Monday, December 28, 2009

Assmaster Works the Anal ring

After 30 days straight of double sessions (one at 12noon, other 4pm), we had finally wore out my asshole ring muscle large enough to start easing big red (4 inch wide x 12 inch long red dildo) in for the ultimate asshole pounding. About to start the 3 straight day of big red workouts, I got into position face down, doggy, asshole high. A huge cavern now, we threw the starter dong away (beer can thick dildo), and the assmaster was easing the 3 inch wide BAM dildo in to prep the rectum. It fell right into the tunnel with no resistence, the assmaster reamed it for a couple of minutes but the hole was too sloppy, even for the BAM, so you greased up big red, and I hit the poppers. Big Red split the asshole ring muscle and went right up the rectum. I let out a huge moan "ohh my asshole" as the assmaster got a good gip on Big red and started powerfucking the rectum. I held on for dear life, hiking up my asshole, rutting back on the in-thrust, to get as deep as possible in the rectum. This turned the assmster on, and he went into high gear and slipped on the lube, Big red falling to the floor, revelaing an asshole as big as a softball. His hand natually slide right into my rectum after seeing the condition it was in. I relaxed and accepted it, inviting the assmaster for more depth, your hand sliding deeper, stopped, pulled completly out, and repeat over and over. the assmaster wanted my anal-ring to get used to taking his hand. In, Out, In, out, pulling on the anal-ring. Finally he balled his fist and went for the cum shot. he eased the balled fist back over the ring and got into a good punching rythem. I hit the poppers and took a good handballing.

"Cum on slut, I wanna feel that ring spasm around my forearm, Cum" You went for the nuts, punch fisting in unison and milking the load right out of the bald cock. my asshole spasming violently around your arm, Dmaahging the ring muscle, I screamed to pull out but he just kept on fisting away, slowing his pace, but an even handballing, getting me ready for another round.

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Analboy's Asshole Destruction Antaics are now on facebook!, Do a search on

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and look for the toy soldier avatar!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009

Both Holes Fucked

Both holes fucked

Bob walked round behind her and pulled her wrists together behind his back. "I warn you Bob Johnny is an unusual men with special needs so don't be alarmed with what is about to happen. I'll like give you a demo' and then you take over as I want some pictures for Johnny and I to enjoy in the long winter evenings do you mind.?" Andy would have agreed to anything at that moment in time, and so nodded his agreement. " Good!" said Bob as he walked round in front of Johnny and grabbed a nipple in between the thumb and fore finger of each hand twisting them cruelly as if trying to get a reaction out of Johnny who just sighed then smiled at Andy as if to say your turn soon. Bob pulled the nipples out as far as possible shaking them really hard Johnny gasped but did not complain a masochist thought Andy never met one before seemed a bit odd to him but Johnny was getting into this abuse. encouraging Bob to get rougher accusing him of being soft. " Fuck his piss slit with this large sound" Bob prepared the pencil thick sound for rodding. He stood there smiling at Andy his legs slightly apart showing his shaven pubes & balls. I wonder if we can nail his asshole and slit simultaneously? thought Andy.

Bob returned with 2 large sounds which he waved in front of Johnny, who looked at Andy to check his reaction which was one of shock. Surely he's not going slide those massive rods into the boys bald sissy cock is he?, he wondered feeling more aroused at the thought of it. "Your not a softie are you Andy" asked Johnny "No" said Andy unconvincingly. "Andy come round and stand behind me and hold is little rock hard cock straight out" Andy moved into position grabbed the bald cock offering out to Bob. The large sound slid right into the boys lsit with ease, it was awesome "Ready when you are Bob" said Johnny. Bob looked at Andy and grinned as he rodded the slit in and out, fucking it with the huge rod "ARRHHH!!!" cried Johnny "That's wild YESSSS!!!!!" Bob quickly slid the second even fatter rod into the piss slit. "Right shouted Bob, Andy you take one sound and I'll take this one he said as he fucked the slit in and out and worked his rubberbanded off nuts like he was kneading dough.. Andy proceeded to do the same amazed at the piss slit fucking he was taking, he fucked the slit all the was down to the base of his 4 inch cock and right past the prostrate area and not one word of complaint came from Johnny, only the sounds of pleasure as he neared a cum shot.

Johnny was panting in anticipation of his body rocking with floods of orgasms. "Go on fist fuck him Andy, trash out that asshole muscle" shouted Bob he needs it, stretch his big ass hole out, that is what he wants, don't worry he can take it and more believe me go on don't mind me enjoy your self, I wrecked his asshole ring so many times, it probably doesnt work quit right anymore" Andy didn't need telling twice he untied his wrists and as he did he wrapped his arms around him. "Come on Andy you have such big hands give it to me now! tickle my belly button from the inside, ruin my assring again" he chuckled. Johnny lay on the floor his large open asshole yawned open naturally, amazing sight thought Andy. He knelt down beside him and opened his legs peering at the huge anal ring, that's been stretched out so many times, even the skin around the asshole was all stretched out from huge object insertions, Andy thought. "Look at this Andy" he commanded as he looked at his asshole he reached around with both hands pulling his asshole part slightly. Then unbelievably he flexed her internal muscles and a great hole gaped open and Andy thought he could see all the way inside the large rectum, what mysterious depths. "Lick me out please" he begged. Andy moved closer he could see it was very clean and very bald, this gave him the urge to bury his face in his great asshole licking what he could. "Andy I want your fist now, drive it into my colon" said Johnny. He threw off his clothes , rubbed his greasy hand around the outside of his asshole making it greasy a couple of times and then slid it easily up inside him. As he started moving his fist easily up and down and all around rocking his wrist lower then higher inside him stretching his rectum and causing a great cave to develop inside his chute, he worked the banded off nuts with his free hand, continuing with what was quite a brutal fist fuck with the other. Andy withdrew his fist while still clenched as he erupted into a huge anal spasm. Convulsing and shuddering asshole muscle that has lost all of its elasticity. Andy moved over to his face, he opened her mouth and he pushed his cock in further and further down his throat until his nose was resting in his pubic hair and he withdrew slightly so he could jack off finally emptying his by now considerable load into his mouth "IMMM!!" he cooed "thats nice Andy I love!!! that taste." "Got some great shots this time Baby, he devastated your ass-ring muscle" said Bob grinning all over his face. "Quite a asshole slut ain't he Andy" Andy had almost forgotten about Bob. "Bet you will be wanting to stop by here again won't you?" Andy agreed smiling as he looked down at the lusty sight of this enormous blown out asshole as he rolled onto his knees, "I'm ready to go again if you are Andy," he said.

"Hey Bob, I want him to stretch me all the way out tonight, totally trash out his asshole. I want you to film me getting stretched beyond anything that we have done before. " " Let's start with getting both hands in and then see where that leads us" Bob replied. Andy knelt down and put his hands together at Johnny's gaping hole.

It looked like he was "praying" to his asshole muscle, and then he "dove" in. With his hands together like that they easily slid wrist deep, and then Andy started having fun. Twisting and turning as he went in and out. Gradually getting rougher as Johnny got into the asshole destruction "That's it Andy, the wilder you get, the more he likes it. Go ahead And really work him over, his asshole will never be the same again, I want it all on tape." Bob yelled. By this time Andy was able to "wash his hands" in some J-lube, Then he started punch fucking Johnny's huge slick hole. Alternating fists, Each time trying to go a little deeper, then he pulled completely out. "No, don't pull them out, please don't leave me empty!, ruin my ring" cried Johnny. Grasping both hands together in a double fist Andy leaned into Johnny's Enormous, gasping, hanging rectum. After it swallowed Andy's doubled up Hands, it looked loose for a second around his wrists. Then he quickly pulled All the way out again, then before the hole could close back up he went "Dont worry that asshole will not close up, I thoroughly trained his rectum, took me a soild month everyday, i would wreck that ring, no look at it" Back in a little deeper he went. Each time he got all the way in he spread his elbows As for apart as he could. By this time Johnny was experiencing a soild piss slit sounding in unision with the punch fuckin , was too much and finally passed out.

When Johnny woke up he was up on the bed with his ankles tied up behind his Head. Bob had been pulling out massive fuck-toys while Andy had been fisting Johnny. Now there was quite an assortment laying on the floor, all having the same quality, in that all of them were way beyond fitting into a normal asshole. A asshole like Johnny's was the only thing that could ever hold any of these toys. The smallest one was 16" long and had to be 3" across. Then they got bigger. At the far end was something that looked like a traffic cone. Hell, it was a traffic cone. That gave him an idea. Andy quite fisting and his hand left the Johnnys rectum with a plop. With out warning the fist was replaced with one of the monster, Bob powered it up his asshole chute with one big thrust, send Johnny screaming, WAAAAAAAAAA, oh my asshole!!!!". "Well, that probably damaged his asshole ring muscle Andy, keep hammering that rectum". Andy got up beside him on the bed. He had to try something he had heard about on the web, knee-fucking. He figured with the current condition of his rectum, it just might go. "Get some good footage of this, Bob. Your gonna love it" Andy said. Then he brought his heel up next to his but-cheek. This brought his shin parallel to his thigh, with his knee stick up in the air. "Johnny, get up and straddle my knee. Pretend its just a big dildo, and try to take as much as you can." "Oh Andy, your nastier than I thought. I do love it!" Exclaimed Bob. Johnny, doing what he was told, got up and straddled Andy's knee. Not sitting down on it, just rubbing the top with his exposed asshole, quickly Andy coated the top of his leg with KY Jelly. As Andy got comfortable he was able to raise an arm and slapped Johnny's cock and nuts. Hard. He loved it and lowered himself down onto Andy's knee with all his weight. Andy was skinny, so the knee was not much wider then the biggest of the dildo's. He hovered at the top momentarily while his rectal muscles loosened up. Then he slowly sank down onto his leg. "Look his rectum is accpeting it!" He finally stopped about a third of the way down "Oh yea, lets split my assring in two". he said, Then raised himself back up, and jacked his little bald cock then dropped back down with all his weight, this time going half way before stopping "Ohh ruin me, wreck that ass". As he did this, Andy still slapped his balls back and forth with solid blows. They both got into a rhythm. Johnny was determined to take it all and said so. "Work my nuts Bob, I know I can get more. I need it all!" he screamed. Bob and Andy exchanged looks of disbelief, and excitement. Bob put the camera on the tripod, and went to help his asshole slut fuck the salesman's knee. Finally, spent, Johnny stopped. His rectum was never the same after that session.

The End

Monday, November 9, 2009

Extended periods chute expanded

House to myself, and a large Cucumber available. It was a monster: A full 3 inch (beer can thick or closed fist) wide at one end tapering down slightly on the other, drastically curved. It was time to stuff the chute to the max and hold for a long period. My idea was to expand that rectum cavity and anal-ring and hold, to allow the ring to breakdown and the chute to get used to being filled to the max. This exercise may allow the ring to easily start taking the big black dong in daily sessions.

The scene was set, Just shaved the pubes, balls and asshole bald, and snapped a larger rubber-band around the nuts, isolating them off nicely. Fat end first. The monster was greased. The 3 inch end split the ring and the chute accepted it with ease (still in great rectal shape). Once the widest part made it past, the taper on the cucumber, cause the whole thing to slide right up the chute until it hit the bend.

