Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Anal Annihilation- "I did it"

Anal Annihilation- "I did it"

Anyway. There I was, belted and bound to that insidious, evil chair, (I love how that sounds, for that's the only thing it's there for, is to restrain me and pull my ass chute (literally) onto the pole that's waiting there) knees knocking, body trembling slightly with the effort of staying erect. I wanted to, I didn't want to. I knew my asshole would never be the same after these series of sessions. The anticipation was killing me (so to speak). Greg had really put all this together, apparently (and especially) with this in mind, to totally break down my assring muscle with a series of large dildos, combined with rectal pumpings and piss slit soundings, and I had this feeling that it was going to be a rough session for the ass chute. He'd amassed all that lube, readied it for deep injection into my colon bend, and set the dildo on the chair and lubed it while I laid on the bed concentrating on holding that huge expanding fuck toy deep up my rectum, with all the might I could muster, from inner sphincter to outer. I'll say this, he must have been boiling for days waiting for this opportunity to wreck my sphincter rings. I knew he wanted to make my ass chute open and hanging rectal tunnel from the outer assring all the way into the colon bend, one huge tunnel.
I could barely hold myself up with the anticipation and the action the restraints were having on me. With the restraints in place, well, seat belts like that, you know how they work. Pull them out of the holder, lock them into the buckle, and any excess you pull out gets pulled back in. You can't pull them back out until they've rolled all the way back in, which you know of course means that where the chair's concerned, I couldn't (can't) stand farther up. Once downward motion's in place, those belts are slowly going to pull me down.........wait for it....I know, I know, dear reader, you can almost taste the anticipation of the asshole annihilation . I want you to enjoy this journal like I enjoy experiences in the 'rocking' chair. Don't gobble it up, savor it.
At this point, all my energy was going into trying to both stand up and keep my rectum from coming out and prolapsing, forming a huge rosebud. Greg liked to watch the red meat come out from my worn out asshole, large red flowering rectum would comout and then he would rubberband it off and play with it, often times sliding his cock head in the rectum slit, coming all over it for his climax. Often, he would use a vacuum tube and pump out the red rectal meat for fun and pleasure. I don't know what flashed across my mind as I stood there against the edge of the chair, but whatever it was but my assring relaxed and I pushed/strained and it came out get the picture.
I didn't know how long I'd been holding myself off the edge of the chair, huge rosebud hanging, let alone how long it had been since Greg had first come home and caught me, starting this latest session of "timeless' fun. I also knew I didn't want to wait anymore. Before I could stop myself, I eased my knees a little and gripped the chair's arms in preparation of what was to come. I felt my rosebud slide back into my chute, but my assring muscle still yawned openly, non closing ring. A slight jerk on the belts as my body sagged downward brought me out of my reverie. Time to concentrate on my rectum. It was literally wobbling in anticipation, searching for the dildo that stood gloriously erect below. It had to be, with all the grease in and on my ass and undoubtedly on that dildo, too, it wouldn't be staying in place unless there was a solid suction cup base holding it firmly in place for my rectal opening, down on the wood of the chair seat many inches below.
Another jerk. How far was I off the chair? I'd surely be touching the head momentarily unless it was a plug, Or was he playing with me again? As that thought crossed my mind, my assring was introduced to Greg's (my) new dildo. My first thought as it brushed my cheeks was it was obviously really firm, and rock hard. It was wood; it was snaded real smooth, but not rough, assertive, and offensive, but definitely a rude intruder. It was one of those mighty three foot ramrods made of the harder kind of latex, my rectum was in real trouble, big wooden shaft in the ass. All that flashed across my mind in a splitsecond, along with the certainty I was probably still 10-11 inches off the chair! AND IT WAS BIG! REALLY WIDE! My asshole was telling me just from the way my cheeks were spreading already that it had to be a good 8-9inches in circumference, bigger than the width of a fist! I jerked up. 'I can't possibly take that much in my asshole! No!' But the jerk on the belts pulled me back down firmly and somewhat rudely. Before I realized it, the glorious head was lodged firmly around my ring and knocking on my backdoor. I wanted it, but I didn't want to let it in! I'd be split! "Yes! No! No! Yes! No!" ran through my head. It was either me or the dildo. Something had to give, and of course, the dildo had the advantage. I relaxed, and my ring flowered open; but that mighty monster wanted inside my cavity (or should I say, my booty!) A wail of need and desire ran through my head as my need ruin my rectum excelled. I could help myself anymore! I had to have it! My bowels trembled in need, my hungry assring trembled with desire. 'I'm gonna prolapse again! Ohh, no!' I lost the battle of wills as I started to lose control of my rectum. My asshole opened to try and let the rectum squirt out; but physics and that greasy monster cock outside my backdoor won out. As my hole dilated, that mega-dick peeked inside.
Slippery and greasy, that mighty monster had won the right of entry and was meaningfully asserting itself. I could feel my rosebud being pushed into as my ass widened to accommodate that gloriously huge dildo. Feeling that took me into a zone of nothing but feeling as all my senses focused on what was happening to my asshole.
'Oh, my God! It's huge! It'll never fit! I'm gonna split wide open! Eeeeee-uhhh! Ahhh! Ooooo!Oh! Oh my hole! It's really widening! It's REALLY dilating! This things actually going.........OHHHHHHHH! oH MY....MY ASSHOLE! Oh my God! It's actually going in! No! Shit it out! Don't! I can't push it out! It's going in now! It's gonna go all the way in, I can't keep it out anymore! IT'S GOING IN! OH MY GOD!
(At this point, while I knew I was slowly sitting down, I would have sworn on a stack of bibles I was lying on my side again. All I could feel was that mighty tool pushing itself slowly, so deliciously slowly, up my rectal cavity.) Aahh! Oh, my god. Oh my ass! I can't believe my ass is accommodating this thing! (Note:though it never consciously occurred to me, I was feeling no pain whatsoever. It didn't even feel like that monster had injured my sphincter in any way! Well, why should it have? There was probably a gallon of lube to ease the initial entry (nevermind the lube waiting to grease the ways inside!) Slowly that mighty monster made its way deeper into my hole. 'Shit! ARrrrrh! OOOOOO! Oh my, oh my, ohmi, ohmigoooooooooddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy cow this things just slipping right up there! Hell, boy, it should, there's enough vaseline in your ass to lube a hundred dildos! Oh gaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwddddddd! When's this thing gonna stop? Feels like a foot in there already!!! (At that point, it was about halfway up(or was I halfway down?)) Slowly I kept sinking onto that dildo and it kept sinking into my asshole! At that point, I couldn't even think clearly. My ass was happy, and I wanted to just hold that ass jamming pole right where it was and just wait for the orgasm to come. But I couldn't! I tensed and tightened the muscles in my asshole, but the ring had lost all elasticty and could no longer clamp down tight, but that dick was just too lubed to stop. I knew it was going to go all the way to the hilt, right into the colon. When it did, it'd bang right into my anal g-spot and throw me over the edge. I wanted it. I didn't. If I did, I might hurt something inside. 'What the hell, slut, you're probably going to need a butt doctor to take this mighty monster out, anyway! I can't hold myself up anymore! I gotta sit down! All the way down! Just relax........oooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' As I relaxed, that rude dude in my chute slid all the way in for a home run. I was finally able to clamp my ass cheeks firmly around the base, and the impact when I hit bottom (literally!) was so GOOD that I involuntarily had to pee. Water everywhere. Meanwhile,that pole slammed into my anal g-spot. It threw me into another dimension. All I could feel was that tree trunk lodged more deeply than anything that had ever been up my ass before. I had to move! I rocked back and forth, riding that mighty shit-fucking pole for all it was worth. Then i heard a humm of an electric motor. The mighty rectum wreck dong, lurched forward, opening the colon bend muscle and popping into the colon, then it reversed it course quickly and plopped out. Faster and faster the pace picked up, nailing my chute at high speed.

