Thursday, April 16, 2009

Story Descriptions and Navigating

This is a list of all the stories, IF the title is in CAPS, a direct link is available. If not, you will have to search the labels posting to find it.. I will eventually have all of these stories linked to this page. Newest Entries are at the bottom of the list


UPDATE 3/29/16: added latest link DOCTOR
UPDATE 4/2/16 added 2 links, deepruff and corncob
UPDATE 4/23/16 added KINK link
UPDATE 5/10/16 added DISTEND and PIN
UPDATE 5/27/16 added RUINER and  UNCLEGREG
UPDATE 6/22/16 added HORSE2
UPDATE 8/1/16 added PORN 
ADDED 8/11/16 added MASTERT
ADDED 8/23/16 added WIDE
ADDED 9/17/16 WIDE2
ADDED 10/4/17 DR LAY

DAMAGED: Analboys rectum and asshole are permanently altered,
Dong : I get worked over with a bunch of large dongs and vibes.
Fruit : My buddy works my ass good, with carrots, cucumbers and ears of corn.
Indeep  A deep dicking experience with one of my LARGER encounters
Rudy : A get my ass worked by a Huge black man.
REAM: An acquaintance reams out my asshole with a dick as thick as a beer can.
Ream2 : Another dildo workout.
Ream3 : My first double anal penetration. MAN! Was I stretched!
Ream4 : Tom just loved to use his toys on my shaved asshole.
Ream5 : In this story I get more than I wanted up my ass. Total Anal destruction!
Ream7 : One very horny gentleman keeps me loose for a week. AssHole never the same after this experience
Ream8 : Two guys take turns on my asshole.
Ream9 : Days off - Anal masturbation. End ream series
Ganged : My first gang bang with 3 guys and a video camera. Dave had a 13 cock! And slid it all the way up my ass!
DOCTOR : A doctor friend who loves to stretch my asshole.
Training : Anal training camp : Preparation for massive cocks
Tied : One of my bondage experiences
john : One of my encounters actually wrote his own story about little old me
BLACKTOP : Encounter with some pool guys, black tops with 9 and 11 take turns on my ass
BLACK : Roger and Jim my black friends, that love me as Gina. As they filled my ass all night last summer
BASEBALL : More than I bargained for. A nasty man makes me beg him to stop as he opens my ass to accept a full size plastic baseball bat.
WIDE:July 4th weekend 2010, anal play with Tiny, opening my ass with a beer bottle.
WIDE2: Tiny continues to assault on my rectum.
green :Anal antics with three large cucumbers.
BOUNDTITE :Deep anal probings with heavy bondage session.
nfl :This was sent to me following a anal session with this football player.
raped :I was raped by a 5 fists, climaxing with punch fucking and double fisting!
CROSS: Cross Dressing Then Fisted!!
pool := The Pool :Non stop ass fisting session description of events.
RUINER:= Anal Torture :A Sadistic ass fisting top ruins my asshole
torture := Elbow deep :Elbow deep ass fisting with sadistic intentions.
COTTAGE := The cottage : An old man has his way with me and my asshole.
DOG := Beastality : Fucked by a dog.
sleaze := Sleaze : Analboy in heat!, sleazy raunchy hardcore anal story
Punishment := Punishment :An Early Masters description of an bondage based anal session with me
travel := Traveling 3rd party :A story from the TOPS perspective, sent to me after the hotel encounter, I'm Flattered!
ponie := Horse Fucked :Analboy is ruined by a 4 wide x 20 long horse cock
BIGGER := Unbelievable : Fucked all day by monster cocks Scene 1.
BIGGER2 := Unbelievable Part 2 : Fucked all day by monster cocks Scene 2, the ass ruining machine.
HORSE2 := Horse Fucked II :Analboy is ruined by a 3 wide x 12 long horse cock, then creams his asshole BIG TIME
toywork := Asshole Opening :A graphic description on Analboy's ass opening method
naughty := Analslut :Analboy takes on three ass hungry Daddies
BIRTH:= Rectum Wrecker! :Ass fisted and raped-the first encounter
hilton := Escort :Analboy as a hired escort in this true tale about two Texas men
collapse := Prolapsed :Franks collapses Analboy's Asshole in a speculum stretching session
therecord := 3 fists at once :Ass fisted by three tops, to the elbow!
DEEP-RUFF := Anal mutilation fisting :Fictional Master Peter ruins analboy's asshole!
UNCLEGREG := Uncle Greg use me as a anal whore for him and his three friends
CORNCOB  := Corn-cobbed Analboy rapped and used outside in a cornfield
birthday := Birthday boy Analboy raped, then his asshole is destroyed
wrecker := Dr Rectum Wrecker Analboy takes on the rectum wrecker, and loses
BOWLING PIN := Analboy entertains a bunch of guys, the gets raped by a bowling pin