My plan was to lay down for 1/2 hour and allow the chute to relax and accept the stretching, 20 minutes and I started jacking my hard cock. I stopped and caught myself, had another 10 minutes of training, so I got another thick rubber band, doubled it over and around the balls and cock this time. I held my bald hard cock straight out and started to work my banded of nuts and not jacking. Got into a good rhythm working the nuts and hold the cock straight out. In combination with my rectum chute stuffed to the max, I was getting ready to squirt off hard.

I eased the large cucumber out so that the Ring was at maximum stretch when the powerful cumshot hit, so the asshole ring could spasm fully dilated causing even more anal-ring break down. A big one hit, sending the ring into powerful spasms as the ring tried to clamp down, losing all control of the ring for those 10 seconds. Great solo ring breakdown!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Drilled in the rectum

Drilled in the rectum repeatedly

Sadist and AssMaster Dennis's loyal friend had agreed to meet Analboy, and convince him to come with him for a little fun. Analboy unaware that Dennis had a new
device awaiting his next victim. Analboy was gagged and was brought to his
underground dungeon, leaving him locked there to await his fate- A totally blown out, destroyed asshole.

The masked man walked slowly around him, quietly appraising his body as
he quivered with fear. "I'm Dennis," he introduced himself, his voice
barely a whisper behind the mask. "In my old life, my slave left me, and the
next bimbo I dated had the audacity to bite my cock off just because I'd forced
it into his throat. I assure you, my men fixed him, but good. And my surgeon
fixed me, made me even better than I was." Dennis threw aside his cape with
great flair, and she saw that he was naked underneath. "Now my manhood
measures 16' long; bigger around than your arm, and remains always hard. And
my new purpose in life is to make men suffer! and destroy assholes with this cock and my weapons and tools here" His voice, tenser now, had
still not raised above a loud whisper. "Men, especially sissy men such
as you, have ALWAYS made gaymen suffer. But now the tables are turned, aren't
they, BITCH!, Im gonna mutilate your asshole, until it looks like hamburger meat!

Suddenly, he was brutally ripping off his clothes; Dennis took not on how large Analboys nipples were, and that he was completely shaved pubes balls and asshole made him look like a total slut
He threw him down on top of a large wooden table, her naked buttocks
quivering from the damp, chilly air of the dungeon. He made him sit down, legs straight out, with just his ass hanging off the wooden table. He clasped his hands in
chains, so that they were pulled tight to the wall in front of her. Next he
tied her ankles down in front of him as well , so that he was sitting upright
wrists close to ankles; all four appendages securely fastened. A wooden bar was attached to the end of the table with C clamps. It supported the his ass that was hanging off the side, but was also designed to naturally spread his ass cheeks, totally exposing Analboy open shaved asshole.
A large table was wheeled in . It contained power tools and many cock shaped objects and dildos. A power-drill, a reciprocating saw (saw-z-all) and scroll saw, and suddenly Analboy realized they were going to drill out his rectum, right there on the table!

Dennis instructed his two helpers.
"Attach the mounting brackets to the table, the saw-z-all will be first, Time to destroy another rectum!, HOT! Dennis cheered

Dennis picked up a beer can thick dildo from the cart as his assistants began to attach the brackets. He coated it with KY and came up to Analboy.

"Nice open loose asshole boy, you've been using it, I can tell. Lets fill that cavity right now, take this in your asshole boy!" Dennis slammed the dong right up analboys exposed chute. Analboy jerked and screamed

"Ohhh my asshole"

as the dong sunk to the bottom of his cavity, Dennis gave it a spin and said
"Get used to it bitch, the next larger one will be hooked to the saw-z-all and the turned on high, to destroy what's left of you well used asshole, are we ready boys?" he said


"The saw-z-all has been modified for a 10 inch stroke, and can do 10 strokes per second if set on high. Your rectum will never be the same again" Dennis said
"Oh yea, fuck up my asshole muscle, I'm ready" Analboy moaned as Dennis plungered the dong

Dennis and assistants mounted a 3 inch wide dong with 12 inch long shaft in the saw contraption. The device was wheeled closer to analboys exposed asshole, the saw was stroked so it was all the way out.

"Ok boys, with the saw fully extended, slid the dong up the sluts rectum. There that's it, now secure
the cart to the table, cause this thing is powerful" Dennis said
Dennis made sure the dong was fully inserted into analboys asshole, the large cocked bumped into the colon bend. He stroked the machine back and forth by hand to make sure the 10 inch stoke almost came out of his ass, then back in the full 10 inches, its bottomed out at 9 inches.

"Looks like the final inch will be popping into your colon bend boy!, Ready" he said

"Ohh just mutilate my rectum, I want it bad" Analboy said

"You heard him, hit the switch" He said

The machine lurched to life, in a matter of seconds the dong was a moving so fast it was a blur, Dennis hit the switch to full power

"Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyy assshhhhooooooolllllllllleeeeeeeeee" he screamed

Analboys asshole muscle was mutilated in a matter of second at this speed, he hung on for dear life, his whole body shaken from the machine effects, red rectum meat started coming out if his asshole

"Stop the machine, his rectum is prolapsing" dennis said

The machine did down, the dong plopped from his destroyed asshole, followed by red rectum squirting out 3 inches.

"Nice rectal prolapse!, Hurry get a rubberband" Dennis said

One of the helpers grabbed one of the rubberbands used for his nutsack, Dennis took it and snapped around the red rectum sticking out.
"This should keep in prolapsed out for a long time"

He started fingering the red meat hanging from his hole, ordering Analboy to push out, like he was taking a shit. He did and more of the rectum came out. Dennis adjusted the rubberband to hold the new emerged rectal meat.
"Push out again, get a complete prolapse going"

Analboy pushed again, another inch of rectum came out his battered asshole.

" I think his whole rectum is about out" As he adjusted the rubberband again. His prolapse looked like the size of a toilet paper roll, with a small slit in the end. The rubberband holding the prolapse good " Come here, Ken, you've got a small pencil thick cock, think you can fuck the red meat tube?

"Sure, HOT!" Ken said, jacking his small cock hard.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sounding Board

With the new sounding board in place, we can drill up into the rectum and sound out that slit in unison

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Prolapse my rectum

Prolapse my rectum

After my asshole was really stretched out about 3 hours before. I woke up, naked, my hole sloshing from the lube and Crisco. My asshole was tingling, indicating it was brought to the limit again and was still gaping, but slowly getting smaller I jacked my cock slightly, then John Walked in "ready for round 2?" He smiled holding a well greased 3" wide Bam dildo. "come over here and sink down on this" he sat the dildo on the floor. I walked over and bent over as he slapped some KY on my huge ass lipped asshole. I squatted over the 13" incher, Then down I went, the dildo impaled my asshole and sunk deep " OOOH gawd that's wide" I groaned as 8" filled my rectum cavity "Deeper!" John demanded, pushing on my shoulders, the massive dildo snaked past the bend and sank the full 13" into my bowels. " Ohhh my asshole" I moaned. "Fuck yea, take it whore!, Time to ruin that rectum!" He snorted. "I want to stretch to the full 4" over the inflatable for Peter my new rectum trainer"

I screamed as he pushed hard on my shoulders "Great, Ill get the inflatable, your at 3" now, lets split that rectum in two!" I worked my asshole on the bam as John pumped the 10' long inflatable to the thickness of the BAM. "ok lets work it, Face down ass high doggy style boy" The BAm left my open hole with a plop as I went doggy the inflatable was pushed deep inside me. Oh fuck yea!, ruin me!". Pfft, Pfft, Pfft. John began pumping, the dildo swelled to an incredible 3-1/2" wide in no time. "Ohhh my ass, your gonna split me in two!, Hold it there, so I can get used to it!" I moaned. I thought my ass-ring was gonna split, after a few minutes my hole started accommodating the new width. John grabbed the base and spun the dildo in my asshole "Ohhh my ring!, gawd your working it!" I gurgled and whimpered as the 3-1/2" wide shaft spun in my asshole, tearing up my anal ring muscle. Pft Pft Pft, the dildo expanded more "Ohhh SHIT!, SHIT!, STooop!" my asshole expanded to the maximum dildo width at 4" and my anal ring ached as it was stretched so tight, I could feel the skin begin to almost tear. "There you are boy, 4" wide" He started sawing in slowly in and out of my asshole. The dildo dragging my stretched ass lips into my rectum when it was pushed in and the outer walls of my rectum coming out as the dildo was dragged out. Each vein of the dildo scarping my rectum walls.

Deeper and deeper he pushed, soon my asshole gave out, and he started pumping me hard. "Peter will be proud on what we did to your asshole muscle, he should have no problem prolasping your colon when you arrive in New York City. " ohhhh shhhiiiiitt" I screamed as the dildo began spinning as it gripped my ass ring "relax that asshole, let it go! he said, hammering my hole with long deep thrusts. I concentrated on jacking my cock, rather than my ruined asshole. It worked!, my asshole let loose, as I heard a comment of approval from John, who instantly took advantage and buried the monster to the hilt in my bowels. 'Ok Im going to twist and pull it out real quick, hold your ass cheeks and push, when I see your rectum come out I will try to assist it so more can come", John said. "I'm ready to prolapse, lets do it!, EEEEOOOWWWwwwwww!" I screamed as John violently twisted and pulled out the dildo, he must have dragged the rectum cavity with it, I could feel my rectum move inside. I grabbed my asscheeks and pushed real hard like I was shitting. " Here comes your rectum, your starting to prolapse!, keep pushing!" In the mirror I could see bright red meat hanging out about 1 inch. John used his thumb and index finger to form a "O" and grabbed my distended rectum. "Push again and Ill try to pull some more out". I big push and I felt my meat move, 2 inches now prolapsed. He grabbed my rectum like he was grabbing a cock to Jack-off. "Look at that rectum!" he rubbed and played with it, finally jacking his cock he shot on my distended anus. A final thrust of his cock into my asshole pushed the prolapsed rectum back into place.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Turn up your speakers and watch and listen as Analboy destroys his asshole with huge dildos. He screams as large dildos tear up his anal ring muscle.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Drilling Analboys Rectum Out

Turn up your speakers and listen to the screams as the big black Assmaster Drills anlyboys rectum with a 3 inch wide (75mm) dildo. In the end punching the rectum until his asshole cums.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Both holes at once

Both Holes at Once- Piss slit fucking, Anal and Beastility

Hank was always a little rough with Analboy, both sexually and also very verbal with him. Hank did not really like Analboy, In fact he hated the slut, but he liked his asshole cause he could abuse it and Analboy would do nothing about it. He would beg Hank to fuck him with his might 10 inch cock, but to Frank the pleasure was for him and not for Analboy. Hank wanted to fuck up analboys rectum so he would loose all control of his asshole ring, then make fun of the boy as he could no longer hold it in. This was Hanks goals, as he headed to the sluts house. Hank had brought with him his large great dane dog, some urethral sounds of various sizes and a wild imagination that day After a few drinks, Analboy asked

"Yes Hank, please fuck me Hank, I need your cock badly" the aroused young man said.

"Patience faggot" Hank said, "I'll get my cock up your love channel soon enough."

