Friday, May 15, 2009

Mission Statement for rectal destruction

This is the mission statement the AssDaddy and the Asshole whore came up with.



To devolop the analring muscle and rectum to be able to take a punch fisting with ease on a daily basis. This will be accomplished by breaking down the analring muscle in daily sessions or as often as possible until the muscle loses its elasticity and hangs open, large after sessions. In order to fully develop the ring muscle, breaks from sessions should not exceed 3 days (or the muscle will start to tighten). If, by chance, AssDaddy cannot be present during the 3 day absence, the asshole slut should do a solo assring expansion session, taking the analring to the limit with every solo session.

During regular sessions, the rectum chute should be pounded as hard as possible, working on both width and depth. The asshole slut should accept any rough rectal abuse Assdaddy wants to give to achieve the goal. The asshole slut may experience some pain shooting thru the anal ring muscle occasionally, knowing that is helping achieve the final goal, and knowing that the ring muscle is being stretched.

The mission and its goals come with some minor rules that need set in place:

1) The asshole slut needs to be shaved smooth at all times for sessions.
2) The asshole slut should be proud of his large open asshole and willing to show it off in pictures or video sessions.
3) Nuts should be banded off for all sessions and oiled down.
4) Asshole slut needs to pace himself so the rectum can be worked for a long period of time to achieve the fisting goal.
5) The asshole slut should come from anal, no jacking or minimum nut work to shoot him off.
6) Extended all afternoon sessions, the asshole slut is expected to put out anally at least twice to break down the ring good.