Oh my GOD it was great! 'Oh YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!SO GOOD! SO GOOD! SO GOOD! UP MY ASS, BABY! ALL THE WAY! RUIN MY ASSHOLE! UP MY RECTUM !FUCK MY ASS! Fucking my asshole soooooooooo goooooooooddddd! Deep in my asshole! DEEP IN MY ASS! Can it get any deeper than this, right into the colon! Oh!Oh!Oh!Oh!Ohohohohohohohohohohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii'mmmmmmm coooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiii iiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All I could feel was waves and waves of lightning ecstasy pouring from my cock and that mighty pole all the way up my chute, reaming me out. Another massive thrust into the colon, another ooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDD DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!Ah!Ah!Ah!Ah!Ah!Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!! OOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!Oh god my bald cock is shooting so hard! NNNNNnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggghhhh! Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii reecctuumm !Oh my aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssss hole!UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP MMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYBUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTT TTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG!'

I lost track of how many times that dildo reamed my chute with full 14 inch strokes, Somewhere in the middle of the 50 or 60th time, I was so blown out with pleasure I lost consciousness. Butt, it wasn't over yet, diary. Greg left me there for heaven knows how long. Somewhere much later, my body clock said probably three or four hours had passed altogether (wow! that much time with almost all but the first several minutes with one or another HUGE thing shoved up my ass!!) Greg woke me when he was freeing me from the belts. I felt his hand on my arm. I weakly pushed on the arms of the chair and tried to stand up. That mighty monster asserted itself, reminding my I still had a major pole up my hole. I clenched it in and stood. Greg marched me over to the bed and sat me down. Oooh! Felt good when that dildo made contact with the mattress. Slamma ramma jamma in my ass, baby! I lay back, and Greg wasted no time in ripping the monster out and slamming his dickmeat home in my wrecked asshole. From his perspective, I'd put on one hell of a show. He was so turned on, he couldn't wait to get in there. When he entered me, my ring was in bad shape, i could feel nothing until he slid his hand inside my chute as well, and jacked off inside my rectum, sending me over the edge again! Oh!oh!Oh!OH!OH!OH!OH!OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHH HHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He shot a huge load into my poor asshole, and continued the fisting assault, alternate hand fisting, left, right, left, right one after the other. I lost it again a third time as I felt my rectum prolapse and flower out the chute. More hot cream shooting all over the rectal meat again. "I DID IT!" was the last thing that passed through my mind as I passed out again, Greg continued punching and prolapsing my rectum over and over.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Drilling his Asschute

