Thursday, April 16, 2009

Story Descriptions and Navigating

Each story has a label that can be searched on the right hand side of the screen. The label below appears before the := symbol.

For example, Suppose you like the description of the first story with the label "Dong"
Look for the link on the right hand side of the screen in the labels section, called dong, and click on it. It will take you to that story. As of this posting not all stories on this list have been posted yet.

UPDATE 1/10/16: Links directly to the story have started, An Active link is in CAP UNDERLINE for that story 

Dong := Dong : Toy violence: I get worked over witha bunch of large dongs and vibes.
Fruit := Fruit : My buddy works my ass good, with carrots, cucumbers and ears of corn.
Indeep := Indeep : A deep dicking experience with one of my LARGER encounters
Rudy := Rudy : A get my ass worked by a Huge black man.
Ream := Ream : An acquaintance reams out my asshole with a dick as thick as a beer can.
Ream2 := Dildo time : Another dildo workout.
Ream3 := Double Fuck : My first double anal penetration. MAN! Was I stretched!
Ream4 := Tom's Toys : Tom just loved to use his toys on my shaved asshole.
Ream5 := Ruined : In this story I get more than I wanted up my ass. Total Anal destruction!
Ream7 := Weekly workout : One very horny gentleman keeps me loose for a week. AssHole never the same after this experience
Ream8 := Ass reaming : Two guys take turns on my ass.
Ream9 := Days off : Anal masturbation. End ream series
Ganged := Ganged : My first gang bang with 3 guys and a video camera. Dave had a 13 cock! And slid it all the way up my ass!
Doctor := Wine bottle : A doctor friend who loves to stretch my asshole.
Training := Training : Anal training camp Part 1: Preparation
Training2 := Training2 : Anal training camp Part 2: 15 cock invasion
Tied := Bondage : One of my bondage experiences
john := Flattered : One of my encounters actually wrote his own story about little old me
Blacktop := Blacktopped! : Encounter with some pool guys, black tops with 9 and 11 take turns on my ass
Black := Double teamed: Roger and Jim my black friends, that love me as Gina. As they filled my ass all night last summer
Baseball := Baseball bat : More than I bargained for. A nasty man makes me beg him to stop as he opens my ass to accept a full size plastic baseball bat.
wide := Tiny : July 4th weekend 1999, anal play with Tiny, opening my ass with a beer bottle
green := Green :Anal antics with three large cucumbers.
boundtite := The Dungeon :Deep anal probings with heavy bondage session.
nfl := The NFL :This was sent to me following a anal session with this football player.
raped := Rape fisting :I was raped by a 5 fists, climaxing with punch fucking and double fisting!
cross := Crossdressing :Then Fisted!!
pool := The Pool :Non stop ass fisting session description of events.
ruiner := Anal Torture :A Sadistic ass fisting top ruins my asshole
torture := Elbow deep :Elbow deep ass fisting with sadistic intentions.
cottage := The cottage : An old man has his way with me and my asshole.
dog := Beastality : Fucked by a dog.
sleaze := Sleaze : Analboy in heat!, sleazy raunchy hardcore anal story
Punishment := Punishment :An Early Masters description of an bondage based anal session with me
travel := Traveling 3rd party :A story from the TOPS perspective, sent to me after the hotel encounter, I'm Flattered!
ponie := Horse Fucked :Analboy is ruined by a 4 wide x 20 long horse cock
bigger := Unbelievable : Fucked all day by monster cocks Scene 1.
bigger2 := Unbelievable Part 2 : Fucked all day by monster cocks Scene 2, the ass ruining machine.
horse2 := Horse Fucked II :Analboy is ruined by a 3 wide x 12 long horse cock, then creams his asshole BIG TIME
toywork := Asshole Opening :A graphic description on Analboy's ass opening method
naughty := Analslut :Analboy takes on three ass hungry Daddies
mike := Wrecker! :Ass fisted and raped
hilton := Escort :Analboy as a hired escort in this true tale about two Texas men
collapse := Prolapsed :Franks collapses Analboy's Asshole in a speculum stretching session
therecord := 3 fists at once :Ass fisted by three tops, to the elbow!
deepruff := Anal mutilation fisting :Fictional Master Peter ruins analboy's asshole!
unclegreg := Uncle Greg use me as a whore for him and his three friends
