Monday, March 16, 2009

Big and Wide in the Rectum


It was a dark rainy, lonely night, my bedroom, dimly lit, as I lay on be bed, propped up by my pillow. My only friends, the dildos on my night stand, The backhoe dong, was 11" long and 2.5" wide, and has deep in my open asshole. "Haaahhh..Haa, Yes!, Haaa" I was moaning, nailing my asshole with, determined to go wider and deeper than ever before. "Haaaa, mmmm, mm" I was lost in anal splendor, when I heard a knock on the door. It was cliff and John shouting they wanted in. I asked them to let themselves in, I was still naked and hammering away, these guys were good friends and love to watch me in action. The next thing, I found a large cock plopped in my mouth, with surprise. "Oh its you guys, you kinda caught me off guard!, I was just analizing myself thinking of two hot cocks. Cliff and John responded by placing there cocks near my mouth "Hmmmm" I grabbed them both licking the shafts of the duel 8" inchers. "Of course I was dreaming of bigger cocks than these...but well" I position myself doggy style, sucked John, the smaller of offering my hole to the larger "Ok, you have the biggest one, so you get to fuck my asshole" I said presenting my hole to him, spreading my asscheeks
Cliff mounted me and drove in, in between oral licks of John at the other end I said "..and aside from butt fucking me, what do you want?", Cliff drove deep, on hand on my ass cheek, he pumped away and commented "we found you a huge stud, one just the way you like it" "Mmfff, how big?, Slurp" I said, deep throating John at the same time. Cliff was spreading my asshole with 2 fingers from each hand, sawing his cock in and out of me, he said "AHHH, more than 13" long and at least 8 inches around!" My lips left the cock, my eyes got big "13 inches, Ouahh" I repositioned as the thrusting cliff, kept up his ass attack. I said "..Ive got to have it..., wait cliff, I cant feel your cock, My hand on John's stomach combating the thrusts. Cliff layed down, I sat one his cock, it slide to the hilt, with Johns cock in my other hand "Ahh ther, like that is better anal penetration, I looked down, could only see Cliffs ball's. His entire 8" shaft was buried. "yaa, do it like that cliff", he thrusted up into me, I muttered, "Mmmmmhh 13" I cant wait".
Cliff held my legs high, I was impaled on his big meat, it bent and was way up in my asshole while he thrusted up into me "Mmmmhhh, Mmmhhh" Cliff groaned, John just then pulled out of my mouth with a "yeaaa!" shooting a thick stream of cum on my face...Thicks strings of cum attached Johns cock head to my face as a looked down to Cliff "You See Cliff.. this is a better position isn't it?" "Haaa, you said it" he replied. I placed my hand on my head, as he continued to thrust way up into me "Ouaaff!, Eh that felt good" Cliff screamed as he blew his load into me. "You'll always be welcome guys" I replied. Now I sat at the edge of my bed, naked and legs spread oozing cum. The guys were talking to each other putting on there clothes. All the dildo's still on the night stand next to me "So.. Im counting on you guys. OK, send him to me at 2 pm tomorrow. 13" inches, my asshole is already spasming.". "You got it, Done, see you soon," John replied, "Bye and thanks" Cliff added.
When they left, I was still naked. "Let me see what 13" inches is like". I took out the measure tape "Mmmm its long, I licked the 10" mark, then made a ring with the tape to 8" around "..and fat!, Mmhh" My three fingers entered my greasy hole, playing with my nips "MMmmm, Ohhh Yum" I crooned. The next day, its was noon, I was getting ready for the 13", In the shower, I cleaned my body, outside, shaved my pubes and asshole bald again. The handheld shower nozzle was replaced with a enema nozzle shaped like a thick cock, Water pressure had the thing spraying water all over the place. "Now o clean inside" I squatted on the floor and slide it up into my asshole "Ohh fuck that's violent water spray", It filled me into two seconds. I relieved the water and repeated until I was completely clean. Next I prettied my self up, and slipped on some thigh high stocking and a teddy for him. Then I found a dog collar and put it on in the mirror. "Perfect for that whore look" I commented to myself.. I examined myself in the mirror. "ohh looks good, Ooops I almost forgot". I grabbed a thick leather shoelace. "Tie of my balls real tight, so he has better access to my pussy" The srting wnet tight around my sack and then around my waist,. "great I'm ready" I said. Ding Dong the doorbell went "Ha, here he is!" I opened the door as is, "Come on in I want !!?" It was a delivery man, Brad, a mid aged man, that would nail my asshole, middays for fun. I was shocked, he saw me dressed as a sissy "Ee, Er Hello Miss/Mister I have this package for you Miss" he stammered, sweating "Ok give it to me, and bring out your cock, I unzipped his pants. "Ill just jack you quickly, I'm waiting for someone" I was on my knees, eye level, rubbing his cock. "It'll do, that will do fine" The delivery man said.