Drilling his asschute

Analboy arrived at master Jeff house right on time, It was noon on a Wednesday, Sunny and warm. Jeff greeted him at the door. Analboy was stripped naked immedialty once the door was shut. He had already cleaned out his ass before arriving. Jeff doubled a large rubber band in two, then snapped it around the boys nutsack, nice and tight. Jeff had worked over Analboy at least 7-8 times already in the past two weeks, and new he was making his asshole even larger, today was the day to take his hole to a new limit. He led him down the basement stairs to a small bedroom with a nigh stand Analboy went along meekly as Jeff fixed his ankle to the restraints, then pulled on the rope attached to a pulley in the ceiling bring his ankles way above his head. He let go, twisted the rope and tied it off secure. Analboy on his back, ass hanging of the bed fully exposed for a good rectum wrecking. Jeff's eyes were big as saucers and fully dilated as he began setting things up for this hot anal session. With both hands he made short work of it and soon the dildos were greased and placed in a pan right below his exposed open asshole. Analboys Asshole has been used so many times, it really does not tighten up and remain always slightly gaped. His asshole ring must have lost some of its elasticity after all those 845 sessions. Head bowed in shame, his dull eyes watched him slide the slippery dildo back and forth in his hands. Nevertheless a gasp came from his lips as he drove the large dildo right up his rectum in one had push . One hand cupped his rubberbanded nuts while the other reamed his asshole out. Jeff slide a finger of his nut hand straight in along side the large dildo in the boys asshole, "UNNNH!". He pulled the dildo out and he bunched his hand into a full fist and began pushing steadily against his open used asshole, "OOOOOOOW!". Analboy began to respond to the intruding fingers and fist. His asshole unable to resist or clamp down anymore, Jeff's balled slide into his rectum with ease, his arm lunged into the slick, red rectum tunnel.
Maintaining him in this fully exposed position and pulling on the nut rope, he pulled the boy nutsack up and out of the way of his asshole, he forced his fist in deeper still into analboys rectum chute. Analboy moaned again and then suddenly snapped his head up in shock, Jeff had just lodged his fist into analboys colon bend. He watched transfixed as Jeff's arm went in farther and farther, Analboy's cheeks now butting up against his elbow. He was in deeper than the previous ass-fister had been earlier and I knew from the boy's look that his fist, like a massive cockhead had reached his damaged sphincter. Gritting his teeth with effort, he kept up a hard steady pressure, twisting as he pushed to work his ass grease onto his fist for lubrication. Pumping the rectum with his fists produced all kinds of ass juice. Jeff began to ease his second hand along side the one already in the boy.
Analboy's eyes bulged half way out of their sockets and his mouth began to contort in a painful grimace as his massive asshole began surrendering to Jeff's slippery twisting pressure. He had it halfway in now, the slut was about to get double fisted to ruin. Doubling over limply, Analboy's knees sagged and his stomach spasmed violently. His slippery anal muscle gave way completely as Jeff's hands popped through his back door with a mighty heave. So complete and sudden was his surrender that Jeff nearly lost his balance as his forward thrust carried him into him another five inches, his arm disappearing into his rectum beyond the elbow!, past the colon bend and up into the colon.
Jeff recovered and, spurred on by the shear depth in the colon, begin to fuck Analboy's ass with his arm. A wet suctioning noise filled the room as he pulled out to the elbow, keeping his balled fist just inside his anus. Still bound, he began to gasp quick breaths of relief, but shuddered over again as Jeff shoved it back in. He slid out again, held it a second, and pushed it back in. Then he started pumping slowly as his bowels began to loosen and coat him with assjuice. Bound, limp, blood rushing to his head, Analboy flopped around like a rag doll on the driving fist sliding up and down inside his colon. But the giant arm-phallus was beginning to have its effect on his well used asshole and he began grunting in rhythm with the slowly pumping arm. I couldn't believe after all he'd been through that he was responding to something like this!, Jeff was destroying his assring muscle and he loved every minute It was absolutely filthy, but watching it only made him more excited.
Analboy began grunting loudly, eeeeuunnnnh! nnyyyyyuh! unh!, his face alternately straining and relaxing as he forced himself back onto Jeff's arm with each inward stroke. It looked as if he was taking a hard shit, grunting to expel the log buried inside him, but every time he tried he slid it farther in. He was driving right into the lower colon and out with each thrust, straightening out the inner bend muscle for good. His worn out ass muscles helpless as the have lost clamping ability, Jeff could drive into him at will with little resistance. His anus acting like a cunt approaching orgasm. Analboys asshole spasms violently when he cums, causing the asshole to clap down in its meager way. he knew that if he came, while being fisted his asshole ring would be torn to shreds Jeff knew that too "Come sissy boy come!, come from anal you slut!" he barked
Hands locked on bent knees, he buck out of control on Jeff's jerking limb, his hard sissy cock bouncing hard against his stomach. Jeff kneaded his balls for a moment. The grunting stopped and his mouth began to contort into the familiar orgasmic stare. Sensing his begin to tremor and stiffen, Jeff socked his fist in and out of him like lightning, hammering the rectum at high speeds. Jeff was getting excited for the orgasm, hoping for huge spasms from the boys asshole Analboy was just beginning to shake He let out a huge scream, as cum shot from his cock and setting the violent spasms shooting through his rectum. Jeff went wild nailing his spasming asshole at high speed, determined to ruin the assmuscle. In a mater of 10 to 20 seconds during the orgasms, Jeff ticked off 50 plunges of the dildo into his rectum, Lube spewed from his open asshole. As his anal orgasm died, the plunges slowed in place to a very slow stroke. Jeff worked his tied off nuts, slowly reaming his ass, preparing him for a second round. His other friend, Tom was due to arrive any second, and just as he was thinking, Tom stood in the doorway
"Looks like you just got done, mutilating the sluts asshole" Tom smirked"Yep, and was about to take him to the absolute limit again, until he losses all control of his asshole muscle" Jeff stated"Let me help you. Hey look how big the whores nipples are?, His piss slit also looks like its been used several times" Tom said"Yep, been rodding out his piss slit, and working his nips too, please go get that metal pan on wheels and the urethral sound collection ok" Jeff told TomTom wheeled the metal tray table over to Analboy, Jeff was still stroking the rod in his asshole, working his nuts "Here lets clamp off the large nips with these clothes pins, Nice!. Tom, you should rubberband off each nut individually, like this" Tom removed the one large rubber-band around the nuts and banded each nut individually, it separated and lifted analboys nuts "Nice!, move the metal pan right under his sloppy asshole and have him push out the dildo for rectal inspection"The pan was moved into position, and the large dildo fell out of analboys asshole into the pan with a plop. His asshole red, open and hanging. Jeff eased four fingers from each hand to the knuckles in his asshole and pried the assring apart to the maximum"Nice rectum chute, give it a good fisting, Ill concentrate on the sluts nips and piss slit at the same time. Look the whores cock is coming back hard, round 2 begins!" Tom saidJeffs hand formed a fist and was eased into analboys asshole, and approval groan came out as he sank to the wrists. Jeffs other hand went back to the banded off nuts on the string. Tom, on the other hand, attached some clips to Analboys protruding girlish nipples. Tom then selected a pencil thick metal urethral sound, Analboy took it right in the piss slit with ease, as Tom pushed the rod to the base of the boys cock, then placed a rubberband tightly around the cockhead keeping the rod secured deep in the slit." Now its rectum destruction time boys!" Jeff said"Hey I got an idea, hold on, Ill be right back" Tom saidTom left the room, and soon returned with a power-drill and some mounting brackets."If we use the brackets, we can attach the biggest dildo to this power drill, and just core out his rectum, like cleaning a drain. His asshole muscle will never close again" Tom said"Great idea to break down the sluts asshole muscle, put this dildo on it, lets get started"A large 3 inch wide dildo with a nasty flared head was fitted to the drill, Tom hit the trigger to test the new rectum rooter. The drill whirled to life and spun at such a high speed, it was a blur."Now you straddle him and hold him down, while I drill him. Yes that's it, now spread his asscheeks" Jeff said Tom held down Analboy in a doggy position this time. He spread analboys cheeks wide revealing and extremely loose and open asshole"Ohh shit!, look at his asshole, he has to have one the of largest asshole I have ever saw!" Tom saidThe drill was brought forward and the flared head of the dildo popped into the boys open rectal cavity. "Ready, set go" Tom yelledTom hit the trigger, the drilled spun to life, at full RPM. Analboy lurched forward, and screamed but Tom held him tight, The flared head battered the asshole muscle, sending Analboy's body into convulsions, twisting and shaking as the drill damaged his asshole muscle in a matter of seconds. He began to whimper and scream as Jeff slowly sawed the contraption in and out of his rectum, dropping the drill a little slower in speed. The whore shot off a big cum shot even with the metal sound buried in his piss slit. Cum oozed from the side of the pencil thick rod, his cock head deformed from the rod, his piss slit was not a slit, but now a round hole. The drill stopped and the dildo left his asshole, it created a giant rectum tunnel all the way to the colon bend. Each man wanted to cream his new cavernous tunnel. Jeff was first. His 7 inch rock hard cock sank in Analboys battered rectum with no resistance."I cant feel anything, his asshole is too loose" Jeff said "Work the walls of his rectum or go in circles" Tom suggested Tom began pumping his dick in and out of Analboy at various angles and positions" Ohh found a good spot!, Fuck yea....feels great!, Take it boy..fill you up" Tom saidAnalboy's open asshole was making noises as Tom, let loose a huge cum shot blasting his open asshole with cream. He pulled out, wiping his cock head on Analboys Hamburger hole"My turn, hope my cock finds the same fold in his rectum as yours" Jeff said Jeff prodded and poked his cock around in the wrecked asshole"There it is ...oh baby thats nice" Jeff saidIt was only a matter of minutes when Jeff pulled out his cock, as a huge white spurt creamed the outside of the hamburger hole. The men cleaned up, leaving Analboy rest up for the next session.The end