corncob := Corn-cobbed Analboy rapped and used outside in a cornfield
birthday := Birthday boy Analboy raped, then his asshole is destroyed
wrecker := Dr Rectum Wrecker Analboy takes on the rectum wrecker, and loses
pin := Analboy entertains a bunch of guys, the gets raped by a bowling pin
porn := Photo Session A typical Analboys amateur porn session
distend := Prolapsing John Prolapses Analboys asshole 2 outside his body
testimonial := Testimonial A comment from a Analboy Fan
demo := Classroom Demonstration
blaster := BDSM Anal Analboy, bound and double fisted!, in a story written by Wyvern
pop := Pop That Ring Jim Pops Analboys asshole ring muscle
wooden := Wooden Dildo Allen destroys Analboys rectum, with this device
assault := ASSault 2 crazed men hammer Analboy's asshole Outside
medical := Expand that anus! A medical procedure in rectal dilatation, HOT!
suggestions := Suggestions , Methods and procedures from visitors for Analboys rectal work
rectal := Rectal , WOW Severe ass work story
assdaddy := AssDaddy , Attack of the 11 Pole
king := Victor the Horse , Attempt at taking a 20 horse cock into my rectum
bar := Whored out , Analboy is Fisted for money in a redneck bar
powerdrill2 := Powerdrill that rectum , Kris spins a 3-1/2 wide dildo at 1100 rpm with the aid of workshop tools.
rectum := Rectum , Analboy's Asshole is blasted wide open with objects
pauldr := Dr. Paul , Dr Paul in a medical scene straightens out his colon with 15 insertions.
bedpost := The Bedpost , Greg damages Analboy's Rectum with a sawed off bedpost, 4 wide
tyronne := Tyronne the Anal Master : Takes Analboys rectum to the limit, making his asshole and rectum look like hamburger.** Story is missing
bicep := Big Stretch : Abnormal Assfisting.** Story is missing
theride := Roto Rooter his rectum : Analboy subjected to the Doctors rectum coring machine.** Story is missing
july := Please ruin my rectum! : 3 Men blow out his Analboys Asshole ring as they use him as a whore.
hell := Deep fist and fuck combo : Christian gets incredible depth into Analboy in this fisting story.
thevan := Deep fist and fuck combo : Analboy is brutally rape fisted by two men
competition := Kinky Doctor : Analboy is prepared for the anal dildo competition by vacuum pumping his rectum
rectumparty := Rectum Party : Analboy is punched fucked by 2 men, told by the Top who did it.
redmeat := Red Meat Tube : Analboy is worked over hard and ruff, until his rectum comes out his mutilated asshole.** Story is missing
digger := Double Fucked : Analboy asshole and piss slit are fucked in unison, then a large dog takes his asshole for a ride.
JAKE := Rectum Torture : Jake pummels Analboys Asshole in this BDSM scene
machineshop := Machine Shop : A home-made machine ruined Analboys Asshole when he undergoes a nasty session in the machine shop.
metalpan := Metal Pan : Two guys ruin Analboys ass-ring muscle with a dildo and a powerdrill
gathering := The Gathering : Analboy gangbanged, fisted then led to the barn for some horse and dog fuckings.
cowboy := The Cowboy : Analboy brutally fisted out and abused by Cowboy.
colonfist := Colon Fist : AssDaddy and friend get way up into his lower colon.
oldmen := Perverted old men : Used as an asshole whore by some perverted old men.
dennis := Dennis : Analboy comes to Dennis' Hotel room, where he mutilates the whores asshole ring muscle.
blackx := Sex Toy : Analboy asshole used and abused by a gang of black men.
armchair := Rectal Chair : Analboy Bound and anally abused for hours.
colonwork := Rectal destruction : Analboy asshole ring and colon bend muscle ruined.
sander := Sander : Analboy's asshole ring and piss slit are abused
henry := Henry : Henry and his assistant brutalize Analboys asshole and colon bend
revenge := Ted's Revenge : Ted gets back it Analboy, and takes it out on his asshole ring muscles.
battered := Battered Rectum : Extreme Double fisting Story
meathole := Meat Hole :Results from a 8 hour anal session
blue := Cheyenne :16 inch horse cock goes far into the colon bend
assring := Assring :Wrecking the assring muscle repeatedly
ididit := I did it :Wooden bed post into the colon bend
flower := Flower out my rectum :My rectum will never be the same
knee := Knee fucked :They destroyed my assring, then impaled me on his knee, sinking down on it.