Friday, May 29, 2009

Blown out asshole and rectum

Blown out asshole and rectum

Dan, Chris and Brian were halfway thru a hot Analboy session. They were reaming him out everyday for the past week.
He had really loose and open asshole.
"Wow... he's got one big butthole!" Dan said: "Had enough, bitch? Keep
You're nowhere NEAR done." Dan got up to look for something else...

he laid eyes on their bags... rifled through Chris's.... "Ooohhh... look
what YOU brought!" From the bag, Dan produced a smoothed wood rolling pin
with it's handles missing. "How about a big log going up instead of out,
slut?" Dan proceeded to slide it, greasy, up Analboy's greasy & gaping ass
channel. "Mmmm...." "Ohh, you like that, don't you!" Dan began pushing &
pulling, fucking Analboy's rectum with a will. After a while,
Brian nodded his desire to move in, & Dan withdrew the wooden roller.
Brian stepped up to bat, holding a plastic hair dryer like a gun. He'd
removed the nozzle cap, & covered the blower with two condoms. He slipped
it into Analboy's asshole with ease, dilated as it was. Brian really
got into pumping it in & out, as Analboy wiggled & play fought, powerless
under the other two. "Mmm! MMmmm! MMM!!!" he quivered & shimmied, his
creamy bottom wiggling in time with Brian's rapid reaming, unable to hang
on to the super smooth & nicely wide nozzle for anything. It plunged &
slipped in & out, out & in, in & out.... Suddenly, Analboy felt the hair
dryer disappear, & something cold, wet, & metallic touched his cheeks.
Before he knew it, a soda can had dropped into his waiting rectum cavity. He
closed up over it, pushed it back out an inch, drew it in & out a few more
times, & finally expelled it from his anus. "Not enough? Here's more!"
He felt the base of a 20 oz soda bottle slid up. Chris pumped it in &
out like a man possessed.

"OoooooooOOOOOOO!!!!!!! YEAH! That's it! OOOOOoooooooo......" He
became delirious with the intensity of the anal invasion, as Chris
continued his assault on Analboy's anus with the soda bottle. Chris said, "Looks like he's
getting tired, men; think he needs a pick me up?" He pulled the bottle
out, opened it, & tipped the open end into Analboy's tush without spilling
a drop. The soda drained into his colon in moments. "!!!!!!!!!!!!!" His
body absorsbed the caffeine & sugar, & got serious wired. "What a rush! More!" Dan got
another bottle of Wild Turkey & tippled four fingers worth behind the soda.
"Rye & cola enema! Better than drinking it!" B: "he's FLYING!" D: "Yeah,
he's in no position to object to ANYTHING, now!" D: "C'mon, men, what
else ya got? C:"You bet that super-loose ass, we will!" B: "How about
some food with that drink, bitch?" Brian'd produced a bag of cucumbers.
"Hmm..." he slid one into Analboy's waiting asshole. Way loose. One's
not gonna do it." The first was backed out & a second one joined it, both
going up together. Chris took hold of one. "Hold on," called Dan,
"me, too." They pulled Analboy over the arm of the couch, & Dan plowed
Analboy's asshole with a third cuke while Brian & Chris plied Analboys rectum
with the first two. Analboy was delirious. "Ohhhyeahhh...
ohyeah....OHEAYHH........" he nattered over & over.

Finally.... D: "Men, he's so loose, we gotta ramp things up a

"What else have we got?" asked Dan. "BIG stuff. His & ours," replied
Chris. "He's almost wide enough to be double fisted again, well Almost." "You'd better believe it!" crowed the drunken Analboy. "I've got that feeling... wind whistling through my ass!" "Well,
we'll just have to stop it up, won't we?" asked Chris. "I've got just the
things!... I just love these spreading my asshole..." he trailed off as
he produced two dildos from his bag, both resembling two baseballs on a
stem with a base. "They look like softball insertions we did last week!"

Dan. "Right!" "You use both?" Him, however...." he
greased one up, & found the paddle Analboy used for plug spankings. He
touched the nub to Analboy's butt. "He's tightening up again. He needs
CONSTANT attention to keep his width." Chris tapped on the base of the
dildo with the paddle. "Ooo!" The first ball popped inside Analboy's
bottom; & his muscles pulled it in until the top of the second ball was
between his cheeks. WHOP! "OOOOOO!!!" The second ball forced it's way in &
Analboys sphincter slammed shut behind it, the base of the dildo showing.
Chris pulled one out... pushed in... out... in... "He's loosening...
the other one..." The first ball of the second dildo pushed behind the
first dildo's first ball... "OOOOOHHHHH!!!!!" Analboy wailed as it pushed
deeper & stretched his assring back to the size it had been shortly
before. As Analboy tried to move them around inside his body, to accommodate
them comfortably, he pulled the other two in together!
'em out!... Nyyerrrghhhh.... OW! OO! OO! OOO!!!" Out they came, one by
one. The torturous ecstasy put him out.