I commented "Oh its big and so full of cum" as he blasted his load. I escorted him to the door, all jizzed up."there now leave me, thank you" I said patting him on the back. "Thanks Analboy" He replied smiling. I picked up the package "lets see what we have here" as I walked to the bed, package in hand. I noticed his com shot on my chest, I fingered its sticky consistency, licking it 'Slhh, Humm, this cum is delicious!" I opened the package "great!, A new dildo for my collection. This baby was a huge 2" across and 13" insertable, Big mushroom head, thick veined shaft. There was a card inside it read "To keep you filled until we meet again. An Admirer of Analboy" I spittled on the new dong's massive head "Oh I will try it right away" I leaned over the bathroom sink pointing my hole at the mirror, Ky's up the big massive dong "this will prepare my asshole for my guest" The shaft sunk to the base "Mmmhhh its sooo big". Ding Dong the doorbell went off again "Ha, this time its him!" I raced to the door dildo firmly planted as I walked, loosening my hole with every stride
I held the monster cock in my asshole, and answered the door "Come?!, You again?" It was the delivery man "Yes, excuse me boy, but Im going need a signature for that package" Holding out his pencil and paper "AAA-H I have other things to do", I reached behind sliding the dong back in to the hilt. "OK, but could you hold this thing I have in my ass?" I asked "In your ass?, yes" he said, He handed me the book, and moved around to concentrate on the new dildo "Their move it around a little please..yes ... like that Ohhh", the delivery man swiled the dong in my ass, I drooled and scribbled out my name.
I looked up in the hallway was standing another man, Finger up, inquiring "Hi Im supposed to be here at 2pm" He said "Oh you must be Mr. 13 inches" I said, as the delivery man delivered a tremendous thrust deep in my asshole. "Actually I'm 13 1/3" to be exact" he said. I accused the delivery guy "thank you Mr. Postman", "No problem ,Analboy" And with a tip of the hat he left. I felt the new mans hair and grabeed his cock, "lets see this big cock of yours" I said. "Sure, but maybe we can have a drink first?" he said. The dong still in my ass, he pushed me to the floor, "No I cant wait any longer, I need your huge cock up my asshole!" I lunged on him.
I was on top of him, straddling his waist, pouring him some Vodka into a glass "Ill serve you a drink, but at least let me play with that prick of yours" "Ok" he replied., I pulled open his jeans while he drank, I could not see anything "But, where is it?" I said "its down my thigh, otherwise I cant close my pants, analboy" He said. "Whats thats it?" His enormous schlong came out of his pants. I was as thick as my wrist, and all of 13 inches long, massive thick veins, uncut, I sucked the head "O-Ouaah, its beautiful" I creamed
As I licked the head the cock grew rigid and as it did, it curved forming a massive fuck tool, sure to ruin any boys cunt. I held the cock with both hands near the base "MMhh - I cant take your cock in my mouth its to big" I told him "Ohh yes you can" he replied "Mmfgll Blssgl" I muffled, stretching my mouth over the shaft "Ha you see when you want to.." I held the massive meat in my hand licking down the entire shaft with my tongue, right along the base "What a glorious cock, I think I love it" I licked and talked "Lets go", I slid the cock between my asscheeks like we has getting a titty fuck
He was ready to mount me doggy style, huge and leaking precum. "Ohh I need you in my hole" I look back at him. I went doggy face down ass high, "Enough talking, ass fuck me, grease up that pole and nail me" I cried "Thats a good idea, Sounds good" He greased my open asshole "mmmmm" I sighed. "Here we go" he said as he greased his rod. He held my ass cheeks I looked back to watch his rod enter my asshole. "YESS!, Oh go in, Oh go in" I begged my asshole to open up for his cock. "GO AHEAD PUSH, PUSH" My eyes closed trying to open up for Him "Gnnnhhhh" he murmured pushing and grunting. "Push HARDER Aaahhhhhh" I moaned. "Ahhh the tip is in" I cried as he spread my asscheeks further, I was squatting over me, my face on the pillow, he was about to pile drive in.
