Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Drilling his Asschute

Drilling his asschute

Analboy arrived at master Jeff house right on time, It was noon on a Wednesday, Sunny and warm. Jeff greeted him at the door. Analboy was stripped naked immedialty once the door was shut. He had already cleaned out his ass before arriving. Jeff doubled a large rubber band in two, then snapped it around the boys nutsack, nice and tight. Jeff had worked over Analboy at least 7-8 times already in the past two weeks, and new he was making his asshole even larger, today was the day to take his hole to a new limit. He led him down the basement stairs to a small bedroom with a nigh stand Analboy went along meekly as Jeff fixed his ankle to the restraints, then pulled on the rope attached to a pulley in the ceiling bring his ankles way above his head. He let go, twisted the rope and tied it off secure. Analboy on his back, ass hanging of the bed fully exposed for a good rectum wrecking. Jeff's eyes were big as saucers and fully dilated as he began setting things up for this hot anal session. With both hands he made short work of it and soon the dildos were greased and placed in a pan right below his exposed open asshole. Analboys Asshole has been used so many times, it really does not tighten up and remain always slightly gaped. His asshole ring must have lost some of its elasticity after all those 845 sessions. Head bowed in shame, his dull eyes watched him slide the slippery dildo back and forth in his hands. Nevertheless a gasp came from his lips as he drove the large dildo right up his rectum in one had push . One hand cupped his rubberbanded nuts while the other reamed his asshole out. Jeff slide a finger of his nut hand straight in along side the large dildo in the boys asshole, "UNNNH!". He pulled the dildo out and he bunched his hand into a full fist and began pushing steadily against his open used asshole, "OOOOOOOW!". Analboy began to respond to the intruding fingers and fist. His asshole unable to resist or clamp down anymore, Jeff's balled slide into his rectum with ease, his arm lunged into the slick, red rectum tunnel.
Maintaining him in this fully exposed position and pulling on the nut rope, he pulled the boy nutsack up and out of the way of his asshole, he forced his fist in deeper still into analboys rectum chute. Analboy moaned again and then suddenly snapped his head up in shock, Jeff had just lodged his fist into analboys colon bend. He watched transfixed as Jeff's arm went in farther and farther, Analboy's cheeks now butting up against his elbow. He was in deeper than the previous ass-fister had been earlier and I knew from the boy's look that his fist, like a massive cockhead had reached his damaged sphincter. Gritting his teeth with effort, he kept up a hard steady pressure, twisting as he pushed to work his ass grease onto his fist for lubrication. Pumping the rectum with his fists produced all kinds of ass juice. Jeff began to ease his second hand along side the one already in the boy.
Analboy's eyes bulged half way out of their sockets and his mouth began to contort in a painful grimace as his massive asshole began surrendering to Jeff's slippery twisting pressure. He had it halfway in now, the slut was about to get double fisted to ruin. Doubling over limply, Analboy's knees sagged and his stomach spasmed violently. His slippery anal muscle gave way completely as Jeff's hands popped through his back door with a mighty heave. So complete and sudden was his surrender that Jeff nearly lost his balance as his forward thrust carried him into him another five inches, his arm disappearing into his rectum beyond the elbow!, past the colon bend and up into the colon.
Jeff recovered and, spurred on by the shear depth in the colon, begin to fuck Analboy's ass with his arm. A wet suctioning noise filled the room as he pulled out to the elbow, keeping his balled fist just inside his anus. Still bound, he began to gasp quick breaths of relief, but shuddered over again as Jeff shoved it back in. He slid out again, held it a second, and pushed it back in. Then he started pumping slowly as his bowels began to loosen and coat him with assjuice. Bound, limp, blood rushing to his head, Analboy flopped around like a rag doll on the driving fist sliding up and down inside his colon. But the giant arm-phallus was beginning to have its effect on his well used asshole and he began grunting in rhythm with the slowly pumping arm. I couldn't believe after all he'd been through that he was responding to something like this!, Jeff was destroying his assring muscle and he loved every minute It was absolutely filthy, but watching it only made him more excited.
