Friday, February 27, 2009

The Analboy Stories are back

Over in the links section on the right hand side of the blog, Is a link to all the stories that were posted on the old site. The link will be live and stories available Saturday 2/28/09. Here is a sample.

Pounding Analboy's Colon to ruin

I had introduced and overseen Analboys daily rectum stretching since the
day after they arrived. We soon settled into a routine. I would
drill out Analboys asshole with the largest dildos on a daily basis.
I would make sure his rectum was thoroughly clean thru a garden hose with a nozzle.
Blasting his rectum with large amount of water was stretching his insides, which
later proved how deep and wide his asshole would go.

I gradually stretched his asshole for the next few days with a
succession of dildoes until I thought they were ready for AssDaddy. On the
big day, I saw Analboy in whispered conversation with AssDaddy over
breakfast. My heart warmed to see that he had gotten so close to him
so quickly. Later, AssDaddy entered the playroom to find Analboy
kneeling before him, ass high in the air. The
ass-slut lay face down over padded bench, knees on the floor.

The plan was for AssDaddy and I to break down his assmuscle and straighten
out his colon, before AssDaddy took him for
his own. AssDaddy stood behind Analboy, his massive 12 inch cock swayed as he pre
pared to enter the whore. He plunged into Analboy with one big push
As AssDaddy bottomed out at 9 inches, he eased the remaining 4 inches up into the boys colon bend.
He fucked Analboy long and hard. Then Analboy felt something new at his back door, and looked
into the mirror to see AssDaddy, his speared hand starting into the boys rectum,
his eyes darting back and forth watching his face.

To his utter astonishment, he plunged his hand into Analboys ass
up to his elbow in one thrust! He nodded a bit, as if having confirmed
a theory, then his hand opened expanded the boys lower colon to the max.
He screeched and spasmed around his
large arm! He balled the hand into a fist, pulling out until the
back of his fist caught on the inside of the boys spasming anal ring! With
studied concentration, as if observing a scientific phenomenon, he
stared at my face, and PUNCHED! He started
rapidly pummeling the whores insides with his hard, large fist!

he wanted so bad to wreck the whores rectum, literally destroy it from fisting,
So assDaddy could have the ass anyway he desired. Analboys anal ring squeezed past his elbow on each stroke, now! His arm
and fist delved more deeply into his large intestine than even AssDaddy's
cock, and he pounded and beat his guts into submission, not waiting for
them to get out of his way! Suddenly, he stopped, his arm buried halfway up his bicep, and started
twisting and flexing inside the boy, trashing out his rectum even more, bending at the wrist and elbow,
experimenting with different ways of creating new sensations inside the whore!

"You really like being fucked in the asshole, don't you Johnny?" he asked,
giving his fist a viscious twist.

He shrieked out another climax in answer! "Y-YES Sir! I do! But you
have to stop! I'm AssDaddy's property (gasp) not (pant) yours! You must...
must not (pant) use me without his permission!"

From behind, AssDaddy
said, "I gave him permission, boy!"

"I made a deal with AssDaddy at breakfast." Tom said from behind
me, giving me a short, wicked jab, "I can do anything I want with you
until AssDaddy's ready, then I have to do something for him.

With that, his arm and hand went wild inside him! For another half hour or so, Tom
played Analboy like a volleyball,
never letting him come down, until finally, AssDaddy came wanting some rectum too.

With my hand as far inside my little whores stretched asshole as it
would go, I tested that theory. I slowly spread my fingers wide and
pushed my hand a little further, poking and stretching. My middle
fingers was centered on the colon bend, and as I pushed to
get the nails on the shorter fingers into play, it flowered open and fingers
sank inside then bend! he must have had AssDaddy in there for it to
have opened so easily! He had mentioned he was working on breaking down his anal bend.

Excitedly I started sliding my whole hand into his colon. Analboy keened and went rigid, cutting
off the circulation to my hand as he clamped down on the invader and
jerked through his first orgasm! Hooking my hand, I pulled his
rectum outward until it prolapsed out his now ruined assring! Closing my other fingers,
I started pushing and pulling his rectum out and in, sending the poor
boy into spasm after spasm! I pulled out until about 2 inches of rectum
prolapsed out his hole.

Over and over I prolpased his rectum out, and pushed it back in, we was coming out
naturally after some time, with each cum shot, his rectum would squirt out his asshole
forming a red meat tube, then get sucked back in as the cum shot died off.

AssDaddy smiled at Analboy who grinned back, and in a flash, he was slathering
lube up and down his arms! Analboys's eyes
widened with fear as we descended on him, but he lay back docilely and
let his legs fall open in surrender to the inevitable.

Assdaddy's hand slid right up the boys ass chute with little resistance. His asshole
so abused and hanging, I doubted if he would be a good fuck, only a fisting slut now.
When AssDaddy clubbed his fist and started fisting into his colon bend
driving elbow deep with each thrust, Analboys's climax became loud and continuous.
he twisted his arm on the way in, creating a good vacuum, the yanking his ram out real fast
bringing rectum meat out his asshole repeatedly. After about 20 times doing this over and over,
he was completely prolapsed out, not going back inside. Ass Daddy found a rubber band, and wrapped
it around the new formed red meat tube. His prolapsed rectum look like a toilet paper tube
with a small slit in the end. AssDaddy fingered the red tube slit, while working the boys nuts,
sending him into a violent cum shot, his asshole spasming, gripping the prolapse as
this sent Assdaddy over the top, squirting his load all over the boys exposed
rectum. He then slipped the rubber band off, and the rectum went back in, as Analboy
dozed off.

The End