"He's ready." "Not just yet." Dan slapped Analboy awake. "Wake up, bitch.
We've just begun to torture your rectum." He went over to the recording
studio, & returned with sawed off end of a wooden bedpost. Dan covered the post with vaseline, & then, angled one end
into Analboy's anus, the balled end popped in. "Ooohhh... SOO... FULL...." "Yeah?" "Ow! OW!" Dan
pulled on the post, plowing his anus. "THIS'll make
you feel even fuller than those rubber balls." He got into position and with both hands on the
post he began pushing... "Ooo...
OOOOOHHH... Ohmy... ohmi... OHMIGAAWWWDD!!!!!" Analboy cried out as the post
stretched his over-dilated sphincter wider yet. "ooOOOOOOOO!!!
Ahhhhhh...." The upper edges had pulled him open enough to enter... "a
little farther..." the widest point was moving inward... SCHOOOMPP!!!
Analboy's elastic anus regained control & pulled the into his rectrum, a
good 6" in girth. "OOOoooo--OOOO!!!" He wailed. "OH, Wow! So Big! So
BIG in my Ass! Mmmph! Mmmph! OW! OW!" Dan pulled the post out again.

"Don't look now, here it comes!" called Brian. Before Analboy knew
what hit him, "ooooOOOO! OOOOOOO!!! AHHH!" Chris had grabbed him by the
hair, pulled his head up, & by force of action, pulled the rest of him
backward to where a 7" wide by 9" tall buttplug was waiting on the couch
cushions below. Gravity did the rest, & the plug forced it's way in
easily. "You! You'll pay for that! Get this thing out of my ass!"
"When I'm ready, slut." Brian rolled him roughly onto the floor. Rolling
over on him stomach, what Analboy saw made his eyes bug out. "EEEPP!!"
Dan grabbed him by the hair. "Play time's over, bitch. Now, you pay for
the no shows and the no good, too loose sloppy ass fucks. You've been
having WAY too much fun." "NO, NOT THAT! ANYTHING butmmmmphhhhh...."
Brian cut him off by wrapping a ballgag in place. On the floor, standing
upright, were a number of extreme sized dongs. "Ooohhh, yeahhh. Destroy your asshole boy!."

POOOOPP!! Chriss pulled the plug out. Analboy screamed through his gag.
"THAT got his attention. He's bleeding from the sphincter a little.
Looks like you tore him just a little, Chris. Too bad for him. Booze!"
"!!!!! Mmmm..." Analboy whimpered, as another shot of whiskey cleansed his
ripped rear entry & was absorbed into his bloodstream. Chris grabbed a
10" long x 5" wide pyrex dildo that was a bit wider in the middle of the
shaft than at either end. After applying a jar of vaseline & a tube of KY
to Analboy's wrecked asshole, he plunged the rod home... "!!!!!!!!" The
dildo was so hard & slick, Analboy's bottom couldn't get a purchase on this
ramrod. In & out, it went out fast & back in faster. Chris battered him
mercilessly. "My turn!" called Brian. "Wait!" FLASH! Dan got a pic of
the rod up Analboy's ass. "I've got a better idea, before we get to the
good stuff," piped up Chris. "Let's all fist him on before we use
ones we have to hold him down, or open, for. But first..." Chris poured
another few fingers worth of whiskey into Analboy's butt. Then, he capped
the bottle, & worked it into Analboy's cheeks. A little pressure... and
his anus opened to let the bottle inside. Chris wiggled it around a bit, &
then pulled it out again. "Okay, NOW he's flying. He'll enjoy every
cheek stretching second of it." "I'm up to bat," said Dan. "No. All of
us at once; each of us gets a turn on his asshole. Men, choose your
dildos." Dan grabbed the 19" x 5" rambone, Chris took the 15" x 5" smooth
& bumpy, & Brian grabbed a 4' x 6" doubleheader. "Up his asshole by order of
length. I'm first. Dan, take his asshole; Brian, ram it down his throat."

Over an hour, they 3 on 1'd Analboy. Analboy got his ass fucked deeper
& deeper, his rectum prolapsing on every pull out. As Chris continued
on brutalizing Analboy's behind....the asshole ring muscle completely gave out.