As he was speaking he placed the thin tip of the metal rod against the piss slit in Analboys cock. Then he pushed the rod down the young man's piss tube as Johnny started to scream. The tiny pimples on the shaft of the rod had not appeared to be much. In the tight confines of the slut's tube they took on a whole new meaning. 'Oh gawd, its going right down my piss slit!" Analboy said Hank began to pull the rod back up the young man's urethra as Johnny moaned. When the rod was almost out Hank shoved it straight back down again. Johnny was watching as the rod was pulled up his urethra once again and then shoved back down again. Hank's cock was rock hard as he watched the young man's piss slit getting damaged. God this sort of thing really turned him on. He was ready to start fucking the whore.

He shoved the rod as far down Johnnys cock as it would go. All 10 inches was inside the slut's urethra, reaching down into his bslutder. Johnny yelped as the rod went past the cock base and up into him. Hank pushed his hard throbbing cock against Johns asshole. Analboys Asshole is extremely loose and worn, as Hanks dick literally fell in the asshole With one hard thrust the entire ten-inch long cock was thrust up Analboy's love channel. The five-inch thick weapon stretched Johnss colon to breaking point. At the same time Hank pulled the metal rod up John's urethra but this time the youth did not scream. He gasped with pain and also with pleasure. His cock with the metal rod still in it began to throb as Hank started to pull his cock out of John's body. When his cock head was just about the leave the slut's ass hole he shoved it back in as hard as he could at the same time ramming the rod down John's piss slit.

The demented sex crazed youth shrieked "Yes, yes, fucking give me it ram that rod down my piss slit, fuck me Hank, please fuck my ass hole and my cock."

Hank held both his cock and the metal rod deep in the youth's body as he whispered in the slut's ear "you love it faggot, you love being double fucked like a whore. Beg me to fucking hurt your asshole, beg me to use a thicker longer rod in your cock."

As Hank finished speaking he pulled his cock back up the slut's tight love channel. He pulled the metal rod back up John's cock at the same time. Once again, just before both had cleared the slut's body he shoved his cock back up the ass chute and the rod straight down John's piss slit.

Screaming with pain and pleasure John begged for more. "Yes, yes Hank that's it fuck me. Use a bigger rod on my cock. Please Hank fuck me, hurt me as much as you want but fuck me as hard as you can."

Hank smiled to himself, he had found the perfect partner. He would soon have John begging to be hurt without wanting to be fucked at the same time. That's when he could begin to slowly and methodically destroy the whores rectum and piss slit He pulled the metal rod out of the slut's cock as he pulled his own cock out of John's ass hole

He went to the wallet of metal rods and selected the largest. It was fifteen-inches long and half-an-inch thick at its widest point. The whole of the shaft was covered in metal pimples, larger and more pronounced that on the smaller rod that he had been using. He showed the rod to John and said, "how about this one faggot, will this be big enough for you."

All John wanted was to have Hank's deformed monster of a cock inside him. He would have agreed to anything to achieve that. "Yes that's fine Hank" he panted, "please start fucking me again, mutilate my rectum, I love it."
"All in good time fucker, I call the tune here" Hank replied. He took hold of John's rock hard cock and placed the thin end of the metal rod against his piss slit. Before pressing it down the urethra Hank spoke in John's ear, "if you want me to fuck your ass you must first beg me to fuck your cock with this rod. If you beg me to do that I will fuck your cock hard. Whilst I'm doing it you must ask me to do it harder. If you pass this test then I will start fucking your ass hole as well. Make it good my little faggot and you will have one of the best fucks you've ever received, then you'll get knotted by my dog."

John shivered partly from fear and partly from anticipation. He badly wanted Hank back inside him. The thin rod began to enter his piss slit and on down the piss tube. This was truly thick, his cock was stretched inside as it had never been stretched before. The metal pimples on the shaft of the rod were deforming his piss slit. Hank shoved the full fifteen inches of the rod down the urethra and into the bladder. He pulled it back up as John bit his lips to stifle his cries of pain. Then Hank shoved it back down again saying "I don't hear anything fucker, don't you want my cock?" and pulled the metal road back up John's piss slit.

"Please Hank fuck my cock harder" the sweating youth screamed. "Ram that rod in and out, make me feel it, fuck my cock with the rod as hard as you can. Please Hank give my cock a good fucking, but no dog, he will ruin my assring."

Hank smiled as he pulled the rod just about all the way out and then rammed it back again. Out it came and back in, out and in, out and in, as John was shrieking "harder Hank, harder, fuck my cock harder."
Hank now whispered to the slut "you want me to fuck your ass hole now or just keep on with the rod up your cock?"

"Please Hank don't stop" John begged, "keep fucking my cock with the rod". Hank obliged because he was a caring person beneath that hard exterior. For thirty minutes he rammed the rod down John's urethra, pulled it back up and then rammed it down again. His movements got faster and faster.

At the end of thirty minutes Hanks arm was aching. His cock was jerking and throbbing. He rammed the rod up John's urethra one final time and left it buried deep in the youth's bladdder. Then he rammed his cock up John's ass hole and began to fuck the life out of the slut. He shoved his monster deep into the slut's guts, pulled it down and rammed it back up again. As he rammed his cock in and out of John's body the slut was gasping and shouting, "oooh yes Hank more, give me more of your cock. Fuck me harder Hank, fuck my ass hole and fuck my cock. Use that rod on me Hank, please fuck my cock and my ass hole."

Hank was too involved in fucking the young man with his cock to bother about the metal rod. His thick love stick rammed into John's guts, pulled out and rammed back in again. Sweat was pouring odd both their bodies as Hank was giving it all he had got.

His cock was now being pulled completely out of John's wide open hole and then being shoved back in, all the way up in one swift hard movement. As his cock was buried with force to the hilt his big balls were crushed into John's buttocks. Then the cock was out again before, in a twinkling of an eye, being shoved back in again. Hank was now saying as he fucking this wonderful ass hole, "ooh this is great, ooh I love your loose hole faggot. Squeeze my cock man, use your ass muscles and squeeze it hard. That's NOT the way man, squeeze me hard. Shit Slut, your asshole muscles are in bad shape"

John on his part was still screaming, "fuck me Hank, fuck me, fuck me." Hank could feel his balls filling, his cock was starting to throb and his legs began to shake. He knew that it would not be long before he started to cum. He took hold of John's hard cock in one had and grasped the metal rod that was still stuck up the urethra with the other. As, once more, he pulled his cock out of the young man's guts he pulled the rod most of the way out of the slut's cock. Then thrusting his cock straight back up the slut's intestines he also shoved the rod back down the piss tube and into John's bladder. Again he pulled both his cock and the rod out of their respective holders and then shoved them back in again. John was now screaming at the top of his voice, "ooooh yes Hank, oooh yes Hank that's the way to do it. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, oooh yes Hank keep fucking me hard." Hank's body was pouring sweat as he thrust his cock and the rod in and out of John's body. Then, whilst both tools were buried to their respective hilts, Hank let out a huge shout. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming yes faggot I'm shooting my hot cum into your rectum." With that he shot a load of his hot love juice deep into John's bowels. Hank pulled his cock slightly down the ass channel and then shoved back up again. As his cock plunged back in he shot another load of his precious cream into the willing slut's rectum. At the same time he continued to force the metal rod up and down John's hard cock. As Hank shot a third load of cum into the young man's body John began to shout, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming" Hank pulled the metal rod right out of John's cock, the piss slit gaped wide, the cock head was a very angry red color. Hank Pulled his cock out of the slut's ass hole but quickly shoved it back in again as he let off a fourth ejaculation. As he shot this further load of love juice into his darling man's rectum John shot a huge load of cum across the room. Hank was spent and pulled out of the whore, he heard his dog bark.

Digger was a big dog and a right horny one too; he would hump a leg in a heartbeat. Hank stopped at the door to watch and laugh as John tried to shoo the dog away. But old Digger could not resist this opportunity, he continued to sniff and bury his nose in John's ass. Hank watched as Digger became more excited as his dick began to emerge. He went inside to get the camcorder to record this. Digger was hung too; his dick was at least eight inches long and two inches thick. Hank walked out of the house quietly as not to disturb anything, he doubted if he could stop him now by his-self. Stop! Stop! John shouted as Digger placed his front paws on John's back. The tip of his dick was poking between John's ass cheeks looking for a asshole. Hank zoomed the camcorder in at the tip of his dick poking at John's ass crack. John was going crazy wiggling trying to get away from hot wet thing that was poking him in the ass. But he made the mistake of lifting his ass up a little and the tip of old Digger's cock found his asshole. Because of ass cheeks being spread open his anus was easily penetrated about a half inch by the slimy cock.

Digger started humping trying to stick more of his dick into the hole he had found. It did not matter to him what his dick was in dog pussy or human asshole it was warm and tight. John was pleading, "Get him off! He's in my ass!" John tried to resist, but old Digger kept pushing. Finally John's sphincter gave in and the thick shaft of his cock began filling his ass. He let out a howl as Digger stuffed his rectum with his dick with no concern for his comfort. Soon Digger had his cock buried up to the hilt in John's ass and started humping furiously. John had quit struggling and now only grunted as Digger pumped his cock in and out of his ass. For the next ten minutes John received a hard buttfuck by Hank's dog. His thick red cock was almost a blur as it plunged in and out of his ass. Then John started screaming again, as the tennis ball sized knot on Diggers cock started pushing into his stretched asshole. Despite John's screaming Digger pushed his huge knot into his ass. John was pounding his fists on the ground as Digger worked his knot deeper in his rectum and then after a few minutes Digger stopped humping and held him tight while his dick was still buried deep in John's ass. John was quiet but his face had a weird expression on it as Digger's cock pumped cum deep in his bowels giving him a good enema. After a about a minute Digger was finished and hopped off John, but his dick was still in John's ass because his knot was still swollen. But after a few minutes Digger became restless and began walking forward. John howled as Digger pulled his dick, knot and all out of his ass. Hank zoomed in the camera to capture the sight of John's now gaping open asshole with dog cum pouring out of it. Hank panned the camera back out and than to John's face.

"Your such an asshole slut, next time its my horse gets your loose destroyed asshole" Hank said

Friday, August 7, 2009

Dennis Destroy's my asshole part 1

Dennis destroys my asshole part 1

I agreed to met top man Dennis at a Days Inn at noon. He wanted to take two full days and work my asshole until it no longer worked right, and the ass muscle no longer closed. We would start at 12 noon on Wednesday, get me drunk and blast the asshole ring all day until 4:30, take a break, repeat the procedure from 6 to 10pm. The Thursday repeat the same procedure again. he kept saying my asshole will never be the same again. I arrived at the hotel right on time with my tool kit which included: 3 very large dongs (3+ inches wide and at least 12 inches long each),Poppers, urethral sounds, KY jelly, Digital camera, crisco, vaseline, large rubberbands for the nuts, clothespins, liter water bottle for asshole stuffing and a penis pump. Dennis list included: the bulldozer butt plug, cupping set (to enlarge my nips thru vacuum pumping), rubber gloves, poppers, lube, beer, ropes and gags. My pubes, balls and asshole was to be shaved real smooth before arriving which I did. As I knocked on the door, he let me in and stripped me naked immediately, a dog collar placed around my neck and a beer put in my hand

"Drink this all down right now." he said.

