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Another example
Machine Shop- They Ruined Analboys rectum

Analboy felt his rectal muscles contract as the enormous phallus withdrew the eight inches of it's length that had been buried in his open asshole. He drew in a shuddering breath as it paused briefly at his entrance. He next felt a warm spray of lubricant being injected into him, then he gasped as the monster began to move into his rectum more. Analboy stared in utter disbelief as he watched more and more of the huge object disappear inside him. His eyes began to bulge in his head as he felt the huge artificial organ begin to invade areas of his interior that had never before been touched, the 4 inch wooden post was poking at the entrance of the anal bend, and if it went into the bend extremely deep insertions would surely result.

As Analboy's muscles began to spasm from the deep penetration, the sensor taped to his heaving belly must have triggered something in the machine, because the advance of the phallus paused. Analboy just had time to take one shuddering breath, before he felt the head of the thing begin to grow deep inside of him.

'It's stretching me again!' his mind reeled. Analboy held his breath as he began to feel fuller and fuller until he thought he would burst open, as the object started to advance into the anal bend.

"Arrrrrggghh.. Unnnngggghhh," the pitiful, young boy groaned as the swelling in his rectum continued. More warm fluid was injected into him, then slowly he felt the swelling subside. His body shivered involuntarily, and then "Big Boy" continued it's advance into his quivering, rectal canal.

Finally, Analboy felt the broad head pop into the colon bend. He was perspiring quite a bit now as he stared up at the thing in the mirror. It didn't seem possible, but it looked like at least one foot of the huge invader was now buried inside his rectum and up into the colon bend.

The Machine continued to push painfully into his colon. Was it going to be driven way up into the bend for that 14-16 inch insertion?' Analboy thought in a panic. His ass actually began to slid on the surface of the table as the monster tried to push further into the bend. Analboy cried out. The advance stopped. He lay there paralyzed on the table breathing in gasping breaths, his chest and abdomen heaving, the huge member buried deep within his colon.

Suddenly the machine lurched forward and began thrusting at incredible speeds, Analboy began yelling "Oh my rectum, Oh your destroying my asshole" as the massive rod pumped the shit out of his rectum and colon bend, Huge 12 inch thrusts and lightning speed sent analboys body into a spasming withering mess as the object mutilated the whores asshole and colon bend.

As suddenly as it began, the thrusting ceased. Analboy's body fell limp once again on the table. He was lying in a pool of his own fluids mixed with what ever oils had escaped his orifices. He breathed in ragged heaving breaths. Although Analboy was terrified, that last round of thrusts had moved his unknowingly close to climax. The machine, sensing his bodily responses, had stopped just prior to his becoming aware himself that he was getting close. Analboy lay there panting, wondering what would happen next, the large probe buried deep in his rectum. His legs spread wide and limp. He was utterly helpless. Then a man came in with large shiny metal rod, about pencil thick. "Before we continue breaking down your asshole muscle and creating your 14 inch deep rectal tunnel, we need to pay some attention to that piss slit. The man grabbed Analboy's balls and secured them tight with a large rubber band. He held Analboys piss slit open with his thumb and forefinger, then slid the greased up rod right down Analboys piss slit. Analboy let out an approving moan "Ohh my slit!, Love it" as the rod stopped at the base of his hard cock, fully sounded at 6 inch depth. Then the fucking began.

Slowly the huge organ was withdrawn, but this time as it reached the entrance to his rectal canal, it did not pause but immediately pushed slowly back in. His body shook as he felt his insides being pushed aside as the huge member passed into his colon bend. Finally he felt it once more pop into the bend, again causing his ass to move slightly on the table top.

"Ugghhh!" Analboy grunted.

Without a pause the phallus began to pull out. The next stroke was delivered with more authority. Analboy's pelvis heaved as the thing rammed into the deepest part of his rectunm. Analboy could do nothing to prevent himself from being impaled over and over again by the horrid phallus. The rapidity of the strokes the machine administered to his twitching asshole began to steadily increase. His whole rectum and anal bend was becoming one huge tunnel, 4 inches wide x 13 inches in depth

As Analboy groaned, "Uhh.. Uhh.. Uhh.. Uhh.. Uhh.. Uhh.. Uhh.. Uhh.. Uhh.. Uhh.. Uhh..," he suddenly felt himself become warm inside. He began to tingle all over. 'Oh, God,' he thought. 'He was going to cum!' Analboy's breathing became much more rapid as he ramped up to climax. His asshole muscles began to jerk and spasm around the huge, fucking engine. The asshole muscles were losing all elasticity now. The rod still planted deep in his piss slit

As his eyes rolled back in his head and he was about to erupt in an all consuming orgasm, two things happened. "Big Boy" stopped for a moment, and once again The trusting had allowed the rod in his piss slit to sink under its own weight, deeper into his urethral opening He shivered, and then as a feeble whimper escaped his slack lips, the fucking resumed and the rod in his slit was almost prostate deep. Several times he was brought to within milliseconds of orgasm, only to be plunged back to earth by a deeper sounding. All the while the machine kept fucking and fucking. It would not tire, it would never cum and go limp.