I repositioned myself and he sank in deep and lifted my head high, arching my back "OHHHHHH I feels so good, put it in all the way" I screamed he held my hips hard "But I'm in all the way, with 6 inches of shaft still not in your ass, I'm bottom out, I cant go any further. Tears where forming in my eyes 'Yes, you can I insist" I raised one leg and grab the rod outside my ass, trying to drive it deeper "Now GO! Yesss! Ohh!, More, Yes!, Deeper, Mmmmm..." I cried. With him even deeper I return to face down ass high doggy, "Hoooo mannnnn" I groaned as he started thrusting, I could feel him way up inside me past the bend,
"Now pull out and shove it back in all at once, I need it" I told him. Plop, the cock left my anal ring, the "Haaaaaaa" I screamed as he speared my asshole, holding me from moving "AGAIN" I screamed, PLOP, "HAAAA, Again", PLOP, "HAAAA!," even louder.. He kept spearing my asshole to ruin
"Now lets change positions, sit down, I'm gonna sit on the cock" I told him, He repositions himself, I straddled him, and slid down the shaft until it bottomed out in his ass. I palced my feet on his thighs as he started thrusting up into me "Hoooo, Hoooo, Hoooo, yea, Im going to come!" I groaned, "Oh yes I am squirting!" I could of the cock "Hooo, that was great Now Ill take care of you" I said. I laid on my back brought my legs way high up over my head. "let me pump that jism out your cock with my asshole" He nailed my asshole hard, deep long thrusts "Come one, baby, come now, Im getting sore" I told him "AHHHHNNGGG" he blasted my asshole with a thick stream of cum. "Oh that was hot, look at it oozing from my slut hole"
I was now sucking his gooey softening cock, in a 69 position. "oh my dear, you have the nicest cock I have ever seen in my like", and wen back down to suck more. He was dazed from the fucking huge load he blasted. He lit a cigarette "Oh so you like big cocks, eh?" he said. "Cant you tell" I said, the Gloup!, I deep throated him. The kissing the cock passionately I said " I never had such a big one, gulp!" He blew some smoke into the room "I know an even bigger one"
"Bigger than yours?, Impossible" I said "Yes and you probably wont be even able to swallow it", he snuffed the smoke out "Wanna bet, How big is it" I howled. "It's monsterous..OH YES" he replied. I stood up and brought his cock to full length showing him it as I spoke "compared to yours, how big is it?" I licked the cock head. "About twice that size" he grunted "OH amazing, will you introduce me?" I said, jacking him "My God I will..but..but" I interrupted "thank you now rub your cock on my asshole "Ahh yes just like that! Look your rock hard" "I might come again" He said. He was leaking precum as he lifted my legs, I was on my back. Aiming the curved monster at my hole, he slid in and the shaft went balls deep "Oh fuck you went way up in me" I squealed. "Oh yes fuck my asshole, cum again" Three swift dep stroke and he yelled out "Oh Aaagh...Im coming again!" He lay back. "I must have come a quart" he began to dress. "Anytime you wnat your asshole stretched out, just give me a call" he said. "Such language!, Id love to" I said
The next day, I anxiously awaited a call for the monster butt fucking session, So I stood in the bathroom and put my asshole in training by fucking it with bigger and bigger dildos. Three monster dildos sat next to me, naked sitting on the floor. "Huhh" I licked the 2 1/2" x 8" long dildo, lift my leg and slid it in to the base "Haaah" I groaned, 10 hard thrusts and the 3" x 9 in dildo sunk in my asshole "Shnnh" I screamed, sliding it deep into my asshole
A knock on the door, it was Mr 13 inches again "ah there you are" I said, "Are you ready?, lets go" he said. We walked down the stairs, I would assuming going to the new guys house "Hey by the way, would you like to act in a porno?, you get that big cock slammed in your ass for sure", "what are you talking about?" I said. We sped of in his car "We are going to film you with this stud wrecking your asshole", "GREAT!" I exclaimed
