Sunday, December 21, 2008

Rectum Training

My asshole spasms in the morning from daily ruff anal sessions with Assdaddy. He coress out my rectum so often and wide, my anal ring aches in the morning trying to tighten up, but does not. By 12 noon ~2pm the elasticity starts to come back, only to get reamed open again an hour later. Ass Daddy really breaking down the anal ring. We are turning my rectum into a fisting rectum, alternate handing fisting to warm up the asshole chute, Then huge dildos plowing while working the nuts, until he milks load after load from my bald cock...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Extreme Depth Work

In the last session, the starter dong (beer can thick x 8 inches), just fell right into the rectum with ease as he pushed it to the hilt, bumping into the colon bend. He started long smooth strokes, working the entire rectum chute. He picked up the pace, punching the dong in, going right up the rectum, until the large head slid into the colon bend. The dong quickly left my asshole with a loud plop, but was replaced by the next larger in the series. A small push and it slid into the chute and with steady pressure all the way into the colon bend, getting great depth into the rectum with the 3 inch wide rubber shaft at 13 inches in length. He started hammering the asshole again, with long swift strokes right into the colon bend and out, working the nuts in unison. It sent me over the edge, cumming hard from anal like a good asshole slut should. He continued punishing the asshole with short swifts strokes as my huge cum shot caused my asshole to spasm around the large rubber shaft,wrecking the ass assmuscle even more.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Depth Work-Into that colon bend

Sitting on a barstool, my ass hanging off the end. I had the Armadillo dong (see picture), especially designed for depth work. I wanted to prep the rectum for AssDaddies Monday Morning Asshole Attack!, I wanted to pop into the colon bend several times so that muscle gets used to being used. I greased up my loose shaved asshole, hiked my ass up off the stool, and drilled that Armadillo dong right up the ass chute with ease. The point head banged into the anal bend 10 inches in, I reamed out the rectum repeatdly, making sure the head was gently poking at the colon bend opening, more thrusts and the bend started to open and the head popped into the colon bend, and slid it deeper, and additional 4 inches slid into the bend, I worked that colon bend over good, blasting off on the deep plunges. I cleaned up, took a shower and shaved the pubes balls and asshole...Ready for Mondays Asshole Attack!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Terminology we use for our anal sessions:

This is some terminology or slang we use in this blog for describing some of the anal sessions:

  1. Ring or Anal Ring: The round sphincter ring muscle that is the asshole.
  2. Breaking down the ring: Methodically strecthing out the asshole ring daily so its large and non-closing.
  3. Chute or Rectal Chute: This is the rectum itself, It is being turned into a huge cavernous cavity for fistings.
  4. Colon Bend: This is the inner sphincter muscle that is occasionally popped into and straightened out by Assdaddy during depth sessions.
  5. Core that chute: Hard and fast dildo poundings with dildo punching.
  6. Banded off Nuts: A large number 64 rubberbanded, doubled and snapped around the nuts only, then baby oiled.
  7. Rod that slit: Sounding out the piss slit (metal rod down the shaft during asshole workovers)