The beer glass was full, i gulped down the beer, it tasted rather funny, but he gave me another and I drank that too. He sucked my sissy cock hard, as i could feel the beer begin to work, but something else to..he must have added something to my beer, My head got dizzy as he helped me to the bed. I layed on my back. He grabbed my ankles and pushed them up over my head. He tied each ankle to rope restraints mounted to the corner of the bed. With my cock rock hard, he pushed my cock straight out and snapped a large rubber band around the nutsack, then 2 other rubberbands isolated off each nut individually, at the same time greasing up my asshole with KY jelly, 2 fingers entered my loose hole as he creamed the walls of my rectum with jelly, a 3rd finger entered with ease.

"Nice loose asshole, your gonna be able to take a football in your rectal cavity after the 16 hours of rectal conditioning you will be taking today and tomorrow"

"Oh yes, destroy my asshole, break down that anal ring"

Dennis greased up one of the dongs, and eased it in my exposed asshole, its slid right in, i was numb, could barely feel it.

"Nice, all the way to the base, easily, You are a loose asshole slut" He said.

he started plungering out my asshole a a good solid pace. He prepped the next sized dong for entry. He stuck the bottle of poppers under my nose, in a couple seconds my asshole let loose and was making all kinds of noises. He plowed the bigger dong tight up my chute.

"Oh fuck yea, ruin me assdaddy" I cried

"You got it" He replied, he started to ream the dong at high speed, long hard thrusts pounded my rectum, as my bound body shook, he kept driving the 12 incher deeper and deeper into my asshole, working my banded off nuts in unison.

"No cumming you slut, Not until tomorrow, lots of asshole destruction left and need you horny, willing to get your asshole ruined" He said, slamming the dong to the back of my rectum

"Ohh gawd yes, work my asshole!" I moaned

"Ok a few more thrusts and you'll be wide open, yea, that's it, let Daddy deep into your hole, we work your nips next whore" He said,
yanking the dong out at high speed. He went for the bulldozer plug. Not your conventional butt plug, it was the size and shape of a beer can with a wide base, it only necked down a little so th ass ring would remain at maximum width.

"Im gonna plug you then work the nips" he said, slowly forcing my asshole to spread over the plug, then down the shaft.

"Ohh gawd, that's some width into my ass!" I moaned

"Nice hot asshole" he said, getting the cupping set and vacuum system ready. The cupping set is small ping pong ball sized vacuum cups that fit over the nips, for enlarging the nipples.

"Your nipples will be like a woman's, when we are done. I'm also going to vacuum pump your asshole so it turns inside out" he said, attaching the cups to my nips. He started squeezing the vacuum handle, my nips pulled tight in the cups, as more and more vacuum was applied, my nipples started to get larger and larger, soon the looked like large rubber erasers in the clear tube. "There we go, in about an hour, you'll have nipples like a lady, bitch., So what do we do now?, Fisting fucking your rectum?, ramming a baseball bat up your hole repeatedly?, maybe fuck your piss slit for a while?, we need to make that huge to, nice round hole. Maybe Ill vacuum your rectum out into a big huge prolapse, then play with it?, Hmm so much abuse for today!, I think we will work your piss slit, now..get it huge, then back to the asshole for more abuse" With that he selected a large urethral sound, about as thick as a pencil.

He pulled my cock straight out "Look at this sissy bald cock, pre-cumming for a rod in the slit!, Well here it comes slut!" he said

He split my piss slit with his fingers and I watch the greased meat rod slide down my hard cock, past the base of cock and into the bladder. "Good slut, deep into your slit" he stroked the metal rod in and out.

"Fucking both holes now, how does that feel?"

"Ohhhhhhh shit my holes!"

"ok in going all the way up the slit now....ahhh there you go, deep in you. Now I will use another rubberband tightly around your cockhead so the sound stays put"

The band snapped around my cock head, and the sound was fixed deeply in me for what will be the next 1/2 hour, I new a hard ass fisting was next on the agenda, as he put on a set of blue rubber gloves, he greased his covered hands smearing lube all the way up to his elbow. "Now, say bye bye rectum!, cause your really gonna get it!", he eyed the large baseball bat, sitting in the corner, the barrel a fat 2-3/4" inches of solid aluminum. He criscoed up the fat end.

"Lets insert this into your anus boy" Get your ass hanging off end off bed, he untied me. me and flipped me into position.

"hold on this is going right up your rectum!" He pushed the fat end of the bat at my open asshole, at the same time, I took big wiff of poppers...

"oooohhhhhhhh right in the ass!"

I moaned as the bat sunk in my rectum. he spun it around in circles, it cored out my asschute, starting the tunnel to form. He started thrusting the back, all the way into the base of the rectum, swirling in large circles he cored out my ass chute real good. "ohh thats destroying my ass muscle" I moaned into the pillow.
Pulling completely out the punching the bat back into his asshole repeatedly, he got into a good groove and counted off a 100 punches before he pulled out.

"Man o man, your asshole is devastated, perfect for a good hard fisting session, get ready slut" he said,
rubbing his hands together. He hand easily slid into my asshole, he made a fist and yanked it out hard.
"ohhhh gawd my asshole!" I screamed as red rectal meat came out the open asshole.

His hand went back in, then out, in, then out, faster and faster is piston fisted my asshole, breaking down the ass muscle even more. My sissy cock swinging from the weight of the sounds still planted in my piss slit. "Looks hot whore, your doing good, a little more wrecking and your asshole will be mutilated" he said

He kept up the fast piston fisting of my asshole for a long time, until he was out of breath, and needed a break. As his hand plopped from my hamburger hole, the bulldozer plug was prepped. This plug was not a conventional tapered plug, but look more like a soda pop can in shape, but much thicker at 4 inches (100 mm) across. He pushed this at my hole. The asshole yawned open and the bulldozer sunk in with a yelp from me. It completely filled my rectal cavity. He stroked the sound in and out of my piss slit a few times

"Oh gawd my asshole and piss slit!, Your ruining my holes." I groaned

"Fuck yea!, slutty asshole and cock, time to make you come you whore" he said, popping the plug out, he hand eased right back into my rectum. He baled his wrist and began to fist in and out right on the ass ring with his knuckles, fucking the slit in unision.

"oh now thats gonna make me cum hard" I screamed

He picked up the pace on both holes now, I looked down to watch him work me over

"cum you slut, cum hard, shoot that sperm fully sounded" he said

"here is cum!, Ohhhhhhh Ohhhh Ohhhhh" I cum hard and fast as he pummeled the holes, cum squirting from the sides of the metal rod in my slit. He pulled out of the slit and asshole

"Good boy, Ill let you rest for a while" He said

The End of Part1

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Breaking Down the Anal ring muscle

Breaking Down the ring:

One of the best ways to make my asshole huge and non-closing, is the anal ring popping technique with old big head (shown). Ring popping produces great rectum sounds, and will quickly break down the anal ring for more extreme anal workouts. The idea is to concentrate a large triangular (or sharp) dildo hear right on the anal ring muscle popping it over the muscle continously until the ring losses all control. Do this a quickly as possible for some great rectal sounds. Here is a typical ring popping session.


"Ready for some ring poppin' action today boy?" AssDaddy Said

"Oh yea, ruin my anal-ring, lets make make some noises" I said

"Ok, hop up there, Doggy style, Face down ass high, Hike up that asshole and take this giant ring popper dong into your rectum" he said

I did as i was told, face down as high, holding my ass cheeks open the large ring popping dong aimed at my loose asshole. The big head dented in my ring, but the ring did not open to accept the 4 inch wide head on a 3 inch shaft. He pushed and pushed with no luck, I hit the poppers as he pushed and the head made progress, to the widest part and stopped, My ring was stretched to the max but not accepting the shaft. I used my free hand to help guide it in. Pushing the head split the ring and the entire shaft plowed right in.

"Waaaaaaaaaaaa" I screamed from the sudden invasion of my rectum being filled to the max. The 9 inch shaft sunk to the hilt.

He began to pull it out until the head was right on the ring again, almost pulling my asshole inside out, the plowing right up my rectum again.

"Oh gawd, thats taking my chute" I moaned

I pulled out again, right at the ring, then completly out, almost immediatly forcing it back in, not allowing the ring to respond.

"Yes, there it goes, Again" he announced

In, up the rectum, then out--- it repeated

"yes, bust that assring Daddy, its starting to loosen" I said.

With each thrust in a column of air was compressed in the rectum, not only causing the rectal noises to start, but also expanding the rectal walls out even further.

"Listen to that rectum complain, now lets concentrate the head right on your ring" He growled

he started doing short stabs, just enough for the head to get past the ring and out, short thrust in and out, forcing the ring to take it.

Splooosh, sploosh, sploosh

"Ohh gawd, thats working the ring...ooops there it goes, the ring just gave out" I said hiking up my asshole high to take it

"Ohh yea, Im gonna cum from it, ruin me" I cried, my rock hard bald cock swinging.

He went ape shit, nailing my asshole with full force, working my banded off nuts "Cum you slut, cum from anal!" he screamed

My cock shot off with out touching sending my asshole ring muscle into wild spasms, trying to clamp down on the 3 inch shaft powerfucking my asshole, sending pain (but goodpain)shooting thru the assmuscle.

"oohhh gawd pull it out" I screamed.

He eased the big head over the spasming ring, for one last punishing strecth, I collapsed on the bed my asshole gaping the size of an orange.

The end

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cross Dressing then Fisted hard!