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Story Descriptions and Navigating

This is a list of all the stories, IF the title is in CAPS, a direct link is available. If not, you will have to search the labels posting to find it.. I will eventually have all of these stories linked to this page. Newest Entries are at the bottom of the list


UPDATE 3/29/16: added latest link DOCTOR
UPDATE 4/2/16 added 2 links, deepruff and corncob
UPDATE 4/23/16 added KINK link
UPDATE 5/10/16 added DISTEND and PIN
UPDATE 5/27/16 added RUINER and  UNCLEGREG
UPDATE 6/22/16 added HORSE2
UPDATE 8/1/16 added PORN 
ADDED 8/11/16 added MASTERT
ADDED 8/23/16 added WIDE
ADDED 9/17/16 WIDE2
ADDED 10/4/17 DR LAY

DAMAGED: Analboys rectum and asshole are permanently altered,
Dong : I get worked over with a bunch of large dongs and vibes.
Fruit : My buddy works my ass good, with carrots, cucumbers and ears of corn.
Indeep  A deep dicking experience with one of my LARGER encounters
Rudy : A get my ass worked by a Huge black man.
REAM: An acquaintance reams out my asshole with a dick as thick as a beer can.
Ream2 : Another dildo workout.
Ream3 : My first double anal penetration. MAN! Was I stretched!
Ream4 : Tom just loved to use his toys on my shaved asshole.
Ream5 : In this story I get more than I wanted up my ass. Total Anal destruction!
Ream7 : One very horny gentleman keeps me loose for a week. AssHole never the same after this experience
Ream8 : Two guys take turns on my asshole.
Ream9 : Days off - Anal masturbation. End ream series
Ganged : My first gang bang with 3 guys and a video camera. Dave had a 13 cock! And slid it all the way up my ass!
DOCTOR : A doctor friend who loves to stretch my asshole.
Training : Anal training camp : Preparation for massive cocks
Tied : One of my bondage experiences
john : One of my encounters actually wrote his own story about little old me
BLACKTOP : Encounter with some pool guys, black tops with 9 and 11 take turns on my ass
BLACK : Roger and Jim my black friends, that love me as Gina. As they filled my ass all night last summer
BASEBALL : More than I bargained for. A nasty man makes me beg him to stop as he opens my ass to accept a full size plastic baseball bat.
WIDE:July 4th weekend 2010, anal play with Tiny, opening my ass with a beer bottle.
WIDE2: Tiny continues to assault on my rectum.
green :Anal antics with three large cucumbers.
BOUNDTITE :Deep anal probings with heavy bondage session.
nfl :This was sent to me following a anal session with this football player.
raped :I was raped by a 5 fists, climaxing with punch fucking and double fisting!
CROSS: Cross Dressing Then Fisted!!
pool := The Pool :Non stop ass fisting session description of events.
RUINER:= Anal Torture :A Sadistic ass fisting top ruins my asshole
torture := Elbow deep :Elbow deep ass fisting with sadistic intentions.
COTTAGE := The cottage : An old man has his way with me and my asshole.
DOG := Beastality : Fucked by a dog.
sleaze := Sleaze : Analboy in heat!, sleazy raunchy hardcore anal story
Punishment := Punishment :An Early Masters description of an bondage based anal session with me
travel := Traveling 3rd party :A story from the TOPS perspective, sent to me after the hotel encounter, I'm Flattered!
ponie := Horse Fucked :Analboy is ruined by a 4 wide x 20 long horse cock
BIGGER := Unbelievable : Fucked all day by monster cocks Scene 1.
BIGGER2 := Unbelievable Part 2 : Fucked all day by monster cocks Scene 2, the ass ruining machine.
HORSE2 := Horse Fucked II :Analboy is ruined by a 3 wide x 12 long horse cock, then creams his asshole BIG TIME
toywork := Asshole Opening :A graphic description on Analboy's ass opening method
naughty := Analslut :Analboy takes on three ass hungry Daddies
BIRTH:= Rectum Wrecker! :Ass fisted and raped-the first encounter
hilton := Escort :Analboy as a hired escort in this true tale about two Texas men
collapse := Prolapsed :Franks collapses Analboy's Asshole in a speculum stretching session
therecord := 3 fists at once :Ass fisted by three tops, to the elbow!
DEEP-RUFF := Anal mutilation fisting :Fictional Master Peter ruins analboy's asshole!
UNCLEGREG := Uncle Greg use me as a anal whore for him and his three friends
CORNCOB  := Corn-cobbed Analboy rapped and used outside in a cornfield
birthday := Birthday boy Analboy raped, then his asshole is destroyed
wrecker := Dr Rectum Wrecker Analboy takes on the rectum wrecker, and loses
BOWLING PIN := Analboy entertains a bunch of guys, the gets raped by a bowling pin
PORN := Photo Session A typical Analboys amateur porn session
DISTEND := Prolapsing John Prolapses Analboys asshole 2 outside his body
testimonial := Testimonial A comment from a Analboy Fan
demo := Classroom Demonstration
blaster := BDSM Anal Analboy, bound and double fisted!, in a story written by Wyvern
