Saturday, January 3, 2009

An Automated Sling

You invited me in as usual and.... there it was a super automated sling from 4 eye hooks in the ceiling, you took no time, and opened up the ass wide with toys. The sling had a mechanical ass cheeks spreader and automatic nut worker built in, It was remote controlled device that had to be attached to the slut first. A quick clean out, followed by shaved pubes, balls and asshole, and I was ready. Assdaddy helped me in the sling, the fastened then ass cheeker, spreading my ass cheeks widely, totally exposing my loose anal ring for abuse. The nut worker was then attached. It looked like Softball with marbles rotating working the nuts, Once in place. He drove into the rectum full force, with the starter dong, pumping the rectum full of lube and air. He took no time working up in dong sizes as my asshole preceded to totally give out for him. He noticed and took advantage of the situation.

"Fuck yea, lets go large, wreck that ass!" He said grabbing the largest dong, old big black.

He greased it and pointed the butt missile at my gaping asshole. The massive 4 inch head split the ring, but was to big. More pushing and the large head made progress, At the widest part, it felt like my anal-ring muscle was gonna tear in half, then the entire thing sank into the rectum swallowing 8 inches of the massive shaft before stopping. I gasped for air as my chute was expanded out to the maximum. Slowly he withdrew the huge dong until the widest part of the head was right at the anal ring again. He punished the anal ring, pulling on it, spinning the dong in circles, the triangular head making mincemeat of my ass-muscle. The he drove it back in right up the chute and repeated this over and over again. Soon the asshole let completely loose and was able to punch fuck the hole. I could not hold out as was about to blast a huge load.

"No cumming yet slut, I'm using the red rectum destroyer dong and the nut worker in unison"-He said.

The dildo punching suddenly stopped, luckily I did not cum, or I would never take the red rectum destroyer (shown here), huge 3-1/2 inches across with ribs. I hit the poppers hard, as he eased the monster up my loose asshole, but it was too large even for mine. More pressure and the ring began to give way.

"Its gonna go slut, take it!, take it in that rectum" he demanded."Oh my ring, almost!!" I screamed.... Waaaaaaaaaa", it sunk home.

"Oh yea, now here cums the nut worker" Assdaddy said, flipping the switch, the nut worker started kneading my balls hard, as Assdaddy starting stroking big red. I was about to shoot.

"No cum from analwork like a asshole whore should, then I'm gonna cum in your destroyed hole"

"OK not jacking, oh thats it nail those nuts, here it comes!, Ohhhhhh Errrrrrrrr I'm cumming from anal!!!!! I screamed.

My asshole started to spasm violently around the huge red rubber shaft, but Assdaddy kept pounding the shaft deep in the rectum and I took it like a whore, he totally wrecked my asshole muscle and rectum. He ripped out the dong real fast.

"ok push out, show me some red meat" Assdaddy said, now jacking his cock.

"ERRRRRRRRR...." and i felt the rectum drop down ans "Errrrrrrr..." I flowered out for him

"I'm creaming your rosebud boy, Ohhhhhhhhh" AssDaddy Came.