Analboys's rectum looked like a cave. "He's wide enough for stage 3!" Chris commented.
Analboy, looked at the condition of his asshole in the mirror opposite of Chris. "You
fuckers have RUINED my ass! I'll never be able to have an empty ass again!
"D: "You've had it deep, bitch. Now, we're gonna widen you even more!" C:
"Which one's next? There's still a lot more!" B: "That one. My turn."
Brian indicated a 6" wide, veined dildo with a prominent head that curved
upward, & was really firm. C: "Good thing we brought enough lube!" D:
"Enough? We're putting OUT a lot, too. We're all half covered with
vaseline." They proceeded to grease him heavily; & then
Dan & Chris held Analboy's cheeks open. D: "You're closing up, again, bitch.
Time for a severe rectal reaming!" Brian moved the 6' wide meaty dildo
into place & began pushing. Analboy wriggled more & more with pleasure as
his ass opened widely. He was getting off on the relatively difficult
dilations; & loving the eternity it took for the rods being used on his to
probe deeply into his lower colon. He shook as one orgasm after another
took him.

For several minutes, the three slowly worked the monster cock, pushing
up, pulling out, tormenting Analboy's anus ever higher to new heights of
pleasure, ones he'd never known before. he was building...
buiLLLDDIINNGG.... "Hey... where'd it go?" he thought. They'd taken it
out. "Okay, ready for the next one!" "OHHHhhh, miiGOOdddd," he thought,
"I'll never be able to close my ass again, once they're done! I've been
fisted loose a dozen different ways; & they're STILL not done! "My
turn!" called out Chris. He produced a 2' tall firm black dildo with
no head, just rounded off at the top, 7" inches in girth. "Now that the
last one's prepped you..." How glorious it looked, Analboy thought, as it
stood straight up, greasy & nasty. "Sit on it!" all three chorused. They
pulled him up & bent him forward onto the couch cushions. Then... "!!!"
They'd moved it into place under him. pushing him upward a bit as the
rounded off top nestled into his assring. "OOOoooOOO, it's wide!...
ooo...ooooooOOOOOO.....ohyeah... OHHHHyeahhh...." His sphincter was
dilating deliciously, being required to open farther than before. He bent
forward a little more, & got his hands to where he could open himself
more. He felt their hands on his behind, spreading & stroking. "You can
do it..." said Dan, "spread it open & shove it in..." "Ooooyeah., stick it
in your asshole!" chimed in Brian. "C'mon, you can take it," piped up
Chris, "take it, take it.... Ooohhh!!! There it... goes!!" "MMMM!!!"
Analboy felt gravity take over as the wide tip opened his assring far enough
to start it's journey into the depths of his rectum. He sank downward....
"Oooo... OOOOhhh...OO! OO! OOOO!!! OOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!" Analboy cried
out as he took the mighty meat 12 inches into his rectum. "C'mon... I wanna
ride this... lube me up... KY it good.... GOD! I'm turning into such an
anal whore..." As the other three started slicking up the black monster,
Analboy started humping up & down on it, moving all the way off, & then
taking it up a foot again. As it began banging into Analboys'scolon bend, he
lost control of himself & went wild. reaming his rectum out, determined to mutilate his
own asshole.

Next, the trio produced another soft, pliable 'Mr. Softy" which was
twice as big as the one he'd used on them! 2' long & 6" wide!
ImPOSSible! Analboy thought; but in a few moments, he was thinking
"OOOOOooooooo........feels SOOO good..." He sat on the tapered head, & it
bent & fell away. "Put me on the floor..." On the floor he went. "Put it
in... oooo...OOOOOOHHHH!!!!" he called out as they pressed it into him.
Under him, it wiggled & re-formed itself to adjust to his rectal passage,
filling him so fully & deliciously, that when it hit home against his colon bend & he clamped his butt muscles around it, he didn't even WANT it to
come out again. The dongs head popped into the bend. He grunted & squeezed; & it tickled & teased his slutty asshole so ecstatically that when they finally pulled it out a while later,
it slipped right out, & he cried "NooOO-huh-hooo!!! Put it back!" C: "If
it doesn't pound, it doesn't stay long! Still a few more to do!" B: "Is
he wide enough?" D: "You bet he is!" Two rambones appeared, & Analboy
felt both press against his anal cavity... TWO?!? I don't know if...
.OHMYGOD!!" Amazingly, with only a little pressure, he'd opened up & let
them both in. Both shafts sank inward, up to about 9". "Not too far,
together these could hurt him." After many minutes of holding them in
place, finally, these, too, left his tormented anus. "Now?" "Now." The
three moved him back to the couch.

