Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sex Toy for Black men

Sex toy for black men

Hours past and Analboy became limp, unable to do anything more than lie there, and be their fuck toy. It was a hopeless situation. He couldn't even resist when the black man with largest hands and arms was ready to fist out his blown out asshole. He had a greased his arm all the way to the elbow. Analboy had no idea how he could possibly take the whole thing in his asshole.
Analboy took a deep breath. A couple of the black guys picked him up and sat him down on the open hand. Once they positioned him over the giant black hand and got the hand to the wrist in his asshole, they let the full weight of his body drive it deep up into his rectum until he was seated on his elbow. It hurt so much penetrating his anal bend so quickly. His rectum felt so full as it kept going deeper and deeper pushing farther inside his bowels, stretching and deforming the soft delicate tissues on the inside of his rectum until it was fully buried up in his body. It was like a telephone pole traveling up inside him pushing up into his belly. And when they started picking him up and down ramming it in his asshole harder and harder making him feel all 15 inches of his arm fucking his asshole, Analboy thought He would pass out from the hot fisting action.
"God damn, your a good fisting slut baby," he commended. "I'll bet after today you'll only want a large fist punching your rectum from now on. I fact, after we are done, you will be ruined for any type of regular fuckings, your asshole will be only good for fistings, you'll be so loose and open. Permanently !"
Analboy knelt there on the locker room floor resting with his head on the hard floor cradled in his arms and his rear end sticking up in the air. It felt as though a hand were still in it. Thick gooey sperm ran down his asscrack as it slowly seeped from his well fucked bunghole. He was tired and He felt degraded. Then, while resting there with his ass up in the air, one of black men began caressing his butt, running his fingers through her crack smearing the lube that leaked from her anal hole. "Looks like we really ruined your asshole, baby." "Sure is lots leaking out." He poked a finger into his hole. Then a second finger as he started to finger fuck his asshole. In Analboy's tired state it actually felt good and aroused him somewhat. He moaned out loud, "Oh God," and the black man sunk a third finger burying them deep in Analboy's fuckhole. He fucked him hard and fast jamming his fingers inside Analboy while He moaned louder. "Oh God I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum." Then while Analboy was on the verge of cumming, he wiggled his other two fingers in the entrance of his rectum and began twisting, pushing, trying to fuck him with his whole hand.
"Hold him down," he called out to one of his teammates. One of the men knelt in front of Analboy grabbing him by the shoulders holding him tight.
He pushed harder turning Analboy's moment of pleasure into accepting a large hand into his rectum . "Ohhhhhh!!!!! Yess!!!!!!! Please Yesssss!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"What's the matter, honey?" "Don't want my black fist up your pretty monstrous asshole, I'm gonna punch your rectum out."
Again he twisted and pushed and his hand slowly began spreading open his asshole. "Ohhhhh!!!......fuck yea, ruin me!!!!.... Analboy gasped out in as He felt his hand prying open and penetrating his open asshole. He stopped momentarily and fucked in and out trying to stretch open his large open asshole more. Then once again he twisted and pushed and his big black hand disappeared inside Analboy's rectum, his assring wrapping tightly around his black wrist. Analboy screamed and twisted his hips, but He was held firmly in place while his body was being brutally invaded.
"Oh, honey, what a lubed up rectum." "Feels good, don't it?" While he enjoyed the sight of seeing himself impale the boys large hole with his fist, Analboy was breathing heavy and getting ready for deeper fistings. He never felt anything like it. He could feel his hand inside his body and wondered when he would be going deep past the colon bend. What was he going to do to him?
At first he fucked his asshole slowly pushing his fist deep into him, letting him feel his wrist grip his assring slide back and work his nuts and feel his fist bottom out inside his ass. He made sure Analboy felt his fingers probing deep inside him and made sure He felt totally humiliated.
"Like it up your asshole, you little white whore?" he whispered to him. "You sure have got a large fuckhole, baby." "Except, we gotta make it even larger , so I can give that rectum a good fistfuckin'."
With that he extracted his fist stretching his assring wide open and then plunged his hand back in. "Uhhhhhhhh!!!!!!" Analboy made a deep grunting sound as He tried to take it all. He let out a whimper as He knew the constant stretching of his asshole would ruin it for good. Then as he sunk his fist in again He felt him hit hard deep inside the rectum.
"Ahh yes," he sighed. "Fuck that white cunts asshole."
Again, he pulled from his ass spreading him open and jammed his fist back in. One of the others encouraged his buddy on. "That's it." "Shove it up his asshole, ruin his rectum." The moaning began from Analboy as again and again he pounded him with his fist like it was cock. Each time, Analboy's ass lips spread wide allowing his big black hand to pull out and re-penetrate his massive asshole.
"Like it in there, bitch?" "You sure gotta deep, open asshole hole for a skinny boy." He kept talking to him, describing what he was doing as he violated him, which only made him feel that much worse. "Feel me way up inside you?" He wiggled his fingers and pushed hard into the depths of his asshole. "Ahh, yes." "Your asshole is going to be mincemeat soon." Analboy just moaned hysterically.