pop := Pop That Ring Jim Pops Analboys asshole ring muscle
wooden := Wooden Dildo Allen destroys Analboys rectum, with this device
assault := ASSault 2 crazed men hammer Analboy's asshole Outside
medical := Expand that anus! A medical procedure in rectal dilatation, HOT!
suggestions := Suggestions , Methods and procedures from visitors for Analboys rectal work
RECTAL:= Rectal , WOW Severe ass work story
assdaddy := AssDaddy , Attack of the 11 Pole
KING := King the Horse , Attempt at taking a 20 horse cock into my rectum.
bar := Whored out , Analboy is Fisted for money in a redneck bar
POWERDRILL2:= Powerdrill that rectum , Kris spins a 3-1/2 wide dildo at 1100 rpm with the aid of workshop tools, then brutalizes his rectum on a saw-z-all
rectum := Rectum , Analboy's Asshole is blasted wide open with objects
pauldr := Dr. Paul , Dr Paul in a medical scene straightens out his colon with 15 insertions.
BEDPOST:= The Bedpost , Greg damages Analboy's Rectum with a sawed off bedpost, 4 wide
tyronne := Tyronne the Anal Master : Takes Analboys rectum to the limit, making his asshole and rectum look like hamburger.** Story is missing
bicep := Big Stretch : Abnormal Assfisting.** Story is missing
theride := Roto Rooter his rectum : Analboy subjected to the Doctors rectum coring machine.** Story is missing
JULY := Please ruin my rectum! : 3 Men blow out his Analboys Asshole ring as they use him as a whore.
hell := Deep fist and fuck combo : Christian gets incredible depth into Analboy in this fisting story.
thevan := Deep fist and fuck combo : Analboy is brutally rape fisted by two men
COMPETETION := Kinky Doctor : Analboy is prepared for the anal dildo competition by vacuum pumping his rectum
rectumparty := Rectum Party : Analboy is punched fucked by 2 men, told by the Top who did it.
redmeat := Red Meat Tube : Analboy is worked over hard and ruff, until his rectum comes out his mutilated asshole.** Story is missing
DIGGER := Double Fucked : Analboy asshole and piss slit are fucked in unison, then a large dog takes his asshole for a ride.
JAKE := Rectum Torture : Jake pummels Analboys Asshole in this BDSM scene
MACHINESHOP := Machine Shop : A home-made machine ruined Analboys Asshole when he undergoes a nasty session in the machine shop.
METALPAN := Metal Pan : Two guys ruin Analboys ass-ring muscle with a dildo and a powerdrill
gathering := The Gathering : Analboy gangbanged, fisted then led to the barn for some horse and dog fuckings.
COWBOY := The Cowboy : Analboy brutally fisted out and abused by Cowboy.
COLONFIST := Colon Fist : AssDaddy and friend get way up into his lower colon.
oldmen := Perverted old men : Used as an asshole whore by some perverted old men.
DENNIS:= Dennis : Analboy comes to Dennis' Hotel room, where he mutilates the whores asshole ring muscle.
BLACKX:= Sex Toy : Analboy asshole used and abused by a gang of black men.
ARMCHAIR:= Rectal Chair : Analboy Bound and anally abused for hours.
COLONWORK:= Rectal destruction : Analboy asshole ring and colon bend muscle ruined.
sander := Sander : Analboy's asshole ring and piss slit are abused
henry := Henry : Henry and his assistant brutalize Analboys asshole and colon bend
revenge := Ted's Revenge : Ted gets back it Analboy, and takes it out on his asshole ring muscles.
BATTERED := Battered Rectum : Extreme Double fisting Story
meathole := Meat Hole :Results from a 8 hour anal session
BLUE:= Cheyenne :16 inch horse cock goes far into the colon bend
assring := Assring :Wrecking the assring muscle repeatedly
IDIDIT := I did it :Wooden bed post into the colon bend
flower := Flower out my rectum :My rectum will never be the same
knee := Knee fucked :They destroyed my assring, then impaled me on his knee, sinking down on it. 
MASTERT := Master T and the popper machine: Rectum drilling in the Anal Dungeon with Master T.
HELEN:= Granny Helen cums hard watching Analboys Rectum get plowed by her horse and mule teams daily
SANTA:= Analboy is brutally fisted by Sanata, and Anally Raped by his 8 reindeer
HUMAN RECTUM:= Analboy becomes the "human rectum" for Master M and the gang.
RUINED:= They mutilated his rectum!
DR LAY= Anal Sadist, mutilates Analboys Asshole

The Competition

The Competition

When the announcement regarding a competition for deepest dildo impalement and ass ring width stretching, Analboys Sadistic Daddy Dean new Analboy should be signed up and could probably take 1st place in the width category. Daddy Dean new a kinky doctor that could prepare Analboys rectum for the competition. He had an appointment set up for Saturday morning to see the Doc. The same doctor that had prolapsed his rectum repeatedly during the last visit. They drove over that Saturday. Daddy Dean waited in the makeshift waiting room filled with all kinds of porn and kinky sex things to get off on.

