Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Black Topped

Black Topped
The local bar was dying as I finished my 5th drink, I was drunks and all cross dressed for action, but know one wanted to play, I was about out the door, when I heard "hey baby where 'ya going???. I turned around to see a well built black man smiling at me. "how about one more drink with me and my friend??, pointing over to the corner another black man sat drinking wine.
Sure, my names John and yours ???, Jim, he said, as we were seated, "and this is Roger", Hello I smiled.
What will you have??. Jim said. Have what your having as he ordered white wine for all three of us. "Jim Said, "we are looking for a Bottom CD that loves to fuck and big black cock, are you interested?. Sure I said, I put out anally for hours! I exclaimed. Roger spoke up. "Listen, we are two very horny tops, so we want to take you too our place and double team you, long hard and fast." My body was shaken in excitement as I said, "sounds good, I need it bad!", Good Roger said, we are big, think you can handle two 11" cocks that get rock hard??"

I trembled, 11" goes deep in my ass, I did it once. "That's ok, we can try and if it does not fit, Ill suck you guys off. "oh don’t worry, well loosen you up good enough to take us first".
Good lets head out, I left with the two men and everybody watched them follow me, patting my bottom as we left.

We hoped in the car and Roger made me sit in the back seat with him as Jim drove. He placed his arm around me and he said, "Ive been waiting for this a long time, here honey get over my knee and lift that little skirt up and let me see your little ass pussy"
He gently pushed me over his knee and my dick got hard in anticipation. He flipped my skirt up and pulled down my woman's panties. "oh nice balls and cock honey, He spread my ass cheeks exposing my pink love tunnel
Oh shit Jim, you gotta see this his ass is shaved just like a little whore, Oh baby this is hot".. I cant wait, throw back the lube Roger told Jim" He lubed up three fingers and pushed one in my bottom, ahh shit nice and warm, m" "mmmm, oh yea" I murmured. He swirled his one large index finger all over in my ass, then slipped his middle finger in, I yelped as is slowly stretched my hole. "oh fuck yea, he's gonna loosen up right here and now aren't you bitch??" Oh yea baby just for both of you" He pushed a third greasy finger in stretching my ass, as I concentrated on relaxing my ass to loosened up, as he began swirling all three fingers in my ass, "oh yea this whore has been fucked look at that ass loosen, swirling three fingers all in my ass. In and out rolling them around, my ass became looser then some sucking sounds started to come from may ass from all the ass play " Oh fuck that sounds hot Roger" "hey, Jim where gonna have fun with him tonight. Roger held my ass cheeks open with one hand and quickly started forcing the entire length of all three fingers quickly in and out of my ass "oooh shit yea, loosen my ass,". "Roger where almost here, plug him up and lets get on with it". Roger reacted by pulling a butt plug out a paper bag on the seat, and showed it to me, its small but 2 1/2" inches wide at the base. He pulled his fingers out and slid the plug quickly on my ass, its slipped past the widest part as I moaned and quickly slipped in ass my ass closed around the small base, firmly planted in my ass. Oh god I'm filled!. "ok honey, panties up and skirt down, we are here, get out"
They lead me to the closest house, as we stepped across the front door, we proceeded directly to the bedroom. Take your clothes off baby and lie on the bed, I took of all of my cross dressing clothes keep my wig on and one threw me a woman's teddy. I struggled to put it one, when I finally did and turned around the men were both naked, playing with each others soft cocks. On your hands and knees on the bed, lets get that plug out, and Jim get the rest of the toys"
Roger approached me from behind He grabbed the plug firmly planted in my ass, I could hear him jacking his cock as he pulled, "One hot ass, god look at that ass hole widen out!", The plug reached it widest portion cause me to moan and groan, "Oh yes, honey, you like that don’t you?" oh yes, fuck me". Jim was back in the room now, as I turned my head I almost fainted, two huge black cocks stood straight out at 11" solid inches, big purple heads, the size of small apples and shafts that where a little small but a thick 2 1/2 inches. It reminded me of the BAM dildos I used to try to get up my ass when I was real horny. Each man stroking there own meat. You like our cocks bitch?, I told you we were big, as Jim grabbed his cock with both hands like a golf club, with about 2 inches of the shaft and the entire head, still exposed.
You guys are huge, you will ruin my ass hole. There big heads were swollen, and precum leaking, with piss slits huge they must shot a wad of cum.

Jim opened the bag, "Here warm him up with this, 9" black dong." He threw it to roger, then applied plenty of lube, aimed it at my ass and pushed. The rubber head opened my ass, "ooohh god, here we go, I screamed" With one big push he buried it to the hilt in me. Ohhhhh yes, oh my ass its soooo deeeep" I said. "yes it its now, feel this". Jim came over to help Roger, I was face down on my hands and knees ass high I positioned my head so I can see what these guys had in mind, Jim approached from the back, Spread my ass cheeks as roger kept the dong buried deep by placing his hand on the flanged end.. Roger positioned himself so that it seems like he could stab me with the dong, slowly pulled the thing all the way out and quickly pushed it all the way, in. Ohhh" yes", Then he started jack hammering the dong in and out of my ass. As fast as he could pull it out and push it in. It was stroking so fast in me it started to vibrate my whole body, "ohhhh ohhh ohhh, oh my gawd, my asshole!" I screamed out loud, as he continued pummeling my ass for a good 5 minutes.

Jim could not wait" I need in that ass NOW, pull it out, im gonna fill him up!" Jim stood up on the bed, his massive 11" cock rock hard as he stood over me in the doggy position. He straddled me standing, and pushed his cock straight down so it was almost vertical, then moved a little closer so that the cock head was directly above my loosened hole.

He then bent his legs like a squat thrust as the apple sized cockhead penetrated me "Oh my gawd, oh yes, yes yes" I screamed then moaned as he quickly entered me, 6"inches slid up my ass as I screamed from its width, he buried it to his balls "Ummggghhhh, ung, ung, ooh my ass, your deep in me, moan".

"ahhh bitch this is nice, I can feel its getting ready" I couple of ass busting strokes and I felt a flood of cum shoot deep in me, squirt after squirt filled my ass, the he pulled out as my ass oozed come,. "My turn bitch,, I want you on your back to watch your face as I enter you. " I was flipped on my back, legs placed on his shoulder, and mercilessly he plunged 11" all the way in my boy pussy, I screamed and moaned , whimpered and groaned as he pumped my small body, "here I Come bitch!!" He started massive pumping me that was throwing of the bed. Jim quickly grabbed my shoulder and pinned me down from movement.. "Dont cum yet Roger, let me get him ready to deeper penetration. Roger stopped pumping, leaving the entire shaft buried in me. Jim now held me at my waist, Roger held my arms pinned down as Jim positioned himself to hold my ass cheeks open and my hips held to the bed.. "now Rog' fuck him hard, I want to see his ass getting fucked". Roger was ready to cum right a way ' Oh fuck you bitch, as merciless thrusts deep into my ass hole, another huge load filled my bowels, as he pulled off, leaving tired and worn out.

They took me back to the bar, when they were done, I got in my car and left, only to meet them one more time, but that’s another story.