin you. This closet holds all of my dildo's, and toys. We will use alot, but we will also do some veggie stuffing and use some bottles to expand your asshole. Then after a couple hours you should be getting some nice ass lips, then I will vacuum pump those ass lips until your asshole turns inside out or your asslips are just huge, Are you ready analboy?" "Yes Daddy" I replied. And thats when the ordeal began.
Old Joe knew exactly how to open my asshole, within, 15 minutes he was 3 finger fucking my asshole. He really loved it, and John was egging him on for a 4th finger. He did and rotated the 4 in my asshole in and out, kneading my asshole into submission and relaxation. "Ok dildo time, John get that black one, 11" long 2" thick massive head" Ok analboy get up in the chair, legs in stirrups and lets open that ass!" I did and he made all the adjustments to the camera and switched on the TV, there was my asshole, close up and bigger than life. The black dildo came close to my hole and Joe slid it deep into me, "Ohhh gawd thats good" I moaned " You like that don't you baby" as he thrusted it in and out, going deeper with each thrust, "Hey slut, no problem with that one, lets go bigger" This continued for some time, slowly he was working up to bigger and bigger things. At 3" wide (75 mm) and 13" (330mm) I was at my limit. Slowly he was sliding this one in, very carefully, "ohhhh good boy, your taking it, this is soooo Hot. " he was pulling my balls, "These are in the way, lets tie them off tight" He tied off my balls with a velcro band. He snapped it shut TIGHT as my ball sack and nuts where really tight. "Good now lets try that eggplant. They greased it up and placed the small end at my hole prodding and pushing my asshole open. He flipped it around, the 3.5"(88mm) wide fat end was being pushed into my ass "Open up babe" he pleaded, I relaxed, my asshole expanded and the eggplant popped in. "WooooooooW, oh my asshole, oh gawd!" "Fuck yea, slut take it!" the guys yelled. I was filled to the max. In the TV all I could see was the green nub of the eggplant outside my asshole. He had completely inserted the whole thing into my ass! He had his palm on the small green end and slid the nub inside as my asshole closed around the end. "Dont worry, hon, this thing will come out, in fact if I remove my hand I know your ass is going to reject it immediately, watch" It did just that I watched my asshole push the eggplant out, it popped out, revealing a very lippy huge asshole "ohhh boy look at that asshole" he was stroking and petting my ass lips like he was in love with my hole (I believe he was). "ok back in eggplant" He pushed, this time my hole opened up for it and it sank in, then he pushed and I watched it disappear into my asshole again, "ohhh fuck I'm filled to the rim"
"I think he's ready for something bigger and thicker. Boy, hold that eggplant in your asshole, DONT let it come out" he left for the toy closet, he found a double dong dildo that was a little fatter than the eggplant and 18" long. "ok boy let it out, I moved my hand and the veggie plopped out of my open asshole. Joe placed all 4 fingers in my ass and slid his hand in, "ohhhhh fuck, your fisting me!", "oh yea, nice and slow", he rolled his hand in my ass wrist deep and then removed it, the Super dong he had slid into my asshole "ohhh thats even wider!" he stroked it back and forth ten inches in depth. 'Boy, its going to go 16" into your bowels when we are done, but at this point your getting some major asslips and your super loose, so lets start vacuum pumping your asshole"
The small cock pump was brought out, my analring greased around the small asslips and it was popped on. 'Im going to draw a small vacuum until your ass lips pop in the tube, we will hold for 2 minutes then break the seal and inspect those lips, then repeat until they are huge!" Joe snickered. He began to pump the bulb as I watched. He pumped and pumped , nothing happened, but then a strange sensation I felt, then "POP", my lips sucked into the tube "Ohhh fuck!" I screamed. "Ok hold it baby, a little longer, here they come, look at those lips!" 2 minutes passed and the seal was broken. and my huge asslips were exposed. Both guys felt them, stroked them, then Joe lightly licked my quivering asslips. The were as thick a drinking straws now. "Ok lets pump them once more, then back to the dildo work" Joe was ecstatic, almost in an anal trance, as the tube went on, the bulb was pumped. This time it only took a few pumps as my ass lips got sucked in "Ohhh gawd, that feels weird" "ok hold for one or two more pumps" Joe said, I could feel my asshole being sucked into the tube, then something let loose and the tube filled with my asshole, "ohhh gawd your ruining my asshole!" I thought I was ruined for good "Just hold on honey, all youve got is a nice big rosebud in that tube, dont worry", after two minutes the tube was removed, revealing a huge asshole turned inside out and the drinking straw thick lips were even bigger "Hot damn, that is amazing. John get that big dildo, I'm really gonna work the huge rosebud now. The superballsy dong was a solid 3 1/2" (88mm) x 13" (330mm) long, he greased the monster up and started sliding into my ruined asshole. "ohhh gawd, that ones gonna make my sissy cock squirt" I moaned as the massive head pushed my rosebud into my asshole and then he drove deep into me "I want you to cum, you slut, squirt your cum all over" He started ramming hard and fast deep inside me, "oh oh oh fuck yea, oh yea, make my sissy cock squirt!, ruin my asshole!, oh that feels great" Joe did a huge thrust hammering it the entire dong length, the started twisting in my ass "Ohhh here I cum!" I cried, Joe, now punch fucking the dong in my asshole, slammed into my prostrate "Ohhhhhh fuck Im cummmming!" a huge load shot from my cock and ran down my balls, Joe scooping the cum and using it as lube as he kept hammering at my asshole " I want to cum in your wrecked asshole boy right NOW" He pulled the dong out and slammed into me with his cock, I could not feel anything but light thrusts Joe yelled "Im going to cum, cum right in this sissies asshole, here I go!, Ohhhh fuck yea, take the cum you slut!" he fell on top of me. John was just wide eyed "Joe you really worn my analboys asshole out, he need a rest" They both agreed to give my pussy a 1 hour break, but then after that........... Ill let you imaginations wonder about what happened next, much more intense, look for the cottage2 soon