Analboy first scream had come from the immensely large 3 inch wide rod that had been impaled upon him as he was set on the table top. The second was caused by the sudden expansion of that rod, stretching his already worn out asshole to a new size. His first cum shot flew from his sissy cock, he then slumped over to one side as his ass was locked to the middle of the table by the anal locking rod. The doctor turned the boy around, twisting the skin around his rectum, pressed a button on the table, and the rod tilted back, allowing the boy to be laid flat on his back. The doc hit the green button on the side and the massive rod lurched forward into a series of violent 10 inch thrusts deep into Analboys rectum sending him screaming The doctor had to test Analboy's body to make sure it would be able to withstand the upcoming competition. For all the experiments, he needed the boy to be sexed up and able to receive brutal analwork, so he gave the boy an injection in his butt, awaiting the reaction. Within seconds, Analboy asshole ring went completely loose and he was moaning loudly reaching for the huge object lodge tightly is his ass.
The doctor proceeded with the tests. Directly across from Analboy's outspread thighs stood an instrument against the wall with two cables hanging out of it. There were clamp looking attachments on the ends of the two cables which were snugly fitted to each of Analboy's rubber-banded off balls. The boy groaned loudly again as the clamps around his balls totally lifted and separated the nut sack. Bring attention to his smoothly shaven well used asshole. The doctor pressed a button on the machine and the slack was taken up by two winch like mechanisms operated by the computerized control panel. Once all the slack was taken, the winches began to tighten the cables and pulling Analboy's balls away from him. Analboy stared at his naked, hairless crotch as the balls were out of the way for the doctor to work his rectum. The skin was pulled so tightly that a song could be played on it like it was a guitar. Analboy didn't have to look to tell that the pull on the cables was increasing even more. He felt like he was also being pulled harder onto the rod that was packed in his ass, driving it deeper and deeper. The doctor, having no concern for the boy's discomfort, seized the balls from him and kneaded his balls and cock in his hands in his right hand. He continued to roll the large balls around in his fingers, testing them for signs of swelling. Satisfied with the results, he released the hairless balls once again.