PORN := Photo Session A typical Analboys amateur porn session
DISTEND := Prolapsing John Prolapses Analboys asshole 2 outside his body
testimonial := Testimonial A comment from a Analboy Fan
demo := Classroom Demonstration
blaster := BDSM Anal Analboy, bound and double fisted!, in a story written by Wyvern
pop := Pop That Ring Jim Pops Analboys asshole ring muscle
wooden := Wooden Dildo Allen destroys Analboys rectum, with this device
assault := ASSault 2 crazed men hammer Analboy's asshole Outside
medical := Expand that anus! A medical procedure in rectal dilatation, HOT!
suggestions := Suggestions , Methods and procedures from visitors for Analboys rectal work
RECTAL:= Rectal , WOW Severe ass work story
assdaddy := AssDaddy , Attack of the 11 Pole
KING := King the Horse , Attempt at taking a 20 horse cock into my rectum.
bar := Whored out , Analboy is Fisted for money in a redneck bar
POWERDRILL2:= Powerdrill that rectum , Kris spins a 3-1/2 wide dildo at 1100 rpm with the aid of workshop tools, then brutalizes his rectum on a saw-z-all
rectum := Rectum , Analboy's Asshole is blasted wide open with objects
pauldr := Dr. Paul , Dr Paul in a medical scene straightens out his colon with 15 insertions.
BEDPOST:= The Bedpost , Greg damages Analboy's Rectum with a sawed off bedpost, 4 wide
tyronne := Tyronne the Anal Master : Takes Analboys rectum to the limit, making his asshole and rectum look like hamburger.** Story is missing
bicep := Big Stretch : Abnormal Assfisting.** Story is missing
theride := Roto Rooter his rectum : Analboy subjected to the Doctors rectum coring machine.** Story is missing
JULY := Please ruin my rectum! : 3 Men blow out his Analboys Asshole ring as they use him as a whore.
hell := Deep fist and fuck combo : Christian gets incredible depth into Analboy in this fisting story.
thevan := Deep fist and fuck combo : Analboy is brutally rape fisted by two men
COMPETETION := Kinky Doctor : Analboy is prepared for the anal dildo competition by vacuum pumping his rectum
rectumparty := Rectum Party : Analboy is punched fucked by 2 men, told by the Top who did it.
redmeat := Red Meat Tube : Analboy is worked over hard and ruff, until his rectum comes out his mutilated asshole.** Story is missing
DIGGER := Double Fucked : Analboy asshole and piss slit are fucked in unison, then a large dog takes his asshole for a ride.
JAKE := Rectum Torture : Jake pummels Analboys Asshole in this BDSM scene
MACHINESHOP := Machine Shop : A home-made machine ruined Analboys Asshole when he undergoes a nasty session in the machine shop.
METALPAN := Metal Pan : Two guys ruin Analboys ass-ring muscle with a dildo and a powerdrill
gathering := The Gathering : Analboy gangbanged, fisted then led to the barn for some horse and dog fuckings.
COWBOY := The Cowboy : Analboy brutally fisted out and abused by Cowboy.
COLONFIST := Colon Fist : AssDaddy and friend get way up into his lower colon.
oldmen := Perverted old men : Used as an asshole whore by some perverted old men.
DENNIS:= Dennis : Analboy comes to Dennis' Hotel room, where he mutilates the whores asshole ring muscle.
BLACKX:= Sex Toy : Analboy asshole used and abused by a gang of black men.
ARMCHAIR:= Rectal Chair : Analboy Bound and anally abused for hours.
COLONWORK:= Rectal destruction : Analboy asshole ring and colon bend muscle ruined.
sander := Sander : Analboy's asshole ring and piss slit are abused
henry := Henry : Henry and his assistant brutalize Analboys asshole and colon bend
revenge := Ted's Revenge : Ted gets back it Analboy, and takes it out on his asshole ring muscles.
BATTERED := Battered Rectum : Extreme Double fisting Story
meathole := Meat Hole :Results from a 8 hour anal session
BLUE:= Cheyenne :16 inch horse cock goes far into the colon bend
assring := Assring :Wrecking the assring muscle repeatedly
IDIDIT := I did it :Wooden bed post into the colon bend
flower := Flower out my rectum :My rectum will never be the same
knee := Knee fucked :They destroyed my assring, then impaled me on his knee, sinking down on it. 
MASTERT := Master T and the popper machine: Rectum drilling in the Anal Dungeon with Master T.
HELEN:= Granny Helen cums hard watching Analboys Rectum get plowed by her horse and mule teams daily
SANTA:= Analboy is brutally fisted by Sanata, and Anally Raped by his 8 reindeer
HUMAN RECTUM:= Analboy becomes the "human rectum" for Master M and the gang.
RUINED:= They mutilated his rectum!
DR LAY= Anal Sadist, mutilates Analboys Asshole