Friday, January 16, 2009

Rectum Conditioning Update

Managed to get 3 asshole wrecking sessions this week, The anal ring opened right up after a 14 day break due to the Holidays. Assdaddy had really worked the asshole ring muscle hard, and I managed a few solo sessions during the break, so the asshole ring muscle never really got a chance to tighten up. The first session back into it, the large dongs sunk in with ease, and his whole hand almost slipped in for a solid fisting 5 finger alternate hand fisting. Next week we will continue to breakdown the anal ring also start sounding out the piss slit as well. We have some nice large plastic fishing worms to slide down my bald cock shaft. Stretch out the slit, while Assdaddy wrecks the asshole in unison. Working the rubberbanded off nuts, cuming from anal.