Analboy groggily watched the doctor walk toward him carrying a latex dildo with measurement increments on it. The base read fourteen inches, the width was marked at 3 inches. Analboy's butt suddenly was empty as the lock holding him was released, but his hole never shrank to a size that was more natural. But this was quickly replaced with the dildo which was crammed in all the way to the 11" mark. "Uh-oh!" the doc said. "This may disqualify you here. You must be able to take the entire fourteen inches to qualify. Let me get your master." He walked out of the room, leaving Analboy there and returned with Dean and Macaulay following close behind. The doc looked at Dean. "I wanted you to see the disqualification for yourself, Dean, so there would be no mistake. This is as far is it will go." "No! No, no, no! I want to do this! Is there something you can do?" Dean demanded angrily. "I'm afraid I can't. The boy is simply not able to take the whole fourteen inches and he must be able to in order to compete." We'll see about that! That boy is going in and I'll see to that right now!" All at once, Dean placed his hand on the end of the dildo that was still hanging out of Analboy's butt and shoved with all his might. Suddenly, something gave and Analboy let out a terrified scream as the rest of the dildo went right passed his colon bend and was buried to the base in his abused hole. "There," Dean bragged. "He can take it. He's in, right?" Dean pumped the whole thing in and out, each time meeting resistance at eleven inches, but shoving it on in anyway. "That's it!, work the colon bend..ruin it. Keep working the colon, there are still a few more tests." Without bothering to take the fourteen inch dildo out of Analboy's ass, the doctor brought another, more flexible dildo out of a drawer and poked the end in Analboy's mouth. He shoved and the boy had no choice but to swallow the monster or have his brain pushed out through his neck. The dock shoved the rubber dick into the face of the terror stricken boy who could not scream from the lack of air. The entire twelve inches of the oral dildo was now buried in Analboy's mouth. The boy could not breath and the doctor was timing him with his watch. After several seconds of no air, Analboy was becoming genuinely horrified once again. It had been a minute and a half and the dick was still in his throat, blocking his air flow. The boy was becoming dizzy as the watch reached two minutes and thirty seconds. The doc grasped the end of the dildo, and as soon as his watch reached three minutes, he pulled the dildo out of the boy's mouth. He instantly sucked in his precious air only to be let out again by an animalistic ,moan as a long tube was pushed into his pisshole. "Yea working both holes whore" The doctor said "Might even induce a complete rectal prolapse in you if I get my way" He looked down to find the doctor slowly inching the lubricated tube into his rock hard dick. He could feel it now entering the base of his cock. The doctor inched it forward about two more inches, then stopped. He attached the other end of the hose to a strange looking machine on which he flipped a switch. Analboy felt the tube fuck his piss lit back and forth. After the doctor worked on his findings for a few seconds he prepared the large penis pump for the boys rectum, he called Dean and Macaulay back in and told them that Analboy was almost qualified for the competition except that he must ruin both colon bend and asshole ring so his rectum will prolapse. He could get most of his rectum out using the industrial strength vacuum system here in the office."I need him to prolapse out because boys who can't pull there rectum out, can't be in the competition. It would be unfair to the other competitors."With that, he reached up from the ceiling and brought down an Large penis pump hooked the a large vacuum tube attached to the wall the tube was fitted over Analboys open assring. Huge ass lips formed instantly as the Doc pushed a button on the apparatus and a vacuum formed inside, causing his ass ring to get sucked inside. Analboy felt the great pleasure the tube started milking his rectum in the suction. The quick pumping action brought Analboy close to orgasm as the rectum started into the tube and in less than three minutes. The tube was filled with his rectal meat as ropes of cum splattered Analboys chest The doctor noted now many squirts came out of the kid's jerking dick and the approximate amount of cum, which was about five tablespoons. "My," the doc said, "he is a real whore, isn't he. Look at all that cum! All caused by his rectal meat coming out" his cocked jumped; the pump still pumping hard on Analboy's rectum. The boy could feel a second orgasm building inside him. The doctor saw this in the boy's face and dropped the vacuum from seven p.s.i. to two p.s.i., almost a total vacuum. The boy's rectum swelled inside the tube, and in an instant, the vacuum caused a complete rectal prolapse into the tube. Analboy moaned louder in great pleasure but also gaining pain as the suction on his rectum seemed to be trying to explode his chute. The doc increased the milking speed as well, sending Analboy over the edge. He quickly shot another load of cum as a series of anal spasmed shook his whole body, filling the chamber even more with his red rectum. Analboy was now having slight involuntary spasms from the overdone pleasure that his sensitive rectum was being subjected to. the doctor let the machine run at it's current speed, but then started a pumping action on the vacuum as well. Analboy's rectum swelled and shrank to the rhythm of the vacuum. This brought even more pleasure to the boy and he already felt a third orgasm boiling inside him. His rectum was slick and shiny in the clear tube as the machine mercilessly pumped the helpless boy's rectum over and over. Analboy rolled his head back and forth as waves of fantastic ecstasy coursed through his crotch and throughout his body. He felt a short contraction under his balls followed once again by a rocket of cum splattering against the top of the rectum tube. The doctor stared in disbelief at the amount of rectal prolapse made by the vacuum tube, but he made note of it and let the pump continue. Analboy's eyes were now glazed over as he lay there, totally giving up on trying to cum. As the fourth orgasm came around, Analboy did not react since his energy was lost. He felt the throws of agonizing pleasure but made no reactions at all as his dick shot yet another load of cum. This load was much smaller than the last, but a few drops did spill. The doctor stared wide-eyed and amazed at the boy's drooling dick. "I have to keep this up until nothing comes out and your entire rectum is in this tube, you know. I have to know how much rectum can come out." "No problem," Dean said. "He can take it, looks hot..would love to slide my cock in the red meat when your done doc. He's had a prolapse fuck before." "All right. I don't think anything else will come out though. He's completely prolapsed now, the entire rectum is out..Good boy." The doctor was right. Analboy found the strength to arch his back in a painful position as the vacuum tube pulled a dry, fifth orgasm from his body. The boy was now sweating madly from the calories burned trying to stay conscious throughout the whole ordeal. The doctor didn't bother to take the pump off and it was still pumping as the he filled out the rest of the paperwork. Finally he turned the machine off and pulled the tube off the boy's rectum. The tube had deformed his prolapsed rectum into a long red tube shaped like a toilet paper tube with a small slit in the end Analboy knew someone was down there playing but he didn't care as he recuperated from his orgasms Mac was jacking his hard cock and when Analboy went to take a look, Mac was poised to slid his cock right into the prolapse slit. Mac straddled the boy's body, the doctor held slid a rubberband around the boy exposed rectum right near the asshole ring, so that Mac could fuck the red meat tube and not push it back into him. Mac slid his cock head in the boys rectal slit, the right to the base in one fluid motion "Oh his rectum feels great like this guys"Dean and the doctor both watched Macaulay perform with smiles on their faces as the boy picked up his pace. He was humping the smooth, red meat tube feverishly now and was breathing heavily. The six-pack of muscles in his belly were ballooning in and out with his lust for the young boy. He continued humping up and down, reaching an incredible sexual high as he felt a string of cum reach the end of his dick. The second string pushed the first out and it landed right in front of Analboys tube, all strung out for several inches. Macaulay rubbed his erection in his own cum coating Analboy's rectum, as he spilled the rest of his load, rubbing his dick and balls in that as well. Macaulay enjoyed himself a few more minutes before finally jumping down from the table. Analboy laid there a few minutes and was finally removed from the table by Dean who immediately removed the rubberband and pushing his rectum back into him using his rock hard 7 ½ incher . The boy made no sound when the cock was pushed in, but once again a whimper was heard as it was stretched to fill him up and restrain him from wandering further than the end of the chain connecting him to his master. After the doctor filled out the rest of the paperwork, they took it back out to Grady who reviewed the results of the exam, then signed the paper qualifying Analboy to participate. "What contest?" Analboy suddenly asked. "Is that why I just went through all that? So you could enter me in a contest? "It sure is." Dean stated, not caring whether Analboy liked it or not. "You're going to be in a contest and win me some money!" He sounded overly excited. Analboy looked back at Grady who was standing in front of him holding a horrifying looking piece of something. It was long, thick and hollow with a tube sticking out of the middle of it with a stainless steel tip on it. The tip was round and hollow as well. There were a few other things hanging off of it with buttons and plugs. Coming off the long section, there were two straps, one on each side, with Velcro and a padlock with steel heavy duty grommets. Analboy watched Grady and knew that he would be the one wearing that gadget. Grady started towards Analboy. "Whoa!" Dean started. "What's that for?" "It's to keep little Analboy here from cumming and the asshole always open, that's what" Grady replied somewhat coldly. "Oh! He can't cum for the next three weeks?" "No. And if he does, we will be able to tell, believe me, the asshole will be stretched out daily to a 3 inch width over the next 3 weeks as well. This will insure that his asshole never closes again." "Well, why can't he cum?" "Because it wouldn't be fair to the ones who don't cum but need to, that's all." With a sigh, Dean finally said, "All right, put it on." Grady grasped the end of the tube and sent the plastic tube with the metal tip careening down the boy's dick hole. Analboy tried to hunch over, but was held in place by his master who was grabbing him around the chest. Grady had the whole tube in now and then the 3 inch wooden shaft was inserted and the apparatus was closed The unit was small enough to fasten it around his waist which they did hurriedly, followed by locking it into place. It was then that Analboy realized that he would not be able to even touch his own dick until after the competition and that his asshole ring would be made useless. The shroud covering his boyhood made it impossible to jack off or be sucked off or anything. Everything was in place. Dean, Macaulay, and Analboy were all on the way back to the mansion and Analboy was in the back, tied down with his balls back in the ring, a the huge wooden shaft in his stretched out asshole, and a case around his dick that was keeping him from touching himself. He already had an itch down there that needed to be scratched. He would just have to live with it for the next three weeks.
The end

