Monday, March 16, 2009

The asshole ring ruiner


His strong hands worked every muscle, strong from years of weight training, yet skilled for he was also a guitarist. He kneaded the scented baby oil into my flesh, pressing and pulling the individual muscles as he found them. First my trapezius, relaxing my neck. The triceps at the back of my arms sent a tingle down my spine. The latismus dorsi of my back until finally he made his way down to my small, sweet ass. This was the special pleasure a bottom boy of this size held for him, for he was a lover of skinny behinds, in all their varied shapes and sizes. But this one was truly magnificent in it's way, and he rejoiced at the size of it. He worked the oil deep into my ass, drizzling it now from the bottle between the cheeks, massaging the mass of pink flesh. "On your knees now, baby," he softly whispered, helping me gain this new position. In a momentary loss of control. he reached his greasy hands underneath me and grabbed my nipples, squeezing with his oiled hands, enjoying the feeling of my flesh. I purred at his ministrations as the music pulsed around us, the English guitarist blasted out hardcore rock and roll.He stood, removing his robe and throwing it across the room. Now clad only in black leather briefs, his bulge obscenely displayed, he reached into his bag and produced a large double bardex nozzle. He again snapped on a pair of latex gloves. He affixed the nozzle to the white tubing and tested it, first inflating the outer balloon, then the inner. Satisfied he knelt behind me and my small, quivering ass. "Darling, it is very important that I make you clean, do you understand?" he whispered. "Yes, my Master, please clean me of my sins, I'm such a dirty boy, please," I pleaded. He slimed a ton of KY jelly into my ass crack and placed his gloved hand there until his fingers found my asshole. He slowly caressed the outer muscle of my sphincter until he began to feel it yield. He eased his slimy middle finger into the opening, slowly, very slowly, all the time whispering his encouragement......."easy, baby, relax, c'mon lover, that's it, that's my boy, let me in........" and his finger finally worked it's way in, filling my rectum with pleasure. He reached his other hand over top until he spreading my ass cheeks, two fingers darted into my ass. A third entered stretching my hole even wider. I moaned softly now, rocking to his motions on my knees, softly rocking, whimpering now as he worked 3 fingers swiftly in and out of my hole. He withdrew his middle finger from my ass just enough until he could give it a companion, then he eased all 4 fingers back into my bowels and slowly turned them, deep in my ass. I was moaning now, shaking with lust, his pressure on my anal ring unyielding, and he knew that it was now time to stretch out that asshole wider than it has ever gone. The beer can thick dildo, had no problem splitting my asshole ring and driving deep. He left it in me. He stood to survey his handiwork as the dildo slowly slid form my asshole. I laid on the rubber sheet, my stockinged legs bent, my toes pointed up. nipples hard The black satin choker like a blood black slash across my alabaster throat. My shaved pubes The huge dildo protruded from my sphincter and rose at an angle away from me. Magnificent! He stripped off his leather briefs, now freeing his engorged member. My eyes went right to it and I playfully licked her lips and they smiled at each other. My Master took a Large set of vibrating anal beads (baseball sized) from the dresser top and turned it on. He knelt beside me and began to rub one of my nips with his left hand while he popped in the humming beads into my well lubed asshole with his right. I groaned with pleasure. He started to pop the beads in and out, slowly at first, then with quicker, piston like strokes. On occasion he would take it out punch fuck the my asshole with the equally large dildo, rejoicing at the spasms that produced, the shaking of my flesh. Nice. I was well on my way to total submission, and total asshole destruction.
The other two guys arrived right in the middle of a huge dildo about to enter my ass. He was pushing and pushing the 3.5" wide dildo, trying desperately to get it in when the knock came. "get this in your ass slut, Ill go answer the door" he said. It was Tom and Ronny. They came in and noticed me just as the big dildo sunk in my asshole. 'Ohh gawd thats HUGE" I moaned. "hey, we wnat to help you wreck your asshole" One said. They stripped naked and sought out only the biggest dildo's.
The 3.5" inch dildo head split my asshole and the thing sank deep in my ass. The guys began to slowly work my asshole. Long slow thrust loosened my asshole even more, I could feel my inner anal ring popping every time the big head slide by it, the inner ring popping began to subside when the ring loosened up, this is when they picked up the pace "Yea Ronny, work his asshole!, ruin that ring" Tom cried, Ronny responded with a series of quick deep jabs, "Ohhh gawd my asshole!, oh yeaaaaa, Hoo Hoo" I gurgled, watching my asshole being ripped to shreds in the video camera. Ok, take to the machine. I was escorted to the desk with them holding the dong in my ass. "Stand up on the desk, and pull out that dildo" he directed. I did and Tom mounted it to the motor shaft. "Now quickly, sit back down on its so your asshole does not close". I spread my asscheeks and squatted on it. "Its going in, Ahhhhh, yea, nice and deep "I slobbered. "Ok Ronny, put it in manual mode and stroke it in and out for a while. At the end of the complicated linkage was a wheel. Ronnie turned the wheel, and the dong started sliding out, then more turns and it went back in "Ronnie, bury it deep, the let 'er rip, full speed rotation" the director said, with the camera rolling. "Ok, now", the switch was on, "Eieeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!" I screamed as the huge dong spun around in my ass at an enormous speed, the initial start up twisted my asshole. All I could feel was this giant dong tearing up my bowels, ass lips huge and spitting lube as the dong spun at 200 rpm, vibrating my whole hips and lower half "Oh my gaaaaaawd, ohhhhh, waaaaa" Is all I could say. Holding on for dear life, not letting the dong drive any deeper into my ass, my hole was heating up due to friction. "Your hurting me!, go slower" , they dropped the speed in half, it was a little better, but you can only imaging how this was wrecking my asshole. "Ok Ronnie, now turn on the thruster to a 6" thrust depth and let it fly" The director said. "Oh gawd no....." I screamed and the dong pulled out 6" and thrust, back in. It was set at one thrust a second. "oh my asss, oh oh oh, its going to make me cum!" The dong hammered my asshole spinning and spitting, each thrust hammering my inner and outer anal ring, each spin twisting my asshole to destruction. After 1 minute, I let go, gave up my body to the machine. Slumped over, the machine continued to hammer my asshole, and the filming continued.

They turned off the machine and helped me off, "Wow, look at that asshole, totally useless!, Fist it out for the final abuse, Tommie, I'm sure you'll have no problem" The placed me doggy style, holding me, Tommy crisco'd up hand drove right into my asshole "Eeeee ooouuuiii" I screamed, I was sore and raw form the machine, but Tommy did not care, balling his fist in my ass then pulling out, forming huge ass lips and a rose bud, he punched his way, back in, no mercy fisting, as the guys jacked off around me. "Ohhh gawd, my asshole!" after and elbow deep punch. "Ok I'm going to start some power fisting then When I pull my fist out , Ill spread his hole and you guys cum in it. Tommy got into position, then like a piston ram he power fisted my asshole hard, plop, "waaaa", plop "waaaaa", plop, "waaaa" is all you could here. My face was down and my ruined asshole, high as tommy pulled out and the sperm started to fly. Big dollops creamed my raw asshole, as I came too.