Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Chuck Manahandles the Rectum

Chuck Manhandles the rectum

Chuck wanted nothing more then to slide his whole hand up my asshole with no resistance, so that his whole arm would sink in my rectum right up to the elbow in one smooth stroke. We agreed it would take several sessions to destroy my assring enough to reach his goal, I was hot to see it happen as well and document it for the website. Today would be BDSM Rectal training session #1

Session #1 I arrived at his house, clean out my rectal cavity, as he prepped the playroom. Massive dildos the size of 1 liter water bottles (3 ~ 4 inches wide) lined the shelf next to the small medical examining gyno chair. He also set up some incredible long (14+ inches), but skinny dongs for colon bend work. He wanted my pubes freshly shaven baby smooth at all times for the rectal training. I emerged from the bathroom, ready. He was totally turned on by the way my pubes were shaved"So slutty looking, ready to get your asshole destroyed boy?, Climb into the chair whore and let AssDaddy get into your rectum good" He saidI climbed into the chair, placed my ankles in stirrups. He grabbed my hips and slide, my ass down until, it almost huge of the edge. He then lifted my ass off the chair my grabbing both but cheeks and lifting. H spread the ass cheeks wide and let my but down, so my asscheeks were spread, with hole fully exposed hanging off the edge. he took a seat on the stool wheeled close to my exposed anus. "Nice shaved asshole..look you a little gaped already!, lets isolate off those nuts now" he saidChuck grabbed my nuts with thumb and forefinger right above the top of the nuts, isolating off the nuts. He snapped a thick rubber band around my nuts and removed his hand. Then he took a piece of string tied it around the rubber band, then feed it thru an eye hook in the ceiling, then down to him where he held the end in his hand. I pulled the string"Ohh gawd my nuts!" I said. "Yep, this will keep your nuts isolated off and up out of the way as I destroy your asshole today and for the next 10 sessions" he smirked I then put on a set of latex gloves on each hand and coated his hands with KY jelly, two fingers slipped into my loose asshole."Yea, let Daddy in that ass, you whore", as a third finger slipped in and swirled right on the assring. Then a watched in the mirror on the ceiling as he took a finger from the other hand, slid it along side of the other three, I could feel my assring muscle stretch taught"Relax that asshole, whore, I'm going wide into you first, then will work on depth in round two. Here hit these poppers, they are very strong"I hit the poppers hard, my asshole muscle went limp, as another finger found it way in"There goes your asshole, Nice" he said, pulling one hand way from my asshole, and slowly sliding the entire hand from the other into the asshole, The ring muscle accepted the widest part of his hand, then it sunk in to the wrist"My whole hand is in your rectum, slut" he said, pulling on the string to my nuts, pulling them"Hold on for dear life, time to trash out your hole real good" as he spun the closed fist in my asshole, then tried to pull it out, pulling the assring out with it, then closed fist was nearly out, right at the ass-ring muscle"Oh gawd my ring" I cried , then PLOP, the hand left my asshole, the asshole gaped out obnoxiously, as he picked up a dildo equal in width to the fist that just left my asshole, he plowed the dildo right up my ass chute with ease, right to the bottom of the rectum, knocking on the colon bend that was beginning to loosen up too. I grabbed my thighs and pulled my legs and ankles as high and way back as possible, giving him greater access and ability to nail the asshole good and hard. He began to pick up the pace, nailing the rectum on smooth powerfull strokes. You could feel and hear the assring muscle popping over the head with every pull out.

"Yea!, Nail that asshole, punish it Daddy" I said, as I rotated my hips on very downstroke, allowing the dong to begin to penetrate that inner ring. "Oh gawd there it goes up into me" I screamed as he slammed the dong home into my lower colon, my whole body shaking and convulsing as he worked it, my little cock swinging as he pounded the colon bend to ruin.