Analboy was moving into another realm of existence. A realm centered between his legs, his asshole. As the huge, wodden cock continued it's relentless pumping of his helpless, young body, more oil was fed into his rectum, so there was no problem with abrasion. This thing was simply going to fuck his asshole to death.

Analboy was beginning to black out when again the machine must have -sensed something somehow, and fucking rhythm began to slow. As he began to come back around, the machine would speed back up. His body had no choice but to once again begin it's fitful and hopeless rise toward an orgasm which would surely be denied. The rod slipped deeper into his piss slit.

Analboy's reeling mind and body were screaming for release. 'Please let me cum, Oh God, please let me cum!' Almost as if it sensed his cravings, the machine seemed to comply. This time as his heart rate and respirations increased, so did the stimulations to his prostate from the rod in his slit and to his nipples. "Big Boy" was by now fucking his with long, slow, measured strokes. When it withdrew from his it would pull almost all the way out, before it's return stroke would carry the wide, flat tip all the way into his to make final contact with his rectal bend, then up into it a solid 6 inches. It was wearing out the bend.. The stimulations to his prostate began to get more powerful, because the thrusting of 'big boy' had the rod in his piss slit swinging back and forth too. Analboy groaned in extreme pleasure and pain as his now virtually mindless body rode the pumping fuck engine.

Soon he was being slowly fucked into oblivion by the massive, pumping shaft and the long metal rod each taking turns as they invaded the deepest parts of his young body. He could feel his very guts being rearranged to accommodate the two intruders. Without any warning Analboy's body began to climax. His mind just went along for the ride. He shook and quivered on the two object. His back and hips arched high off the table. His head fell from side to side and he began to drool profusely. As quickly as one orgasm hit another was right behind. Cum squirted from the side of the rod in his piss slit.

The Machine had "switched gears." Now it was administering just the right amount of stimulus to keep Analboy in a continuous state of climax. As his body adjusted to one pace and began to come down from it's pinnacle, The Machine would sense it, and do something new. The slow measured stroking of "Big Boy" stopped.

The huge phallus was pushed all the way to the back of his rectal canal and up into his anal bend. Then it began a long series of quick, hard thrusts. They were delivered with astonishing rapidity. The machine was quick fucking young Analboy like no human male could ever have done and once again, it never tired, and it never came. A large quantity of hot oil was being pumped into his now as the thing hammered his asshole relentlessly. The room was filled with squishing, spurting sounds and of course his involuntary grunts and groans, as a mixture of oil and asshole juice continually squirted out of Analboy from around the pumping shaft as he moved from one orgasm to the next. His mind began to fold. The last thing he remembered was Piss slit rod beginning to stretch and open the piss slit. causing his tortured asshole to clamp on the rapidly pistoning "Big Boy".

Analboy was still cumming as he lost consciousness. His last muzzy thought was, "At least I'll die with a smile on my face!"

Analboy awoke to what he thought was bird song. As he began the long, slow climb to full awareness, he realized, it was birds singing. With his eyes still closed Analboy stretched his arms above his head. Was he dreaming again? He could sense a dull ache in his lower abdomen.

As Analboy opened his eyes, the terror came roaring back. He expected to see the all seeing mirror above his and then have that horrible machine begin to fuck him senseless, just destroying his rectum. As the memories flooded back, Analboy shook, but there was no mirror. He realized he was in a normal bed. He was looking up at a normal, painted ceiling. He could move!

Analboy was dressed in a cotton pajamas. He sat up in the normal bed and looked around the normal bedroom. A gentle breeze wafted in the open window. As he went to pull his feet from beneath the covers, Analboy found that he could not free his right foot. He lifted the covers to see what the problem might be, and to his dismay, he found that his right ankle was shackled to the foot of the bed with a padded cuff and a short length of chain.

Analboy reached beneath the covers, and was testing the strength of the chain, when the door opened. Analboy recoiled to see Mr. Joseph Cooper, his old contact and betrayer.

"What are you doing here?" Analboy said

"Ah, Analboy, my dear. Good morning. This is my home, and you will be my guest for a good long while. We are going to become quite, close you and I and your rectum, once your body has had a chance to heal. I understand that you went a full two hours with the 'good doctor's' machine and it totally trashed out your asshole. No man could hope to compete with that," he chuckled. "But in time I hope you will learn to care for me. After a successful session of interrogation at which time you gave him all the information he asked for, the doctor was kind enough to give you to me rather than to his 'associates'. They were quite upset, I understand. It took a lot of work to break down that ass-muscle, but now you mine for daily fistings To appease them I allowed them each to'take a turn', so to speak, while you were still unconscious. I felt it only fair and after the fucking you received by the Doc's 'pet', I would imagine that you would not have felt a thing. Now get some sleep, your due for a hard ass punching session next!

The end