Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Iranian Colon Bend Assistant

Iranian Assistant, Babaloo.Is training to be an assmaster specializing in depth. His 14 inch cock as thick as your arm, loves to go balls deep and fuck into the colon bend. He came in near then end of the session when you were fisting out the chute, his limp 14 incher, ready for action. You hand left my gaping asshole and was replaced by just the head of his horse cock, my warm chute, thickened and hardened his cock as you watched. Soon he was at max hardness and ready to slide in. You both placed me doggy style, as he squatted over me, the full 14 inches rock hard, he slide into my open chute, deeper, deeper. At 9 inches he announced that he bottomed out in the rectum. You instructed him to swivel your hips, search for the colon bend opening. He did that, the head popped into the bend

"Ohh my rectum" I moaned
"I'm in!, he goes" He said.

Inch by inch slide way up into me, until he announced.

"I'm balls deep in your asshole slut sir"

"Good pump the colon bend good" AD instructed .

He started thrusting in and out with long swift strokes, popping and out of the bend continuously, I was taking it, and felt the head of his cock expand, he was going to blast a huge one.

"I'm going to cum in your slut soon sir"

"I want to to cum, when you completely to the hilt, cream that colon" AD instructed. He blasted a huge load in the down stroke, then pulled out.