Analboy lost track of how many times he fisted his asshole. Was it ten times, twenty times or thirty. There was nothing He could do. Now his asshole ring started to break down, and red rectum meat started coming out the open hole on pull-out. He was at his mercy to do with him as he pleased. In the backround He could hear all the others enjoying the show. "Yeah, man." "Fuck the whore." "Shove it all the way up bitch's asshole." He felt drops of hot fluid hit his back. They obviously were jerking off to his asshole destruction and cumming on her. He could hear the sloshing in and out of her asshole, even over his owning grunts and moans, as he pounded his asshole over and over and over.
Then finally the fisting stopped, but his hand was left buried deep in his rectum
"Come on guys, lets gang fist the whore. Ill start punching out his asshole, Joey you work on his tied off nuts, and Jim can fuck his piss slit with those shiny metal rods.
"Okay, sweetheart, Hold on. time to destroy your holes" The guys gathered around, as he started piston fisting Analboys asshole. Left hand in, then out. Right hand in, then out. Left, right,left, right, faster and faster, he was alternate hand fisting the shit out the boys asshole, Joey's hand around Analboys tied off nut sack, kneading the nuts like a handfull of marbles. Analboy looked down to see Jim, with a large urethral sound, well lubed about to enter his piss slit
"Ready, bitch." "Here it goes, all at once." "Ready guys?..GO!."
The pencil thick metal rod slid all the way down Analboys shaved cock, and was fucking in and out, at the same time the fister went ape shit, literally punching into Analboys rectum, pulling out viciously, with a twist then punching the asslips back in, Joey trying to work the nuts all at the same time. Analboy was a spasming mess, his whole body trembled and shook as they destroyed his holes in unison. "Wait guys, slow down, he is gonna cum to quick and I cant get at his nuts good, to many guys working him" Joey said
They guys all stopped but maintained the hand in the asshole and the sound fully inserted in his slit. Joey took a string and tied it around the large rubberband that was isolating off analboys nuts, the string was looped thru an eye hook in the ceiling then down. Joey pulled on the string, bringing the nuts up and out of the way for some brutal assfisting. "Nail it!" Joey cried
They guys started back working his holes, slowly, then picking up the pace, until Analboy started shaking and convulsing all over the place.
"Yessssss, destroy my asshole and slit, Im going to cum real hard!" Analboy yelled
This announcement sent the guys into overdrive, the fister punching the rectum out, pulling red meat out with every pullout, Jim fucking his piss slit like it was another hole. Joey yanking on the string, keeping his balls out of they way of punching fists. Analboy's body went rigid then...
"Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Im cumming!" he screamed as cum shot from the sides of the rod in his slit and his poor battered asshole went into a series of spasms, trying to clamp down on the fist. The fister only punched that spasming asshole harder determined to destroy his anal ring muscle. Analboy wailed like a sissy as his asshole and piss slit were mutilated, with Joey pulling hard on his nuts still. Analboy passed out then fell asleep.
"Ok boys slow down on him, we really ruined him bad, take a small break, I'm going to try to arouse him for a second round" He said
They removed the string from his nuts, leaving the rubberband secure around the sack tho, The pencil sized sound was slowly removed as Analboy slept, leaving his piss slit round and open, no longer a slit at all, just a hole. The black fister (Rick was his name) withdrew his hand from Analboys asshole leaving a massive caverned rectum, with huge asslips. The asshole trashed beyond repair it seems. His asshole ring was still spasming, trying to clamp shut, but could not. Jim slid a dildo as thick as your forearm up his rectal cavern.
"That should keep him open for round two, lets trash it out again, that was HOT" he said
Jims greasy hand lightly touched Analboys cock, stroking it well lubed, the bald sissy cock began to show signs of life. Analboy stirred. The men began stroking his cock more and gently sliding the large dong back and forth. Analboy awoke
"Oh shit, another asshole session?" he said sleepily
"Yep and piss slit too, now hold still" Jim said
Jim began pistoning the large dildo out faster now, with his other hand on analboys hardening cock, jacking it back to life. Analboy now at full hardness, all the guys could tell what the metal rod did to his now round piss slit.
"Oh yea, ruin my asshole again, Im hot for it"
he was bucking his hips to meet the dongs thrust, trying to get it in as deep and hard as possible. "Horny Asshole slut!, Nail it, nail his asshole and piss slit" he said, holding analboys cock straight out for a good sounding. Jim split his piss slit and slid the entire pencil thick shaft down his cock shaft, at the same time Rick was working his rectum
"Ohhhh now thats gonna make me cum again!, oh yea work my nuts too!" he moaned
"The Sluts gonna cum again, nail him!" he screamed
The guys went into high gear, destroying both holes in unison, working his tied off nuts at the same time. Only 10 minutes into the second session, Analboys body went rigid, then went into convulsions as cum squirted from the sides of the large sound buried in his piss slit. His ruined asshole spasming around the 3 inch dong in his ass, attempting to clamp down on the intruder, but his asshole muscle has lost all elasticity, and mearly gripped it loosely
"Sooo hot!" Jim replied as he facialed Analboy with his cum shot, then the rest took there turn cumming all over him.
The end