Cross dressing then fisted!
It was a Friday, and I had the day off from work, and was feeling both very feminine as well as horny. So I dressed I took a shower, soaping myself up gently working my cock hard, a reached down for the lube and put a dab on my finger then worked it into my hot little hole. It felt so good. I grabbed my favorite butt plug and slid it in to the hilt with one push until it passed the widest point then quickly my hole collapsed around the small end. The butt plug was planted. I then continued my shower, washing my hair, then preparing for a shave. I grabbed the cream and a razor, feeling the plug inside me, imagining a hot stud using my bottom. With one leg with on the rail, I spread my ass cheeks with cream all around the plug. I shaved my ass good were I could reach. Then set the razor down, I grabbed the plug and pulled, my ass resisting expanding back to the widest part, my ass hole was being pulled out, until it expanded wide and quickly exited, causing me to yelp. Then I spread my ass cheeks once more and shaved the rest of my hole, my thighs and then my lower legs. I shaved my crotch area very close but not bald. I stepped out of the shower, and dried myself.
I dressed in a small red mini skirt, with a summer top, red panties and high heels. Makeup lipstick and my brunette wig, I looked passable. Deciding to hit the local area gay bar, mid afternoon, I proceeding in my car until I arrived at the parking lot, Some lesbians were outside as I stepped out of the car and made my way for the door. I could feel there eyes upon me, As I shut the door behind me. The bar was dark, my eyes had to adjust as I took a seat at the bar and ordered some white wine, which I quickly drank down. Looking around I saw a few cute black men, some drunk white guys and a few woman. It was not long before one of the black men approached me. "Can I buy you a drink , honey?" he said. "Sure, Ill have a beer and a shot this time". The drinks arrived as he was explaining that I looked great in drag and the he just loved CD's, especially anal bottom types. "Thats all me" I explained. "Oh, if you had me, you would be filled to the brim, cause I'm big!" I took a glimpse down , and sure enough a big bulge was in his pants. "10 thick inches and rock hard honey, lets go to my place?" He said.
It was a short walk to his apartment, as he patted my ass up the stairs "Your gonna get a good ass fuck, nice and deep", I cooed at this expression as he opened the door. It was not two minutes before he was taking of my clothes. Naked I stood in front of him. "On the bed, on your hands and knees, bitch and hang that pretty ass of the side of the bed so I can get it ready" I got into position, he spread my ass cheeks and applied something cold and wet. Then I felt a jab a s a finger entered followed by another. "ooohh" yes. Two fingers swirled in my ass, as I heard him jerking his cock, I turned to look, astonished when I saw the giant black monster, yes it was 10" and real thick too. "head forward you slut, dont look" the he plunged a third finger in, "ohhhh my ass". "hey bitch loosen up", as he pulled his fingers out and aimed his cock and my looser hole, quickly he pushed the hard head, to my surprise causing me to yelp from the sudden stretching in my ass. "ooo god your wide" I said, "Hey bitch just wait, just wait", then he slammed the entire length in me all at one time "ohhhh go, ohh god, oh god," I screamed as his dick tore into my widely expanded asshole. He started pumping me like a mad man, big long thrusts from head to base as quick as he could pummel my ass. The wide head expanding my asshole loosened it up quickly and as he drove to the hilt as I was screaming like a banshee. Quick ass busting strokes rocked my body, the he would slow down. I watched as he would completely pull his dick out, then slowly slide it back in the entire length, feeling the cock go way up in me. He grabbed and pulled my hips grinding his dick into me, soon I felt his head swell, then explode into my ass "Ahhh, you hot anal slut, I'm gonna fist fuck your cum filled ass!" His dick slide out with a pop. "turn over and lay on you back" he said. He left the room, and returned with some duct tape, two white socks and a big 'ol black dildo. "Put the socks on your hands and grab your ankles and lay back like your gonna get fucked missionary style. I did as I was told, my gaping asshole wide open and well exposed, he duct taped my forearms to my ankles, the greased up the 9" dong. "Now I got you, and feel this honey" he pushed the dildo in my poor ass hole, it entered quickly, "ohhhhh shit, my ass, oh yes yes" I said. He worked the dildo in and out for a while, continually lubing me more and more. "I dont need anymore lube" as it ran down my ass "You will for my FIST!" he said.
"NO!, no dont use your fist, its gonna hurt. Your gonna ruin my asshole, please, No!" He paid no attention to my pleas, as he brutally sunk 4 fingers to the knuckles "Unnnnnnhghhhhhh, oh oh" I grunted. "yes, bitch loosen up for my big fist" He folded his thumb in and pushed as my asshole expanded farther than it ever did before. "Oh god, my ass hurts take it out" Just then his hand slipped in. "There you go, lets leave it there until you get used to it you slut, I'm gonna wreck that asshole tonight, your not gonna shit right after I'm done with you!" He left it there for what seemed like a long, time, then the pain, started to go away, as my ass loosened even more. Then he started swirling his fingers around in my which sent me over the edge, moaning and groaning, babbling incoherently. "shut up you slut!", then he slide his hand deeper into me, "oooooooooOOOOO, WOW!" As I watched it disappear to the wrist. "now for the ultimate ass stretching!, I'm gonna make a fist and then pull out of your ass pussy"
I could feel every movement as he made a fist, that felt like a baseball in my ass. I shut my eyes and threw my head back, as he began to pull out of me. "Look at your asshole as in pull out of you, wow!" he said, I propped my head up to see my hole being pulled away from my body as he reached the widest part of his fist, my inside asshole lips let loose as his hand came out, a big moan and sigh as I felt empty. My ass gaping open and my cock still dripping hard. I was bound but felt a lot better, the without warning he slipped the black dong head in my ass and pushed hard, sinking it to the handle, I screamed in ecstacy, as he began to jack my rock cock in one hand, holding the dong in the other, rolling it in circles causing me to explode in orgasm "Ohhhh shiittttt I'm cumming"…….
Afterwards, he cut me loose from the tape. From that day on, we have weekly fucking sessions at his place, but I never let him fist me again….

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Bathtub technique

My asshole ring muscle is staying in proper condition, through solo ass openings when the assmaster is away on vacation. The problem in solo work, is that my asshole is so large, Huge toys are required that are very heavy, and hard to work solo. The only thing that can be done is to impale down on the monster dongs to wreck the asshole ring. In order to keep things easy to clean up is to use the bathtub.

First, wet the bathub down with hot water, but let all the water drain out. Grease up all the toys that will be drilled up my rectum and place them in the bathtub ready to go. Prep my rectum to get drilled.

To start out, I can sit on the edge of the tub and hang my asshole over the edge on the tub side, and drill up into the rectum with the starter dong. Usually I push my bald cock down, so its inside the tub, So I can't jack it.So i can force the anal work to make my cock cum from it. Usually that results in a extra ruff core job for the asshole to make me cum.

For the starter dong, I usually count of 50 punches into the rectum beofre moving to the 3 inch wide chocolate dong. However, my asshole usually lets loose after only 5 to 10 punches, but i still do 50, just to see how rough it can take it.

The chocolate dong has a nice suction cup to do some anal rutting in the bathtub. The faucet wide of the tub has straight walls and provide a good grip for the monster dong rutting. Usually, I place the dong on the edge of the tub, and impale down hard on it, keep it deep in the chute, move it to the straight wall, attach and rut away. The other end of the tub has tapered side (the laying side) the provide just the right angle for great depth work. send the large cock head pounding the colon bend opening when worked right.

After working the rectum with the chocolate one, I either come from anal or prep for the Black Chute Destroyer (or BCD), The BCD has a massive almost 4 inch across head, that devastates the anal ring when being forced in. The nice thing about the tub, is that everything is pre-greased and can be picked up at anytime and drilled up my chute, when done, throw it back in and go to another one.

For the BCD, I also set on the tub edge. This one is hard to inserted. I go slow and ease it over the analring, once the fattest part of the massive head eases past the ring, the whole thing slide up the rectum, expanding out the rectum to the fullest. Then I can sit on the edge, cock down, just like when starting out and drill it up into the rectum continously. I want to please my assdaddy by having one of the largest fisting rectums, so he can fist on demand. The BCD is making it that way.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Cowboy

The Cowboy

The pants slipped off easily and Johnny stirred as the hot breeze of the Ohio summer blew across his now naked manhood. Cowboy’s dick grew harder at the sight of Johnny's soft cock and balls which were nicely tied of with a thick shoestring. Cowboy could tell that Johnny's asshole had been abused so mant times, it never really closes off tight anymore, Cowboy reached down to Johnny's destroyed asshole and pulled the assring apart with fingers from both hands. Johnny cringed at Cowboy’s first touch, but realized the danger of struggling and relaxed and let his ass-ring be handled by his abuser’s hand. Johnny was horny and Cowboy’s hand was starting to feel good down there and his asshole started to relax even more. He began to think that if he didn’t resist, Cowboy would get his jollies and leave him alone. Cowboy admired his work as Johnny's nut’s strained against the scotum and began to turn blue with the blood that struggled to escape but couldn’t past the tight string knot. Cowboy got down on his belly between Johnny's legs and placed his scruffy face in his handiwork on Johnny's crotch. He nuzzled the tight swollen orbs that were red. Johnny's cock was flaccid and laying against his tight abdomen, but Cowboy was pleased when his hot breath on the buldging nuts made it stir. An expert on dick manipulation, Cowboy slipped his hand under Johnny and found his shaved bald ass crack. Johnny's brain was in overload and didn’t notice Cowboy’s fingers working there way in-between his ass cheeks until Cowboy’s thick hard thumb rammed un-lubbed into his wrecked hole. Sudden awareness at the insertion made Johnny struggle, but Cowboy’s weight kept him from pulling off the 3 fingers now inserted. Cowboy worked at flexing his thumb back and forth in it’s new- found warm home and was pleased to see Johnny's cock begin to respond with a mind separate its owner’s. By the time his cock was at half-mast, Johnny was thrashing his head with every twitch of Cowboy’s 3 fingers up his ass. Johnny kept his eyes squeezed shut so they wouldn’t betray the exstacy he was feeling at having his asshole strecthed. The feeling was so over-whelming, that he nearly jumped when Cowboy pulled Johnny's trussed up nuts into his warm mouth. None of the whores he’d ever fucked had ever done anything like this, and he moaned as Cowboy’s hot mouth bathed his nuts in man spit and gentle suction. Deep in his mind he also knew that all this was for Cowboy’s enjoyment, and had nothing to do with pleasing him. Cowboy knew when Johnny was starting to enjoy the situation too much, and slowly withdrew his thumb to the ass ring and brutally shoved in the other four fingers with his thumb when Johnny's ass squeezed to try to keep it’s new found friend buried in it. Cowboy had a full set of urethral sounds ready to probe analboys piss slit. Johnny screamed as his asshole split open to allow Cowboy’s 4 fingers in. With his first struggle, After a minute, Cowboy’s other hand went for a pencil thick sound. He split the boy piss slit with his thumb and fore finger, and slid the metal shaft down the boys piss slit. Cowboy kept flexing his fingers and thumb until he felt Johnny's ruined sphincter surrender against the assault of his left hand. As he rodded out the boys piss slit, he twisted his hand back and forth and felt his hand edging its way further into Johnny's ass. Johnny's brain didn’t even register what Cowboy was doing until Cowboy’s knuckles were planted against his split asshole and by then it was too late to try to expel the invading hand. Every time Johnny's sphincter would relax after contracting, Cowboy’s hand would advance another fraction of an inch. When Cowboy felt his first knuckle slip past Johnny's ring, he slid the rod in his piss slit as deep as it would go, he used his incredible fore-arm muscles to shove his entire fist into Johnny's hot hole. Johnny almost bucked Cowboy off, but when Cowboy’s slide a metal rod the thickness of a cigarette right up Analboys piss slit, he quickly relaxed, as cowboys urethral sound went deeper his cock shaft and into the prostrate area, Cowboy used the opportunity to wedge his hand even further into his ass up to and past his wrist. Cowboy could now relax his hand and move his fingers around freely without worrying about pulling out. His fingers probed around and felt the insides of Johnny's asshole. When his fingers found the colon bend he slowly entered the bend. Cowboy wanted to take ALL of Johnny's ass, and he now knew the way. Cowboy used both hands, one inside, and one outside, to forced Johnny up into a squatting position. Johnny didn't have much of a choice, if he didn't sit up, the fist up his would go in even further, or course he didn't know that is what Cowboy intended anyway. Cowboy quickly leveraged his elbow against the hard packed ground, parallel with Johnny's hole. Cowboy knew that he was almost home free and all he had to do was get Johnny to release his calf and thigh muscles and slide back to the ground on his bulging arm. With an cold look in his eyes, he fucked Johnny's piss slit in and out quickly. Johnny's cock started to respond again, but Cowboy could tell that it would take more than that to get him to relax his leg muscles. Cowboy sighed as he felt Johnny's legs quiver and collapse. Down and down Johnny went, deep into his rectum. Cowboy rested his head on his shoulder and watched Johnny's asshole eat up his arm inches at a time. By the time Johnny realized what was happening, it was too late to regain his balance and he screamed as the incredible feeling of a man’s huge arm working it’s way up his asshole. Cowboy used his right hand to keep Johnny in an upright sitting position and listened intently at the sound of his asshole being split in half as Johnny's ass ate up the last four inches of his arm and came to a rest on his elbow. Cowboy reached down with his other hand and began to stroke his rock- hard pecker as he shifted the hand and arm buried up Johnny's ass. He could tell that his hand had pushed its way into Johnny's colon When he flexed his hand, he could see the outline of his fist against Johnny's belly skin. Unable to control himself any longer, Cowboy stroked his cock as it shot out long streams of white cum onto his belly and thigh. A completely satisfied man now (for the moment), Cowboy quickly fell asleep with his arm still buried up the whore.

