Monday, May 11, 2009

The Man Machine

The Man Machine
The sex machine had enough power to thrust a 3 inch wide x 12 inch long heavy dildo at a speed of 2 in and out thrusts per second at a thrust length of 8 inches making this one of the most powerful machines built to this day.
We were in the process of turning my asshole into a hole only good for hard daily fistings. The fort troff pig mart wanted a hefty $100 for the machine, but we just had to have it for proper rectal training for the long sessions when AssDaddy could take a break, crank the machine to high and watch the machine pound the asshole for hours, leaving him free to jack or sound my piss slit out.
We bought the machine and took it home to the play room. It was fixed to a open frame with a toilet seat on top and extension arms with stirrups for the feet.
AssDaddy fitted the new machine with the chocolate pounder dildo, massive brown dildo 3 inches wide, 10 inch insertable. This baby really wrecks and asshole even without the use of the machine. It was fitted, I was cleaned out, Nuts banded and oiled down, ready to take on the CP with the machine.
By this time, Assdaddy was stroking a huge toy in and out of my loose asshole working the banded off nuts in unison.
"Ok lets destroy that asshole, I wanna start fistings soon, so up on the seat asshole slut" He said.
"oh yea, wreck it good Daddy, Im ready" I said. and got up onto the toilet seat. I spread my asscheeks and sat on the seat, my asshole fully exposed and hanging asshole as AssDaddy was below making the final adjustments.
"Im gonna stroke it 10 or so times, until we get the length properly set before the pounding. You tell me when the head is bumping into the colon bend, I want to go deep, to cavern you out good" Assdaddy said, stroking the machine in manual, the killer dong worked the chute, I could feel it hit the bend...
"There, set the depth, bumping into bend, but not in" I moaned.
"Ok we are set, this thing is stroking nice, even in manual mode" He hit the button and the machine crawled to life stroking the entire 8 inch length at a nice slow pace.
"Oh wow that's coring me out good, let 'er rip" I lifted my legs placing them in the stirrups, trying to get the most out of my rectum. I hit the poppers hard, and Assdaddy turned the knob all the way up, the machine jumped and started hammering the chute a blazing speeds, two thrusts a second and the dong was just a blur.
"oooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sh-iiiiiii-------ttttttt, myyyyyyy assshoooollllleeeeeeeeeee" I screamed as the chocolate pounder powerfucked the chute with no mercy.
"oh yea, git it Daddy..., nail that ring" I lifted my legs up higher trying to drive it deeper in the rectum, rutting back into the machine with each thrust.I felt the ring give way, "There goes the ring Daddy, it just let loose"
"Great, just a littler bit more, and then ill try for the fist" He said, As I held on for dear life as the pounder cored out the chute at high speed.
The power was quickly cut, the dildo removed quickly leaving a hanging non closing hole, As Assdaddy eased his entire hand right up my chute.
"That did it, I'm finally inside, Great" he started fisting the hand in and out, slowely then faster."daily fistings from now on asshole whore" he said, working the rubberbanded off nuts, I groaned in approval.
"Come on now, cum from me fisting you, come from anal like a good whore should" he said, kneading the nuts.
"Here I come....Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh", my cock shot off untouched for a huge load.
The end