Now, the trio let Analboy be for the moment. "Well, men; I don't
know about you; but I need more plowing of his asshole," said Chris. "Well, let's see if
he's got enough for everyone." Checking out the gear in Analboy's dungeon,
the threesome found four sex pistons, two of which rotated as well as
penetrated. They were taken back to the main playroom. Brian took one
that only pounded, set the 'pound only' up for Analboy. The set the machine to insert up to 1',
the speed to tormentingly, torturously slow, greased the massive dong up, &
spread Analboy's asshole wide open...
!!!!!!!!!!" Analboy hummed through his gag as his sphincter stretched it's
widest yet. In moments, thought, the tapered tip pried his assring open &
the thickest point achieved entry into his anus. "Mmmmm...." Analboy
wiggled & squirmed as his rectum cavity filled up.
"OHHHhhmyGOOAAAWWDDDTHISISSOOOOOGOOOD!" his mind cried out to itself, "this
is un...fucking...beLIEVEable!! SoooOOOO... GOOD! OOHH!! Deeper...
DEEEEPPERRRR!!!! Deeper, girls! DeepinmyassDEEPINMYASS!!!" BANG! The
mighty meatus banged into Analboy's inner ring. He peed all over the
place, as the massive dong straightened out the boys colon bend over and over.

"Slow? Nah, make it a bit faster. Enough where it won't hurt; but
where it WILL blow his mind." Analboy felt it withdraw to where the widest
point came out.... & then it abruptly pushed in again, tormenting his
sphincter with each hard, medium-speed thrust, which was wrecking his
muscle control. He hung on for dear life, trying to wrap himself around
the exquisite torment; but he finally detonated with rapture. He
submitted to the extreme anal pounding, & took a two-hours rectum wrecking
before he collapsed, overloaded.

Finally, when all three had come back down & had gotten enough (for
now), they pulled out the tree trunk lodged up Analboy's butt & freed him.
Analboy's butt was leaking everything; but wasn't bleeding. "How you
doing, slut?" Dan asked. "You... have...RUINED... me!! I... have to
have... something... INCREDIBLY huge... up my asshole... all all times
from now on!" D: "Well, we can cure you of that, for now. One last
humiliation, you bitch. AND... when you're done... if you tell your
doctor about this... every picture we've taken will be ALL over the 'net."
"Be my guest,' Analboy replied. "Bring it on... EEP!"
D: "Hold the bitch down!" Dan produced the biggest, baddest dildo ever
made, 4' long, with the shaft going from 12" wide to 16" wide at the back
end, a tapered head that began at ½" to 14" at it's widest, where it flared
out before the thinnest point of the shaft. "Get him on the floor. Lie
across his back, Brian. Pull his legs apart." Dan edged out the other

Analboy 'oooh'ed non-stop as Dan forced the mega-penis against his
destroyed assring. Hhe opened handily, letting it in until the flare of the head met his
buns. "Grease him, Chris. Every bit we've got." "OooooOOOOHHHHhhhh...
Analboy's face reddened against the excruciating pressure on his
sphincter.... & suddenly beamed in rapturous pleasure & pain as the
pressure on his assring became too much. His sphincter gave way & was
ripped as the super-huge dildo passed the point of no return. The
flare popped inside, & the trunk sank up Analboy's butt, stopping when it
could go no further, with the dildo stretching his bottom open to a 8" in
SOOGOOD...." & Analboy cried out in ecstasy one more time as his cock
detonated while he rocketed to the highest heights of anal ecstasy.
"THANK.... YOUhhhhhh...."

When he came around again, the trio was gone. "Bitches," he thought.
It took him hours to get to the phone, his every movement exploded with
rectal orgasm, violent rectal spasms hit him. He hated the thought of it coming out. Finally....

"Hello, doctor? This is Analboy, how are you?... Me? I'm in a
predicament. To make a long story short, some friends & I got together
for some fun, & we REALLY got carried away... We've spent... fuck, what
day is it? Holy cow... the last 36 hours into... my fave... Yes...
Yes... Do I HAVE to say it? Yes, they spent the ENTIRE time putting
everything but the kitchen sink up my asshole... Uh-huh... They got me real
drunk & finished me off with the biggest dildo on the market stuffed up my
rectum... Can't get it out... sure don't want to try.... Yep, anything you
can do.... You're REALLY enjoying this, aren't you?....."

The End

Friday, May 15, 2009

Mission Statement for rectal destruction

This is the mission statement the AssDaddy and the Asshole whore came up with.