The End

Monday, June 22, 2009

A Typical Session

His hand slid up my rectum with ease, making my limp bald cock jump. He balled his fist inside and pulled his hand out. As the hand reached the widest part, my analring was pulled away forming a volcano shape until, my assring ease over the widest part, causing me to scream out
"Oh my ring, your ruining it" I said"Yes, gonna wreck it good today, you gonna be hanging" AssDaddy said"HOT!, you know I cum so hard from anal" I said"Yes, I got you hooked on it, look how easy my hand slides into your rectum" he said as hand slide in and out a few times."Now thats how I like your asshole to be at all times" as he alternated his fisting to his left hand.He started picking up the pace, my cock rock hard now. My pubes, balls and asshole are always shaved completly smooth, and a large rubberband isolating off the nuts, AssDaddy always baby oils down the entire area. The combination always looks so slutty as my large asshole gets fisted out almost daily now.

I hit the poppers, and a few seconds later, my asshole totally let loose. AssDaddy took advantage and balled his fisting, pistoning and and out of my rectum at a high rate of speed. I felt my rectum drop down, as I started to prolapse out from the pistoning.

"Im prolpasing" I screamed

"Yep, I see the rosebud starting for form" he said as he continued the rectal destruction, looking for more red meat to come out

"Ohhhhhh your gonna make me cum allready" I said

"No cumming already, your not done, we still have dildo work to do" as he ripped his fist out and stopped the fisting.

"A nice large sound inserted in the slutty bald cock might reduce your pre-mature cum shot" AssDaddy got up, and went to the closet and chose the pen sized sound, he lubed it up, walking over to me.

"Hold the cock straight out slut" he said, eyeing the rosebud still hanging from my destroyed asshole. His thumb and forefinger spllit my piss slit and the sound slid in.

"Ohhhh shit!" I moaned, as I watched inch after inch of metal shaft go down my cock shaft, when it it bottom he stopped.
"Now hold this in, while I nail your chute with the large dongs, now flip over doggy style, and keep the sound in" he said, while greasing a huge rectum wrecking dong with a sharp triangular head. (seen in the picture Attached)

By now, the rosebud was gone, as I got into position.

"Ok Im ready, ruin it AssDaddy" I said

He powered it right into my rectum without warning

"Waaaaaaaaaa" I screamed aloud as the 3 inch wide monster plowed 12 inches into my rectum chute. Almost as quick as it plowed in it, was ripped out and repeated, he quickly worked up to a real fast pace, using long swift strokes to nail the asshole, repeated punching filled my rectum with air and loud rectal noises filled the room.

The sound fell out of my piss slit."Dont worry about that, I like the way your tied off nuts swing as I pound you asshole" He said

"Yea, thats it daddy, nail that hole, drive it home" I said,

hiking up my ass, driving it deeper into my chute, I hit the poppers again and really got into it.

"Yea, destroy my asshole, I love it" I said bucking my hips to meet his punching thrusts. The big triangular head pounding the colon bend opening.

"Gawd Im going to cum from anal" I announced

"Do it, make the dildo shoot your load, dont jack that cock" He ordered

I did not jack, I just put my head down and let him pound the shit out of my asshole for about 5 more minutes, as he milked a huge load out of my cock, before he stopped. The dildo removed, my asshole had lost all elasticity and was hanging again.

Now thats the way it supposed to be!

The Cottage

The Cottage:
The air between us was as it always is--comfortably charged with an intense sexual energy. I love being with him like we were this afternoon. I feel so alive, so full of the world. It is almost as though there I have a greater understanding of life, the workings of the earth and everything around me. Above all, he has taught me to revel in these things, to appreciate myself and where I am in my life. These silences are more significant sometimes than any words that might pass between us. Ten minutes from the corner where he collected me, I found us in front of a bank. He held the door and I walked in before him, marveling at the exquisite architecture. It was an old bank, centered downtown in the midst of newer, tall skyscrapers. I have walked by that building on many occasions but never had a reason to go inside that particular bank. I was awed by the high domed ceiling which was decorated in a light-colored fresco pattern. I followed him blindly to the back of the bank; I was too distracted by the magnificence of that turn-of-the-century treasure. Four grand chandeliers hung from lower sections of the dome. Large dark cherry wood desks with busy bank employees were nestled amongst several tall marble support columns. Along the far wall were the teller desks. I was amazed to see that there was no bullet-proof glass separating the tellers from the customers. He was presenting his identification to the handsome man behind a desk to the side of the teller windows. The plaque on the desk read, "Safety Deposit Boxes." That piqued my curiosity and I went to stand next to him. I watched him sign the necessary paperwork and then followed as the man led us into the bank vault. I was already in such an excited state and she was very attractive. I wondered briefly if she had looked at me and found me attractive. She led us through one vault and into another--this time a room lined in safety deposit boxes. I watched as he produced a key and handed it to the woman. He inserted both keys into a box close to the door. She slid the box from its place, handed the box to him and turned to lead us out of the vault. I didn't stare at the man so intently that time. I was too concerned about what was in that ominous box. I couldn't figure out why he had brought me there. I kept wondering what was so important that he would keep it secured at the bank. Was it a gift for me? Papers for me to sign? The carpet beneath our feet was a high pile plush in a deep plum color. I love carpets like that; they have always reminded me of the house where I grew up. When my father built the house, he had plush lime green carpet installed in the room I shared with my sister. During the first week we lived there, my little sister and I used to walk around in our bare feet, feeling the squish of the new carpet, breathing in the slightly plastic aroma and hearing the slight squeak as it was crushed by our tiny feet. The carpet at the bank, although it had no smell or squeak, gave me a sense of recognition and the comfort that went with that feeling. The man stopped at a tall door. He led us into the room, pausing briefly to light a floor lamp in the corner of the room. The table and two matching chairs that dominated the center of the room were constructed in the same dark cherry wood as other furniture I had seen as I walked through the bank. The man laid the box on the table, told us to take our time, then left, flipping a small switch next to the door. I felt the door shut behind me with a slight whoosh of air against my ankles. The look on my face gave me away. I stood near the door, unsure of what was expected of me. He gave me a slow smile and said, "No one will disturb us. I see you are wondering about the switch near the door. It turns on the occupied light. We have an indefinite period of time to conduct our business. adornments on your nipples, Clamps were attached. Do it. Now. Against the wall!" I struggled to comply, pressing myself against the cool dark wood paneling. My nipples screamed in protest and I could feel the instant reaction between my legs. The wall was cold against my cheek, my palms and my thighs. I had a deep fear that someone, probably that beautiful man, would knock, or worse, open the door, finding me in this unlikely position. The room was silent for a short while. I thought that he must be admiring me.
"This key, is the bank presidents personal cottage. He is really into anal, and has built his own place especially for opening up slutty boys asses. You'll be amazed at the things he's got in there. I have agreed to take you there. You will meet him, and you will also submit to his anal desires. I will also be present, assisting him, and gratifying myself as well, now lets get going" I was escorted out of the bank, into John's Van. I was instructed to sit in the back bench seat, and remove my pants and panties. "Grease up your asshole boy and finger fuck your asshole loose, then slide in this plug, I want you ready when you meet this guy, Joe. He will probably want to enema you first so be prepared" I did as instructed and two finger fucked my asshole loose. I was not 10 minutes and the Van stopped at a small cottage in the woods. I slide my pants on without the undies this time clamping my asshole tight around the plug and zipped them up. The cottage was beautiful, German looking green and white. Strange the windows were completely sealed. John knocked on the door, he must used a special knock, because he hesitated and did it twice. A muffled voice inquired from with, "Its me, John with the boy". The door opened and a elderly gentleman greeted us with a smile, inviting us in. I was shocked guys he was naked, and was perfectly comfortable with me, a total stranger. "John, this is Joe, the guy I mentioned, and this is his anal sex shack" The elderly gentlemen must have been 65 maybe even 70. "your cute!, John has told me all about you, and I saw your analboy ass openers site on the web" He shook my and nad squeezed my ass "So you love it in the ass huh?, well your gonna get it good!. First the are to many Johns, lets either Call you Johnny or Analboy, what do you think john??, yea, lets use analboy. Ok analboy, strip naked and Ill give you the tour of the place. When I took of my pants the plug popped out, Joe looked at John, then at me. "We better do a deep cleansing enema right now" he lead me to the bathroom, where the shower had a built in enema station, bend over boy, show Joe that pussy." I did as instructed "Jesus, that is on of the most beautiful asshole I have every saw, just a little loose and of so round. The long enema probed slide deep into my ass and the water began to flow "Take as much as you can, expel, and do it one more time. Sometimes I go really deep into ass, 14-16 inches, so you need to be real clean" " Oh my god that's deep" I shrieked, expelling the water violently. He filled me again and I blasted another hard stream into the toilet as he watched. "good boy!, now the tour" he said.
The cottage was only 1 floor. Every decoration was phallic shaped and porn was everywhere, mostly female and male anal insertion shots. This is the entertainment area, large TV and VCR with plenty of movies. The TV was on showing some naked guy getting sucked. Over here we have a small bondage area, basic stuff ropes, ball stretchers, etc. This area here with the bed and chair is where I do most of my work, Like the nice chair with stirrups????, I wanna be eye level as I enter your asshole. This Video recorder on the tripod will not only record us mutilating your asshole, but it is also hooked to this TV so you can watch us ruin you. This closet holds all of my dildo's, and toys. We will use alot, but we will also do some veggie stuffing and use some bottles to expand your asshole. Then after a couple hours you should be getting some nice ass lips, then I will vacuum pump those ass lips until your asshole turns inside out or your asslips are just huge, Are you ready analboy?" "Yes Daddy" I replied. And thats when the ordeal began.
Old Joe knew exactly how to open my asshole, within, 15 minutes he was 3 finger fucking my asshole. He really loved it, and John was egging him on for a 4th finger. He did and rotated the 4 in my asshole in and out, kneading my asshole into submission and relaxation. "Ok dildo time, John get that black one, 11" long 2" thick massive head" Ok analboy get up in the chair, legs in stirrups and lets open that ass!" I did and he made all the adjustments to the camera and switched on the TV, there was my asshole, close up and bigger than life. The black dildo came close to my hole and Joe slid it deep into me, "Ohhh gawd thats good" I moaned " You like that don't you baby" as he thrusted it in and out, going deeper with each thrust, "Hey slut, no problem with that one, lets go bigger" This continued for some time, slowly he was working up to bigger and bigger things. At 3" wide (75 mm) and 13" (330mm) I was at my limit. Slowly he was sliding this one in, very carefully, "ohhhh good boy, your taking it, this is soooo Hot. " he was pulling my balls, "These are in the way, lets tie them off tight" He tied off my balls with a velcro band. He snapped it shut TIGHT as my ball sack and nuts where really tight. "Good now lets try that eggplant. They greased it up and placed the small end at my hole prodding and pushing my asshole open. He flipped it around, the 3.5"(88mm) wide fat end was being pushed into my ass "Open up babe" he pleaded, I relaxed, my asshole expanded and the eggplant popped in. "WooooooooW, oh my asshole, oh gawd!" "Fuck yea, slut take it!" the guys yelled. I was filled to the max. In the TV all I could see was the green nub of the eggplant outside my asshole. He had completely inserted the whole thing into my ass! He had his palm on the small green end and slid the nub inside as my asshole closed around the end. "Dont worry, hon, this thing will come out, in fact if I remove my hand I know your ass is going to reject it immediately, watch" It did just that I watched my asshole push the eggplant out, it popped out, revealing a very lippy huge asshole "ohhh boy look at that asshole" he was stroking and petting my ass lips like he was in love with my hole (I believe he was). "ok back in eggplant" He pushed, this time my hole opened up for it and it sank in, then he pushed and I watched it disappear into my asshole again, "ohhh fuck I'm filled to the rim"
"I think he's ready for something bigger and thicker. Boy, hold that eggplant in your asshole, DONT let it come out" he left for the toy closet, he found a double dong dildo that was a little fatter than the eggplant and 18" long. "ok boy let it out, I moved my hand and the veggie plopped out of my open asshole. Joe placed all 4 fingers in my ass and slid his hand in, "ohhhhh fuck, your fisting me!", "oh yea, nice and slow", he rolled his hand in my ass wrist deep and then removed it, the Super dong he had slid into my asshole "ohhh thats even wider!" he stroked it back and forth ten inches in depth. 'Boy, its going to go 16" into your bowels when we are done, but at this point your getting some major asslips and your super loose, so lets start vacuum pumping your asshole"
The small cock pump was brought out, my analring greased around the small asslips and it was popped on. 'Im going to draw a small vacuum until your ass lips pop in the tube, we will hold for 2 minutes then break the seal and inspect those lips, then repeat until they are huge!" Joe snickered. He began to pump the bulb as I watched. He pumped and pumped , nothing happened, but then a strange sensation I felt, then "POP", my lips sucked into the tube "Ohhh fuck!" I screamed. "Ok hold it baby, a little longer, here they come, look at those lips!" 2 minutes passed and the seal was broken. and my huge asslips were exposed. Both guys felt them, stroked them, then Joe lightly licked my quivering asslips. The were as thick a drinking straws now. "Ok lets pump them once more, then back to the dildo work" Joe was ecstatic, almost in an anal trance, as the tube went on, the bulb was pumped. This time it only took a few pumps as my ass lips got sucked in "Ohhh gawd, that feels weird" "ok hold for one or two more pumps" Joe said, I could feel my asshole being sucked into the tube, then something let loose and the tube filled with my asshole, "ohhh gawd your ruining my asshole!" I thought I was ruined for good "Just hold on honey, all youve got is a nice big rosebud in that tube, dont worry", after two minutes the tube was removed, revealing a huge asshole turned inside out and the drinking straw thick lips were even bigger "Hot damn, that is amazing. John get that big dildo, I'm really gonna work the huge rosebud now. The superballsy dong was a solid 3 1/2" (88mm) x 13" (330mm) long, he greased the monster up and started sliding into my ruined asshole. "ohhh gawd, that ones gonna make my sissy cock squirt" I moaned as the massive head pushed my rosebud into my asshole and then he drove deep into me "I want you to cum, you slut, squirt your cum all over" He started ramming hard and fast deep inside me, "oh oh oh fuck yea, oh yea, make my sissy cock squirt!, ruin my asshole!, oh that feels great" Joe did a huge thrust hammering it the entire dong length, the started twisting in my ass "Ohhh here I cum!" I cried, Joe, now punch fucking the dong in my asshole, slammed into my prostrate "Ohhhhhh fuck Im cummmming!" a huge load shot from my cock and ran down my balls, Joe scooping the cum and using it as lube as he kept hammering at my asshole " I want to cum in your wrecked asshole boy right NOW" He pulled the dong out and slammed into me with his cock, I could not feel anything but light thrusts Joe yelled "Im going to cum, cum right in this sissies asshole, here I go!, Ohhhh fuck yea, take the cum you slut!" he fell on top of me. John was just wide eyed "Joe you really worn my analboys asshole out, he need a rest" They both agreed to give my pussy a 1 hour break, but then after that........... Ill let you imaginations wonder about what happened next, much more intense, look for the cottage2 soon