Analboy began grunting loudly, eeeeuunnnnh! nnyyyyyuh! unh!, his face alternately straining and relaxing as he forced himself back onto Jeff's arm with each inward stroke. It looked as if he was taking a hard shit, grunting to expel the log buried inside him, but every time he tried he slid it farther in. He was driving right into the lower colon and out with each thrust, straightening out the inner bend muscle for good. His worn out ass muscles helpless as the have lost clamping ability, Jeff could drive into him at will with little resistance. His anus acting like a cunt approaching orgasm. Analboys asshole spasms violently when he cums, causing the asshole to clap down in its meager way. he knew that if he came, while being fisted his asshole ring would be torn to shreds Jeff knew that too "Come sissy boy come!, come from anal you slut!" he barked
Hands locked on bent knees, he buck out of control on Jeff's jerking limb, his hard sissy cock bouncing hard against his stomach. Jeff kneaded his balls for a moment. The grunting stopped and his mouth began to contort into the familiar orgasmic stare. Sensing his begin to tremor and stiffen, Jeff socked his fist in and out of him like lightning, hammering the rectum at high speeds. Jeff was getting excited for the orgasm, hoping for huge spasms from the boys asshole Analboy was just beginning to shake He let out a huge scream, as cum shot from his cock and setting the violent spasms shooting through his rectum. Jeff went wild nailing his spasming asshole at high speed, determined to ruin the assmuscle. In a mater of 10 to 20 seconds during the orgasms, Jeff ticked off 50 plunges of the dildo into his rectum, Lube spewed from his open asshole. As his anal orgasm died, the plunges slowed in place to a very slow stroke. Jeff worked his tied off nuts, slowly reaming his ass, preparing him for a second round. His other friend, Tom was due to arrive any second, and just as he was thinking, Tom stood in the doorway
"Looks like you just got done, mutilating the sluts asshole" Tom smirked"Yep, and was about to take him to the absolute limit again, until he losses all control of his asshole muscle" Jeff stated"Let me help you. Hey look how big the whores nipples are?, His piss slit also looks like its been used several times" Tom said"Yep, been rodding out his piss slit, and working his nips too, please go get that metal pan on wheels and the urethral sound collection ok" Jeff told TomTom wheeled the metal tray table over to Analboy, Jeff was still stroking the rod in his asshole, working his nuts "Here lets clamp off the large nips with these clothes pins, Nice!. Tom, you should rubberband off each nut individually, like this" Tom removed the one large rubber-band around the nuts and banded each nut individually, it separated and lifted analboys nuts "Nice!, move the metal pan right under his sloppy asshole and have him push out the dildo for rectal inspection"The pan was moved into position, and the large dildo fell out of analboys asshole into the pan with a plop. His asshole red, open and hanging. Jeff eased four fingers from each hand to the knuckles in his asshole and pried the assring apart to the maximum"Nice rectum chute, give it a good fisting, Ill concentrate on the sluts nips and piss slit at the same time. Look the whores cock is coming back hard, round 2 begins!" Tom saidJeffs hand formed a fist and was eased into analboys asshole, and approval groan came out as he sank to the wrists. Jeffs other hand went back to the banded off nuts on the string. Tom, on the other hand, attached some clips to Analboys protruding girlish nipples. Tom then selected a pencil thick metal urethral sound, Analboy took it right in the piss slit with ease, as Tom pushed the rod to the base of the boys cock, then placed a rubberband tightly around the cockhead keeping the rod secured deep in the slit." Now its rectum destruction time boys!" Jeff said"Hey I got an idea, hold on, Ill be right back" Tom saidTom left the room, and soon returned with a power-drill and some mounting brackets."If we use the brackets, we can attach the biggest dildo to this power drill, and just core out his rectum, like cleaning a drain. His asshole muscle will never close again" Tom said"Great idea to break down the sluts asshole muscle, put this dildo on it, lets get started"A large 3 inch wide dildo with a nasty flared head was fitted to the drill, Tom hit the trigger to test the new rectum rooter. The drill whirled to life and spun at such a high speed, it was a blur."Now you straddle him and hold him down, while I drill him. Yes that's it, now spread his asscheeks" Jeff said Tom held down Analboy in a doggy position this time. He spread analboys cheeks wide revealing and extremely loose and open asshole"Ohh shit!, look at his asshole, he has to have one the of largest asshole I have ever saw!" Tom saidThe drill was brought forward and the flared head of the dildo popped into the boys open rectal cavity. "Ready, set go" Tom yelledTom hit the trigger, the drilled spun to life, at full RPM. Analboy lurched forward, and screamed but Tom held him tight, The flared head battered the asshole muscle, sending Analboy's body into convulsions, twisting and shaking as the drill damaged his asshole muscle in a matter of seconds. He began to whimper and scream as Jeff slowly sawed the contraption in and out of his rectum, dropping the drill a little slower in speed. The whore shot off a big cum shot even with the metal sound buried in his piss slit. Cum oozed from the side of the pencil thick rod, his cock head deformed from the rod, his piss slit was not a slit, but now a round hole. The drill stopped and the dildo left his asshole, it created a giant rectum tunnel all the way to the colon bend. Each man wanted to cream his new cavernous tunnel. Jeff was first. His 7 inch rock hard cock sank in Analboys battered rectum with no resistance."I cant feel anything, his asshole is too loose" Jeff said "Work the walls of his rectum or go in circles" Tom suggested Tom began pumping his dick in and out of Analboy at various angles and positions" Ohh found a good spot!, Fuck yea....feels great!, Take it boy..fill you up" Tom saidAnalboy's open asshole was making noises as Tom, let loose a huge cum shot blasting his open asshole with cream. He pulled out, wiping his cock head on Analboys Hamburger hole"My turn, hope my cock finds the same fold in his rectum as yours" Jeff said Jeff prodded and poked his cock around in the wrecked asshole"There it is ...oh baby thats nice" Jeff saidIt was only a matter of minutes when Jeff pulled out his cock, as a huge white spurt creamed the outside of the hamburger hole. The men cleaned up, leaving Analboy rest up for the next session.The end