To devolop the analring muscle and rectum to be able to take a punch fisting with ease on a daily basis. This will be accomplished by breaking down the analring muscle in daily sessions or as often as possible until the muscle loses its elasticity and hangs open, large after sessions. In order to fully develop the ring muscle, breaks from sessions should not exceed 3 days (or the muscle will start to tighten). If, by chance, AssDaddy cannot be present during the 3 day absence, the asshole slut should do a solo assring expansion session, taking the analring to the limit with every solo session.

During regular sessions, the rectum chute should be pounded as hard as possible, working on both width and depth. The asshole slut should accept any rough rectal abuse Assdaddy wants to give to achieve the goal. The asshole slut may experience some pain shooting thru the anal ring muscle occasionally, knowing that is helping achieve the final goal, and knowing that the ring muscle is being stretched.

The mission and its goals come with some minor rules that need set in place:

1) The asshole slut needs to be shaved smooth at all times for sessions.
2) The asshole slut should be proud of his large open asshole and willing to show it off in pictures or video sessions.
3) Nuts should be banded off for all sessions and oiled down.
4) Asshole slut needs to pace himself so the rectum can be worked for a long period of time to achieve the fisting goal.
5) The asshole slut should come from anal, no jacking or minimum nut work to shoot him off.
6) Extended all afternoon sessions, the asshole slut is expected to put out anally at least twice to break down the ring good.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Man Machine

The Man Machine
The sex machine had enough power to thrust a 3 inch wide x 12 inch long heavy dildo at a speed of 2 in and out thrusts per second at a thrust length of 8 inches making this one of the most powerful machines built to this day.
We were in the process of turning my asshole into a hole only good for hard daily fistings. The fort troff pig mart wanted a hefty $100 for the machine, but we just had to have it for proper rectal training for the long sessions when AssDaddy could take a break, crank the machine to high and watch the machine pound the asshole for hours, leaving him free to jack or sound my piss slit out.
We bought the machine and took it home to the play room. It was fixed to a open frame with a toilet seat on top and extension arms with stirrups for the feet.
AssDaddy fitted the new machine with the chocolate pounder dildo, massive brown dildo 3 inches wide, 10 inch insertable. This baby really wrecks and asshole even without the use of the machine. It was fitted, I was cleaned out, Nuts banded and oiled down, ready to take on the CP with the machine.
By this time, Assdaddy was stroking a huge toy in and out of my loose asshole working the banded off nuts in unison.
"Ok lets destroy that asshole, I wanna start fistings soon, so up on the seat asshole slut" He said.
"oh yea, wreck it good Daddy, Im ready" I said. and got up onto the toilet seat. I spread my asscheeks and sat on the seat, my asshole fully exposed and hanging asshole as AssDaddy was below making the final adjustments.
"Im gonna stroke it 10 or so times, until we get the length properly set before the pounding. You tell me when the head is bumping into the colon bend, I want to go deep, to cavern you out good" Assdaddy said, stroking the machine in manual, the killer dong worked the chute, I could feel it hit the bend...
"There, set the depth, bumping into bend, but not in" I moaned.
"Ok we are set, this thing is stroking nice, even in manual mode" He hit the button and the machine crawled to life stroking the entire 8 inch length at a nice slow pace.
"Oh wow that's coring me out good, let 'er rip" I lifted my legs placing them in the stirrups, trying to get the most out of my rectum. I hit the poppers hard, and Assdaddy turned the knob all the way up, the machine jumped and started hammering the chute a blazing speeds, two thrusts a second and the dong was just a blur.
"oooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sh-iiiiiii-------ttttttt, myyyyyyy assshoooollllleeeeeeeeeee" I screamed as the chocolate pounder powerfucked the chute with no mercy.
"oh yea, git it Daddy..., nail that ring" I lifted my legs up higher trying to drive it deeper in the rectum, rutting back into the machine with each thrust.I felt the ring give way, "There goes the ring Daddy, it just let loose"
"Great, just a littler bit more, and then ill try for the fist" He said, As I held on for dear life as the pounder cored out the chute at high speed.
The power was quickly cut, the dildo removed quickly leaving a hanging non closing hole, As Assdaddy eased his entire hand right up my chute.
"That did it, I'm finally inside, Great" he started fisting the hand in and out, slowely then faster."daily fistings from now on asshole whore" he said, working the rubberbanded off nuts, I groaned in approval.
"Come on now, cum from me fisting you, come from anal like a good whore should" he said, kneading the nuts.
"Here I come....Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh", my cock shot off untouched for a huge load.
The end