Friday, May 29, 2009

Blown out asshole and rectum

Blown out asshole and rectum

Dan, Chris and Brian were halfway thru a hot Analboy session. They were reaming him out everyday for the past week.
He had really loose and open asshole.
"Wow... he's got one big butthole!" Dan said: "Had enough, bitch? Keep
You're nowhere NEAR done." Dan got up to look for something else...

he laid eyes on their bags... rifled through Chris's.... "Ooohhh... look
what YOU brought!" From the bag, Dan produced a smoothed wood rolling pin
with it's handles missing. "How about a big log going up instead of out,
slut?" Dan proceeded to slide it, greasy, up Analboy's greasy & gaping ass
channel. "Mmmm...." "Ohh, you like that, don't you!" Dan began pushing &
pulling, fucking Analboy's rectum with a will. After a while,
Brian nodded his desire to move in, & Dan withdrew the wooden roller.
Brian stepped up to bat, holding a plastic hair dryer like a gun. He'd
removed the nozzle cap, & covered the blower with two condoms. He slipped
it into Analboy's asshole with ease, dilated as it was. Brian really
got into pumping it in & out, as Analboy wiggled & play fought, powerless
under the other two. "Mmm! MMmmm! MMM!!!" he quivered & shimmied, his
creamy bottom wiggling in time with Brian's rapid reaming, unable to hang
on to the super smooth & nicely wide nozzle for anything. It plunged &
slipped in & out, out & in, in & out.... Suddenly, Analboy felt the hair
dryer disappear, & something cold, wet, & metallic touched his cheeks.
Before he knew it, a soda can had dropped into his waiting rectum cavity. He
closed up over it, pushed it back out an inch, drew it in & out a few more
times, & finally expelled it from his anus. "Not enough? Here's more!"
He felt the base of a 20 oz soda bottle slid up. Chris pumped it in &
out like a man possessed.

"OoooooooOOOOOOO!!!!!!! YEAH! That's it! OOOOOoooooooo......" He
became delirious with the intensity of the anal invasion, as Chris
continued his assault on Analboy's anus with the soda bottle. Chris said, "Looks like he's
getting tired, men; think he needs a pick me up?" He pulled the bottle
out, opened it, & tipped the open end into Analboy's tush without spilling
a drop. The soda drained into his colon in moments. "!!!!!!!!!!!!!" His
body absorsbed the caffeine & sugar, & got serious wired. "What a rush! More!" Dan got
another bottle of Wild Turkey & tippled four fingers worth behind the soda.
"Rye & cola enema! Better than drinking it!" B: "he's FLYING!" D: "Yeah,
he's in no position to object to ANYTHING, now!" D: "C'mon, men, what
else ya got? C:"You bet that super-loose ass, we will!" B: "How about
some food with that drink, bitch?" Brian'd produced a bag of cucumbers.
"Hmm..." he slid one into Analboy's waiting asshole. Way loose. One's
not gonna do it." The first was backed out & a second one joined it, both
going up together. Chris took hold of one. "Hold on," called Dan,
"me, too." They pulled Analboy over the arm of the couch, & Dan plowed
Analboy's asshole with a third cuke while Brian & Chris plied Analboys rectum
with the first two. Analboy was delirious. "Ohhhyeahhh...
ohyeah....OHEAYHH........" he nattered over & over.

Finally.... D: "Men, he's so loose, we gotta ramp things up a

"What else have we got?" asked Dan. "BIG stuff. His & ours," replied
Chris. "He's almost wide enough to be double fisted again, well Almost." "You'd better believe it!" crowed the drunken Analboy. "I've got that feeling... wind whistling through my ass!" "Well,
we'll just have to stop it up, won't we?" asked Chris. "I've got just the
things!... I just love these spreading my asshole..." he trailed off as
he produced two dildos from his bag, both resembling two baseballs on a
stem with a base. "They look like softball insertions we did last week!"

Dan. "Right!" "You use both?" Him, however...." he
greased one up, & found the paddle Analboy used for plug spankings. He
touched the nub to Analboy's butt. "He's tightening up again. He needs
CONSTANT attention to keep his width." Chris tapped on the base of the
dildo with the paddle. "Ooo!" The first ball popped inside Analboy's
bottom; & his muscles pulled it in until the top of the second ball was
between his cheeks. WHOP! "OOOOOO!!!" The second ball forced it's way in &
Analboys sphincter slammed shut behind it, the base of the dildo showing.
Chris pulled one out... pushed in... out... in... "He's loosening...
the other one..." The first ball of the second dildo pushed behind the
first dildo's first ball... "OOOOOHHHHH!!!!!" Analboy wailed as it pushed
deeper & stretched his assring back to the size it had been shortly
before. As Analboy tried to move them around inside his body, to accommodate
them comfortably, he pulled the other two in together!
'em out!... Nyyerrrghhhh.... OW! OO! OO! OOO!!!" Out they came, one by
one. The torturous ecstasy put him out.

"He's ready." "Not just yet." Dan slapped Analboy awake. "Wake up, bitch.
We've just begun to torture your rectum." He went over to the recording
studio, & returned with sawed off end of a wooden bedpost. Dan covered the post with vaseline, & then, angled one end
into Analboy's anus, the balled end popped in. "Ooohhh... SOO... FULL...." "Yeah?" "Ow! OW!" Dan
pulled on the post, plowing his anus. "THIS'll make
you feel even fuller than those rubber balls." He got into position and with both hands on the
post he began pushing... "Ooo...
OOOOOHHH... Ohmy... ohmi... OHMIGAAWWWDD!!!!!" Analboy cried out as the post
stretched his over-dilated sphincter wider yet. "ooOOOOOOOO!!!
Ahhhhhh...." The upper edges had pulled him open enough to enter... "a
little farther..." the widest point was moving inward... SCHOOOMPP!!!
Analboy's elastic anus regained control & pulled the into his rectrum, a
good 6" in girth. "OOOoooo--OOOO!!!" He wailed. "OH, Wow! So Big! So
BIG in my Ass! Mmmph! Mmmph! OW! OW!" Dan pulled the post out again.

"Don't look now, here it comes!" called Brian. Before Analboy knew
what hit him, "ooooOOOO! OOOOOOO!!! AHHH!" Chris had grabbed him by the
hair, pulled his head up, & by force of action, pulled the rest of him
backward to where a 7" wide by 9" tall buttplug was waiting on the couch
cushions below. Gravity did the rest, & the plug forced it's way in
easily. "You! You'll pay for that! Get this thing out of my ass!"
"When I'm ready, slut." Brian rolled him roughly onto the floor. Rolling
over on him stomach, what Analboy saw made his eyes bug out. "EEEPP!!"
Dan grabbed him by the hair. "Play time's over, bitch. Now, you pay for
the no shows and the no good, too loose sloppy ass fucks. You've been
having WAY too much fun." "NO, NOT THAT! ANYTHING butmmmmphhhhh...."
Brian cut him off by wrapping a ballgag in place. On the floor, standing
upright, were a number of extreme sized dongs. "Ooohhh, yeahhh. Destroy your asshole boy!."