"You'll get paid well, you know" " great I said, Money and a hard butt fuck, what else could a anal whore ask for" I said to him. " I think I need to practice on your cock," I whipped out the 13" and began sucking the head, "Watch out!, the wheel" he screamed. The car went out of control and slide sideways
He arrived at a small studio that looked like a renovated house. "There, we've arrived, Oh I see henry the caretaker of the place" He said. He introduced us. "this is Henry, the caretaker and director of extreme gay films inc.", "nice to meet you boy" We was eyeing me over, I was wearing really tight jeans and a T shirt. "Let go" I Said. He was staring at my ass "Nice ass, I heard you can stretch your hole real wide and deep" Henry commented, "yea, I love my asshole totally fucked up and ruined" I replied. Yea what we got in there is a 20" incher that's a full 4" wide, that is 12 inches around, real ass wrecker. Last two twinks, had to goto the Doc after they were done, Ripped sphincters, you know" Henry said cautiously. "Wait!, No guy can have a penis THAT big" I told him. "Er... sorry boy its not a guy" Henry lead me thru the double door. Its blackie over there in the corner, a full grown horse! My jaw dropped. Blackies a horse, the had him thoroughly secured to the corner, and a guy had this horse's cock rock hard rubbing it with baby oil and keeping it rock hard. "We have been prepping Blackie waiting for you, Is Dick is hard a s a rock, I think if he doesnt get off soon, he will go mad". Others were preparing the ground with blankets and stools and benches. "Prep blackie for the scene, Ok Analboy show us your stuff, strip naked" Henry said.
I stripped naked and walked near Blackie " Action" Henry screamed as the video tapes started, The one twink began greasing the 24" horse cock with gobs of crisco, two hands wrapped around the monster. The cock has thicker than my forarm. I stood doggy style under the horse on the bench, the horse cock was guided to my greased hole. "Hey I feel the tip at my anal tunnel" I groaned and the pushed back "Haaaaa Haaaa HmmmFF, its going in!, Ahh deeper, I love this". The horse cocks head was in, but nearly tearing my anal ring in two, also to the point of damage."Oh shit, I can get any more in me, its this position" "You, boy, go help Analboy shift into the right position for more depth. The boy raised my bench so my hole was more inline with the horse cock "Look at that!, He's gonna do it!, ready to film?", "yes, get the Doc here just in case tho" henry said "Yes, slide the horse cock in my ass!" I screamed "Haaa is soo big, feels great!" AAAAHHH yesss OHHH"I was screaming my tongue hanging out and Eyes shut tight, as the horse lunged forwarding driving 10" inches into my asshole "ooooh gawd my asshole!" I grunted. The horse pulled back and thrusted in again, driving even deeper. Tears cam to my eyes on that deep thrust "What, NO! , Aiee, AIEEE!" The horse slammed in even deeper " EIEEEEE No He going to deep stop!" Before the guy could stop, the horse lunged forward again "EIIEEEEEEE!!!!!" 18 inches went into my ass and blood came dripping down. The pulled the horse off, I fell to the floor on the blankets, My fingers found my asshole, there was a little blood but not much, My asshole was a perfect open circle 3" across as the Doc inspected "You ok sweetie, just a minor tear in you rectum, we will have to stop for today though. "Cut" said henry, and the scene was done. Ok lets break for the day, and pick up tomorrow, Analboy, Go home get some sleep, but make sure you cleans and slide that big butt plug in cause you taking on Blackie again tomorrow.