Monday, April 13, 2009

Punch fisting for the Camera

After two weeks straight (14 anal sessions punching beer can thick dildos, wrecking the asshole ring muscle everyday), Assdaddy's hand was easliy sliding in and out of my rectal chute, doing a number on the anal ring with every pullout. Assdaddy started alternate hand fisting me, left, right, left, right as the Camera-man was filming the break down of my anal ring muscle. I was groaning, with an extacy face for the camera, As Assdady was picking up the pace with the alternate hand fisting, a small crowd of men started gathering around. You balled your fist inside the rectum and pulled it out quickly.I screamed.

"Oh my anal ring is about to let loose,oooh there it goes, Nail it daddy, please please" I groaned.
Cheers came from the guys gathered around.

"He is losing all control of his ring muscle, punch fuck his hole out, do it, HOT" someone said,

"Yea, Ruin that ring" another cheered.

Assdaddy growled and started closed punch fisting my rectum, powering fists in and out of my rectum chute fast and furious, that camera man right there capturing the asshole wrecking.

"oh shit im going to prolapse,here is comes,,, arrrgghghhhhh" I moaned

Red meat squirted out the wrecked hole, as Assdaddy fisted it back in everytime.

"More more, more red rosebud, push like you gotta dump" someone said

I took a hit of poppers and pushed "Arrghhhh, rrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaa" the whole rectum rosebudded out large enough to touch Assdadddies rock hard cock, which he gentle inserted into the red meat, cuming to the protruding rectum hole.

The whole scene was captured via video for all to see.

The End

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Chuck Manahandles the Rectum

Chuck Manhandles the rectum

Chuck wanted nothing more then to slide his whole hand up my asshole with no resistance, so that his whole arm would sink in my rectum right up to the elbow in one smooth stroke. We agreed it would take several sessions to destroy my assring enough to reach his goal, I was hot to see it happen as well and document it for the website. Today would be BDSM Rectal training session #1

Session #1 I arrived at his house, clean out my rectal cavity, as he prepped the playroom. Massive dildos the size of 1 liter water bottles (3 ~ 4 inches wide) lined the shelf next to the small medical examining gyno chair. He also set up some incredible long (14+ inches), but skinny dongs for colon bend work. He wanted my pubes freshly shaven baby smooth at all times for the rectal training. I emerged from the bathroom, ready. He was totally turned on by the way my pubes were shaved"So slutty looking, ready to get your asshole destroyed boy?, Climb into the chair whore and let AssDaddy get into your rectum good" He saidI climbed into the chair, placed my ankles in stirrups. He grabbed my hips and slide, my ass down until, it almost huge of the edge. He then lifted my ass off the chair my grabbing both but cheeks and lifting. H spread the ass cheeks wide and let my but down, so my asscheeks were spread, with hole fully exposed hanging off the edge. he took a seat on the stool wheeled close to my exposed anus. "Nice shaved asshole..look you a little gaped already!, lets isolate off those nuts now" he saidChuck grabbed my nuts with thumb and forefinger right above the top of the nuts, isolating off the nuts. He snapped a thick rubber band around my nuts and removed his hand. Then he took a piece of string tied it around the rubber band, then feed it thru an eye hook in the ceiling, then down to him where he held the end in his hand. I pulled the string"Ohh gawd my nuts!" I said. "Yep, this will keep your nuts isolated off and up out of the way as I destroy your asshole today and for the next 10 sessions" he smirked I then put on a set of latex gloves on each hand and coated his hands with KY jelly, two fingers slipped into my loose asshole."Yea, let Daddy in that ass, you whore", as a third finger slipped in and swirled right on the assring. Then a watched in the mirror on the ceiling as he took a finger from the other hand, slid it along side of the other three, I could feel my assring muscle stretch taught"Relax that asshole, whore, I'm going wide into you first, then will work on depth in round two. Here hit these poppers, they are very strong"I hit the poppers hard, my asshole muscle went limp, as another finger found it way in"There goes your asshole, Nice" he said, pulling one hand way from my asshole, and slowly sliding the entire hand from the other into the asshole, The ring muscle accepted the widest part of his hand, then it sunk in to the wrist"My whole hand is in your rectum, slut" he said, pulling on the string to my nuts, pulling them"Hold on for dear life, time to trash out your hole real good" as he spun the closed fist in my asshole, then tried to pull it out, pulling the assring out with it, then closed fist was nearly out, right at the ass-ring muscle"Oh gawd my ring" I cried , then PLOP, the hand left my asshole, the asshole gaped out obnoxiously, as he picked up a dildo equal in width to the fist that just left my asshole, he plowed the dildo right up my ass chute with ease, right to the bottom of the rectum, knocking on the colon bend that was beginning to loosen up too. I grabbed my thighs and pulled my legs and ankles as high and way back as possible, giving him greater access and ability to nail the asshole good and hard. He began to pick up the pace, nailing the rectum on smooth powerfull strokes. You could feel and hear the assring muscle popping over the head with every pull out.

"Yea!, Nail that asshole, punish it Daddy" I said, as I rotated my hips on very downstroke, allowing the dong to begin to penetrate that inner ring. "Oh gawd there it goes up into me" I screamed as he slammed the dong home into my lower colon, my whole body shaking and convulsing as he worked it, my little cock swinging as he pounded the colon bend to ruin.