POOOOPP!! Chriss pulled the plug out. Analboy screamed through his gag.
"THAT got his attention. He's bleeding from the sphincter a little.
Looks like you tore him just a little, Chris. Too bad for him. Booze!"
"!!!!! Mmmm..." Analboy whimpered, as another shot of whiskey cleansed his
ripped rear entry & was absorbed into his bloodstream. Chris grabbed a
10" long x 5" wide pyrex dildo that was a bit wider in the middle of the
shaft than at either end. After applying a jar of vaseline & a tube of KY
to Analboy's wrecked asshole, he plunged the rod home... "!!!!!!!!" The
dildo was so hard & slick, Analboy's bottom couldn't get a purchase on this
ramrod. In & out, it went out fast & back in faster. Chris battered him
mercilessly. "My turn!" called Brian. "Wait!" FLASH! Dan got a pic of
the rod up Analboy's ass. "I've got a better idea, before we get to the
good stuff," piped up Chris. "Let's all fist him on before we use
ones we have to hold him down, or open, for. But first..." Chris poured
another few fingers worth of whiskey into Analboy's butt. Then, he capped
the bottle, & worked it into Analboy's cheeks. A little pressure... and
his anus opened to let the bottle inside. Chris wiggled it around a bit, &
then pulled it out again. "Okay, NOW he's flying. He'll enjoy every
cheek stretching second of it." "I'm up to bat," said Dan. "No. All of
us at once; each of us gets a turn on his asshole. Men, choose your
dildos." Dan grabbed the 19" x 5" rambone, Chris took the 15" x 5" smooth
& bumpy, & Brian grabbed a 4' x 6" doubleheader. "Up his asshole by order of
length. I'm first. Dan, take his asshole; Brian, ram it down his throat."

Over an hour, they 3 on 1'd Analboy. Analboy got his ass fucked deeper
& deeper, his rectum prolapsing on every pull out. As Chris continued
on brutalizing Analboy's behind....the asshole ring muscle completely gave out.

Analboys's rectum looked like a cave. "He's wide enough for stage 3!" Chris commented.
Analboy, looked at the condition of his asshole in the mirror opposite of Chris. "You
fuckers have RUINED my ass! I'll never be able to have an empty ass again!
"D: "You've had it deep, bitch. Now, we're gonna widen you even more!" C:
"Which one's next? There's still a lot more!" B: "That one. My turn."
Brian indicated a 6" wide, veined dildo with a prominent head that curved
upward, & was really firm. C: "Good thing we brought enough lube!" D:
"Enough? We're putting OUT a lot, too. We're all half covered with
vaseline." They proceeded to grease him heavily; & then
Dan & Chris held Analboy's cheeks open. D: "You're closing up, again, bitch.
Time for a severe rectal reaming!" Brian moved the 6' wide meaty dildo
into place & began pushing. Analboy wriggled more & more with pleasure as
his ass opened widely. He was getting off on the relatively difficult
dilations; & loving the eternity it took for the rods being used on his to
probe deeply into his lower colon. He shook as one orgasm after another
took him.

For several minutes, the three slowly worked the monster cock, pushing
up, pulling out, tormenting Analboy's anus ever higher to new heights of
pleasure, ones he'd never known before. he was building...
buiLLLDDIINNGG.... "Hey... where'd it go?" he thought. They'd taken it
out. "Okay, ready for the next one!" "OHHHhhh, miiGOOdddd," he thought,
"I'll never be able to close my ass again, once they're done! I've been
fisted loose a dozen different ways; & they're STILL not done! "My
turn!" called out Chris. He produced a 2' tall firm black dildo with
no head, just rounded off at the top, 7" inches in girth. "Now that the
last one's prepped you..." How glorious it looked, Analboy thought, as it
stood straight up, greasy & nasty. "Sit on it!" all three chorused. They
pulled him up & bent him forward onto the couch cushions. Then... "!!!"
They'd moved it into place under him. pushing him upward a bit as the
rounded off top nestled into his assring. "OOOoooOOO, it's wide!...
ooo...ooooooOOOOOO.....ohyeah... OHHHHyeahhh...." His sphincter was
dilating deliciously, being required to open farther than before. He bent
forward a little more, & got his hands to where he could open himself
more. He felt their hands on his behind, spreading & stroking. "You can
do it..." said Dan, "spread it open & shove it in..." "Ooooyeah., stick it
in your asshole!" chimed in Brian. "C'mon, you can take it," piped up
Chris, "take it, take it.... Ooohhh!!! There it... goes!!" "MMMM!!!"
Analboy felt gravity take over as the wide tip opened his assring far enough
to start it's journey into the depths of his rectum. He sank downward....
"Oooo... OOOOhhh...OO! OO! OOOO!!! OOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!" Analboy cried
out as he took the mighty meat 12 inches into his rectum. "C'mon... I wanna
ride this... lube me up... KY it good.... GOD! I'm turning into such an
anal whore..." As the other three started slicking up the black monster,
Analboy started humping up & down on it, moving all the way off, & then
taking it up a foot again. As it began banging into Analboys'scolon bend, he
lost control of himself & went wild. reaming his rectum out, determined to mutilate his
own asshole.

Next, the trio produced another soft, pliable 'Mr. Softy" which was
twice as big as the one he'd used on them! 2' long & 6" wide!
ImPOSSible! Analboy thought; but in a few moments, he was thinking
"OOOOOooooooo........feels SOOO good..." He sat on the tapered head, & it
bent & fell away. "Put me on the floor..." On the floor he went. "Put it
in... oooo...OOOOOOHHHH!!!!" he called out as they pressed it into him.
Under him, it wiggled & re-formed itself to adjust to his rectal passage,
filling him so fully & deliciously, that when it hit home against his colon bend & he clamped his butt muscles around it, he didn't even WANT it to
come out again. The dongs head popped into the bend. He grunted & squeezed; & it tickled & teased his slutty asshole so ecstatically that when they finally pulled it out a while later,
it slipped right out, & he cried "NooOO-huh-hooo!!! Put it back!" C: "If
it doesn't pound, it doesn't stay long! Still a few more to do!" B: "Is
he wide enough?" D: "You bet he is!" Two rambones appeared, & Analboy
felt both press against his anal cavity... TWO?!? I don't know if...
.OHMYGOD!!" Amazingly, with only a little pressure, he'd opened up & let
them both in. Both shafts sank inward, up to about 9". "Not too far,
together these could hurt him." After many minutes of holding them in
place, finally, these, too, left his tormented anus. "Now?" "Now." The
three moved him back to the couch.

Now, the trio let Analboy be for the moment. "Well, men; I don't
know about you; but I need more plowing of his asshole," said Chris. "Well, let's see if
he's got enough for everyone." Checking out the gear in Analboy's dungeon,
the threesome found four sex pistons, two of which rotated as well as
penetrated. They were taken back to the main playroom. Brian took one
that only pounded, set the 'pound only' up for Analboy. The set the machine to insert up to 1',
the speed to tormentingly, torturously slow, greased the massive dong up, &
spread Analboy's asshole wide open...
!!!!!!!!!!" Analboy hummed through his gag as his sphincter stretched it's
widest yet. In moments, thought, the tapered tip pried his assring open &
the thickest point achieved entry into his anus. "Mmmmm...." Analboy
wiggled & squirmed as his rectum cavity filled up.
"OHHHhhmyGOOAAAWWDDDTHISISSOOOOOGOOOD!" his mind cried out to itself, "this
is un...fucking...beLIEVEable!! SoooOOOO... GOOD! OOHH!! Deeper...
DEEEEPPERRRR!!!! Deeper, girls! DeepinmyassDEEPINMYASS!!!" BANG! The
mighty meatus banged into Analboy's inner ring. He peed all over the
place, as the massive dong straightened out the boys colon bend over and over.

"Slow? Nah, make it a bit faster. Enough where it won't hurt; but
where it WILL blow his mind." Analboy felt it withdraw to where the widest
point came out.... & then it abruptly pushed in again, tormenting his
sphincter with each hard, medium-speed thrust, which was wrecking his
muscle control. He hung on for dear life, trying to wrap himself around
the exquisite torment; but he finally detonated with rapture. He
submitted to the extreme anal pounding, & took a two-hours rectum wrecking
before he collapsed, overloaded.

Finally, when all three had come back down & had gotten enough (for
now), they pulled out the tree trunk lodged up Analboy's butt & freed him.
Analboy's butt was leaking everything; but wasn't bleeding. "How you
doing, slut?" Dan asked. "You... have...RUINED... me!! I... have to
have... something... INCREDIBLY huge... up my asshole... all all times
from now on!" D: "Well, we can cure you of that, for now. One last
humiliation, you bitch. AND... when you're done... if you tell your
doctor about this... every picture we've taken will be ALL over the 'net."
"Be my guest,' Analboy replied. "Bring it on... EEP!"
D: "Hold the bitch down!" Dan produced the biggest, baddest dildo ever
made, 4' long, with the shaft going from 12" wide to 16" wide at the back
end, a tapered head that began at ½" to 14" at it's widest, where it flared
out before the thinnest point of the shaft. "Get him on the floor. Lie
across his back, Brian. Pull his legs apart." Dan edged out the other

Analboy 'oooh'ed non-stop as Dan forced the mega-penis against his
destroyed assring. Hhe opened handily, letting it in until the flare of the head met his
buns. "Grease him, Chris. Every bit we've got." "OooooOOOOHHHHhhhh...
Analboy's face reddened against the excruciating pressure on his
sphincter.... & suddenly beamed in rapturous pleasure & pain as the
pressure on his assring became too much. His sphincter gave way & was
ripped as the super-huge dildo passed the point of no return. The
flare popped inside, & the trunk sank up Analboy's butt, stopping when it
could go no further, with the dildo stretching his bottom open to a 8" in
SOOGOOD...." & Analboy cried out in ecstasy one more time as his cock
detonated while he rocketed to the highest heights of anal ecstasy.
"THANK.... YOUhhhhhh...."

When he came around again, the trio was gone. "Bitches," he thought.
It took him hours to get to the phone, his every movement exploded with
rectal orgasm, violent rectal spasms hit him. He hated the thought of it coming out. Finally....

"Hello, doctor? This is Analboy, how are you?... Me? I'm in a
predicament. To make a long story short, some friends & I got together
for some fun, & we REALLY got carried away... We've spent... fuck, what
day is it? Holy cow... the last 36 hours into... my fave... Yes...
Yes... Do I HAVE to say it? Yes, they spent the ENTIRE time putting
everything but the kitchen sink up my asshole... Uh-huh... They got me real
drunk & finished me off with the biggest dildo on the market stuffed up my
rectum... Can't get it out... sure don't want to try.... Yep, anything you
can do.... You're REALLY enjoying this, aren't you?....."

The End